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									What can I win?                                 2008/2009 Sponsors                     Sixth Annual
The most valuable prize for everyone…            Bunky’s Charter Boats, Inc.
a cleaner Chesapeake Bay!                           Carmen’s Art Gallery
                                                  Calvert County Board of
By cleaning or upgrading your septic                  Commissioners
tank, you may also qualify to win:
                                               Calvert County Department of
                                                    Planning and Zoning
Grand prize: One night stay
       for two at Holiday Inn                 Calvert County Natural Resources
       Select Solomons and up to                          Division
       $250 reimbursement for                   Calvert County Environmental
       the septic tank pump out or                       Commission
                                                   Calvert Marine Museum
1st Prize: Reimbursement of up to
       $250 for the tank pump out or             Constellation Energy Group
                                                DiGiovanni’s Dock of the Bay       Pump out or upgrade
Other prizes may include:
          Prints from Carmen’s Art                Dry Dock Restaurant            your septic tank now
            Gallery                                     Embroid Me                 and qualify to win
          Gift Certificates from
                                                                                   cash or other
            DiGiovanni’s Dock of the            Holiday Inn Select, Solomons
            Bay, Dry Dock, West                 Tastefully Simple Independent      great prizes at
            Marine, EmbroidMe, Round             Consultant-Adrienne LaGier
            of Golf from Twin Shields                                              Patuxent
            Golf Course
          Gift packs from Tastefully
                                                 Twin Shields Golf Club, Inc.
                                             University of Maryland – Chesapeake
                                                    Biological Laboratory
                                                                                   River              0
          And gift certificates to other
            fine establishments
 PLUS! All winners will receive
                                                        West Marine
                                                 Zahniser’s Yachting Center        Days 2009!         0
two free passes to County recreational
facilities (Calvert Marine Museum,                                                 October
Flag Pond & Breezy Point Park)
The Calvert County                                What’s in it for me to pump or               How do I enter?
Environmental Commission needs                    upgrade?                                     Upgrade to a nitrogen-removing tank
your help to clean up the Bay!                                                                 with a Bay Restoration Fund grant
                                                      You   will be helping clean up the     (
                                                        waters of Calvert County.              ments/planning/environmentalpreserv
Why “Pump for the Bay?”                               There will be more fish and crabs.     ation/, 410-535-1600 ext. 2336) or hire
                                                                                               a company to pump out your septic
                                                      You could win money to offset the
   Too much of the nutrient nitrogen is                                                        tank.
                                                        cost of cleaning/improving your
polluting the Chesapeake Bay, Patuxent River            septic tank.                             Send a copy of your bill/receipt
and Solomons Harbor. This nitrogen increases                                                       along with the entry form below to:
the growth of algae. Algae cloud the water and        You could win prizes and gift
                                                                                                     “Pump for the Bay”
prevent sunlight from reaching the rooted               certificates donated by local
                                                                                                     Department of Planning & Zoning
aquatic plants necessary for a healthy Bay.             businesses that care about the Bay.
                                                                                                     150 Main Street
When algae die, their decomposition process           By emptying your septic tank more
uses up oxygen that fish, crabs, and other                                                           Prince Frederick, MD 20678
                                                        frequently, you might avoid the high
marine life need to live. Together, these
                                                        cost of repairing a failed septic      **Entries must be received by the
factors create poor water quality and dead
zones.                                                  system.                                Department of Planning & Zoning
   We all use the water in Calvert County– we                                                  no later than 4 p.m. on Thursday,
swim, sail, fish, catch crabs, use motorboats,    Who’s eligible to win?                       October 8, 2009.
and more! It’s important to keep our water
                                                                                                                  Entry Form:
clean because a healthy Bay means a healthy          Any resident of Calvert County who
Calvert County.                                   pumps or upgrades their septic tank            Name
                                                  between the dates of Octoer 10, 2008
What does this have to do with my                 and October 8, 2009.
septic tank?
                                                  When’s the drawing?
    Sewage contributes up to 25% of the excess
nitrogen in Solomons Harbor. Even when                The drawing will be held at 3 p.m. on      Email
operating properly, traditional septic tanks do   October 11 at the Environmental
not treat for nitrogen. It is released into       Commission Display Table at the                Date of Work
groundwater and eventually enters the Bay.        Patuxent River Appreciation Days
You can help reduce this nitrogen pollution by                                                   Septic company used
                                                  (PRAD) celebration on the grounds of
pumping your septic tank out more frequently
(every three to five years) or switching to a     the Calvert Marine Museum. Find out          (Entrants need not be present at drawing to win)
                                                  more about PRAD at
model that converts nitrogen to gas that enters
the atmosphere rather than the ground water.                                                   For additional information call:
Every little bit helps!                                                                               410-535-1600 ext. 2338

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