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					                                   SERVICE CONTRACT

THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into ____________ (herein Agreement"), by and
between ______________________________, having a principal place of business at
______________________________________ (herein referred to as “XYZ”) and by
__________________________, located at _____________________________ (herein referred
to as “Broker”).

        1. Services. XYZ agrees to engage Broker as its exclusive agency for booking
______________ (herinafter the “Artist”) to perform at ________________ on ____________
(hereinafter referred to as “Event”).

        2. Scope of Work. Broker hereby agrees to provide the following Services to XYZ:
            A. Research availabilities of the Artist;
            B. Negotiate the terms of Artist performance
            C. Liaise with Artist management and venue production team to ensure proper setup
            of Artist technical riders and execution/fulfillment of Artist performance contracts;
            D. Act as primary talent coordinators for Artist appearance at the Event;

        3. Financial Terms. In return for the provision of the services described above, XYZ
shall pay and/or provide Broker:
            A. Fee of $____________.
            B. [number of tickets] flexible business class ticket(s) from _______ to ________
            for the Artist, One (1) flexible economy class ticket(s) from _______ to ________ for
            the tour manager, One (1) economy class ticket from _______ to ________ for
            Broker staff
            C. [number of rooms] king size hotel rooms for the artist and tour manager - each
            for 2 nights, and One (1) king size hotel room for Broker staff. The hotel must be
            pre-approved by Broker and needs to have 24 hours room service and high speed
            Internet connection paid by XYZ.

        4. Non-circumvention. During the term of this Agreement, and for a period of One (1)
year after its termination or expiration, XYZ hereby agrees to not circumvent Broker in any
manner to negotiate, research or explore opportunities with nor secure the services of the Artist.

         5. Confidentiality. Both parties agree that neither party will not at any time disclose,
release, copy or use any such information or data coming into the Receiving Party’s knowledge,
possession or control, other than as necessary to carry out its assigned duties under this
Agreement. Under no circumstances will either party permit any third person to use, examine or
make copies of any such information or data, without, in each such case, the prior written consent
of the Disclosing Party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following information and data shall
not be deemed confidential information for the purposes of 
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Description: An agreement between an agent or broker for the engagement of a performing artist such as musicians and the like.
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