April 2003
                                     ALASKA SAUSAGE AND SEAFOOD
 The presentation of the
   2002 Made In Alaska            MADE IN ALASKA 2002 MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR
Manufacturer of the Year
Award to Herbert Eckmann
  of Alaska Sausage and      Department of Community & Eco-
Seafood is the 12th annual   nomic Development Commissioner
presentation of the award.   Edgar Blatchford presented the Made
Other recipients are:        In Alaska 2002 Manufacturer of the
                             Year Award to Herbert Eckmann,
·   2001 Alaska Black        owner and founder of Alaska Sausage
Diamond of Princess          and Seafood Company of Anchorage at
Island (Ward Cove)           the conclusion of the Made In Alaska
·   2000 Fenton Woods        Anchorage Workshop held March
of Wasilla                   13,2003.
                             Alaska Sausage and Seafood Com-
·   1999 Alaska Mint
                             pany was founded in Anchorage in
of Anchorage
                             1963...they celebrated their 40th anni-
·  1998 Cameron Birch        versary in March …and have enjoyed
Syrups & Confections,        continuous growth since their incep-
Inc. of Wasilla              tion. Their processing plant and retail
                             store has been located at 29th and Arc-
·  1997 Alaska Canine
                             tic Boulevard since the early 70’s.
Cookies, Inc. of Anchorage                                              Commissioner Edgar Blatchford (left) presents
                             While their beginnings were in custom     Herbert Eckmann with the 2002 Made In Alaska
·  1996 Interstate           processing of wild game meats, they              Manufacturer of the Year Award.
Brands Corp./Sunrise         have expanded into smoked meats
Bakery of Anchorage
                             and seafood. Both are sold in their
                             European-style retail outlet and deli     fected his recipe for business success: blend
·   1995 The Great                                                     equal parts of quality, precision, and com-
Alaska Bowl Co.              and wholesale to retail stores, super-
                             markets, restaurants and at the air-      mitment to customers. Sprinkle generously
of Fairbanks
                             port terminal in Anchorage. Their         with innovation and enthusiasm.
·  1994 Alaska Wild          boxes and gift packs are popular with     Under the chef-entrepreneur’s watchful
Berry Products of Homer      both residents and tourists. The com-     eye, the little two-man business has blos-
& Anchorage                  pany regularly serves customers from      somed into a full-blown seafood and game
· 1993 Marian Boat           around the country via their internet     processing enterprise with customers
Works of Anchorage           order site.                               around the world.
                             Herbert Eckmann is no stranger to         All of us affiliated with the Made In Alaska
·   1992 Alaskan
                             recipes. Trained as a professional        Program join in congratulating Herb and
Brewing & Bottling Co.
of Juneau                    chef in Europe, he intuitively knows      his staff for 40 years of making Alaska
                             winning combinations. Over the last       proud of you and your innovations and your
·  1991 Tesoro Alaska        40 years, the owner and founder of        efforts.
Petroleum of Anchorage       Alaska Sausage and Seafood has per-

                                              FLYING HIGH AT ANCHORAGE AIRPORT

                                            The Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage recently awarded
                                            long term concession agreements for the airport’s gift shops and
                                            newsstands. Both of the successful proposers indicated in their proposals
                                            a major commitment to include Made In Alaska products in their retail
                                            offerings. Both have promptly followed up with Made In Alaska and Buy
                                            Alaska indicating their desire to work with our permit holders.
        Wild and Wilder
                                                      Made In Alaska Opportunities Increase
Steve Thompson of Alaska Wilderness
Wines wants to thank Alaska Wild                 with Alaska Owned Sourdough Mercantile, Inc.
Berry Products for listing on their
labels that their salmonberries come        For the first time in decades the gift concession at the Ted Stevens
from Kodiak Island.                         International Airport is controlled by an Alaskan. Deborah Bonito,
                                            President and owner of The
                                            Sourdough Mercantile, Inc.,
Have you looked at our web site             has become the Specialty Gift
lately? It has changed FOR THE              and Book Concessionaire. This
BETTER. It’s more stylish, more             is good news for Alaska’s
complete and much quicker than the
                                            vendors, artists and crafters,
earlier version…which was really good
to start with. Our thanks to Diane          because Bonito is committed to
Somers with DCED in Juneau who              carrying a large selection of
took charge and created this great web      Alaskan made gifts, candy and
site for Made In Alaska.                    art in her shops.
2003 PERMIT HOLDERS AND                     Sourdough Mercantile, Inc will
     PRODUCTS GUIDE                         be operating out of two spaces from now until approximately May of 2004:
Enclosed with each newsletter mailed        the 1500 square foot shop at the head of the B Concourse, and the 950
to current permit holders is a Made In      square foot bookshop inside security, next to gate B4. The new bookshop
Alaska database update form to              name is Mosquito Books. Both shops are undergoing substantial
ensure all information pertaining to        remodeling and are scheduled for completion in May of 2003.
your permit is up-to-date. Please
check information carefully and             As the airport reconstruction project progresses, Sourdough will pick up
return it to us prior to April 21st to      two more shop spaces and the authority to lease out 4-6 seasonal kiosks to
ensure that your listing in the 2003        local vendors once the new Retail Hall is completed. The current schedule
Permit Holders and Products Guide is        is for the Hall to be complete in May of 2004. Until then, Bonito is
accurate.                                   committed to purchasing quality Alaska gifts, apparel, candy and art to
                                            sell from The Sourdough Mercantile space and books, music, and book-
   PHOTOS NEEDED                            related accessories and gifts for Mosquito Books.
     FOR COVER                              Bonito plans to set up regular vendor product preview days beginning in
We will use a collage of Made In            May of this year. Until then, prospective vendors may contact Bonito by
Alaska product photos for the cover of      calling 243-2800, extension #1, or via email at
the 2003 Permit Holders and Products        Vendors are encouraged to send photos or samples with a price list to The
Guide. Twenty-thousand of the books
                                            Sourdough Mercantile at P.O. Box 200445, Anchorage, AK 99520-0445.
will again be printed and distributed
around Alaska. This is a great way to             The Hudson Group Welcomes Permit Holders
give your product much exposure in
the market place at very little cost. If    The Hudson Group will operate the airport newsstands and has
you want your photo to be considered,       designated Kristine Reitz as the buyer responsible for Alaska purchases.
email or send via floppy disk or            She stated that they are excited to be in Alaska and welcome the
CDRom a high resolution image in
jpeg or apple format; or send us a non-
                                            opportunity to work with Made In Alaska Permit Holders for mutual
returnable high quality slide or photo.     benefit. Kristine suggested your first contact with them would best be by
Make sure that you include your             mail and include catalogues, price lists, brochures and samples. Buyers
permit number with each submission.         will travel to Alaska at least 4 times annually to meet face-to-face with
Our graphic designer will select those
photos that he thinks will best serve       Contact information: Ms. Kristine Reitz, The Hudson Group, 1
the purpose. Photos not used may be         Meadowlands Plaza, 9th Floor, East Rutherford, N.J. 07073 Kristine’s
used in later editions of the book or for
                                            phone number is (201) 939-5050 x266. Email:
other Made In Alaska efforts.
 The Egan Convention Center and        Included in each display of product
the Municipality of Anchorage have     will be business cards identifying the
provided to the Made In Alaska         permit holder and providing their
Program a beautiful new set of         contact information, as well as a card
glass fronted, lighted birch display   indicating retail locations in
cases on the lower level of the        Anchorage where this product may
center. An estimated 365,000           be purchased. This wall is an effort to
people attend events each year at      help sell Made In Alaska products,
the Egan Center and will have the      not just display them.
opportunity to see Made In Alaska
                                       Enclosed with copies of this
permit holders’ products in this
                                       newsletter mailed to current permit
                                       holders is a form to request that your        AK 99501-3510. Fax 269-4539.
                                       products be included in the display
                                                                                         DO NOT SEND DISPLAY
                                       at the Egan Center. On the reverse
                                                                                          ITEMS AT THIS TIME.
                                       side is a form for display of your
                                       products in the Department of                  We anticipate that more items will
                                       Community and Economic Develop-               be available for display than space
                                       ment (DCED) Commissioner’s offices            will allow. Plans call for the
                                       in Anchorage and Juneau.                      display items to be changed every
                                                                                     three months.
                                       Please mail, in the enclosed
                                       preaddressed envelope, or fax the             Rotation times and other details of
                                       completed form to Ruth St. Amour in           the procedure will be in our next
                                       the Anchorage DCED office 550 W.              newsletter as we gain experience in
                                       7th Avenue, Suite 1770, Anchorage,            maintaining the wall.

                                           WORKSHOPS SUCCESSFUL
                                                                                      and Kristie Sherrodd, owner of Sound
                                         Fifteen 2003 Made In Alaska
             Made In                     Workshops have been completed and
                                                                                      Strategies Marketing Services, assisted.
                                         were successful in reaching out to the       Eric Stewart with the Juneau Economic
             Alaska                                                  communities      Development Council, Susan Moreland,
                                                                     in which the     owner of Alaska
      741 East 13th Avenue                                           vast majority    Advantage Mall and
    Anchorage, AK 99501-4621                                         of our permit    Debra Marshall, director
                                                                     holders          of InvestNET, added their
        Phone 272-5634
                                                                     reside. Those    talents to the Juneau
          Fax 272-5635                                               who attended     Workshop.
               Email:                                                workshops        Ruth St. Amour with
                                                                     have been        DCED and Dave Edward-
      madeinalaska@                            Bill Webb                              Smith owner of Borealis
                                                                  glowing in their                                  Chuck                  praise of these efforts.                     Designs in Kenai assisted
                                                                                      in the Kenai Peninsula
                                         Bill Webb, program manager of Made           Workshops.
                                         In Alaska, was assisted in most
        http://www.                      workshops by Laura White of the              Members of the Small Business
                                         Alaska                                       Development Centers statewide including                                                              Jerry Anderson of Anchorage, Anya
                                         Association, and                             Petersen-Frye of Mat-Su Valley, Scott
                                         Chuck Becker of the                          Swingle of Fairbanks, Mark Gregory of
           Bill Webb                     Alaska Export                                Soldotna and Stella Josephine of Buy
    Program Manager/Agent                Assistance Center.                           Alaska in Anchorage assisted in many
                                                                                      locations. Thanks for the help!
                                         In Sitka, Sheila
                                         Finkenbinder,                                 We thank all of the above, the attendees
      Leeann Brewster                    director of Sitka                            and our host locations for helping to make
    Administrative Manager               Workforce                Laura White         our 2003 Workshops the success that
                                         Development Center,                          they were.

        Welcome New Permit Holders
        BidAlaska                      Woodturners          Alaska Chip Company, LLC North Slope Bubble Wands
       Roy Ehrhart                     Laura Johnson                Ralph Carney              Christine Finkler
   Anchorage 243-5980                Wrangell 874-2406           Anchorage 349-2447           Barrow 852-8974
      Wholesale -- No                  Wholesale -- No             Wholesale -- Yes            Wholesale -- No
     Permit #5208 for:                Permit #5216 for:           Permit #5225 for:           Permit #5235 for:
"" Website      Black Ink Ball Point Twist   Hand Cooked Kettle Chips          Bubble Wands
                               Pens Made With Alaska Woods.     Made From Potatoes
    Bulletproof Trailers               Mainly Yellow               Grown In Alaska.             NanC's Kids
      Brett Rotermund                Cedar, Red Cedar,                                          Nancy Gailey
     North Pole 490-2104           Hemlock And Spruce.                Ley Lines             Eagle River 694-2453
       Wholesale -- No                                              Arthur Flavell             Wholesale -- No
      Permit #5209 for:               AK This Month              Fairbanks 455-7535           Permit #5236 for:
Custom Manufacture And Build           Robert Shatzer              Wholesale -- Yes      Educational Teaching Aids
       To Order In All              Anchorage 770-1736            Permit #5226 for:        For Reading In Phonics
   Types Of Utility Trailers           Wholesale -- No       Prints Of Original Artwork
                                      Permit #5217 for:                                     Grant Creek Mining
                               Alaska's Comprehensive Art & Automated Laundry System              Company
                                 Entertainment Newspaper              & Supply                 Stephen Fuller
                                                                      Dick Wells             Anchorage 332-1339
                                        Muth Farm                Anchorage 561-1752            Wholesale -- No
                                         Carol Muth                Wholesale -- No            Permit #5237 for:
                                      Palmer 746-0432             Permit #5227 for:       Hand Painted Gold Pans
     Arctic Fire Studio                Wholesale -- No        Solid Chemical Dispenser   With Alaskan Wildflowers
         John Harris                  Permit #5218 for:              Security Box
      Skagway 983-3766            Birch Handcrafted Items                                   Log Cabin Luxuries
        Wholesale -- No               Permit #5219 for:          Soapy Moose Bath               Deena Smith
       Permit #5210 for:             Turned Wood Gifts                Company                 Wasilla 376-1331
 Wire Wrapped Dichotic Glass          Permit #5220 for:               Lauren Ax                Wholesale -- No
      Pendants And Pins          Sewn Dolls And Ornaments          Palmer 373-3710            Permit #5238 for:
       Permit #5211 for:                                           Wholesale -- Yes        Quilted Items Such As,
   Stained Glass Wire Art              Singing Grass              Permit #5228 for:        Potholders, Placemats,
 Sun Catchers, Wall Hangings          Elizabeth Bovee           Bath & Shower Salts,      Tablerunners, Coasters,
     And Arctic Fire Flies            Kodiak 680-2306          Bath Fizzies, Perfumes    Aprons, Baby Quilts, Wall
       Permit #5212 for:              Wholesale -- Yes             And Body Glitter         Quilts, Quilted Bags
     Wire Wrapped Stone               Permit #5221 for:                                       And Much More!
      Pendants And Pins           Handmade Soaps Using           Rushin' Tailor Inc            Wholesale -- No
                                    Organic And Alaskan             Triscia Magee             Permit #5239 for:
   Alaskan Rod Crafters              Wildcrafted Herb.            Skagway 983-2397            Handmade Soaps
        Justin Pratt                  Permit #5222 for:            Wholesale -- No
      Salcha 488-6105              Handmade Wildcrafted           Permit #5229 for:        Made To Order Gifts
      Wholesale -- No             Ointments, Creams And         Summer Style Parkas              Donn Ungar
     Permit #5213 for:             Salves From Nature’s           Permit #5230 for:          Anchorage 345-4438
      Custom Fly Rods                    Pharmacy.             Patterns Designed For          Wholesale -- Yes
                                                                       Quilting               Permit #5240 for:
       Glacier Gem                       Rural CAP                Permit #5231 for:     Personalized Engraving And
       Eileen Jones                     Euen Kazapy                     Quilts          Artwork On Vases, Mirrors,
     Juneau 789-0276                Anchorage 279-2511            Permit #5232 for:        Wine Decanters, Wine
      Wholesale -- No                  Wholesale -- No          Embroidered Apparel      Glasses, Wine Bottles And
     Permit #5214 for:                Permit #5223 for:           Permit #5233 for:           Picture Frames.
    Handcrafted Jewelry           The "Saven Raven' Board            Book Marks
                                           Game                   Permit #5234 for:       Alaskan Heat Products
    Grant Creek Mining                                                Handbags             Rosa Rodriguez Garcia
         Company                        Beaddazzled                                          Anchorage 248-5949
      Stephen Fuller                   Cathy Lobdell                                           Wholesale -- No
    Anchorage 332-1339                 Sitka 747-2759                                         Permit #5241 for:
      Wholesale -- Yes                 Wholesale -- No                                      Delicious Fiery Foods,
     Permit #5215 for:                Permit #5224 for:                                           Hot Salsas
     Various Types Of              Beadwork Of All Kinds
    Gold Nugget Jewelry

s January, February & March
    Bjorge Enterprises          Don Pitcher Photography       Adventure Travel Music           Little Alaska Flower
        Linda Bjorge                   Don Pitcher                   Andy Baker                       Factory
     Wrangell 874-4166              Homer 235-2646               Anchorage 274-0408                  Sue Fagan
       Wholesale -- No              Wholesale -- Yes               Wholesale -- Yes             Fairbanks 474-0213
      Permit #5242 for:             Permit #5249 for:              Permit #5256 for:              Wholesale -- No
   Woodcrafts & Handicrafts        Photographic Prints       Full Length CD Of Originals         Permit #5264 for:
                                                                 Acoustic Rock Music         Alaska Prints & Notecards
      Fantasy Fuchsia                  Polar Fusion            Entitled "Queenstown"              Wholesale -- No
         Helga King                  Products, LLC                                               Permit #5265 for:
      Wrangell 874-2650               Thomas Dolan                  Adios Enterprises               Photography
       Wholesale -- No               Wasilla 376-5735                Michael Kossman
      Permit #5243 for:               Wholesale -- No              Anchorage 223-5605         Alaskan Cotton Candy
    Alaska Grown Flowers             Permit #5250 for:                Wholesale -- No               Creations
                                  Reward And ECO-Block               Permit #5257 for:             Jonah Bowers
    Hisit Glass Studio          Insulating Concrete Forms.       Handcrafted Wood Item;          Wasilla 373-1015
      Terry Leberman             These Building Blocks Are        Baskets, Wine Servers,          Wholesale -- No
    Ketchikan 723-1588                 Made Out Of               Candle & Napkin Holders         Permit #5266 for:
      Wholesale -- Yes              Polystyrene Beads.               Permit #5258 for:       Fresh Fluffy Cotton Candy
     Permit #5244 for:                                             Cedar Plant Hangers        With The Most Extreme
  Lampworked Glass Beads,      Grandma's Hope Notes, LLC                                          Burst Of Flavor
   Fused Glass Pendants,           Nathanael Gregory                  JK Enterprise
  Bracelets, Pins, Earrings,      Anchor Point 235-1494             DBA Aqua-Photo          Dowland-Bach Corporation
    Bolos, Bowls, Plates             Wholesale -- Yes              Jonnie Smith-Yager                Steve Rawl
        And Crosses                 Permit #5251 for:                Homer 399-3990             Anchorage 562-5818
                                   Mossy Moose Alaska                Wholesale -- Yes             Wholesale -- No
      EVC Enterprise             Coloring & Activity Book            Permit #5259 for:           Permit #5267 for:
      Evelyn Campbell                                            Bottles Of Alaskan Water     Industrial Control Panels
      Palmer 373-0142              Blue Moon Pottery               With Colorful Alaska          Permit #5268 for:
       Wholesale -- No                Karen Blue                  Photographs On Labels       Wellhead Control Panels
      Permit #5245 for:             Juneau 462-4228                                              Permit #5269 for:
  Handpainted Cups, Saucers,         Wholesale -- No             Northern Expression         Stainless Steel Fabrication
   Planter, Bowls, Tureens,         Permit #5252 for:                 Terri Pfister
    Covered Dishes, Vases,         Handmade Pottery                 Palmer 373-5739       The Goodwood Company
  Lamps, Plaques And Other                                          Wholesale -- Yes             Ralph Brodin
   Porcelain-China Objects.             Laurine's                   Permit #5260 for:         Girdwood 783-0005
      Permit #5246 for:              Laurine Maxwell             Alaskan Art Note Cards         Wholesale -- No
       Painting In Oils,              Kenai 283-5325                                           Permit #5270 for:
     Watercolors, Pastels,           Wholesale -- Yes        Totem Equipment & Supply Custom Designed Wood Work,
  Tempera, Alkyds And Other          Permit #5253 for:               Mike Huston             Furniture, And Crafts
    Mediums On Paper And          Original Sculptural Art         Anchorage 276-2858
            Canvas                   Jewelry Inspired               Wholesale -- No         Log Cabin Luxuries II
                                    By Alaskan Beauty              Permit #5261 for:             Sharon Sisson
     Sandhill Meadows                Permit #5254 for:          Self-Contained Indirect        Wasilla 841-5346
      Tackle & Gifts              Handmade Silk Paper            Fired Heater Trailers          Wholesale -- No
        Robert Jones                Products: Vessels,                                         Permit #5271 for:
     Ninilchik 567-3476            Cards, Wallhangings           Hillyer Enterprises      Quilted Potholders, Aprons,
       Wholesale -- No             And Table Runners.                Robert Jillyer         Placemats, Veggie Bags,
      Permit #5247 for:                                            Juneau 789-5818        Pot Grabbers, Baby & Wall
     Handcrafted Items         dba: Alaskan Wooden Toys            Wholesale -- Yes        Quilts, Armchair Hanger
                                   Ed or Kathy Hansen              Permit #5262 for:      Bag Ladies, Table Runners,
      Lynda Chadwick                 Juneau 586-6652          Halibut Spears And Handles      Electric Covers For
      Lynda Chadwick                 Wholesale -- Yes              Permit #5263 for:       Toaster, Mixers, Blender
      Wrangell 874-4440              Permit #5255 for:          Crab And Shrimp Pots            And Much More
       Wholesale -- No           Variety Of Wooden Toys                                        Permit #5272 for:
      Permit #5248 for:          Including Boats, Planes,                                Homemade Fishing Lures For
    Handwoven Cedar Bark            Helicopters, Trains,                                  Reds, Pinks, Silvers, Kings,
          Baskets                    Cars And Trucks.                                    Trout, Grayling And Pike. All
                                                                                          Sizes, Colors And Weights.

   More New Permit Holders...Welcome
  Willow Lake Office       Alaska Humus Company            Alaska Earth Schences            White Bear Traders
Services & Web Design            Wayne Lewis                   Matthew Cruson                 Gerald Wlodarek
    Judith Termin            Anchorage 258-1504              Anchorage 522-4664               Willow 495-3521
Copper Center 822-3827         Wholesale -- Yes                Wholesale – Yes                Wholesale – Yes
    Wholesale -- No            Permit #5282 for:              Permit #5292 for:               Permit #5303 for:
   Permit #5273 for:         Ultra Pure And Ultra           Shaded Relief Maps of        Handcrafted Leather, Beaded
       Web Pages            Organic Gardening Soil         Various Areas in Alaska           and Carved Items

       Silly Suds               Alaska In Oils                Kenai Kayak Co.     Slim’s Alaska Fishing Lures
   Nancy Nordcinder              Debbie Pierce                  Tom Wilkinson                 Dan Cole
    Wasilla 376-6978         Fairbanks 479-3926               Soldotna 260-5395          Homer 235-1961
     Wholesale -- No           Wholesale -- Yes                 Wholesale – No           Wholesale – Yes
    Permit #5274 for:          Permit #5283 for:               Permit #5293 for:         Permit #5304 for:
Individually Handcrafted     Handpainted Alaska                 17’ Sea Kayaks      Handmade Fishing Lures
  Melt And Pour Soap            Scene Goldpans                                        And Leaders Designed
                                                       Photos by Michael Mahany       Specifically For Fishing
   Bradfield Bears          Alaska Mini Mittens             Michael S. Mahany        In The Pacific Northwest
    Kristine Thrift             Deejana Engle              Anchorage 333-2278
   Wrangell 874-3712          Palmer 745-1255                Wholesale – Yes
    Wholesale -- Yes
   Permit #5275 for:
                               Wholesale -- Yes             Permit #5294 for:            WELCOME NEW
                               Permit #5284 for:         Screen Saver Slide Show
     Handcrafted           Miniature Sewn Mittens        CD’s Featuring Alaskan             PERMIT
    Alaskan Bears          With Fur And Decorations    Landscapes, Flora & Fauna.
  The Perfect World                  Foxy's                 Ketchikan Memories
     Liza Michaels              Jackie Mazeikas                 William Kaes
  Anchorage 336-1325           Haines 766-3895               Ketchikan 225-8562
    Wholesale -- No             Wholesale -- Yes               Wholesale – Yes
   Permit #5276 for:           Permit #5285 for:              Permit #5295 for:
   Crystal Earrings,            Dream Catchers             Matted & Shrink-wrapped
 Bracelets & Necklaces         Permit #5286 for:                Photos Of The
                                 Fur Products                   Ketchikan Area
   Arlene's Designs            Permit #5287 for:
     Arlene Murphy                  Jewelry                   Northern Lights
    Wasilla 373-3300           Permit #5289 for:             Handcrafted Gifts
    Wholesale -- Yes               Clothing                  Steven Lankerd, Sr.
   Permit #5277 for:           Permit #5290 for:             Metlakatla 886-4867
  Handcrafted Rubber            Stuffed Animals                Wholesale – Yes
  Stamped Notecards                                           Permit #5296 for:
   Permit #5278 for:       Sundog Films Alaska, inc.          Hand Engraved Or
 Pet Food And Supplies          Scott Sterling               Carved Key Chains
   Permit #5279 for:          Wasilla 376-8076                Permit #5297 for:
 Zipper Pulls And Wine          Wholesale -- No                  Woodcrafts
     Glass Charms              Permit #5288 for:              Permit #5298 for:
                               Film Production                   Suncatchers
    "Picture This"             And Distribution               Permit #5299 for:
     Photo Mats                                                    Jewelry
    John Chapman              Iceworm Gardens                 Permit #5300 for:
   Juneau 463-3700              Organic Farms                       Ulus
   Wholesale -- Yes                Sara Lyle
   Permit #5280 for:        Delta Junction 895-5333       Starving Artist Studio
A Creative New Way To           Wholesale – Yes                 Nick Cooper
 Display Your Photos!          Permit #5291 for:             Nililchik 567-3348
                            Organically Grown Fresh           Wholesale – Yes
     A Fancy Dog             Culinary & Medicinal            Permit #5301 for:
    Debra McFail                  Herbs, Oils,         Orignial Oil Paintings & Prints
  Anchorage 562-5906             Teas & Salves               Permit #5302 for:
    Wholesale -- No                                    Sublimation Printed Products
   Permit #5281 for:
 Fancy Dog Accessories
        & Beds
                                                                                               Label Order Form
                                                                                        Return this form to: Made In Alaska
                                                                                                 741 East 13th Avenue
                                                                                                 Anchorage, AK 99501-4621

                                                                                                      Permit # __ __ __ __



                                                                          Make Checks Payable to: State of Alaska

                                                                              Roll Labels          # of       Cost per     Amount
                                                                                                  Rolls or    Roll 1,000    Due $
                                                                                                   Bags       or Bag 50

                                                                        Large Black & White                       $15.00

                                                                        Large Gold & Black                        $15.00

                                                                        Large Silver & Black                      $15.00

                                                                        Black & White - Small                     $12.50

                                                                        Gold & Black - Small                      $12.50

                                                                        Silver & Black - Small                    $12.50

                                                                                    Woven Cloth Labels sold 50 per bag

                                                                        Black                                     $12.50
                                                                        Red                                       $12.50
The following events were late with their submittals and
would like for you to add their events to the calendar of events:       Royal Blue                                $12.50
Delta Chamber of Commerce’s Deltana Fair will be held on
                                                                        Navy Blue                                 $12.50
August 15th-17th this year in Delta. Contact the Chamber at
895-5068 or email
                                                                        Light Blue                                $12.50
Palmer’s Colony Days will be held on June 13, 14 & 15 this
summer. About 1,000 people are expected. An 8’ x 8’ booth               Light Pink                                $12.50
cost between $50 & $100. Electricity is available. Event is not
juried. Call 745-2880.                                                  Dark Pink                                 $12.50

Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is the location of the Aleutian Arts              Purple                                    $12.50
Council’s Arts & Craft’s Fair to be held on November 22nd.
Call 581-1666 for rates and information.                                Yellow                                    $12.50
Palmer’s Colony Christmas will be held on December      12th &
                                                                        Forest Green                              $12.50
13th. About 1,000 people are expected. A 7’ x 8’ booth will cost
between $75 & $100. Electricity is available. Call 745-2880.
                                                                        Total Amount due with order
Let us know of any events offering the opportunity to sell
Made In Alaska products that we have missed for inclusion in                                                 $ ________________
our next newsletter. Call Leeann at 272-5634.

 Governor Frank H. Murkowski on January 21st
                                                                    Universal Product Codes (U.P.C.)
 announced his appointment of Edgar Blatchford                   More and more retailers are
 to serve as his Commissioner of Community and                   requiring all products
 Economic Development. He also appointed Bill                    purchased for resale to have
 Noll of Anchorage as Deputy Commissioner and                    affixed the bar code system
 Margy Johnson of Cordova as Director of Trade                   known as Universal Product
 and Business Development. All three appointees                  Code or U.P.C. Each bar code
 are current or former mayors. Blatchford and                    identifies a unique product in a
 Noll both have served as mayor of Seward, while                 form that the scanner can
 Johnson is in her third term as mayor of                        read. This automatically rings the price, updates
 Cordova.                                                        inventory records, compiles sales reports and often
 Made In Alaska is administered by the                           automatically reorders the products via the internet. If
 Department of Community and Economic                            you are selling wholesale, consideration should be
 Development.                                                    given to obtaining U.P.C. codes for each of your

       ISBN PUBLISHER PREFIX                                     In order for your company to print U.P.C. bar code
The International Standard Book Number is a 10-digit             symbols, your company will need to become a
number that uniquely identifies books and book-like              member of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC).
products published internationally. The purpose is to            When you become a member, your company will be
establish and identify one title from one specific               assigned an identification number licensed for your
publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more       company’s use (UCC Company Prefix). You will use
efficient marketing of products by bookseller, libraries,        this number to create your own U.P.C.’s.
universities, wholesalers and distributors.
                                                                 Cost to join for smaller companies is $750.00 one
Every ISBN consists of ten digits and whenever it is             time charge plus annual renewal fees of $150.00.
printed it is preceded by the letters ISBN. The ten-digit        More information can be obtained by contacting:
number is divided into four parts of variable length, each
part separated by a hyphen, i.e. ISBN 0-442-27846-2.                     You may join online using a credit card.
Cost of the ISBN numbers and their processing fees vary
dependent on your selection of processing priority. Ten                Universal Code Council, Inc.
ISBNs (minimum) will cost $239.95 for regular
processing. Speedier processing can add $75 to $125 to                  1009 Lenox Drive, Suite 202
your cost. For more information contact:                                 Lawrenceville, N.J. 08648
                R.R. Bowker LLC                                             Phone (609) 620-0200
              630 Central Avenue                                        Email:
           New Providence, N.J. 07974                                Web site:
             Phone (877) 310-7333
          Web site:

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