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					           Open Discussion
“mobileOK in Korea”
                  Moderated by
Seungyun Lee / ETRI, MW2 Forum MobileOK TF Chair
  Daniel K. Appelquist / Vodafone,W3C BP WG Chair
•   To share the information and situation on mobile web
    standardization and deployment

•   To make a consensus and better understanding each

•   To see the future perspective for mobileOK
Ice Breaking
       mobileOK in Korea
•   Basically, we believe mobileOK could make sure
    seamless web access in mobile environment.

•   We are now developing the standards in mobile web
    align with W3C MWI activities.

•   We are now preparing a trial service for mobileOK
    in order to make sure well-deployment of mobile
    web standard in the market.

•   We finally aim at “everythingOK” or “ubiquitousOK”
    over the mobileOK.
Questions from the W3C
1. What are the differences in the Korean market that
   necessitate a "MobileOK in Korea" standard?
2. Does it make sense to fragment MobileOK according
   to country/region or should we have one MobileOK?
3. Do the differences in the Korean landscape really
   necessitate profiling MobileOK and therefore
   fragmenting the standard?
4. If so, how can this be done in a way which supports
   local variation but also does not create separate
   MobileOK standards that can never be reconciled in
   the future (branching)
Questions from the W3C
5. Is there a way to keep different localized MobileOK
   standards synchronized to a master W3C MobileOK
   tests document?
6. How could local variation of MobileOK be accounted
   for in the related work on the MobileOK checker
   code library? [Sub-point: would such a code library be
   useful in the Korean market?]
      Questions from Korea
1. Application Issue (e.g., AJAX)
  •   How to adapt a new web technology into mobile web standard ?
2. DDC/ADC issue
  •   Current DDC is quiet different from Korean environment.
  •   Do you have a plan to extend or update the DDC ?
3. Device & Profile issue
  •   Do we have to consider the WAP-related property ?
  •   What is a scope of devices where MWI should consider ?
  •   Is there a available service scenario using device information ?
4. mobileOK Certification issue
  •   What is the certification rule in W3C ?
  •   How does W3C handle the official mobileOK certification ?
  •   Is it make sense to certify mobileOK in Korea individually ?
      Questions from Korea
5. Mobile Web vs. HTML5
  •   How does MWI align with HTML5 which are under
      developing in W3C
6. Other
  •   What is a main benefit to use the mobileOK standards for
      mobile market perspective?
  •   Regarding of the future progress of W3C’s Mobile Web
      standardization work, what do you expect from Korea?
Open Discussion

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