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                                                                                  March 2009
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                                                                  Newsletter of the Bayside Brewers Club Incorporated
12                 The Bayside Brewer, March 2009
             This is the newsletter of the Bayside Brewers Club Inc and is distributed to
             members and interested organisations on a monthly basis (except January).             Joke Page
              Articles, letters and information to be included in the newsletter are
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                Aims of The Bayside Brewers Club Inc

♦      To enable members to develop their skills as brewers
♦      To generate a greater awareness in the general community of the
       legitimacy of home brewing as a craft in which anyone can
♦      To serve as a focus to defend the interests of home brewers and
       their craft

              The Executive Committee
PRESIDENT          Bryce Van Denderen                  Ph. (H) 9557 4445

SECRETARY: Iain McKimm                                 Ph. 0400 868 208

TREASURER: Bob Mansfield                               Ph: 9750 5525

MEMBERS:        Adrian Taylor                 5981 1160
                Cameron Turner                0431 223 175
                Chan Lay                      0422 258 839
                Andy Grange                   0425 817 707
The Bayside Brewer Editors
      Bob Mansfield           Email:
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2                       The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                                      The Bayside Brewer, March 2009   11
                         From The Frankston Independent, Tuesday 3 February.
‘Unfair’ beer tax leaves bitter taste.
 The owners of multi-award-winning Red Hill Brewery are leading a charge of        About the Club                                    2
boutique brewers calling for the Federal Government to ease their tax burden.

Karen and David Golding are among a band of small brewers, members of the
                                                                                   Contents                                          3
Victorian Association of Microbreweries, calling on Federal Assistant Treasurer
Chris Bowen to allow a tax exemption that many boutique wineries enjoy.
                                                                                   Wort’s Brewin’                                    4

 The Government takes between 25 and 35 per cent of small brewers’ annual          Future Events                                     5
revenue—in the case of the Goldings, several thousand dollars a week.
                                                                                   Steinbier—a description                           6
“All we want is the same deal as the boutique wineries get—for the Govern-
ment to waive the excise on the first $1.7 million in sales,” Ms Golding said.     Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase                7
 “The tax is creating an unfair burden that limits growth and the ability to ex-   BeerFest results                                  7
pand the local workforce.”
                                                                                   ANHC 2010                                         8
 The association’s campaign, dubbed ‘A fair go for craft beer’, was launched
late last year but has been ramped up this year. Mr Golding is vice-president of   Beer and Brewer Expo                              9
the association and Ms Golding is on the committee.
                                                                                   Unfair beer tax article                         10
 Members are seeking signatures on a petition to Mr Bowen and donning tee
shirts to promote the campaign, which is also at        Joke Page                                       11
 Ms Golding said that microbreweries like Red Hill were mostly small, regional     Next meeting                                    12
and often family run businesses. “We’re paying the same excise as the big

 Apart from the husband and wife team, Red Hill Brewery has four full-time
and six casual employees at the brewery and associated café in Shoreham Road,
Red Hill South.

 The four-year-old business has won many medals at the Australian Interna-
tional Beer Awards. Its brews include golden ale, wheat beer, scotch ale, bohe-
mian pilsner, imperial stout and Belgian blonde.                                        We have 2 meeting venues volunteered—
                                                                                      let’s see if we can fill a few more for the year!
 For more information, phone Ms Golding on 5989 2959, 0409 529 100, or                      Please volunteer at the next meeting
email The petition is available at the brewery.
                                                                                             (or contact a committee member).
10                    The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                                            The Bayside Brewer, March 2009            3
       WORT’s Brewin’....                                                            Beer Awards Presentation Dinner
                                                                                     March 19, 2009 , 7:30 pm, Crown Palladium, Melbourne,
                                                                                     Proudly hosted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Vic-
February meeting review
                                                                                     toria in conjunction with The University of Ballarat.
About 12 or 14 members enjoyed a warm evening sitting around the new pool at
Andy Grange’s. There was a good showing for the comp, as you can see below.
Thanks to Andy and Janine for the sausage sizzle and cheese platter.                 For the Trade
                                                                                     Meet suppliers to help start or support your brewery ideas
The results of the Bayside Brewers competition on 4 February 2009,                   and operations.
California Common:
                                                                                     For the Consumer
1.    Andrew Clark           37.5                                                    Meet the brewers, experience the live demostrations of
2.    Mark Hibberd           37                                                      beer and food matching, home brewing, tasting sessions
3.    John Killmister        32.5                                                    and industry talk back. For more information please see
4.    Stuart Behrend         30.5                                                    the above web site for the schedule, location – getting
5.    Bryce van Denderen     27.5                                                    here – accommodation, events, tickets, exhibiting,
6.    John Sheehan           25.5                                                    sponsorship, site map and contact us.
=7.   Shaun Raymer           18.5
                                                                                     Exhibiting & Sponsorship
=7.   Chan Lay               18.5
                                                                                     Exhibiting and Sponsorship - David Lipman
                                                                                     Tel: (02) 8084 6941, 0415-081-285
New web site
Have you had a look at our new website yet?
is still under construction by Chan Lay, but you can have a look, see what you
reckon, and make suggestions to our web master.
                                                                                     Thursday 19 March 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Trade Only Expo
                                                                                     Thursday 19 March 7:30 pm Beer Awards Dinner
Foster weekend
                                                                                     Friday 20 March 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Trade Only Expo
It appears that every year those fine gentlemen of the Melbourne Brewers Club
                                                                                     Friday 20 March 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm Consumers Expo
head out into the bush to camp and brew a stein bier, which they consume at
                                                                                     Saturday 21 March 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Consumers Expo
their AGM, so this year we have suggested that they join us at Foster and we
                                                                                     Saturday 21 March 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm Consumers Expo
both brew one. That way we can benefit from their expertise, and they can have
the benefit of the extra brewing facilities. They were receptive to the idea so we     Here’s another opportunity for a group outing.
have set the date for 14 & 15 March. We will be brewing a bock. See page 6 for
more information on steinbier.
For those of you who didn’t know, the name of John’s hideaway outside Foster,          Put this in your diary guys, and we can perhaps
Cumbalum, is Aboriginal for ‘flathead caught here’. To get there, find your way               talk about it at the March meeting.
to Foster, turn left at the pub, and exactly 7.3 km later you will find a gate on
the left with a sign out the front saying ‘KILLMISTER’. There is sleeping ac-          Tickets are $25 per session, and are limited
commodation (of ‘various’ kinds) for about 18 people, and plenty of room to
                                                                                       to 2,000 per session, so buy on line NOW at
pitch a tent. Bring some beer if you have any that you are game to share, and
plenty of food. Saturday nights there usually involve a large campfire, so some-    
thing to cook over that and drink around it would be a good idea.                           or phone Eventix on 1300 737 363
4                     The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                                 The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                               9
    Have you been wondering whether/when there will be
    another Home Brew Conference?
    Here’s some info, thoughtfully provided by Mark Hibberd.
    See questions and answers forum on -
                                                                                                                               July 2009                      March 2009                            ♦    Meeting: Wed 1 July
                                                                                         ♦ Meeting: Wed 4 March                     Venue to be decided
    The next conference will be held in 2010 in Melbourne, not in 2009 because:             at Chan Lay’s,                     ♦ Club Curry Night
    • with a relatively small community, I wouldn't like to think that people               10 Claremont Street, Fawkner
    started thinking the conference program was becoming ‘stale’,                        ♦ Foster weekend                      August 2009
    • when asked at the conference, most people I spoke with indicated that                  14 & 15 March,                    ♦ Meeting: Wed 5 August
                                                                                             see page 4 for more information       Venue to be decided
    once every 2 or 4 years would be best
                                                                                         ♦ Fed Square Microbreweries           ♦ Wort Hogs Pale Ale Mania
    ♦        when the survey results came back in, the majority of people indicated
                                                                                             Showcase 17 & 18 March,
        that every 2 years would be preferred                                                see page 7 for more information   September 2009
    ANHC 2010 will be in Melbourne again. Why?                                           ♦ Beer & Brewer Expo                  ♦ Meeting:Wed 2 September
    • having run the event only once, we would like to take what we've learned               20 & 21 March,                         Venue to be decided
    locally and get that established as a package that we are comfortable can be             see page 9 for more information   ♦ Bathurst Home Brew
    easily moved around the country where feasible.                                                                                 Championship
                                                                                         April 2009
    • again from conversations at the conference, almost everyone I spoke with           ♦ Meeting: Wed 1 April
    (to my surprise) indicated that we should run the event in Melbourne again,                                                October 2009
                                                                                             Sweet Stout Competition           ♦ Meeting:Wed 7 October
    based on the facilities and the presence of an established organisation to run           at Ryan Beeby’s,                      Venue to be decided
    it. I appreciate that others may want to have a shot at it, and that may be possi-       2 Lendor Court, Cheltenham
    ble down the track.                                                                                                        ♦ VicBrew
                                                                                         ♦ Belgian Beerfest
                                                                                             (Yarra Valley Brewers)
                                                                                                                               ♦ AABC
    • also again, the respondents to the survey indicated that we would get the                                                ♦ ANAWBS
    best numbers by holding the event in Melbourne.                                          Saturday 4 April,
                                                                                             at Coldstream Brewery,            ♦ Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest
                                                                                             694 Maroondah Highway.
    Q u e e n B e e r e t u r n s (from the Red Duck brewery newsletter)                     November 2009
    Queen Bee Honey Porter 6.6% - with a few small tweaks to the brewing proc-                                                 ♦  Meeting:Wed 4 November
    ess, this lush bounty in a bottle is more delicious and rich in honey characters     May 2009                                 Venue to be decided
    than our first batch. In fact, so good we have made two batches this time, and       ♦ Meeting: Wed 6 May                  ♦ Melbourne Brewers’
    brewed here at Purrumbete.                                                               Venue to be decided                  Belgian Beerfest
    The name comes from my great grandfather’s champion 27’6” yacht, Queen               ♦ Kellybrook Cider Festival
    Bee, which dominated the Norfolk and Oulton Broads racing in the early                                                      December 2009
    1920’s. At the time the Colby family were prominent boat builders, with a            June 2009                             ♦    Meeting: Wed 2 December
    long nautical history in Suffolk and Norfolk.                                        ♦ Meeting: Wed 3 June                      Venue to be decided
    We will be launching Queen Bee on Sunday 22 Feb at the Harvest Picnic at                 Bier de Garde Competition              FAMILY BARBECUE DAY
    Hanging Rock. To celebrate, we are also releasing a limited amount of Red                Venue to be decided
    Duck Dark Bush Honey in 350g jars . This is the same honey we use in the             ♦ Bayside Brewers AGM                  February 2010
    beer, sourced directly from our apiarist, and collected naturally.                                                         ♦    Meeting: Wed 3 February
                                                                                                                                    Venue to be decided

8                        The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                                                      The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                    5
STEINBIER                                      Pronounced: ‘Shteyne-beer’           Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase

Definition:                                                                         Meet the brewers. Enjoy their beer. The idea is simple but there's nothing
                                                                                    'simple' about the boutique beers featured in our regular Microbreweries Show-
Steinbier is German for ‘stone beer’. It got its name from a technique of boiling   case. With your 'tasting ticket' you can enjoy 20 uniquely crafted beers from
wort in the brew kettle by dropping super-heated stones into the kettle. In the     Melbourne and regional Victoria. What better way to celebrate the pioneering
old days, many brew kettles were made of wood and obviously could not be            spirit of our thriving boutique brewing industry? Don't forget that Tjanabi, Joli-
                                                                                    mont Expresso and Beer Deluxe also have an exclusive range of discounts and
direct-fired. The hot stone method, therefore, was the only way the wort could      special offers for ticket holders, so you can make a night of it without breaking
be brought to a boil. Beer boiled this way also tasted differ-                      the budget!
ent from ‘normal’ beer, because the rocks, when dropped
into the brew, scorched and caramelised some of the malt                            Where: The Atrium
                                                                                    When: 4:30 pm, 17th and 18th March, 2009
sugars. The result was a smoky-tasting deposit that literally                       Tickets: Tasting tickets $25 (plus $2 glass deposit),
sugar-coated the rocks.                                                             includes 20 tastings (60ml) and $5 food voucher
                                                                                    Phone: 9655 1900
                                                                                    Email:               Microbreweries Attending the Show-
Once the beer was strained from the brew kettle into the                                                                    case Include:
fermenter and had cooled down, the coated rocks were re-                            • Arctic Brewery                        • Otway Estate - Winery & Brewery
moved from the kettle, too, and dropped into the fermenting                                                                 • Southern Bay Brewing Co
                                                                                    • Bellarine Brewing Company
beer. There, the yeast made short shrift of the sugar coating.                                                              • The 3 Ravens Brewing Co
                                                                                    • Bridge Road Brewers
The result was a beer with a pleasantly smoky flavour and a                                                                 • 2 Brothers Brewery
slightly sweet, malt-candy-like finish. Steinbiers are now
                                                                                    • Matilda Bay Brewing Co
                                                                                    • Mountain Goat Brewery                 • Three Troopers
very rare indeed, because few breweries bother with this                                                                    • Sweetwater Brewing Company
labour intensive and dangerous method of beer making. In                            • Red Duck Brewery
                                                                                    ****************************** • Temple Brewing Company
the old days, many Steinbiers were brewed as ales, but
nowadays they are all lagers. Perhaps the best known of                             Beerfest 2009
these is the Rauchenfelser Steinbier, which is occasionally available in North      SUMMARY OF RESULTS
America.                                                                            Champion Beer of Show (sponsored by Grand Ridge Brewery)
                                                                                    Peter Howell Melbourne Brewers Octoberfest 131 points
                                                                                    Champion Brewer (sponsored by Transport Bar, Federation
Some online reviews for this beer:
                                                                                    Square, Melbourne)
                                                                                    John Kingston Westgate Brewers 6 points ( 1 x1st, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd )
Dark honey coloured body with a compact but lasting head. Smoked bacon on           Chan & Eileen Lay Bayside Brewers
the nose, smoked ham follows through to the taste but it was a tad thin. Still,     Best Novice Brewer (Highest Scoing placegetter - sponsored by
this was my first smoked beer, it was very pleasant and certainly a style to try.   VicBrew)
                                                                                    Peter Howell Melbourne Brewers Octoberfest 131 points
Pours a murky woody smoky brown with a thin diminishing head, some lace to          Best Club of Show (sponsored by Grain & Grape)
begin with but fades as well. Aroma is smoked meats, campfire, some beech-          Melbourne Brewers 13
                                                                                    Westgate Brewers 8
wood and a harsher smoked alder, like a mild Alaskan smell. Flavour has some        Bayside Brewers 5
smokiness but not as intense, and is subdued by some stale malts, crackers, and     Worthogs 4
paper-cobwebby and musty. Gritty and cereal finish; mouth-feel is a bit weak.       Brisbane BABB 1
                                                                                    Congratulations to Chan & Eileen on their win in the Wheat and Rye beer
Sounds like the perfect beer for the meat lovers amongst us, or to accompany a      category with their Witbier!
barbecue, or maybe even with bacon and eggs for breakfast at Foster…….              Full results are available at,
                                                                                    and a copy will be available at the next meeting for your perusal.

6                     The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                                                          The Bayside Brewer, March 2009                             7

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