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									Points of Interest:
•   Congratulations Graduates                                                   November 2009
•   Dog Guide Wish List
•   Amazing Donor
•   Annual General Meeting 2009
•   Purina Walk for Dog Guides 2010

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The Lethbridge & District Kennel Club has been an enormous supporter of Lions
Foundation of Canada Dog Guides since the early 1990’s. They have sponsored teams
from all programs for a total of $70,000, all for clients in southern Alberta. Last spring
alone they made a donation of $24,000, and just this month made a donation of over
$35,000. They have also been a major donor to the kennel expansion project, having
donated over $6,000 thus far.

They also have supported our now largest walk, the Lethbridge Purina Walk for Dog

This is a kennel club that not only believes in breeding and showing dogs, but the many
great roles dogs have in society. They value Dog Guides and we value them!

     The Annual Report for 2008-09 is now available online at
           To request a copy please call the Foundation at 1.800.768.3030.

                            ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2009
                            This year’s Annual General Meeting was a success yet again and
                            Lions Foundation of Canada is happy to welcome our newest
                            Chairperson for 2009-2010, PDG Harvey Moore. Harvey will be
                            filling the shoes of Joy Crocker, who completed her term as
                            Chairperson and was recognized with a Judge Brian Stephenson
                            Fellowship Award.

                            We are also welcoming three new board members who were elected
                            for three year terms. They are:
                                                        • George Hostick, PDG, Ontario            Joy Crocker receiving the JBS award
                                                        • Sonny Bonnell, PCC, New Brunswick
                                                        • Bev Semple, PCC, PEI

                            We have also appointed Chuck Havill, CA, as our auditor, and Mark Rush, as our legal counsel.

                            A big thank you to our outgoing Directors:
                                                        • Fred Cook, PDG, New Brunswick
                                                        • Don Bell, PDG, PEI
                                                        • Joy Crocker, Chairperson, Ontario
                                                        • David Manning, Progressive, JBS

                            The following were named Patrons of LFC for 2009:

                            Pamela Wathen, St. Catharines, Ontario

                            Pamela has been a noteworthy supporter of LFC and has generously set up an endowment fund
                            for Dog Guides. She said that rather than wait to make an estate gift she would like to start
                            contributing now, and contribute she has! The Pamela Wathen Endowment Fund was set up and
                            with regular donations each year of about $3,000 it has turned into a wonderful fund with more
                            than $50,000 deposited. In addition, the fund has grown each year through investment.

                            PDG and Past Chairperson Fred Zorge, Mississauga, Ontario

                            Fred has been an extremely active member and supporter of LFC in many different ways. His
                            numerous contributions have stretched from his involvement in the 1990’s with the Partners in
                            Independence Capital campaign to his terms as Ontario Director and Chairperson of the Board
                            and member of the Finance Committee. Fred has also played an active role in the production and
                            execution of the Georgetown Purina Walk for Dog Guides.
We adhere to the
Ethical Fundraising
                            Shavak Madon, Oakville, Ontario
and Financial
Accountability Code.        Shavak is a member of our Finance Committee of the Board and he has made great contributions
(Ethical Code)              to the committee for many years. He has provided the Foundation with invaluable financial input,
                            including assisting on reducing audit fees, bank fees, and handling many audit issues. We are
                            very fortunate to have his contribution to our volunteer leadership and hope it continues for many

                            Lethbridge & District Kennel Club
We are members of the
Association of              Lethbridge & District Kennel Club has been an ongoing and generous supporter of Lions
Fundraising                 Foundation of Canada Dog Guides in numerous ways. The are also the newest member of our
Professionals working to    amazing donors.
ensure your donations
are used wisely. You give
to charity. We give you         The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of
accountability. To read
the Donor Bill of Rights                                    his tongue.
visit                                              ~Anonymous

Message from the Chairperson
         As the newly elected Chairperson of the LFC Board of Directors I
feel very honored to be recognized by my fellow Directors and given the
opportunity to serve in this new position. I am looking forward to the next
year with great anticipation and have a very dedicated group of Directors
with whom to work. The staff is equally dedicated in the tasks they carry out
with great enthusiasm.

         The Foundation has done an excellent job of spending wisely and
carefully during the economic downturn and because of this, the necessary
renovations have been able to continue.
                                                                                  Chairperson Harvey Moore

         We are in our 25th year of the Purina Walk for Dog Guides and we are hoping that many
Clubs that have not hosted a Walk before will organize one this year. The LFC staff are available
to give you plenty of assistance in your efforts. Once a Club tries a Walk, almost invariably it
becomes an annual event. We are collectively holding our breath and hoping Walks will raise
$1,000,000 this year, for the first time ever.

         Some Districts across Canada have, in a particular year, taken on a District project to
obtain a specific piece of equipment, or to cover the cost of part of the kennel renovation, etc. If
your District is looking for a way to raise a larger, more direct amount of money for the
Foundation, you could check with the Foundation for what is needed and set up a District project
to obtain that item or cover the cost of a part of it. In any case, all donations of either money or
"Wish List" items are greatly appreciated.
                                                      ~ Harvey Moore

 This year the Purina Walk for Dog Guides is celebrating its 25th anniversary.
 To mark the occasion we have set a goal of raising one million dollars in
 donations! Our national Walk date is Sunday, May 30th, 2010. We are
 currently in the midst of confirming Walk locations and would like to extend
 an invitation to anyone interested in volunteering for the nationwide event to
 contact us. We are always looking for volunteers, be it for starting a new
 Walk or helping out the day of the event. Help us reach our goal this year
 and participate in the 2010 Purina Walk for Dog Guides! For more
 information email or visit

                                Adopting a Dog Guide and welcoming them into your life and
                                home for their first year may sound appealing but not
                                necessarily plausible. If this situation sounds familiar, we have
                                a solution. The “Adopt” a Dog Guide puppy program provides
                                individuals with the opportunity to play a key role in the
                                development of a pup without the long term commitment. By
                                contributing $100 you can help offset some of a puppy’s
                                normal expenses for its first year. In return, you will receive a
                                certificate that announces the symbolic adoption of a Dog
Guide puppy and is personalized with the recipient’s name. To “adopt” a Dog Guide puppy
please visit, call 1.800.768.3030 or email

                      SPECIAL SKILLS DOG GUIDES                       SPONSORS
                      Mary & Huxley, St. Thomas, ON               Bernice & Al Fox, SK; Carman Lewis, ON
                      Cary & Rodge, Kingsville, ON                Fisherville Lions Club, ON; Carman Lewis, ON
                      Brenda & Noble, Eastern Passage, NS         Armdale Fairview Rockingham Lions Club NS;
                                                                  Carman Lewis
                      Lilly & Turpin, Sherwood Park, AB           Don & Julia McGowan, ON; Edmonton riverside
                                                                  Lions, AB
                      Bruce & Bergie, Stephenville, NF            St. Johns Lions Club, NL; Masonic Foundation, ON
                      Judy & Jones, Toronto, ON                   Markham Lions Club, ON; Carman Lewis, ON
                      Victor & Kerry, Brighton, ON                Dereham Lions Club, ON; Carman Lewis, ON
                      CANINE VISION DOG GUIDES                        SPONSORS
                      Michael & Eliza, Mount Stewart, PEI         Dollars for Doggies, NS
                      Amanda & Zelda, Newmarket, ON               Elsie Chadwick, ON
                      Pamela & Zora, Cornwall, ON                 Information Packaging
                      Bonny & Bert, London, ON                    Portugal Cove St. Phillips Lions Club, NL
                      Julie & Pato, Windsor, ON                   Urban Advertising + Design, ON

                      Western Canada Match
                      Lions Foundation of Canada is extremely fortunate to again receive a special donation from an
                      anonymous major donor. This donor will match all donations received to sponsor Dog Guide
                      teams from western Canada for a total of $50,000. As an example, if your club donates $5,000, it
                      will be doubled to $10,000 for a Special Skills or Seizure Response sponsorship. With the launch
                      of the new Autism Assistance program, there are already several clients from the west on the
                      waiting list. Donations for amounts less than a sponsorship are welcome and will be pooled
                      together. This is a terrific opportunity and will ensure that there are sponsors for each graduate
                      from the western provinces.

                       PJ’s Pet Shop & Pets Unlimited Fundraiser
                                                 PJ’s Pet Shop and Pets Unlimited continue to support Dog Guides as
                                                 their official charity of choice, helping out in many ways. Their most
                                                 significant contribution is their annual fundraising campaign in
                                                 November where they are selling paper Dog Guide logos in every
                                                 store and encouraging donations. The goal is to exceed the $50,000
                                                 mark this year. Many foster families, graduates and volunteers will be
                                                 at the different store locations on weekends to chat about Dog Guides
                                                 and encourage support. If you have a PJ’s or Pets Unlimited in your
                                                 neighborhood please be sure to stop by to thank them.

                      Holiday Gift Idea for your Fury Family Members
                      We are very excited to announce a new holiday promotion from
                      Purina that benefits Dog Guides. Purina has new holiday gift packs
                      of dog or cat treats that are being sold in stores across the country.
                      A portion of each purchase will go towards the customer’s choice of
                      charity – either Dog Guides Canada, Therapeutic Paws of Canada,
Founding member of:
                      or National Service Dogs. After purchasing the Wonderful Winter
                      gift pack, customers can go online or text their choice of charity.
                      Each charity will receive a minimum donation of $5,000 from
                      Purina. There is an additional $10,000 which will be donated by
                      Purina to each charity based on the selections by customers. It’s a perfect time to buy treats for
                      your dog or cat. Why not buy some to give as holiday gifts to your friends who have a dog or cat?
                      Just be sure to text or go online to choose Dog Guides as your chosen charity.

                     KENNEL & VET CLINIC UPDATE
                                  Good news on the construction front! Phase one of the Vet clinic is
                                  nearing completion and should be finished very soon. This phase
                                  included the construction of the vet surgery area, the puppy program
                                  office, and the recovery and isolation kennels. The second phase
                                  will complete the vet clinic with the addition of the exam and waiting
                                  area. In addition, the final phase of the kennel expansion project is
                 The Vet Clinic   now underway.

Fundraising is on-going and there are numerous pieces of surgical and treatment equipment to
purchase. All donors contributing $5,000 or more will be recognized on a permanent plaque.
For more information on donating, please contact Julie Jelinek at 1.800.768.3030 Ext. 223.

                                            The Dog Guide Wish List is a unique way to make a
                                            contribution to the Foundation. These gifts assist in many
                                            ways and we are very appreciative of your support. If you
                                            wish to contribute any items, please contact us at
                                            905.842.2891 or 1.800.768.3030.

                        •    Chairs for offices                                $ 300
                        •    Opthalmoscope/Otoscope set                        $ 800
                        •    Laptop for trainers when travelling               $ 900
                        •    Harnesses for Autism Assistance program           $ 1,000
                        •    Harnesses for Seizure Response program            $ 1,500
                        •    Sponsorship of one issue of newsletter
                             to Lions clubs (printing and mailing)             $ 2,000
                        •    Furnishings for new client rooms for
                             Autism Assistance program                         $ 2,000
                        •    Dental scaler/polisher                            $ 2,500
                        •    Oakville grounds maintenance                      $ 3,000
                        •    JAWS upgrade – computer software for
                             CVC clients                                       $ 5,000
                        •    Anesthetic machine and accessories                $ 5,200
                        •    Autoclave                                         $ 5,350
                        •    Renovations to build client rooms for
                             Autism Assistance program                         $10,000
                        •    X-ray machine and accessories                     $22,000
                        •    Cargo van for Autism Assistance program           $35,000
                        •    Kongs, large and extra large
                        •    Gift cards to office stores, gas stations, home improvement stores

                                           Lions Foundation’s gift shop has some wonderful items great
                                           for any occasion. Combine the pride of Lionism with your
                                           support of Dog Guides as all items sport LFC’s logo. Shop
                                           on-line at or mail in completed
                                           enclosed order form. All prices include tax.

  ‘Denim’ 1/4 Zip      Pewter Holiday Ornament   Crimson Red Golf Shirt   Dog Guide Holiday   Kids Red T-Shirt
  Sweatshirt - $48        $8/ea. or 3 for $20            $22              Cards (6pk) - $10         $12

                               A WORD FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                  donation support to make        in their community. It is a
                                                                  this happen. While our          great way to both increase
                                                                  donors have been amazing        funds and at the same
                                                                  (from Lions Clubs, estates      time, educate people in
                                                                  and wills, individuals and      the community about the
Lions Foundation of Canada                                        companies), we have             work of Lions and Lions
  is committed to providing                                       asked our Dog Guides to         Foundation of Canada.
      mobility, safety and                                        cross all four legs and toes
independence to Canadians          Sandy Turney                   to make sure this               At our recent Annual
                                   Executive Director
       with disabilities.                                         continues.                      General Meeting we
                               We are heading into a new                                          thanked outgoing
     Mailing Address:                                             This newsletter highlights      Chairperson Joy Crocker
Lions Foundation of Canada     year promising to serve
                               even more Canadians with           our 25th anniversary of what    and the 2008-09 Board of
        Dog Guides
                               disabilities through our           is now called the Purina        Directors. The tradition of
     152 Wilson Street
       P.O. Box 907            existing Dog Guides                Walk for Dog Guides and         a strong, caring board
      Oakville, Ontario        programs and also through          our fundraising goal of one     continues and we look
          L6J 5E8              our new Autism Assistance          million dollars. We hope        forward to a new year.
                               Dog Guide program. Again,          that many new Lions Clubs                  ~ Sandy Turney
  Phone: 905.842.2891          we are counting on strong          will help to organize a Walk             Executive Director
   TTY: 905.842.1585
   Fax: 905.842.3373
Email:                                                    New Dog Guide Harnesses
                                                            With the addition of a fifth program we have made some
                                                            changes to the harnesses we use to identify each Dog Guide.
                                                            Our Autism Assistance Dog Guides can be recognized by their
                                                            maroon harnesses. Canine Vision Dog Guides continue to
                                                            wear the black leather harness, but a red cloth piece has been
                                                            added to the top of it. Seizure Response Dog Guides can be
      Lions Foundation of                                   recognized by their bright yellow harnesses. Special Skills
   Canada is an accredited                                  Dog Guides harnesses have been updated with a blue cloth
 member of the International                                piece that sits across the dogs back and attaches to the
Federation of Guide Dogs and                                leather sides. Hearing Ear Dog Guides are now wearing red
  full member of Assistance                                 harnesses.
       Dogs International

     Lions Foundation
        of Canada              Need to Reach Us? Call 1.800.768.3030 or 905.842.2891
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