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									A Short history of Canley, Life,
 The Universe, and Everything.
                                             an l e y
                             or  y of C                 i n g!
                 rt his t                 Ev  eryth
          A s ho               , and
              he U n i
    L ife , t
                   Canley is an area in south west Coventry.
                   Coventry is a town in England.
                   England is a country on the planet earth.
                   Planet earth is in the Milky Way Galaxy.
                   The Milky Way is (apart from being made of
                   chocolate) somewhere in the Universe, but
                   who knows where that is?

Hopefully, God does, because He made it!
Anyway, our Church is 50              50 YEARS?! THAT’S
 years old this year.                EVEN OLDER THAN MY
                                         AUNT NELLY!

This book is to tell you a little bit about
Canley and the rest of the world in the
last fifty years, a little bit about how
our church came to be built, and what
has changed since it was built!

                              Did you know?
              the most famous person who was
     born and raised on Canley was Henry Parkes?
           Do you know what he was famous for?
           He emigrated to Australia and became
                           prime Minister!
          First, a potted history of Canley
                      Canley gets its name from Anglo Saxon,
                      meaning Canna’s Clearing. Experts think
                      that it once stood on an ancient prehistoric
                      trade route from Wales.
                      In 1154 Canley belonged to the Cistercian
                      Monks of Stoneleigh Abbey, but when all
                      the monasteries were shut down in Henry
                      VIII’s time, the Duke of Suffolk took control
                      He later sold it on to a Thomas Leigh, and it
                      stayed in the Leigh family until 1926!
In 1765, two soldiers, Edward Drury and Rob-The story of
ert Leslie, were staying at the Red Lion Inn in
Spon End. They met another man, Moses Bak-
                                                Gibbet Hill
er, and the three planned to take up highway
robbery. On March 16th they robbed three
men, one of whom was badly injured and died
the next day. The three criminals were caught
and hanged in chains at Gibbet Hill. Their
bodies were left in the gibbet for 45 years!
                                               t names?
                                   other stree
            out som e o f th o s e
And what ab
Henry Boteler served as Member of Westminster Parliament for
Coventry from 1461-1477.
Prior Thomas Deram was an outspoken church man who often had
run-ins with the Mayor of Coventry.
William Wendibourgh was a wealthy Coventry Merchant and a
founding member of St John Baptist Guild, formed in 1342.
                                                       ve It!
                                             e Yo u ha
                                   S o Th e r
        The Birth of Canley as we know it...
                    The 1940’s
Before we can talk about the fifties, we need to look a bit further
back. Way back in the 1940’s, Coventry was bombed by Germans in
the Second World War. That’s because we had factories here which
built weapons and ammunition for our soldiers.

At that time, only the houses at the end of Charter Avenue by Tesco
were there. During the air-raids, everybody had to have black-out
curtains up so the German planes couldn’t see the lights.

          DID YOU KNOW?
       One canley resident
       is convinced there is
        an unexploded Bomb
         under the Dolphin
                                      Many of the steel houses
                                      which now stand all along the
                                      far end of Charter Avenue
                                      and the roads around were
                                      built by prisoners of war!
                                      Maybe you live in a house
                                      built by prisoners of war!

                  DID YOU KNOW?
   During the WarA penny could buy you a pint
          of milk! (Tuppence old money)
                Things start looking up...
                      The 1950’s
After the war, things began to get back to normal, and in fact, in
some ways they seemed to be looking better than ever!

Just have a look at some of the things the fifties brought!

Mini Launched                                   It’s a mini adventure!
                                                 50 years old and still
                                                         going strong!
                                                    I told them it
                                                 was supposed to be a
                                                 cow that jumped over

                                                 the moon. But did they

The Russians beat everybody else and
got a satellite up into space first, in 1957.
Later on, they sent a dog called Laika up.
She’s still floating up there somewhere.

                             Love me tender
                Some American singer called Elvis Presley be
                came quite popular, I believe. Oh, and some chap
                over here called Harry Webb, better known as
                Cliff Richard to all his fans.
  Most Importantly...
  In 1959, Coventry City Football Club was
  promoted from the 4th division.
           The Church: Humble Beginnings
                    The 1950’s
Whilst all that was going
on in the world, in the
height of the teddy-boy
era, a little church in
Canley was born.
Young people from a
Church in Allesley
cycled to Canley and
used to have church
meetings on the grass.
Then they rented rooms in the
old Charter Primary School (which used to stand where the Social
Services Building is now) for a Sun- day School, because so many
families had moved into the new steel

The First Family
The first family in Canley
to join the church was the
family of Vi and Harry
Vi is now 88 and she and
some of her family still
come to the church.
 Vi says this about the time she became a Christian: “as I listened to
the speaker, I felt uncomfortable and thought that he was only
speaking to me. I later realised that it was God through the Holy
Spirit convicting me of my sinfulness and I asked Jesus into my
                When the Church was built.
                       The 1950’s
In 1951 the members of the church (who, remember, were meeting
in the local school) prayed for some land.
As it happened, the Brewery did not need the land next to the pub,
and told the council this. Five minutes later, the church leaders
walked in to meet with the council officials.
                                                  that for good
The Anglican Church of St Stephens                   timing?!
was built at around the same time.

Well, now they had the land.
But who was going to pay
for a church to be built there?
A special collection given by the church members in 1951 raised
£771.5s 0d. An interest free loan of £2000 was added to this, and
in January 1956, the work began.

By November 1951, the main hall, a side room, and a small kitchen
were completed. Fifty people came to the first service held in the
new building, and ninety-three to the second. That’s growth for
At this point, there were
300 children and 32
teachers in the Sunday

Photo: a picnic in the 90’s
                             Happy Hour!
                             The 1950’s
Did you grow up in Canley in the 1950’s?
Do you remember HAPPY HOUR?

It was held on Wednesday Evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. It usually
started with a song...
       Canley Happy Hour is the place for me!

         Then there were quizzes, stories, prizes and more!

The church took some of the children on a week-long camping trip
to Malvern. It cost the grand sum of £2.12.6d per camper! For the
whole week!

                                                                RE WE
                                                        0 TH E
                                                IN 195            E VIS I
                                                         w TE L
                                               v ery fe                 M O BIL
                                                                S, NO
                                             N O COM               S.
                                                           PHONE                S,
                                                                       DS, CD
                                                               NO DV
                                             THERE                    EO S !
                                                             E N VID
                                                     O R EV                   NY
                                                                   HA RDLY A
                                                 T HERE
                                                                      RS WE
                                                             N U M BE
                                                    PHONE                N U M-
                                                               3 OR 4
                                                       O N LY            G!
                                                            BE R S LO N
Summer camp to Hoylake, Wirral in the 70’s
                  Moving On: The 1960’s
                The decade that brought the world
                flower power and big hair brought
                lots of other changes. Here are just
                a very few...

                                                 The Fab Four were
                                                 John Lennon, Paul
           Four young                            McCartney,
crooners from                                    George Harrison,
Liverpool caused a bit                           and Ringo Starr.
of a stir!

      Walking on the
On July 20th 1969 Neil Armstrong
became the first man to land on the
moon. That is, if you believe NASA!
Otherwise its all a Hollywood hoax!

                           Warwick Uniin 1965,
                           Warwick University was opened
                            with 450 students. Now over 13,000
                            people study there!

Cov City FC climbed its way up into the 3rd
division in this decade. Every day, in every
way, we’re getting better and better.
                  The Church Grows
                The 1960’s and onward...
Meanwhile, what was going on at Charter Gospel Hall, as the
church was called back then? In 1960, there was a small
extension built.
In 1978 an additional classroom and storeroom were added at the
In 1982 the large extension was added at the front of the building,
changing the face of the church for ever. It even has an upstairs!


                           The 1970’s
What can be said about the 70’s? Not quite as exciting as the 60’s,
but quite a few important developments came about.

     The Digital Age
The first home computers became available.
They were approximately the size of a pregnant

                          New Money
                        Decimalization. Some older people still
                        have nightmares about it. The old system
                        was so much easier to work with, with
             pounds broken into 20 shillings, which were
             broken into 12 pennies. What could be simpler? All
             these new-fangled ideas!

                     IN 1979, Margaret Thatcher (who had said
                    “there will never be a woman prime minister in
                     my lifetime”) became prime minister. Not very
                     good at predicting the future then.
                Noddy Holder and Slade sang their number 1
                Christmas hit - ‘Merry Christmas Everybody.’
                Christmas isn’t Christmas without it!

 Cov City FC clawed its way to the top division, more
 by luck than judgment some might say!
                    The Students Arrive
                        The 1970’s
In the 70’s lots of students came to the church from Warwick Uni-
versity and Coventry College of Education (which is now the West-
wood site of the University).
On Sunday evenings about 50 of them used to meet at the house of
John and Grace Isherwood. John owned a butchers’ shop in Wals-
grave Road, so the ham sandwiches at their house were excellent!

Grace’s sister Ethel Croft still comes to the church today.

Some of the students fell in love
(as they do sometimes) and
even got married. A few stayed
in Coventry after Uni and made
Canley their church, like Mark
and Karen Curran. Mark is one
of the church leaders now.

In the 70’s a youth group for teens called Covenanters ran during
the week, as well as a group for under 11s called Jucos.

The Covenanters entered competitions and won lots of medals for
singing, table tennis (Ethel Croft’s son Tim was the champion!) and
rag hockey. Rag hockey is like hockey but safer, because it’s
played indoors with a rag instead of a ball. In the 80’s Canley’s
girls Rag Hockey team went to London and came second in the
National Finals!
              25 Years Old - and loving it!
                      The 1980’s
The church celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1981.
It was time for another extension! The foyer and upstairs were
added in 1984, and church members and others gave so generous-
ly that the bank loan was paid off within a year of being built.

                    DID YOU K                              es what
                                                three tim
                                15p. T hat was
                       ilk cost                         ation,
             pint of m                       fore. Infl
  In 1979, A                   e e years be
                      only thr
            had cost                     ...

In 1985 the Day Care Centre began to use the church building,
providing day care for elderly people 2 days a week. This continues
today, now 3 days a week.
In 1984 the Council provided a house in Queen Margaret’s Road for
the church’s first paid workers - Mike and Trina Stewart - who
were evangelists.

                      Guess what else
             happened in the eighties?
                                        Sky blues
                  won the F. A. Cup, in 198
                                        Doug Preston arrived in
                                        1986 as a community
                                        worker. He still works for
                                        the church today. We think
                                        that’s because he got
                                        married to a church
                                        member and then couldn’t
                                        very well escape. Talking
                                        of which...

                     Barbara’s Story
Doug Preston’s wife Barbara tells her story of why she believes in

I was hit over the head with a hammer by my partner and, in
the words of the consultant, if my skull wasn’t so thick I would
have died. I think the reason I did not die then is because God
had His hand on my life at that time and some people in Canley
Evangelical Church were praying for me.

I now understand that what I had searched for for so long I
have found in the Lord Jesus Christ. God gives us good gifts,
Jesus being the best we could ever have. He then gave me
another ‘good gift’, a wonderful husband to love. My search
has ended.
                              Hi de hi
                             The 1980’s
In the 1980’s the church ran summer camps for lots of Canley
children. These took place in Towyn in Wales, in Diss, Norfolk and
even in Switzerland!
The leaders used to dress in disguise and play “Hunt the Leader” in
the City Centre - the campers would have to approach a person
they thought was a leader in disguise and give a password like

                                           “Do y      l?!!”
                                          fe e t

Of course, this wouldn’t be allowed nowadays!

         A world famous author lived in preston close?
       Patricia st john and her sister hazel moved there in their
   60s, and ran a club for kids in their garage, and later a girls’
      They loved and fed many many neighbours, students and chil-
                      dren, and came to the church.
            Patricia died in 1993 and hazel in 2003, and are re-
               membered with great love by everyone
                            who knew them.

                                                             e Snow,
                                           Tre asures of th
                                                          ood’s Secre
                                           T he Tanglew
                                                               ’s books.
                                              tw o of Patricia
              The World on our doorstep
                The 1980’s and 90’s
You may have heard of Billy Graham - a very well-known American
evangelist. He spoke at a huge rally at Birmingham F. C. in 1984 .
Lots of people became Christians and joined the church, among
them the Greenhalgh family from Torrington Avenue.

The church has sent a number of people to other countries to share
God’s love with the people there. Places like
Botswana, Nigeria,Senegal, Uganda, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iceland.
                     Open Doors
               The Twenty-first Century
The building is busy during the week, not just on Sundays!
We have...
 Mucky ducks Which is a carer and toddler group running
                       on Wednesday mornings,
  Crafty Crew A craft group, again for carers and tod-
                      dlers, which runs on Fridays.
  Causeway            For adults with learning difficulties, which
                      meets on a Friday evening once a month.
                      They held the 10th Anniversary day of Cele-
                      bration last month here at Canley!
  Ladies hour         For ladies (surprisingly) which has run on
                      Wednesday afternoons for over twenty

  Day Care            Providing care for Elderly people three
  Centre              days a week.

                                              Well, that’s
The building is also used for            it for now. Make sure
funerals, baptisms, weddings,          you don’t miss the next
craft evenings, and youth group       thrilling instalment of
socials. There are plans to do        magazine, when the church
                                              reaches 100!
much more inside the church,
which is why another extension
is planned for 2007! This will
extend the side and rear of the

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