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Okeechobee County Juvenile Justice Council - DOC by tyndale


									                                               Okeechobee County Juvenile Justice Council
                                                 206 SW 16th Street, Okeechobee, FL 34974
                                                (863) 763-3536 Phone (863) 763-5368 Fax

                                    Okeechobee County Juvenile Justice Council
                                          July 18, 2008 Meeting Minutes
                                             Beef O’Brady’s Restaurant

         A. Introductions of those present were made. Those in attendance included Robert Brammor, Andrew
            Chicvera, Mike Davis, Ruth DeStafney, Paula Friedrich, Debbie Gilette, Kevin Housel, Tom Jones,
            James Lowry, Dennis McCune, Thomas McDaniel, Marcia Miller, Pat O’Connor, Jill Rogers, Dan
            Rodgers, Greg Shahood, Noel Stephen, Josh Stoddard.
         B. The agenda for today’s meeting was approved as written
         C. The minutes from the April 18, 2008 meeting were approved as presented.

         A. Chairman’s Report – Chairman Mike Davis had nothing report.

         B. Circuit 19 Juvenile Justice Board Report – Dennis McCune reported the following issues were
            discussed at the Circuit 19 Juvenile Justice Board meeting that was held on July 16th:
             The Circuit 15 Juvenile Justice Board is attempting to coordinate send a statewide message from
                all the Circuit Juvenile Justice Board’s to the Florida legislature of “Hands off DJJ “ that there
                should be no more cuts to Department of Juvenile Justice.
             The board approved a request to use some of the funds from the Kids of the Treasure Coast
                account to assist in training Juvenile Probation Officers (JPO’s) on the “Thinking for a Change”
             Each of the four counties provided updates on activities in each county.

         C. Circuit 19 Probation Update – Chief Probation Officer, Dan Rodgers, reported the following:
               Funding as restored for continued operations for the Juvenile Assessment Center for 24/7 services,
                but the funding was non-recurring funding.
               Governor Crist enacted a 4% holdback from state budgets the day after he signed the budget for
                the new fiscal year. The Department is implementing very strict reductions on travel, etc.
               Some loss of capacity will be seen in relation to the budget reductions. Mr. Rodgers is working to
                offset a $25,000 shortfall for outpatient sex offender counseling by attempting to get additional
                funds amended into the contract. Hibiscus Children’s Center may be another resource for these
                services because they accept Medicaid.
               The new contract has been executed with Eckerd Youth Alternatives for conditional release
                services. The number of slots for the four county area were reduced from 141 to 81 due to
                budget cuts and a higher per diem rate. Commitments in Circuit 19 have reduced so it may
                balance out with the reduction in slots.
               Assistant Secretary of Residential Services, Rex Uberman, and Assistant Secretary of Probation and
                Community Intervention, Darryl Olsen, have switched positions.
               Handouts of the Redirection Project report for June were provided. Discussion included that
                OPPAGA has reported on the benefits of Redirection program.
               A 3-year study on School Related referrals to the Department of Juvenile Justice can be found on
                the DJJ website. The report details that Okeechobee has the second highest rate of referrals from
                school in the entire state. It was requested that this item be added to the next council agenda for
                further discussion.

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               The Treasure Coast Coordination Coalition (TC3) will be holding their workgroup on September
                12th and the Legislative Breakfast of Champions on September 19th.Community Based Requests
                (CBRs) will not be accepted. The focus will be on maintaining budgets. The red book will include
                details on the impact of the recent budget cuts in terms other than dollars as a means of
                humanizing the impact of such cuts. Substantive legislative proposals (non-budgetary) will be

         D. Prevention Services Update – Delinquency Prevention Specialist, Paula Friedrich, reported that:
             A statewide summit examining Zero Tolerance will be held at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando on
               August 11-12, 2008. There is no registration fee for the conference. It is anticipated that there
               will be approximately 300 in attendance at the conference. More information and online
               registration is available at
             The RFP for the Board & Council Coordinator positions has not yet been posted. Paula Friedrich
               will continue as the liaison for all email communication and distribution for the Juvenile Justice
               Board until the RFP is completed and contacts executed.
             Close out of the 2007/08 grants has begun. Final reimbursement requests are due to DJJ by July
             The Delinquency Prevention grants, whose budgets were cut by 33%, began the new grant year
               on July 1st. the expansion of the Making a Difference Through Mentoring was renewed for a
               second year of operation.
             Assistant Secretary Greg Johnson has announced in May that the Bureau of Prevention will be “re-
               engineered” in the coming months.

         E. Detention Center Update – Detention Superintendent, Kevin Housel, reported on the following:
               Okeechobee had the highest number of youth in the Detention Center ever over the past couple of
               Of the 72 positions cut from Detention statewide, the St. Lucie County Regional Detention Center
                had to cut 2 positions. Mr. Housel stated that the loss of these two position won’t impact the
                Detention Center terribly because last year an average of 2-3 position were open for most of the

         A. Discussion on DJJ Budget for 2008-2009 – Dan Rodgers advised that budget cuts were taken
            mid-year last year plus additional cuts were made for this fiscal year. Detention was able to keep the
            two Detention Centers open, but had to cut 72 positions statewide in order to do so. Probation and
            Community Interventions has enacted a hiring freeze for all non-direct-car positions. 58% of the
            budget cut came out of residential beds. The Sage Palms academy and the Polk programs were
            closed as well as other large residential programs around the state. The forecast for next year, based
            upon the revenue estimating conference projections, is not any better.

         B. Election of Officers: Nominations previously made included Mike Davis as Chair, Josh Stoddard as
            Vice-Chair: & Tom Jones as Secretary. Mike Davis accepted the nomination for the position of Chair.
            Tom Jones advised that he would have to decline the nomination. Josh Stoddard accepted the
            nomination to continue as Vice-Chair, but cautioned that due to budget cuts he may be moved within
            the Eckerd organization. Additional nominations were requested from the floor. Pat O’Connor
            volunteered to be nominated for the position of Secretary. Jill Rogers moved to elect Mike Davis as
            the 08/09 Chair, Josh Stoddard as Vice-Chair and Pat O’Connor as Secretary. Pat O’Connor seconded
            the motion. Motion carried unanimously, with all DJJ employees abstaining from the vote.

         A. Youth Center Project Update – Mike Davis presented that the Center project is still on hold due to
            the budget situation. Camp has been operating all summer, with Character Contys, the Sheriff’s Youth
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             Camp and the Skateboard Camps. A special service project grant was received in the 4th quarter to
             cover supervision of the skate park. The skate park will be open from 3-6:00pm on School days and
             12:00-6:00pm on weekends. Since may there have been a decrease in the number of calls to law
             enforcements, which may be attributable to reducing the number of older kids (over 18) at the park.
             Plans are to continue applying for more grants. Communities In Schools has received budget cuts
             from the Children's Services Council, Department of Health and Department of Juvenile Justice as well
             as having the entire state funding of Communities In Schools eliminated. Budget cuts from the United
             Way are also anticipated. The Sheriff's Office has been very supportive o the youth in the community
             and continues to provide the majority of the funding to continue Mike’s position at Communities In
             Schools. The Sheriff's Office also funded the week of Sheriff’s Youth Camp this summer.
             Communities In Schools is still working out how the budget cuts will be absorbed after the summer

         B. Shared Services Update – Sharon was unable to attend today’s meeting. The next meeting will
            be held on July 22nd. Back to school supplies are being collected for foster care youth. The 2nd annual
            Health & Safety Expo will be held January 17th at the Ag Center. This Expo was very well received and
            attended last year with more than 1000 attending.

         C. Making a Difference Through Mentoring Program Update – Jill Rogers announced that
            because of the budget cuts she was forced to eliminate the Program Director position formerly filled
            by Lisa Coleman Stark. Jill has assumed the duties and responsibilities of that position. The grant
            program will be serving 25 youth this year. Program services continue as designed and the program
            is accepting referrals by calling 462-5067 or 462-5863

            Dan Rodgers announced that he would be joining the Okeechobee County Executive Roundtable and
             attending their next meeting on September 12th.
            Greg Shahood announced that the Civil Citation program is still receiving referrals from Okeechobee
             County and he has provided training on the program at the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office. The
             program can provide services to youth who are ages 10-17 at the time of the offense. He reported
             that the program equates to approximately $5000 in savings per youth as compared to going through
             the Juvenile Justice system. Greg also reported that he attended the camp held at a local church this
             summer to provide a drug and alcohol education presentation

VI.      ADJOURNMENT - The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

             The next quarterly meeting will be held at 12:00 noon on Friday, October 17, 2008
                       at Beef O’Brady’s Restaurant, 608 S. Parrot Ave, Okeechobee.

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