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									Dear Colleague:

We are excited to host LABASH 2009, (, February 26-28 at the Penn Stater Conference Center,
a distinguished conference center at The Pennsylvania State University. As many of you know, LABASH has
long since included a firm and manufacturer expo, which Landscape Architecture students consistently rank as
one of the key components of the conference. We are happy to invite your company to be a LABASH exhibitor.
Enclosed is information regarding the great opportunities LABASH 09 will offer as well as exhibitor cost, venue,
and registration form.

LABASH is an annual student-organized landscape architecture conference that brings together over 500 students
and professionals from across North America. Our theme, “Make Your Mark,” captivates our goal for developing
professionals to make their mark on the drawing table, the computer, the landscape, and…the profession. We
would like to invite you to make your mark by taking part in the expo portion of our conference.

The conference center exhibitor space boasts maximum exposure to students and professionals attending the
conference. Each booth fee of $650 will include: the registration costs for up to two representatives, an expo
booth (8.5’x10’) with pipe and drape, one skirted table, two chairs, signage, one electrical outlet, a wastebasket,
box lunch for Friday and Saturday, as well as refreshment breaks. Wireless internet access is readily available at
no cost. Our goal for this conference and most importantly for this expo is to engage students and professionals
associated with Landscape Architecture and provide them with the tools and information to make their mark.

LABASH 09 Expo will include technology learning pods, interactive demonstrations, as well as a traditional
vendor booth layout. As a new tradition for LABASH 09 extra space will be provided within the expo for firms
and manufacturers to conduct interviews with potential employees in the Landscape Architecture field.

Below are the registration form, an agreement form (must be signed and returned with registration form), and a
policy on exhibits. Please complete the registration form and agreement form and mail payment as soon as
possible to secure your space within the expo. To see available booth spaces, visit the Expo and Exhibitors web
page at (please keep in mind that the hallway is not a secured place).

The official expo event hours will be 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Friday, February 27; 9:30 a.m.–2 p.m., Saturday, February
28. Set-up times are 4:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m., Thursday, February 26 or 7:00 a.m.–9:30 a.m., Friday February 27.
Tear down will be 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., Saturday, February 28 (all personal items are to be removed by 4 p.m.)

If you have any additional questions about the conference, please visit You may also
contact Margaret Gibbons, Expo Chair, by phone at (570) 647-9164 or via email to For
questions regarding expo registration, contact John Farris, Penn State Conference Planner, at (814) 863-5100 or

Sincerely,                                               Sincerely,

Margaret Gibbons                                         John Farris
Expo Chair, LABASH conference                            Conference Planner, Penn State

P.S. Information regarding drayage/shipping is available on the expo page of the website at:

An Equal Opportunity University
        EXHIBIT SPACE APPLICATION & CONTRACT (registration form) – LABASH 2009
                                February 27 – 28, 2009
We hereby contract for an exhibit booth at the 2009 LABASH Conference to be held at The Penn Stater Conference Center
Hotel, University Park, Pennsylvania.

We understand that space will be assigned on a first come basis. Each exhibit booth costs $650 and includes: the
registration costs for up to two company representatives, an expo booth (8.5’ x 10’) with pipe and drape, one skirted
table, two chairs, signage, one electrical outlet, a wastebasket, box lunch on Friday and Saturday, and refreshment
breaks. Wireless Internet is available at no cost. Additional requirements such as extra furniture, electrical,
audiovisual, etc., will be at an extra charge. Additional company representatives must purchase registrations for $250

Please list your first three choices of booth number after checking availability on the Exhibitors Floorplan web page at

                                                          1st Choice          2nd Choice          3rd Choice
Exhibit Booth (includes two representatives)              #                   #                   #             @Fee $650 = ________
Additional Booth (includes two representatives)           #                   #                   #             @Fee $650 =
                                                          Each additional representative # __         @Fee $250 each          =
Total fees                                                                                                     Total          $


Company Contact Person:
Telephone #                                                                       Fax #
E-mail address
Company Name (as it should be printed in materials):
Address (as it should be printed in materials):

Web site:
Booth sign should read:

Company Representative(s) Attending Conference
First Booth:

#1 Name                                                                                                                      included in fee
             Penn State ID Number (if known) or Social Security Number*:
#2 Name                                                                                                                      included in fee
             Penn State ID Number (if known) or Social Security Number*:
#3 Name                                                                                                                              @$250
             Penn State ID Number (if known) or Social Security Number*:
*The Social Security number (SSN) you provide for enrollment purposes, or when requesting specific services, will be used by the University to
verify your identity for official record keeping and reporting. If you choose not to supply your SSN, certain services—such as transcripts,
enrollment verification, tax reporting, and financial aid—may not be available to you, and Penn State cannot guarantee a complete academic
record for you.Your SSN will be stored in a central system and used only as a primary source to identify you within the Penn State system; the
Penn State ID will be used as the primary identifier.
Additional Booth: (If more than 2 booths are needed, please attach additional sheets.)

#1 Name                                                                                                   included in fee
           Penn State ID Number (if known) or Social Security Number*:
#2 Name                                                                                                   included in fee
           Penn State ID Number (if known) or Social Security Number*:
#3 Name                                                                                                          @$250
           Penn State ID Number (if known) or Social Security Number*:

Products/Services to be exhibited


                           Executed by:
     (Date)                                                         (Signature and Title)

Payment Method:

Your payment, in full, must accompany your registration form. Fax or telephone registration must be accompanied by
credit card payment information.
    Enclosed is a check for the total amount indicated, payable to Penn State.
    Enclosed is a purchase order payable to Penn State.

   Credit card guarantee: May be mailed or faxed.

    American Express          MasterCard            Visa         Discover

   Cardholder’s name (please print)

   Cardholder’s signature

   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                  ___ ___ / ___ ___
   Credit Card no.                                      Exp date (mo/yr)
   (Credit card charges cannot be processed without signature and expiration date.)

   Return to:                 Conferences and Institutes Registration
                              Box 108
                              State College PA 16804

                              Phone: 814-863-5164; Fax: 814-863-5175

   Return this form with “Agreement for Exhibitors” form. Booth space will be assigned on a first-come, first-
   served basis upon receipt of completed “Exhibit Space Application and Contract” (registration form), “Agreement
   for Exhibitors” form, and PAYMENT. (Booth space will not be held by phone or without payment).
                                 AGREEMENT FOR EXHIBITORS
                                 Penn Stater Conferences & Institutes
                                             LABASH 2009

Name of Exhibitor(s):

Name of Exhibitor(s):

IN CONSIDERATION of participating in an exhibit administered by the Pennsylvania State University,
and with the intent to be legally bound,

                                                                             hereby agrees as follows:
(Name of Exhibitor
   1. Exhibitor hereby releases, quitclaims and forever discharges the Pennsylvania State University;
       its officers, agents, and employees from any and all personal property, which Exhibitor places, on
       or about the premises of The Pennsylvania State University.

    2. Exhibitor agrees to identify and hold harmless The Pennsylvania State University, its officers,
       agents, and employees from and against any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action, damages,
       loss or expense caused by or arising out of the acts or omission of the Exhibitor.

    3. Exhibitor agrees to obtain and maintain during the time Exhibitor participates in exhibit, public
       liability and property damage insurance in such coverages and in such amounts as are approved
       by the University, and to name the University as an additional insured under such policies of
       insurance. Exhibitor shall furnish the University a Certificate of Insurance evidencing such

    4. Exhibitor agrees that all personal property shall be removed from the premises of the Penn
       Stater Conference Center by 4:00 p.m., Saturday, February 28, 2009.

        Signature                                                                                     Date

        Print Name and Title



        City                                 State                       Zip Code

        E-mail address

     Return this form with the “Exhibit Space Application and Contract (registration form).”
                                        POLICY ON EXHIBITS
                                 The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel

The following criteria shall apply to exhibits held in conjunction with educational conferences sponsored by the

1.   All exhibits must have a recognized educational or public service value to the program participants.

2.   Approval for space requirements must be obtained from the Director of the Conference Center.

3.   Appropriateness of exhibits shall be determined by the Conference Center and the sponsoring department,
     college or division of the University.

4.   The Conference Center shall be responsible for completion of all arrangements.

5.   All out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of the exhibit must be paid by the exhibitor.

6.   Exhibitors shall be expected to adhere to time scheduled as determined by the Conference Center, and to
     general University rules of good conduct.

7.   Exhibits for any University sponsored conference shall not be installed or erected more than twenty-four hours
     prior to the authorized exhibit time and should not arrive on the campus or the conference site more than forty-
     eight hours prior to the opening of the exhibit period. Exhibits must be removed from the conference site within
     twenty-four hours after the end of the exhibit period unless prior arrangements have been made by the exhibitor
     for later removal.

8.   All exhibitors shall conform to any other specific or existing rules and regulations established by other divisions
     of the University regarding exhibits in specific buildings on a University campus with particular emphasis on
     the exhibitor’s responsibility for damage to University property or facilities. In addition, exhibitors may not post
     signs or exhibit materials on the walls of the facilities.

9.   All exhibitors shall be expected to abide by University regulations regarding traffic, parking, and other matters
     of public interest.

10. Exhibitors shall be solely and completely responsible for all exhibits and for any personal or public liability
    caused by, or arising from the exhibitors’ act or negligent acts, or omissions. The University assumes no
    responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits from any cause. The cooperating association, exhibitor, or exhibit
    management shall indemnify and hold harmless the University for any liability, claims or expenses suffered by
    the University on account of negligent acts or omissions of exhibitors. The cooperating association, exhibitors,
    or exhibit management shall obtain and maintain, during the time exhibitor participates in the exhibit, public
    liability and property damage insurance in such coverage and in such amounts as are approved by the
    University and to name the University as an additional insured under such policies of insurance. Exhibitor shall
    furnish the University a Certificate of Insurance evidencing such coverage. The exhibitor shall sign an
    appropriate agreement incorporating the provisions of this paragraph.

Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel
University Park PA 16802

                                  Read and retain this form for your records.

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