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									AHRQ Patient Safety Culture Survey
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) staff survey measures patient safety issues, medical errors and event reporting Widespread consensus exists that health care organizations can reduce injuries by improving the environment for safety, AHRQ says. Network-wide instrument. This AHRQ survey is designed for all types of hospital staff, including clinical and nonclinical. Staff from individual departments - Surgery, Obstetrics, Laboratory and others identify their primary work area and position for reliable feedback. The AHRQ is comprehensive; Providing a level of detail online with instant reporting. Select demographic filters and compute. Results are instant - department by time worked in a unit and by the number of errors - no paperwork.

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Example report

Office-level Safety Areas Covered
1. Overall perceptions of safety 2. Supervisor / manager expectations and actions promoting safety 3. Organizational learning - continuous improvement 4. Teamwork within office 5. Communication openness 6. Feedback and communication about error 7. Staffing 8. Frequency of events reported
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Dupont Linhoff Patient Assessments
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Tablet collects anonymous opinions then sends data via web for instant reporting

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Network-wide Safety Areas Covered
1. Management support for patient safety 2. Teamwork across departments 3. Handoffs and transitions Collect opinions at point-of-service. Answers prompt the questionnaire to branch and probe in depth.

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AHRQ Patient Safety Calculator
Online resource for improving patient safety Hand-held tablet sends responses via web for this Instant Online Report
Divides your data into categories and topics of specific interest

Primary Work Area

Time Worked in Clinic

Time Worked in Unit

Number of Events Reported



1 - 5 Years

Less Than One Yr

1 to 2 Events


Work Area / Unit Level:
Support Staff Feedback, Free to Question Authority, Discuss Error Prevention

Choose AHRQ’s demographic data filters
Unit, Time, and number of events / Click Compute

Password protected Excel file is available for further analysis
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A simple way of getting practical information in the hands of provider organization staff

An event is defined as any type of error, mistake, incident, accident or deviation, regardless of whether or not it results in patient harm.* Patient safety is defined as the avoidance and prevention of patient injuries or adverse events resulting from the processes of health care delivery.* *AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Dupont Linhoff Patient Assessments
5827 South Reed Way, Suite 1528, Littleton, Colorado, 80123, Ph: 720-234-6624, Joe@linhoff.Com, www.DLPA.biz

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