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Nutisystem Weight reduction Program


Nutisystem Weight loss and reduction Program

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									                          Nutisystem          Weight reduction Program

Including a wide selection of menus low in fat and low calorie program NutriSystem ® Advanced has
been designed to include a provision perfect protein and fiber. All foods are part of the meal program
NutriSystem ® which is very easy to follow! Just make an entry, add a few items (like fresh fruit,
vegetable, salad or dairy products) and voila! The women eat 5 meals a day and men, 6 meals! What a
great way to reduce seizures of greed between meals!



        practices as they prepare meals in minutes - delivered to your door!


        portions calculated for weight loss


        no calculation of calories or carbohydrates, no meetings, no weigh-


Food couriered from NutriSystem ® - receipt within 4-10 days following delivery of the electronic card / redeemnow

Package Contents:

        NutriSystem ® program for 28 days, plus free additional food for one week


        Offer valid for a program of 35 days, male or female, purchased on


        The program includes 35 days of Costco NutriSystem program of 28 days and an additional week
of free food

         7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners and 7 desserts (7 men receiving additional Snacks)

     * Not using the NutriSystem ® program if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are under the age of 18,
are anorexic or

         bulimic, or allergic to peanuts

         add fresh foods to your diet NutriSystem

Your NutriSystem ® program for 35 days will be delivered at home by a common carrier.

Delivery and conditions

Delivery will be made within 24-48 hours after receipt of order. You'll receive e-tickets via email to the
email address you provided. If you have a filter on your email inbox, please add the following address to
your whitelist: @

This article is subject to some delivery restrictions. Please proceed to checkout to verify if delivery is
available for your zip code. products purchased can be returned to any Costco warehouse in the world.

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