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Bulletin Christmas 2009


   How do we really know that Jesus was the Son of
   God? Why didn’t He defend Himself against
   allegations when facing death? How can we really
   believe in the resurrection? And why do we need to
   make a response to Him anyway?
   If you have ever asked questions like these, then
                                                                               Christmas 2009
   you might like to come to our Christianity Explained
   course. Christianity Explained will give you a a
   guided tour through Mark’s Gospel so that you can discover afresh
   who Jesus really is. Our Rector, Michael Stead, will lead the course
   at St James over four Monday evenings in Feb / Mar next year, at
   which you can ask those questions that have been ‘burning away’.
   You won’t, however, be asked to answer any questions; nor will
   you be asked to read the Bible or pray aloud.
   Christianity Explained is designed for those who are curious about
   the Christian faith, not quite sure what to believe, or who have
   been ‘believers’ for some time but would like a refresher in the
   Phone the Church office on 9144 4090 for further information or to
   reserve your place. Dates: Feb 8th, 15th, 22nd, Mar 1st 2010
   Time: 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

            Sen. Asst Minister
                                    Rev. Dr Michael Stead
                                    Rev. Robert Jones
                                                              9488 7327
                                                              9144 1021
                                                                               You are to give him the name Jesus,
            Sen. Asst Minister      Rev. Stephen Calder       9440 2928
            Assistant Minister      Rev. Sturt Young          0410 449 171       because he will save his people
            Youth Minister          Ed Hungerford             0401 747 677
            Pastoral Assistant
            Parish Administrator
                                    Ms. Marg Hutchison
                                    Mrs Jenny Cook
                                                              0407 110 538
                                                              9144 4090
                                                                                         from their sins.
            Secretary               Mrs Robin Dunn            9144 4090                   Matthew 1: 21
        Staff may be contacted through the church office: (02) 9144 4090
          Fax: (02) 9449 9276 Email:
Banking Details - Name: St James Anglican Church BSB 032-089 Account: 250028
                                                                                  CHRISTMAS THANK YOU FROM THE MINISTRY TEAM
We are glad you have been able to join us
over this Christmas period. If you are visiting                                   Felicity, Michael, Janine, Robert, Sandra, Stephen,
St James, we would like to give you a free                                        Sturt, Emma, Ed, Marg, Jenny and Robin would like to
                                                              Our Christmas       thank all those who sent cards or gave gifts. We are
Gift Pack, which includes some information                    Gift For You        very grateful for all your expressions of love, support
about our church life. These gift packs will
                                                                                  and good will at this Christmas Season.
be distributed during the service.

Over 4 weeks in January, we are going to look at what the Bible says about      SERVICE TIMES IN DEC / JAN 2010
who we are and what God has made us for.                                        Service times will be as usual on 27th December and during January.
Jan 3    Made in the Image of God                                                                                 St James
                                                                                7.45am       Holy Communion, according to the Book of Common Prayer
         God has made us in his own image… and God doesn't make junk!
                                                                                9.00am       Family Service, with a holiday programme for the kids
         But our problem is that this image has become distorted...
                                                                                10.15am      Morning Prayer / Holy Communion
Jan 10 Made      for Relationships
                                                                                7.00pm       Sunday Night Church
         We were made for relationships, and can only find lasting
                                                                                      Church in the Chapel and Bobbin Head Anglican Church
         satisfaction here. Our problem is that we seek satisfaction in the
                                                                                8.00am   Holy Communion, according to the Book of Common Prayer
         wrong places: success, power, fame...
                                                                                9.30am       Family Service, meeting at North Turramurra Public School
Jan 17   Made for Eternity                                                      4.30pm       Evensong
         Deep down, we long for something that lasts, because God has set
         eternity in our hearts. But our problem is that we are limited by      WEDNESDAY 10 AM COMMUNION SERVICE
         finite, mortal, and frail bodies.                                      Our Wednesday Communion service will resume on Wednesday 20 January
Jan 24   Made with Purpose                                                      2010.
         Our lives are not meaningless or random. God has made us for a
         purpose, and all of life begins to makes sense when we understand      ST JAMES OFFICE OVER THE NEW YEAR PERIOD
         this purpose and shape our lives around it.                            The Parish Office will be open from Tuesday, 29 December to Thursday, 31
                                                                                December (8.30am—2.30pm), and then as normal from Monday 4 January
Christianity Explained is a four week guided tour through Mark’s gospel.
For more information, see the rear page of this bulletin. This course will be
                                                                                        HEARING LOOP
led by our Rector, Michael Stead, over four Monday nights at 7:30—8:30
                                                                                        For the hearing impaired, there is a hearing loop available in front six
p.m. commencing 8 Feb 2010. Please tick the box on the response slip if
                                                                                        rows of church on pulpit side. Use the “T” switch on your hearing aid.
you are interested.

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