Millennium Place 2000 Premier Way_ Sherwood Park_ Alberta by tyndale


									            Millennium Place
2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
 September 11, 2010 – 10:00am – 6:00pm
 September 12, 2010 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

      - Exhibitor Application Package –
(early bird pricing in effect until June 15, 2010)
                                 Millennium Place
                     2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                             September 11 & 12th, 2010

Be a part of The Tiny Tots Expo 2010 as we welcome Sherwood Park, Alberta as our host city.
This trade show will feature something for everyone – Mom’s, Expecting moms, Dads,
Grandparents, Friends, Aunts, Uncles and Siblings alike. This year at The Tiny Tots Expo, the
whole family will turn out to see what our fabulous exhibitors and sponsors have to show.
Our visitors, both young and old will shop, explore and enjoy a weekend of everything baby!

Company Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________ City: ______________________ Province: _____

Postal Code: _____________________ Contact Name: ______________________________________

Phone: ________________________    Fax: ______________________ Cell: _____________________

Company Website: _____________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Products and/or Services to be displayed and sold at The Tiny Tots Expo:
                                                Millennium Place
                                    2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                                            September 11 & 12th, 2010
        Are your products handmade? _____ Yes       _____ No

        Can we send you an event poster? _____ Yes    _____ No

                  Description                                  Cost                      Add to Order

8 ft table with 2 chairs and high back drape
with display space (approx. 8 X 10).                       $260.00                  $ ____________________
(After June 15, 2010 the regular cost will be

               Electricity Access                          $12.00                   $ ____________________

               Wireless Internet                           $10.00                  $ ______________________

Corner Space with 8 ft skirted table, 2 chairs
and high back drape with display space (approx            SOLD OUT                        SOLD OUT
10 x 10)

Sponsorship Package: 14 ft skirted table
located in front corner with 2 chairs, back drape
and display space (approx. 20 x 20).                      $1050.00                 $_____________________

                                                               Total Amount: $_________________________
                                    Millennium Place
                        2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                                September 11 & 12th, 2010

Why Become a Sponsor?
Brand Exposure: Shape consumer attitudes and connect directly with a target audience for your product
or service;
Deliver your message face-to-face;
Leverage your marketing dollars for greater impact by utilizing an energetic and interactive atmosphere to
communicate your message;
Signal a message specifically to this audience
Enhance your company profile and initiate a long-term relationship with the consumer.

Types of Sponsorships Available: Entertainment Sponsor & Participating Sponsor

Benefits of sponsorship Include:
Company Name/Logo in Newspaper Promotions
Acknowledgement in Radio Promotions
Hyperlinks from our website to sponsor pages
Complimentary Large Booth with Placement Preference
Banner Placement in Show Area
Company Logo on Marketing/Promotional Activities

Sponsorship Eligibility:
Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Payments are non-refundable.
The Tiny Tots Expo Management has the right to refuse any sponsorship offer it deems are not in the
best interest of the event.
                                Millennium Place
                    2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                            September 11 & 12th, 2010

The Tiny Tots Expo -- Terms & Conditions
  1. Exhibitors participating in The Tiny Tots Expo shall be bound by the conditions, rules
     and regulations set forth in this agreement and any changes must be made either in
     person, email or by phone directly to The Tiny Tots Expo.
  2. No Exhibitor shall be permitted to exhibit unless he/she has paid in full prior to the
     Show, as per the fees indicated in this agreement.
  3. Exhibitors are permitted to fully comply with any building regulations and any and all
     Government bylaws and rules.
  4. Exhibitors shall not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibitors nor be operating in any
     manner objectionable to the other exhibitors. All lighting must be arranged and operated
     so as not to be distracting to adjacent exhibitors.
  5. Attendance show hours shall be controlled by event staff who will specify hours etc.
     Admission charges will also be at the discretion of event staff.
  6. No exhibitor will be permitted to remove his/her exhibit from the show floor prior to the
     official end of the event day.
  7. Exhibitor shall have an authorized representative present at their exhibit throughout the
     show period, including the set up and dismantling of exhibit.
  8. The staff, agents or representatives of The Tiny Tots Expo are not responsible for any
     loss, theft or damage by fire or injury of any nature or article. There will be security
     overnight in the show area but exhibitor still releases The Tiny Tots Expo from any
     liabilities or injury.
  9. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to adequately insure their exhibits, equipment and
     personal effects. The Tiny Tots Expo also recommends liability insurance of at least one
     million dollars in coverage. Temporary policies are available by contacting The Tiny
     Tots Expo. Please refer to Terms & Conditions #13.
                               Millennium Place
                   2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                           September 11 & 12th, 2010

10. Exhibitors are required to arrive during set up time and have their exhibit set up and
    attended to prior to when the show opens to the public. Exhibitors will not be permitted
    to set up while show is open to the public.
11. If the premises in which the Exhibition is conducted become unfit for occupancy or
    substantially interfered-with due to any cause not within the control of The Tiny Tots
    Expo, the Exhibition may, at the sole discretion of The Tiny Tots Expo be cancelled,
    relocated, or delayed. Exhibitor understands and acknowledges that The Tiny Tots Expo
    shall not be responsible for delays, damage, loss, increased costs, or other unfavorable
    conditions arising out of causes not reasonably within the control of The Tiny Tots Expo
    including without limitation, fire, casualty, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion,
    accident, blockage, embargo, inclement weather, government restraints, act of public
    enemy or civil disturbance, impairment, or lack of adequate transportation, inability to
    secure sufficient labor, technical or other personnel, municipal, provincial or federal
    laws, or acts of God. Should The Tiny Tots Expo cancel, relocate, and/or delay the
    Exhibition pursuant to any of the foregoing, Exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims
    for injury, loss or damage arising there from.
12. Exhibitors are expected to keep their exhibit space in a clean and professional manner.
13. Any exhibitor who is demonstrating or selling products manufactured to be applied to
    any where externally on the skin, teeth, nails, hair or eyes or a product that is consumable
    must provide liability insurance of no less than one million dollars. Confirmation of
    insurance must be shown to The Tiny Tots Expo Staff, if requested.
14. Due to contractual agreements, Millennium Place prohibits the sale or promotion of any
    merchandise or apparel that may contravene existing leases without written permission.
    Items that are event specific are acceptable such as t-shirts with event logos or event
    specific equipment. Prohibited items include: swimming footwear, apparel, equipment,
    accessories and running clinics.
15. Food or beverages are not permitted to be made or sold on the premises.
                                   Millennium Place
                       2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                               September 11 & 12th, 2010

Limit of Liability

Exhibitor agrees to pay promptly for any and all damage to the exhibition building or its
equipment, incurred through carelessness or otherwise, caused by the exhibitor, his/her/its
employees, agents, contractors, and representatives. Exhibitor acknowledges that The Tiny Tots
Expo does not maintain insurance covering damage, destruction, or loss for exhibitor’s property.
Accordingly, it is the sole responsibility of exhibitor to obtain fire, theft, liability, business
interruption, property damage and/or other insurance covering such and other losses. Security
will be attendant throughout the exposition, you are still encouraged to secure small and valuable
exhibit material each night, It is expressly understood by Exhibitor that neither The Tiny Tots
Expo and Millennium Place nor its employees, agents, or representatives shall be responsible for
or otherwise liable for damage or injury to exhibitor, including exhibitor’s guests, invitees,
employees or agents person, business or property as a result of robbery, fire, water, accident or
any other cause whatsoever. Should loss occur, exhibitor is encouraged to report it immediately
to event staff. If the exhibitor’s exhibit material or personnel fail to arrive exhibitor is
nevertheless responsible for the full cost of the space rental, and no refund shall be forthcoming.
Exhibitor expressly holds The Tiny Tots Expo harmless and hereby expressly releases The Tiny
Tots Expo from any and all claims and actions, including without limitation, claims and actions
arising out of the postponement or cancellation of the exhibition, and claims and actions directly
or indirectly related to any loss, damage or injury incurred by exhibitor or exhibitor’s guests,
invitees, agents, servants, contractors, or employees.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event this contract or any of the terms of this contract are
not enforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, Exhibitor hereby expressly agrees the
maximum liability of The Tiny Tots Expo arising out of any tort, contract, legal or equitable
claim or cause of action, whether cumulative or singular, joint or several, shall be limited to
Exhibitor’s rent paid to The Tiny Tots Expo for the exhibitor space.
                                   Millennium Place
                       2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                               September 11 & 12th, 2010


Exhibitor will protect, indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless The Tiny Tots Expo and its
corporate parents, agents, officers, and employees against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages,
government charges, and costs (including attorneys’ fees) arising our of, caused by, or related to
(1) Exhibitor’s installation, removal maintenance, occupancy, or use of the exhibition premises
or any part thereof; (2) any act or omission to act of Exhibitor or its guests, invitees, employees,
agents, or contractors; (3) the use of any patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual
property rights owned by a third party; or (4) any breach by Exhibitor or The Tiny Tots Expo of
it obligations under this Contract. Exhibitor will protect, indemnify, defend and save the exhibit
venue and the host city for The Tiny Tots Expo, including its divisions and its employees and
agents, harmless against all claims, losses, and damages to persons and property, governmental
charges or fines, and attorneys’ fees arising our of or caused by Exhibitor’s negligence,
recklessness, or intentional misconduct during the installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy
or use of the exhibition premises or part thereof, excluding any such liability caused by the
negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct of the venue and the host city, or its divisions,
employees or agents

Payment Terms:

Total amount due must accompany application in order to reserve your booth. Faxed
applications must be followed by cheque for full amount due within seven days or reservation
will be cancelled and the spot will become available to others. The only form of payment
acceptable is cheque or money order. All prices are in Canadian Dollars and include GST. Any
NSF cheques which are returned to The Tiny Tots Expo will be charged a $25.00 administration
fee. This fee will be required to be paid prior to the exhibitor being permitted to participate in
The Tiny Tots Expo Prices are for the total duration of the show. If your application to
participate in The Tiny Tots Expo is refused or denied, we will mail back your cheque.
                                 Millennium Place
                     2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta
                             September 11 & 12th, 2010

Please Fax or Mail your Completed Application to:

The Tiny Tots Expo
4612 117A Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6H-3S1

Phone: (780) 297-7101
Fax:   (780) 756-3133

Please make cheque payable to Jay Kaytar

Cheque # ________________________ Enclosed for $ ______________________________

I hereby apply for exhibit space at The Tiny Tots Expo at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park,
Alberta, September 11 & 12th, 2010. I have read and agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions
listed in this contract. By signing below you agree and understand that all payments are non-
refundable, unless the event is cancelled or postponed by The Tiny Tots Expo.

Signature _______________________________________ Date _________________________


Date Application Received: __________________________________________

Amount Paid: __________________________________

Acceptance Signature: _______________________________________________________________
                   Maximizing Your Experience with The Tiny Tots Expo

Increase traffic to your exhibit BEFORE the show

   1)   Gear all outside business to show promotion i.e. “see us at The Tiny Tots Expo….”
   2)   Send press releases, posters, literature to your customer base inviting them to the show
   3)   Send invitations to customer and friends
   4)   Phone customers and friends to remind them of the show
   5)   Customize all advertising pre-show
   6)   Offer a service/discount/special demo/seminar/gift with any of the above ideas


   1) Go over scheduling
   2) Nail down pricing and promotion and be consistent
   3) Design a list to track contacts and potential customers and don’t forget to collect email

The 3 Second Rule

In a glance, your exhibit should tell people three things in three seconds:
    1) Your company name
    2) Exactly what you do or sell
    3) At least one benefit of your product or company

6 Easy Ways to Better Present at The Tiny Tots Expo

   1)    Sell benefits, not just the product or service
   2)   Sell your company too
   3)   Have a professional attractive sign or banner
   4)   Have your display table looking professional with displays
   5)   Invite people to your table without sounding pushy
   6)   Give out flyers and business cards

Points to Remember:

   1) Follow up on all leads, call them, fax them, email them - whatever it takes to ensure their
   2) After the show, you have the names of good prospects who weren’t ready to buy at the
      show. Make sure you touch base immediately after the show, 2 weeks after, 6 weeks
      after, 1 year after, 18 months after and 2 years after.
   3) The above approach has proven to get optimal results for exhibitors. Remember that
      trust, awareness and exposure leads to sales, which translates into revenue!

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