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					 Interactive teaching and learning require
               interactive tools.

It is important, however, to understand why
 educators need to incorporate technological
           tools into their teaching.
            Learning Styles Theory
  According to this theory, individuals perceive and
  process information in different ways. The
  different learners are classified as:
 Concrete and Abstract perceivers
 Active and Reflective processors
Concrete and Abstract Perceivers
 Concrete perceivers absorb information
  through direct experience, by doing, acting,
  sensing, and feeling.
 Abstract perceivers, take in information
  through analysis, observation, and thinking.

Active and Reflective Processors
 Active processors make sense of an
  experience by immediately using the
 Reflective processors make sense of an
  experience by reflecting on and thinking
  about it.

 Traditional schooling tends to favor abstract
  perceiving and reflecting processing.

 Educators must place emphasis on intuition,
  feeling, sensing, and imagination, in addition
  to the traditional skills of analysis, reason,
  and sequential problem solving.

 By doing this, educators will increase learning
  for the concrete perceivers and active
 Teachers should design their instruction
  methods to connect with all four
  learning styles, using various
  combinations of experience, reflection,
  conceptualization, and experimentation.

 Instructors can introduce a wide variety
  of experiential elements into the
  classroom, such as sound, music,
  visuals, movement, and experience.
Technological tools are a great way to encourage our
         student’s different learning styles.
  To accomplish this, our school
       needs to purchase:

 The Promethean Collaborative Classroom


 Inspiration Software
                 The Promethean Collaborative Classroom

    “More than just an interactive whiteboard. It is a collaborative
    teaching environment that is totally integrated incorporating lesson
    creation software and wireless interactive and assessment pieces to
    facilitate true collaboration.”

*Promethean Promotional DVD
 The Collaborative Classroom includes:

 The ACTIV board, a hard surface, electromagnetic
  whiteboard, designed for durability in the classroom
 The ACTIVpen, battery free with full mouse functionality
 ACTIVstudio (software on MAC & PC), provides all of
  the tools you need for creating and delivering interactive
The collaborative classroom can also include:
 ACTIVote, allows for whole-class student input and
  assessment during instruction
 ACTIVslateXR, a wireless graphics tablet that gives
  teachers and students to interact with the ACTIV board
  from anywhere in the classroom
 ACTIVtablet, a lesson preparation tool that allows teachers
  to create ACTIVstudio lessons while away from the
  ACTIV board
The main goal of the collaborative
classroom is to provide students with
 the ability to actively participate in
   their learning, thus encouraging
     concrete and active learners.
  The Promethean Collaborative
   Classroom allows teachers:
 The freedom to walk around the classroom and to
  obtain proximity control
 To address individual groups
 To encourage even the most reluctant students to
 To know immediately if the students understand a
     Disadvantages of the Promethean
          Interactive Classroom
 The projector is not attached to the whiteboard, so
  it is possible to stand in front of the projector
  blocking the image
 Training is required (although Promethean
  provides on site and online training)
 It is a great expense
 So many new technologies are coming out all the
  time, it is hard to know when to purchase a
  product or when to wait for something better
       Inspiration Software

The Promethean Collaborative Classroom is now
fully supported by Inspiration Software.
 Along with incorporating the different
  learning styles, Inspiration Software focuses
  on the power of visual learning.

 Visual learning techniques help students to:
     Clarify thinking
     Reinforce understanding
     Integrate new knowledge
     Identify misconceptions

“Using the proven power of visual learning,
 Inspirationィ helps 6th to 12th grade students
 strengthen critical thinking, comprehension
 and writing skills across the curriculum.”

     Inspiration Product Features
   Visualize thoughts in diagram view
   Transform a diagram into an outline instantly
   One-click transfer to word processing
   Simplified template integration
   Symbols at your fingertips
   Audio supports multiple learning styles
   Direct connection to the Internet
   Web site planning made easy
Here are some examples of what you
can create with Inspiration Software…
 Webs are visual maps that
  show how different
  categories of information
  relate to one another.
  Examples include:
      Literary Webs
      Character Webs
      Comparison
      Prewriting
                       Idea Maps
 Idea maps help students
  brainstorm, solve
  problems and plan their
 Idea maps connect
  keywords, symbols, colors
  and graphics to form
  nonlinear networks of
  potential ideas and

                       Concept Maps
 Concept maps
  graphically illustrate
  relationships between
 In a concept map, two
  or more concepts are
  linked by words that
  describe their
     Disadvantages of Inspiration
 Training required
 Educators must be willing to put in the time
  to learn how to use the software effectively
 Page layout can sometimes be confusing to
As shown, the benefits far outweigh
 the disadvantages. Therefore, our
    school needs to purchase the
     Promethean Collaborative
     Classroom and Inspiration

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