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               re                                                                              Summer 2006

                                                  Martin Garden Centre

                                                  Guru’ Gazette
     “Love your neighbour, yet pull not down your hedge”                                    George Herbert
                                                                                            Outlandish Proverbs (1640)

                                         Highlight of my Year!
                                 Jeff & I were lucky         water, the buildings and
                                 enough to go on a 3 week    the plants.
                                 garden tour in May to    The attention to detail in
                                 China.                   window fretwork, in
                                 The Great Wall and the paving with very small
Special Points of                Terracotta Warriors have stones, and even in
Interest:                        long been on my list of  dragon tiles on ridge
                                 must sees and they       capping was incredible.
??      Customer drinks
        afternoon &              certainly lived up to                                                         Caption describing picture or
                                                          Some had been built as
        evening on               expectations. Both being fairly small residential                             graphic.
        Wednesday 6th
        December                 of mammoth proportions. gardens while others
??             s
        Sandy’ picks—            The gardens we visited      were public gardens and
        good hardy plants
        for your garden.         were beautiful and most     were quite extensive.
                                 were at least 400 years     A wonderful learning
                                 old. The 4 elements         experience.
                                 involved in garden design
     Inside this issue:          is rock (the mountains),
     Canterbury Wall—new     2

     Hydrocell               2    WE WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO WIN AGAIN!
     Christmas ideas &       2                                              We have won Best Small Garden Centre Queensland for the
     stock                                                                  fourth time in a row.
     Sandy’ picks—hardy      3
     plants for you garden                                                  The award was presented in Brisbane at the Annual Awards
                                                                            Dinner for the Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland by
     Christmas function      3
     invitation                                                             the State Sales Manager of Yates Brad Wardell.
     New products from       4                                              We will be judged in the new year for the Australian final.
                                                                            The Australian judge travels around all States & visits all
                                                                            the State finalists and the results are announced at the
                                                                            Australian Conference in Melbourne in February.
            Guru’ Gazette

                              Canterbury Wall — Hanson’ New Product
                               Canterbury gives you what        compromising the structural
                              you’ expect from a wall – an
                                   d                            integrity or aesthetic appeal.   you visit.
                              absolute vertical system with a   Without any engineering,
                              complete natural appeal about     your Canterbury wall can be
                              it. Canterbury is a specially     built to 980mm high (six
                              designed system for the DIY       courses with a capping unit).
                              person. It comes as a two         To go higher than this, the
                              piece system: a standard unit     wall will need to be designed
                              with specially designed           and certified by a qualified
                              locating lugs for a flawless      engineer, or you can contact
                              finish and a corner unit that     us for more information. We
Brian Sams is leading         can be used for both left and     always recommend that you
another tour group to China   right hand 90 degree corners.     check with your local council
in May 2007. Anyone in-       Being nothing but vertical        on height restrictions and
terested can contact Brian    gives you the added benefit of    necessary permits before
                              building walls that smoothly      commencing any work.
                              curve around corners in all
                              directions without                Ask for a brochure, next time

                              Be Waterwise— Hydrocell
                              Hydrocell is a relatively         capacity of soil or potting      change the chemical bal-
                              new product on the mar-           mix. You can use up to           ance of the soil and is
                              ket which can be used             50% less water and               safe for vegetable gar-
                              instead of water crystals.        growth will be healthier.        dens.
                              It can be used in gar-            Hydrocell breaks down            For best results use 1
                              dens, under trees, in pots        into the carbon and nitro-       part Hydrocell to 2 parts
                              and in hanging baskets.           gen in the soil over a 10yr      soil or potting mix. It is
                              Hydrocell greatly im-             period. Because it is ster-      available in large bags
                              proves the water holding          ile & inert , it will not        for $29.95

                              LOTS OF CHRISTMAS IDEAS IN STOCK
                              ??     Christmas Trees & Decorations                 We will gladly gift wrap your
                              ??     Christmas Goodies— buy singly                 purchases and do do layby
                                     or we can make up a gift pack of
                                                                                   for Christmas.
                                     your selection. Some gift packs
                                     already done!
 Can’ decide—
                              ??     Garden gifts & plants
 Give a Gift Voucher!

 Page 2
Sandy’ Pick! - 2 tough water hardy plants!

                                   Nandina Purple Mist
                                   This new semi dwarf self mounding Nandina
                                   reaches a height of 50-70cm. It has very lacy
                                   willow like leaves change from bright green
                                   in Summer to deep purple red in Winter.
                                   Dietes iridiodes Tiny Dancer                      And bears white flowers
                                                                                     with blue & yellow
                                   This new native iris is great for borders at
                                                                                     blotches in Summer &
                                   only 26cm high. It has a clump forming habit

Have you visited the new area across the driveway
from the nursery?
Have you visited the       more water features,        larger display of wall
new area across the        hanging baskets, stakes     plaques and of course
drive from the nursery?    and climbing frames.        new products are
                                                       arriving all the time.
This area has not yet      There is an increased
been completed but         range of pots both                                      Peonies—These are one of my
gives us more area for     terracotta and glazed, as                               favourite flowers & we were
larger stock.              well as large urns.                                     lucky enough to see some in
                                                                                   bloom in China.
It contains a pond shop,   There is also room for a

                           Customer Christmas Drinks
                                     Come & visit the nursery
                                     on Wednesday, 6th December
                                          Between 2pm to 8pm
             Enjoy a drink & nibbles, view Christmas decorations, gifts and decorations!
                                        Come & go as you please.
                                  Lucky door prize & lots of specials.
                RSVP to the nursery 46331122 by 4th December for catering purposes!
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           Martin Garden Centre

179 Stephen Street
Toowoomba 4350
                                               About the Garden magazine—
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“        s
 The Guru’ in the Garden”                     New Range of Organic Fertilisers
                                                Searles have released a new range of BFA
 New Products from Searles!                     Certified Organic fertilizers for easy use in
                                                the home garden. Highly concentrated
                                              organic plant foods which are 2-3 times
                                              stronger than common organic products. All
                                              are designed to feed plants for 2-3 months,
                                              are easy to use, with easy to follow directions.
                                              With the product range available all plant
                                              types are covered.
                                              At present only available in 2.5kg bag, but
                                              larger sizes will be available in the future.

                            Searles popular 5 in 1 now available in pellet form
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                                    Searles new plant care guns for easy use.
                                    Bug Gun— natural pyrethrum spray for indoor or outdoor use
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                                    Ant, Spider & Coachroch Killer— offers fast effective control of
                                    common household pests.
                                    Path Weeder— Once a year weed control.