Freshwater Aquarium Fish: Starting Out Right

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					Freshwater aquarium Fish for Beginners

By Chris Walker, Fish BIologist

It is very easy to ignore your aquarium freshwater fish. They don’t bark like dogs or meow like cats to get
your attention. Many may think that dropping a few food flakes daily in their tank is all that it takes to
properly care for your fish. Because of this, many aquarium fish are often neglected.

While fish keeping, one must be observant and pay close attention. The main point of fish keeping as a
hobby is to observe your fish. This includes checking up on them daily for unusual behavior, gasping at
the water surface, lying down at the bottom, or swimming in an odd way. Also check for changes in
appearance, and keep a lookout for damaged fins and blemishes.

When your aquarium freshwater fish are acting abnormally, test the water in the tank first. The quality of
water might be the ultimate reason as to why your fish are not their normal selves. Changes in water
quality can be stressful to fish, and once a fish is stressed, it could become sick.

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Chris Walker is a fish biologist in Portland, OR USA, and is an expert in freshwater aquariums. For more
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