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I nsurance F raud 2 0 0 6


									Insurance Fraud
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IASIU European Chapter June 12-14 2006
C o m w e l l   K o l d i n g ,   D e n m a r k
                                                                                   Insurance Fraud


                                                                                   J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

       PRESIDENT’S REMARKS .................................................................................................................. 3

       IASIU EUROPEAN CHAPTER ....................................................................................................... 4

       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS ........................................................................................ 4

       2006 IASIU EUROPEAN CHAPTER SEMINAR .......................................................................... 5

       2006 SEMINAR PLANNING COMMITTEE .................................................................................. 5

       GENERAL INFORMATION ............................................................................................................. 6

       HOTEL INFORMATION .................................................................................................................... 6

       TRANSPORTATION TO THE COMWELL KOLDING ................................................................ 6

       DRESS CODE & BADGES, MEMBERSHIP & CANCELLATION POLICY .......................... 7

       SEMINAR REGISTRATION .............................................................................................................. 8

       HOW TO REGISTER ........................................................................................................................... 8

       REGISTRATION FEE ......................................................................................................................... 8

       REGISTRATION PACKET ................................................................................................................. 8

       DAILY SCHEDULE ............................................................................................................................. 9

       ARRANGING YOUR SCHEDULE ................................................................................................. 10

       REGISTRATION - IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 ................................................................................. 10

       GENERAL SESSION/CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS ............................................................... 11

                                                                                                         Insurance Fraud

               IASIU European Chapter

                                                                                                         J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

                                           It’s a great pleasure for me to invite you all to the third IASIU European Chapter Seminar. Through my
                                           international network I know there is great expectation associated with this year’s seminar. Not one week has passed
                                           without someone calling me asking when we are going to follow up the success from 2004.

                                           A very good saying is “never change a success story”, and therefore we are delighted that Comwell Kolding will host
                                           this year’s seminar again. We will, in co-operation with the hotel, create and strengthen the astounding dynamic
                                           spirit, which is prevailing when fraud fighters from different nations meet.

                                           Exchanging experiences, professional discussions and social gathering within pleasant surroundings, are important
                                           features to achieve a successful seminar. However, the most important is the participation and presence of each and
                                           every one of you.

        In connection with the seminar we will arrange an exhibition with vendors of different products and services making our workday more efficient
        and productive. Among the vendors you will find some of the leading companies within several business sectors. The exhibitors contribute in making
        this seminar an attractive meeting place to you as an investigator. The exhibitors are important economical subscribers making it possible for us to
        arrange this seminar at the best quality
workshop – here in the heart of and least expense for you. I trust that you will support this by visiting all the individual exhibitors, and
          days where their different products.
 r threegetting familiar withwe unite our
           This year’s main sponsor is SPSS, supplier of software tools. Among other things they are well known for their efficient fraud detection system;
           “SPSS Predictive Claims.”
    the words greatest organization
          hope you edge against our
  g the Ileadingwill find this year’s topics and speakers interesting. The aim of the Planning Committee has been to engage speakers with recognised skills
         within technology.
  ith modern their specialised field. I am confident that those who have accepted our invitation to speak are some of the best speakers in the market.
           The program contains lectures within many fields, and there is hopefully something to satisfy everyone. In addition we also have lecturers to stimulate
           your motivation, job satisfaction and joy of life.
vation by gaining experience from
orld. In January 2006 we were able to introduce IASIU European Chapter’s own website: This was a red-letter day for our chapter,
        and will give us a long list of new opportunities. My personal favourite is our interactive map of Europe, where you can have a list of the individual
 ied exhibition. You can meet the the relevant country at the map. It cannot be easier when you look for contacts in other countries.
        countries IASIU-members. Just click on
        The am certain that in for everyone and partly for members only (with a password). We will develop the site through the year to make this a
business. I website is constructed partlyclose
        resource really useful to you, giving your
g the fight against insurance fraud IASIU-membership even more advantages.
 our supporters. seminar there will be one formal aspect that is very important to the organisation:
        At this year’s
           Electing members to the board. The board represents all the members and requires people who are committed and enthusiastic to the job. In addition,
 h very competent Ilecturers, highly active members of this organisation, making constructive demands on the management/leadership and
        going forward, would like you all to be
        taking part of you will benefit
  and every one in designing the IASIU European Chapter for the future.
          I am really looking forward to meet you all again in Kolding in June. Together with exhibitors, speakers and other guests we shall share our
          experience/knowledge within perfect surroundings. I am looking forward to hearing the buzz of hundreds of voices, many in different languages, and
 8                countries. This gives
     differentyou mingle with familiar and new faces.
          to see
 k, and perhaps establish new and
        My and social our seminar in
 pleasures expectation is that settings will be the highlight of the year. Don’t miss it!!

           Lars Sv. Skaar

 v. Skaar
 en � Norway                                                                          3
 8 74
                                                                          Insurance Fraud

   IASIU European Chapter

                                                                          J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) is an organisation for insurance investigators.
IASIU was founded 1984 in USA. IASIU’s primary mission is to educate and maintain high ethics and skills for
Insurance Fraud Investigators. Our members are from all over the world including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia/Montenegro,
Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States and several other countries.

IASIU has more than 4000 members and there are currently over 30 IASIU local chapters. IASIU’s major event every
year is the annual Training Seminar. In September 2005 it was held in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the largest training
seminar in the world, and about 1000 people attended the seminar.

In May 2001, the IASIU European Chapter was founded.

Executive Committee Members

Lars Sv. Skaar                          Gertrud Lehmann
President                               Vice President           
Vesta, Norway                           Länsforsäkringar, Sweden

Steinar Bråten                          Paul Kuehne
Treasurer                               Secretary  
SpareBank1 Forsikring, Norway           Zürich Insurance Company, Switzerland

Claes Caroli                            Arne Knippel
Director                                Director    
Trygg-Hansa, Sweden                     Danish Insurance Association, Denmark

Per Norström                            Andy P. Wragg
Director                                Advisor    
Larmtjänst, Sweden                      Lloyd´s, London, UK

Risto Karhunen                          Hans Jacob Anonsen
Director                                Advisor        
Federation of Finnish Insurance         Norwegian Financial Services Association, Norway
Companies, Finland
                                        Markus Mauchle
                                        Wintherthur Insurance Company, Switzerland

   2006 IASIU                                                              Insurance Fraud


  European Chapter Seminar

                                                                           J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

The third European Training Seminar is presented by the IASIU European Chapter.
The IASIU European Chapter is a non-profit association representing hundreds of insurance industry professionals
dedicated to the identification, detection, investigation and deterrence of insurance crime.

While membership in IASIU is limited by the Constitution & Bylaws of the Association, this seminar is open to all
dedicated professionals who share the common interests, goals, objectives, visions, high ethical standards and
behavior as the officers, directors and membership of IASIU.

This seminar is the product of hard work and collaboration by your IASIU colleagues. These individuals have spent
many hours to conceptualize, create and implement this training seminar.

Join the entire board of directors, officers and fellow members of IASIU European Chapter in Kolding, Denmark (close
to Copenhagen), June 12-14, 2006 for Insurance Fraud 2006. Don’t miss it!!

2006 Seminar Planning Committee

Stein Naustdal                           Gertrud Lehmann        
Vesta, Norway                            Länsforsäkringar, Sweden

Hans Erik Nordby Rasmussen               Andy P. Wragg                   
Codan, Denmark                           Lloyd´s, London, UK

Risto Karhunen                           Arne Knippel         
Federation of Finnish Insurance          Danish Insurance Association, Denmark
Companies, Finland

Steinar Bråten                           Lennart Molin   
Sparebank1 forsikring, Norway            Folksam, Sweden

Klaus Martin Arnesen
Gjensidige Norway

                                                                          Insurance Fraud

   General Information

                                                                          J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Hotel Information

Hotel Reservation
You must contact the hotel yourself for reservations. Remember to mention that you are attending the IASIU Seminar.
The registration fee does NOT include your hotel room. Please make your hotel reservation as soon as possible. The
agreed price is DKK 860, - (approx 115 Euro) for a single room per night and DKK 1.160, - (approx 155 Euro) for a
double room per night and should be paid directly to the hotel on departure.

Comwell Kolding
Skovbrynet 1, DK-6000 Kolding
Tel: +45 7634 1100 / Fax: +45 7634 1200

Transportation to the Comwell Kolding

By Air
1. Nearest airport is Billund Airport.
Bus no. 406 to Kolding takes about 1 hour.

Taxi from Billund to Kolding costs about DKK 475/Euro 55.

2. Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. Train connection from the airport to Kolding. For timetable look to:

By Car: – “Kørselsvejledning”

                                                                           Insurance Fraud

   General Information

                                                                           J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Dress Code & Badges
The dress code for the seminar is business casual. Your name badge must be worn at all seminar functions including the
general session, all workshops, expo, breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches and at the vendors’ reception.

Membership Policy
Current and new IASIU members must have their 2006 membership dues paid. Annual membership fee is $50. If you
apply for membership now you will receive our membership seminar price. You can apply for your membership trough
our web site

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be made written. No refunds are available for cancellations received on or after May1, 2006, or for
“no shows”. All cancellations are subject to a Euro 50 cancellation/administrative fee. No exceptions will be made.

                                                                            Insurance Fraud

   Seminar Registration

                                                                            J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

How to Register
The registration form is attached. Please type or print clearly in all CAPS – as you wish your name to appear on your
badge and the registration list. Insert the appropriate code for your primary and alternative workshop choices listed in
the registration form.

If there is more than one participant from a company, send one registration form for each participant.
Payment (for each participant) has to be made to account no. IBAN. NR: 9001 04 19270 (account no.)
NO 2090010419270 (In Euro).
The Swift Code is: LABANOKK

Send the registration form to mail-address: - or by fax no. +47 21 02 50 49
IASIU European Chapter will then send you a confirmation by email.

Workshop assignments are given on a first-received basis. You will be placed in the workshop of your first choice
providing the space is available. Otherwise, you will be given your second choice.

You will receive a copy of your assigned workshop schedule upon check-in at the seminar, but IASIU European
Chapter encourages you to photocopy your registration form.

Registration Fee
The registration fee is Euro 575 for members/Euro 675 for non-members.

This includes:

    –   All meals; including continental breakfasts, lunch and dinners
    –   General sessions
    –   Workshops
    –   CD-rom including course material from all workshops
    –   Expo with approx. 12-15 vendors
    –   Expo Vendor Reception with beverages
    –   Golf Shirt

Registration Packet
Your registration packet, which includes a printed brochure of the program, a CD-rom with course material from all
workshops, name badge and your golf shirt, will be available at the registration desk.

                                         Register by March 15, 2006

                                                          Insurance Fraud

  Daily Schedule

                                                          J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Monday                    Tuesday                       Wednesday
June 12                   June 13                       June 14

Registration              Continental Breakfast         Continental Breakfast
10.00– 16.00              07.00 – 08.30                 07.00 – 08.30

Insurance Services Expo   Insurance Services Expo       General Session
10.00 – 19.00             08.00 – 17.30                 08.30 – 09.15

Lunch                     Registration                  Intermission
12.00 – 13.30             09.00 – 16.00                 09.30 – 09.30

General Session           Concurrent Workshops          General Session
13.30 – 14.45             08.30 – 10.00                 09.30 – 10.30

Intermission              Intermission                  Intermission
14.45 – 15.15             10.00 – 10.30                 10.30 – 10.45

General Session           Concurrent Workshops          General Session
15.15 – 17.30             10.30 – 12.00                 10.45 - 12.15

Expo Vendor Reception     Lunch                         Closing Session
17.30 – 19.00             12.00 – 13.30                 12.15 - 12.30

Dinner                    Concurrent Workshops          Lunch
19.30                     13.30 – 15.00                 12.30 - 14.00

                          Intermission                  Departure
                          15.00 – 15.30                 Have a safe trip home

                          Concurrent Workshops
                          15.30 – 16.30

                          Expo Breakdown

                          Live Music in the Hotel Bar
                          21.00 – 01.00

                          Badge must be worn at all times!

                                                                            Insurance Fraud

   Arranging your Schedule

                                                                            J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Registration – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3
You will find a complete description of all the workshop topics to be presented at the second IASIU European Chapter
Seminar. At the top of each description you will find, in bold print, the workshop title and session code number.
This code number will begin with the letter TA or TP and will be followed by a number. The code reflects the time period
during which the workshop will be presented. You may register for only one workshop during each of the four time
periods. Choose an alternative workshop in addition to your first choice. You will be placed in the workshop of your first
choice providing the space is available. Otherwise, you will be given your second choice.

Review the concurrent session description, checking all those that interest you.

Type your primary and alternative choices for each session in the Concurrent Seminar Preference box in the
registration form.

To complete the registration process, type all of the requested information on the registration form. Mail or fax the
registration form to: / + 47 21 02 50 49. A confirmation letter/mail will be sent to you.

   General Session/                                                          Insurance Fraud


   Concurrent Workshops

                                                                             J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Monday June 13, General Session
13.30 - 14.00

Opening Session

Lars Skaar, Vesta Forsikring AS (Norway), President IASIU European Chapter
Dan Fitzgerald, The Hartford (USA), President IASIU

14.00 – 14.45

Today’s Keynote Speaker

David Rioux, Assistant Vice President & Manager, Eire Insurance Group (USA), Board Director IASIU

14.45 – 15.15


15.15 - 17.00

Remembering Extraordinary Events – Searching for True and False Memories

It is important to understand the effects of trauma and crime on memory, and how memory for crime can vary among
victims, bystander witnesses and offenders. Most commonly people tend to remember emotion-arousing events than
neutral everyday events. Nonetheless, there are cases where emotional events, especially traumatic ones, are poorly
retained. In fact, an often-reported finding is that claims of amnesia regularly occur in violent and sexual crimes, cases of
arson and fraud. An important issue is then whether such memory loss is genuine or feigned.

This presentation explains how victims, bystander witnesses and offenders will retain and disclose crime events.
It aims to explore the characteristics of memories in relation to a number of state and trait variables. Furthermore,
knowledge about a crime by studying crime scene characteristics and the victim’s or the suspect’s behavior will generate
prerequisites for interrogation strategies. How to overcome problems in eliciting and evaluating the recall of victims will be
discussed. The application of “cognitive interviewing technique” will also be presented.

Sven Å Christianson, Professor of Psychology and Ph Lic Psychologist, Stockholm University, Expertise Consultant,


Presentation of the Exhibitors

                                                                           Insurance Fraud

 Tuesday June 13, Concurrent Workshops                                     Chapter

                                                                           J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6


Choose one (TA-1 to TA-3):

Accident Reconstruction Using PC-Crash (45 minutes)

PC-Crash reconstructs vehicle movements and collisions and is the most frequently used program in the world for the
analysis of road accidents. The results are remarkable. Police and Court authorities rely upon its analyses as expertise

A presentation of PC-Crash will be given showing the main menus, the way of working with the program as well as
explaining its possibilities and limitations.

Several examples of cases analysed to detect possible fraud or liability by way of negligence will be shown. The
necessary input data in order to be able to perform a satisfactory analysis will be outlined and discussed.

Erik Aanerud, Director Rekon DA, Advisor to the Norwegian Road Directorate, Norway

TA-1 continues
The European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (45 minutes)

To coordinate and advance work to counter healthcare fraud and corruption, a European Healthcare Fraud and
Corruption Network (EHFCN) has been formally established and an Office is being set up, which is dedicated to
tackling healthcare fraud and corruption across Europe. The EHFCN is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Brussels
and financed through subscription fees. The EHFCN is the only organisation in Europe set up to focus specifically on
countering healthcare fraud and corruption.

The EHFCN marks the beginning of an essential, practical working relationship between countries that could lead to
real progress in tackling healthcare fraud and corruption. It is essential that European member states form links and
networks to enable them to deal with potential increases in cross-border fraud and corruption by exchanging information
on current problems and solutions, and building strong contacts between all member states. Joint working will ensure
that all healthcare systems within Europe have the best strategies for tackling healthcare fraud and corruption available
to them.

This presentation will give you more detailed information the setting up of the EHFCN and its fight against healthcare
fraud and corruption.

Dermid McCausland, President of the EHFCN, London, UK

                                                                             Insurance Fraud


 Tuesday June 13, Concurrent Workshops                                       Chapter

                                                                             J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Money Laundering (90 minutes)

At the last IASIU European Chapter conference, this speaker dealt with the issues that were then facing the general
insurance industry from the threat of money laundering. Over the past two years though, the anti-money laundering
challenges for the general insurance sector have dramatically increased. The risks of non-compliance no longer are
simply exposure to financial crime and any consequent reputational damage. Now there exists the very real risk of
direct regulatory intervention if the general insurance sector is not perceived to be stepping up to the mark in the fight
against money laundering.

The speaker will examine the changing face of anti-money laundering regulatory oversight; in particular the
recommendations of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and the Financial Action Task Force
(FATF), identifying what the future may hold, how the industry needs to respond to these issues, as well as
examining any current trends in this area of financial crime.

Andy Wragg, Senior Manager, International Regulatory Liaison, Lloyd’s, London, UK

The Use of Lawyers and Legal Remedies in Investigating Complex International Fraud (90 minutes)

The speaker of this workshop is specialised in investigating international trade and maritime fraud with multi
jurisdictional aspects. The Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and international in their operations.
They are well accustomed to using offshore jurisdictions and shell companies to cloud their identities and transactions.
The investigator’s material is an important piece of evidence and the legal viewpoints may be crucial when the case
is at trial. This workshop will discuss how legislations may be used in favour of investigations and give hints of legal
remedies, which can be very effective in piercing corporate veil and procuring details of transactions.

Niranjan Abeyratne, Lawyer at Holmes Hardingham and former Legal Advisor to the International Maritime Bureau,
London, UK


Choose one (TA-4 to TA-6)

How Newer Vehicles are Stolen in Sweden.
Modus Operandi: Thefts of Vehicles with Immobilizer Systems. (90 minutes)

In 2003 Larmtjänst AB in Sweden analysed stolen vehicles with immobilizer systems. The report aroused international
attention. In 2005-2006 a continuation has been performed. The result of this new survey will be discussed.

The most recent knowledge of how the various immobilizer systems are manipulated in order to steal the vehicles will
be exposed and illustrated by case studies.

Niclas Antonsson, Investigator, Larmtjänst AB, Sweden

                                                                              Insurance Fraud

 Tuesday June 13, Concurrent Workshops                                        Chapter

                                                                              J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

The Key to Managing Claims (90 minutes)

”Concentrate on the claim and not the claimant if you want to expose a fraudulent claim” says this speaker.
A genuine claim will sound so different, contain fine grain detail, and include emotion, compared with a fraudulent claim.
This speaker will demonstrate a unique interview technique to handle and manage conversations with claimants that
will expose fraudulent or exaggerated claims and illustrate it with examples.

This workshop aroused such an interest at the 2004 Conference, that it would be wrong not to offer the benefit of
listening to this speaker once again, when he talks about the art of managing a conversation.

Will Gaskell, Director VFM Services Ltd, UK

The New FBI: Now and Beyond (90 minutes)

This presentation examines the FBI’s tremendous response and restructuring following the “9/11” event and other
terrorism related atrocities. An overview of the FBI’s expanding role in the international terrorism arena will be
explained, as well as, the successful formulation of the FBI’s Terrorist Finance Operations Section which specifically
seeks to identify, target, and disrupt the flow of terrorism funding throughout the world. The FBI’s ability to trace terrorist
funding will be explained through the backdrop of the “9/11” event and through examples of more recent case studies.
This session will prove useful in providing private industry with a briefing on how the FBI engages the international
community in its fight against terrorist financing.

Jaclyn Zappacosta, Assistant Legal Attache, Supervisionary Special Agent, American Embassy, London, UK


Choose one (TP1 to TP-3)

Cosmetic Accidents in Iran (45 minutes)

The hottest fashion trend in today’s Iran is cosmetic surgery. Although other forms of cosmetic enhancement have
also become popular, the nose job remains the most in-demand. An increasing number of Iranians living abroad come
from Europe and the States to take advantage of local expertise sharpened by daily practice. Quite a number of these
operations transform into accidents to cover the relevant costs through the travel or health insurance coverage.

In this presentation the speaker will examine an investigation case from the start to finish line. In the second part,
another real case of combined medical /theft claim will be briefly illustrated.

In the remainder of the time, some details about the country and the way things are and work in Iran will be pointed out.
They may look minor, but understanding them will have an instrumental role in distinguishing a false from a true claim!

The speaker of this workshop has many years experience from investigations for Swedish insurance companies.

Soheil Rahgozar, Rahgozar & Associates, Iran

                                                                              Insurance Fraud

 Tuesday June 13, Concurrent Workshops                                        Chapter

                                                                              J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

TP-1 continues
Process of Missing or Damaged Luggage (45 minutes)

To facilitate for their customers and to improve the process, most airlines and airports are now able to offer check-in
at self-service automats and via the Internet. How do the airlines handle luggage when the passenger has chosen to
check-in at the automat or when the passenger is traveling on an electronic ticket?
The World Tracer system enables the airlines to retrieve 98-99% of the entire reported missing luggage. When a claim
of lost luggage is addressed to the insurance company, it is therefore relevant to know what information that is to be
found in the PIR-reports and what information that is hidden in the luggage receipt. It is also essential to know what
happens when the luggage is being recovered after 4 weeks.

This workshop will bring the recent available statistics of reported missing luggage, and have an open discussion about
your experiences regarding luggage claims.

Line Schlottmann, Manager SAS Ground Services, Denmark

Life Insurance Fraud Survey (20 minutes)

This workshop will present a survey performed by some Norwegian life insurance companies. The objective was to
learn more about insurance fraud in health declarations. Were there differences between the information of health given
by the future policyholder and the information shown in the medical journals of the same person? The analysed health
declarations were randomly chosen. The result was interesting and quite remarkable.

Kari Østerud, Lawyer, Head of the Pensions- and Claims Department, Storebrand Life Insurance, Norway

TP-2 continues
Medical Provider Fraud (70 minutes)

Fraud among medical providers has become a growth industry in and of itself. Insurers and private corporations must
respond with developing and implementing strategic investigative programs to identify, detect, and deter the tens of
millions of dollars lost each year. These forms of fraud evolve as the nature of medical care changes over time. Outright
fraud occurs when providers bill for treatments that never occurred or were blatantly unnecessary.
Some of the newer forms of medical provider fraud include kickbacks from specialists and other treatment providers
to referring physicians, and provider up coding, where provider charges exceed the scheduled amount. Providers also
shift from the less expensive, all-inclusive patient report to supplemental reports, which add evaluations and incur
separate charges.

This session will showcase some examples from the United States and lead an interactive discussion with participants
of what can be done on a global basis to combat medical provider fraud.

Larry G. Henning, CFE - CIFI, Senior Vice President - Special Investigations Unit, MJM Investigations, Inc. - USA

Information Gathering from Telecom Networks (90 minutes)

The success in finding the vital information is the key to how well you manage to conclude an investigation. Technology
is mostly of great help to the investigator, however it may also be a hindrance. The development of technology is
rapid and never ending. What you know today is out-of-date tomorrow. Are you well aware of what information that is
hidden in, i.e. mobile phones and how and what you can get access to? Is it possible to foresee what the future of the
telecommunications will look like?

The speaker of this workshop has vast experience from the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation with the
development of an interception system as one his main tasks. The issues that he will cover go from the GSM network
architecture, the acquisition of information, to legal matters such as the privacy legislation in EU into future challenges.

Timo Virtanen, Detective Chief Inspector, Counsellor Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland
                                                                             Insurance Fraud

 Tuesday June 13, Concurrent Workshops                                       Chapter

                                                                             J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

Choose one (TP-4 to TP-6)

The EU’s Future Priorities on Insurance (60 minutes)

Whether you like it or not, the path that EU decides to proceed and the directives that lines the road, do influence your
success in investigations. So why not have a look into the future?

This workshop will give an overall approach to the role of the insurance industry in Europe by pinpointing at some major
questions, such as the proposed future internal market insurance measures, EU’s role on the wider international stage,
the Commission’s White Paper on Financial Services Priorities 2005-2010 and the implications of these measures for
the insurance industry.

Alastair Evans, Head of Government Affairs, World Wide Markets, Lloyd’s, London, UK

Manipulation of Digital Photos (60 minutes)

This workshop was presented at the seminar in 2004. It was highly appreciated, and we would like those of you who
missed it to have a second chance. The presentation gives a lot of challenging questions and gives interesting answers
and examples of manipulations.

Is digitalization reliable? Are photos trustworthy? Today most professional as well as private photos are digital. A
consequence of the digital workflow is that the information that we used to rely upon as facts now is questioned.

Photo programs are common data equipment. With their help important details are easily added or taken away. Is it
possible to reveal a manipulated photo? Can you rely upon what you see? What does the future look like?

Vagn-Ebbe Kier, Photographer, Teacher & Advisor, Denmark

Fire Investigations –
An Interactive Case Study that Involves Participation from the Audience (60 minutes)

Cases where the claimant uses arson to commit insurance fraud, is difficult to investigate. Not only does the fire destroy
– or does it? – All evidence, it also makes it difficult for the insurance investigator to get access to the crime scene due
to the interest of other authorities.

The downsizing of the legal authorities in Sweden has among other things made it profitable for the insurance
companies to do their own forensic investigations. Because of this, the Swedish insurance companies engage their own
forensic experts, recruited from the police force. This presentation will focus on the legal obstacles and the investigation
methods that have been developed in order to unveil insurance fraud.

You will get an opportunity to compare the strategies and methods developed in Sweden with your own experiences.
You will also be able to share them with the speakers.

Claes Caroli, LLM, Vice President, Special Investigation Unit, Trygg Hansa Insurance Company, Sweden
Håkan Larsson, Investigator, Special Investigation Unit, Trygg Hansa Insurance Company, Sweden

                                                                               Insurance Fraud

   Wednesday June 14, General Session                                          Chapter

                                                                               J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6

International Investigations - Claims, Culture and Corruption

Air travel has made the world a much smaller place and unfortunately political unrest, wars and natural disasters have
displaced many people from their homeland, but they do return, many to visit family and friends, others to holiday.
However an increasing number of travellers are using fraudulent insurance claims as an innovative way of paying for
the journey and actually profiting from the claim. Others manipulate claims in their own country using foreign suppliers,
or relatives and friends to support an inflated loss. This growing trend is alarming.

This session will offer an insight as well as discuss the complexities of conducting investigations in foreign countries,
dealing with the cultural, social and economic issues and, the motivation behind international claims fraud.

Phil Peart, Executive Manager International Investigations, Milne & Associates, Australia
Larry G. Henning, CFE - CIFI, Senior Vice President - Special Investigations Unit, MJM Investigations, Inc. - USA

Non-Verbal Communication

“The way you wear your hat, the way you hold your knife, the way you sip your tea…”
are much more than romantic signals caught by Sinatra’s magic tone. They are also the exciting voice of the non-verbal
communication. To know how to read the signals is to open a closed door leading to a person’s actual emotional where

This speaker, whose long experience of communicative training at the Finnish authorities within the areas of
investigations, negotiations, disaster and stress debriefing as well as military psychology, will illustrate how to read silent
messages by showing the NVC signals with focus on client interactions.

Lasse Nurmi, Md Psychology, Senior Lecturer at the Finnish Police College, Finland

The Networked Society

In the space of just 50 years, the emergence of IT has been truly phenomenal. And it shows no signs of stopping. In
fact, we are witnessing the creation of a fundamentally different information world where perpetual connectivity is the
driving force, where outsourcing is the unintended consequence of globalisation and where Internet access devices
have become ubiquitous in every area of our lives. The computer and its more recent application, the Internet, are
seeping into every nook and cranny of the economy.

But the age of computing hasn’t really begun. All we’ve done so far is play with little toys and get some ideas of what we
might do. But already we are witnessing huge changes:
Only 50 years ago, the (then analogue) world was full of walls and gadgets that couldn’t work together. Now that digital
convergence is finally here, all our gadgets are connected and will be able to cooperate effortlessly. Technology is
liberating entertainment from its past. How we watch movies, look at photos, listen to music, even read a book promises
to change profoundly in the next few years. This will free people from the constraints of time and place. It will be a
dramatic change.

It’s a pleasure for us to finish our seminar with this thought-provoking look into the future. Hopefully it will give you
something to think about on your way back home.

Rob Creemers, Holland

12.15 - 12.30
Closing Session

                                                                  Insurance Fraud


                                                                  J u n e 12-14 2 0 0 6
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        Improve claim handling
        and reduce fraud
        Solutions from SPSS help property and casualty insurance companies reduce cycle
        times and handling costs - and increase customer satisfaction - through automated,
        real-time assessment of claim risk. Our Predictive Analytics solutions determine
        which claims qualify for immediate or fast-track approval, and flag suspicious claims
        for further investigation.

        With SPSS solutions, your company can:

        �   Approve legitimate claims more quickly and reduce
            claim handling costs
        �   Detect more suspicious claims and minimize losses
        �   Understand why claims are flagged, so the Special
            Investigation Unit (SIU) knows which areas to focus
            its investigations
        �   Automatically detect new forms of fraud with
            analytics that “learn” from the data
        �   Leverage both the intelligence of analytics and
            the organization´s own knowledge of fraud

        Meet SPSS at the IASIU European Chapter Insurance
        Fraud Seminar 2006 and find out how your organization
        can benefit from SPSS solutions or visit


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