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									NEH Grant Opportunities

    OSP Workshop Series
      February 3, 2006
About NEH
   An independent federal grant-making agency

   Mission: to serve and strengthen excellence in the
    humanities and to convey the lessons of history to all

   Supports projects in four areas:
     Preserving and providing access to cultural
     Education
     Research
     Public programs
About NEH (cont’d)
   FY 2006 budget request: $138 million
       Flat from 2005
       $11.2 M We the People initiative

   Institutions must submit their applications via
Goals of Funding Programs

    Strengthen teaching and learning in the
     humanities in schools and colleges
    Facilitate research and scholarship
    Provide opportunities for lifelong learning
    Preserve and provide access to cultural and
     educational resources
NEH Requests for Proposals

    Preserving and providing access to cultural
     • Preservation and Access
    Education
     • Challenge Grants
     • Education Programs
    Research
     • Challenge Grants
     • Research Programs
    Public programs
     • Public Programs
     • Federal/State Partnerships
How to find the right program for you

       Alphabetically
       Activity area

   Review guidelines and instructions

   Contact Program manager
NEH Programs
   Summer seminars and institutes
      (deadline March 1, 2006)
   Fellowships
      (deadline May 1, 2006)

   Faculty Humanities Workshop grants
      (deadline September 15, 2006)
   Summer Stipend
     (SU internal deadline - end of August)
Summer Seminars and Institutes
Deadline: March 1, 2006
Purpose: Support national faculty development
   programs in the humanities college/university
Duration: short as 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks
Timeframe: held in summer 2007 - typically begin no
   earlier than the middle of June.
Special Notes: encourages projects designed to
   help teachers use electronic technologies for
   accessing resources and engaging students in
   active learning.
Summer Seminars
Seminars for college and university teachers
Dollars: range between $45,000 and $120,000
Participants: 15
   may be lead by one director, co-directed or include visiting
   enables participants with related interests to conduct scholarly
    research or focused study under the direction of an expert
   designs a program of study to articulate key issues
   focus discussion in seminar meetings
   advises participants on their individual projects
 Institutes for college/university teachers
 Dollars: range from $80,000 to $200,000
 Participants: 25 to 30 participants
    Guided by a team of scholars
    Focuses on a topic of major importance in undergraduate
    participants explore a challenging and complex subject to
     deepen understanding of a subject in order to advance
     humanities teaching
Faculty Humanities Workshops
Deadline: September 15, 2006
Purpose: Support local and regional professional
  development programs for K-12 teachers and faculty
  at post-secondary institutions.
Dollars: up to $30,000 for projects serving a single
      $75,000 for regional or multi-institutional
Duration: between 12 and 18 months
Timeframe: projects begin in April 2007
Faculty Humanities Workshops,                           cont

Special Notes:
   Proposals to provide workshops for teachers with limited
    access to professional development in the humanities are
   New guidelines will be available in 2006
   Funds may be used to pay for visiting scholars, books and
    other materials, logistical support, and appropriate release time
    for project staff. (Participants may be identified in the
    application or after the proposal is funded, as appropriate)
Faculty Humanities Workshops, cont

 Workshops should:
    extend and deepen knowledge of the humanities by
     fostering collaborative study of significant topics, texts,
     and issues;
    provide faculty with the opportunity to engage in rigorous
     intellectual inquiry, including reading, reflection, and
    involve scholars from outside the institution(s) who are
     experts on the topic of the workshop;
    use creative formats and programs to engage faculty
     members; and
    advance the study and teaching of the humanities at the
     participating institution(s).
NEH Fellowships
Deadline: May 1, 2006
Dollars and Duration:
$24,000 for a six- to eight-month full-time tenure
$40,000 for a nine- to twelve-month full-time tenure
Timeframe:          projects begin in Jan 2007

Purpose: support individuals pursuing advanced research in
   the humanities that contributes to scholarly knowledge or
   to the general public's understanding of the humanities.
Submitted by Individual (may be faculty or staff members of
   colleges or universities, or independent scholars or writers)
NEH Fellowships,               cont.
   U.S. citizens and Foreign nationals living in the US for at
    least three years prior to the application deadline.
   Applicants do not need to have an advanced degree,
    however, graduate students are ineligible,
   May hold other fellowships or grants in support of the
    same project, including sabbaticals, etc.
   May also apply for other NEH awards at the same time,
    including a Summer Stipend, but may not hold more than
    one NEH award in any given fiscal or calendar year
   May apply for funding for a project that has previously
    received NEH Fellowship support.
NEH Fellowships,                     cont.
Recipients usually produce:
   scholarly articles
   monographs on specialized subjects
   books on broad topics
   archaeological site reports
   translations, editions, or other scholarly tools.
Special Initiatives (additional special initiatives may be included in the
    new announcement)
Applicants who would like their projects to be considered
   under one of the following special initiatives should so
   indicate in the project narrative.
 We the People
NEH Fellowships,     notes of interest

Submit between March 1 and May 1, 2006
 Able to modify your application until May
  1, 5:00 p.m. local time
 NEH estimates the average time to
  complete an online application is fifteen
 New guidelines available in February,
NEH Fellowships,          cont.

   FAQS: (preparing an application and using the
    online application process)
Sample projects:
Previously funded application narrative:
Applicants can request to see a copy of a previously
    funded application narrative by sending an e-mail
NEH Fellowships,               additional information

   OSP suggests Times New Roman 12 (most NEH
    guidelines request that you use font no smaller than 11 pt)
   Your application will be saved as plain text. Special
    formatting such as italics, underlining, and "curly quotes"
    will not be saved.
   If you use brackets, the system will interpret it as faulty
    HTML code and generate an error message.
   Recommended to you prepare your application in a word
    processing program and cut-and-paste your text into the
    online forms.
   ALL characters are included in the character counts. This
    includes spaces and punctuation.
We the People Initiative
    To help Americans continue to make sense of
     their history and of the world around them.
    Proposals should explore significant events and
     themes in our history and culture and that
     advance knowledge of the principles that define
    Accepted to all programs and at all deadlines.
    Proposals do not receive special consideration -
     evaluated through NEH‘s review process.
    $11.2 million allocated in FY2006 budget
    Examples of 2005 awards:
NEH Summer Stipend Competition
SU Internal deadline: late August/early Sept
NEH Deadline: October 1, 2006
Dollars and Duration:$5,000 for two consecutive
  months of full-time research and writing
Purpose: Support individuals pursuing advanced
  research that contributes to scholarly knowledge
  or to the public's understanding of the humanities.
Eligibility: Faculty members must be nominated by their
NEH Summer Stipend Competition
   Internal nomination process facilitated by OSP
   Announced in April via email to faculty in the
   Application materials available:
   OSP Workshop, Preparing for the Summer
    Stipend Competition
   Applicants must notify depart chair of intention
    to apply and obtain approval by application
   NEH Program Manager
   OSP Research Administrator
   For review of your proposal (for clarity and
    completeness): Dr. Trish Lowney, 443-2882

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