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									         Hong Leong Bank Steps Up Its Investment In E-Banking Services
                   Be connected anywhere and anytime, safely

12 June 2007, Kuala Lumpur – Hong Leong Bank is stepping up its investments in
alternate channels of E-Banking to complement its services offered through its 186
branches throughout Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The Bank is committed to
serve its customers anywhere, anytime by stepping up to be more relevant to changing
customer lifestyles and needs.

Today, Hong Leong Bank launches its new Hong Leong Online, the new Integrated
Financial Portal of the Bank. The new Hong Leong Online has been refreshed with
more sophisticated services and added functionalities. It delivers higher performance
and is reliable and more secure for customers.

                    (L to R) Yvonne Chia, Group Managing Director of HLB, and Victor
                    Khor, Chief Operating Officer, Transaction and e-Banking at the
                    launching of the Hong Leong Online

The new Hong Leong Online forms part of E-Banking Services that also include Phone
Banking, Mobile Banking, E-payment services such as Inter-Bank GIRO, E-Debit, Bulk
payments, FPX (an online debiting service) and cross-border ATMs in Thailand,
Singapore and Indonesia.

The E-Banking Services are designed to integrate with the brick-and-mortar
infrastructure of Hong Leong Bank’s over 186 Branches and 17 Business Centers
throughout Malaysia, 1 Branch each in Singapore and Hong Kong, Priority Banking and
Private Banking Centers, Bureaus de Change, 580 Self-Service Terminals (spanning
AutoTeller Machines, Cash Deposit Machines, and Cheque Deposit Machines), and a
state-of-the-art full service Call Centre for servicing and telemarketing.

“We have a long and solid history of pushing the boundaries of alternate and electronic
channels to better serve our customers, and in the process, we have significantly
broadened our franchise while embedding ourselves well within the community,” said Ms
Yvonne Chia, Group Managing Director of Hong Leong Bank.

Hong Leong Bank has always been at the forefront of finding new ways of banking.
Hong Leong Bank was the first bank to launch Bulk Cash Deposit Machines in 1999. In
2000, it launched Retail Internet Banking with Corporate Internet Banking quickly
following suit. In 2005, Hong Leong Bank launched Mobile Money – a world’s first in
mobile credit card which won the Asian Banker’s Award for Best Credit Card Product in
Asia Pacific. Hong Leong Bank also pioneered the integrated tele-sales and tele-service
call center model in the industry.

“Today, we are actively investing in enabling technologies and the right infrastructure,
data integrity, security, architecture and analytics, bandwidth expansion and new IT
applications capabilities, and re-invention of our end-to-end service and fulfillment
processes.     These technologies at Hong Leong Bank would allow us to follow the
customers – anywhere, anytime, today and tomorrow.”

The new Hong Leong Online introduced today marks yet another key milestone to the
wholesome IT investment roadmap of Hong Leong Bank to “e-enable” alternate
channels and processes and deliver to customers relevant, impactful, convenient and
secure E-Products and Services. Hong Leong Online is a high performance, reliable,
secure and scalable shared web services delivery platform that provide customers with
an easy, fast and convenient banking channel. Hong Leong Online provides for
convenient account and check management, online payments for loans and credit cards,
payment of bills to over 60 top billers and fund transfers including Inter-Bank GIRO.
Customers also can access online the full array of products and services of the Hong
Leong Financial Group.

“We are very excited with our E-Banking strategy.         With our integrated E-Channels
coming together as a serious alternate to our brick-and-mortar customer touch-points,
we are poised to meet the rising and changing demands of our customers and compete
effectively with both traditional competitors as well as new non-bank financial
intermediaries,” concluded Ms Chia.

Hong Leong Bank’s strategy for investments in technology and its integration with brick-
and-mortar customer touch points have also enabled the bank to have a wider reach, a
lower cost-to-serve and a significant change in sales and servicing productivity results.

Soon, Hong Leong Online customers will get chances to win prizes like Apple iPods and
LCD/plasma TVs.      In this soon to be launched promotion, the more transactions a
customer conducts online each month the more chances he has of winning additional

Hong Leong Bank offers this service to all its customers. Customers can login to Hong
Leong Bank website www.hlb.com.my or Hong Leong Islamic Banking website
www.hlib.com.my to enroll for Hong Leong Online service. Alternatively, customers can
also visit any of HLB’s 186 branches nationwide or call Hong Leong Call Centre at 03-
76268808.for more information.

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