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                                      Santa                                                                                                                 Protecting and

 - 40 Years on the SLO Coast -
                                          The official newsletter of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club • San Luis Obispo County, California
                                                                                                                                                            Preserving the
                                                                                                                                                            Central Coast

      Santa Lucia Chapter
          1968-2008                       Carrizo: Sun and Shadow
          June 2008
       Volume 45 No. 6                    The Darkling                                                                              What Price, Solar?
                                          Plain                                                                                     by Sue Harvey
                                                                                                                                    Conservation Committee
                                          By Cal French

Inside                                    Executive Committee

                                          I met a traveler from an antique land
                                          Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of
                                                                                                                                    On April 11, the California Energy
                                                                                                                                    Commission (CEC) held a meeting --
                                                                                                                                    one in a series -- dealing with the
                                                                                                                                    proposed thermal solar energy facility
Lobby Day                             2   stone                                                                                     proposed for Carrizo Plain.
                                          Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the
Tejon preserved                      4    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies,
                                          whose frown,
                                          And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold
Smart v. dumb                         5   command
                                          Tell that its sculptor well those pas-
                                          sions read
Remember Mitchell Park!               6   Which yet survive, stamped on these
                                          lifeless things,
                                          The hand that mocked them, and
Cambria’s bad plan                    7   the heart that fed.
                                          And on the pedestal these words
An uncommon woman                    9    ”My name is Ozymandias, king of
                                          Look on my works, ye Mighty, and
Classifieds                         11    despair!”
                                          Nothing beside remains. Round the
Outings                            12     decay
                                          Of that colossal wreck, boundless
                                          and bare
                                          The lone and level sands stretch far
                                                                   - Ozymandias
                                                by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1818)

                                          The Carrizo Plain, known to
                                          some as the Carissa Plains,
                                          stretches for hundreds of thou-
       General Meeting                    sands of acres between the Caliente            tially remain today at Painted Rock, a        The Carrizo Energy Solar Farm
                                          Range and the Temblor Range in                 sacred place for peoples from the          (CESF) is designed to generate 177
                                          southeastern San Luis Obispo                   Pacific shore and the vast inland. By      megawatts. The electricity will be
                                          County. It is a historic place where           foresight and chance, its southern         generated with a stream generator.
   Our General Meetings are               thousands of years ago the first               half has been rescued into the Carrizo     The plant would use curved mirrors
                                          among us gathered and shared. The                                                         to focus the sun on a system of water
   on their annual summer                 mysteries of their symbolic art par-                                continued on page 8   filled pipes, creating steam to run the
   hiatus. See you in                                                                                                               generators. The facility would have a
   September!                                                                                                                       115-foot cooling tower and 40-foot
                                                                                                                                    observation towers. The plant would
                                          San Joaquin Settlement:                                                                   cover one square mile and be en-
                                                                                                                                    closed by a 10-foot chain link fence.
                                          PG&E Must Cool It on CCA                                                                  Ausra, the applicant, has an option to
                                                                                                                                    buy an adjacent 2,000 acres for its
                                                                                                                                    construction lay-down site and future
                                          Implications for SLO as we develop our own Community Choice
                                                                                                                                    expansion. Construction could take
                                          plan against opposition from giant utility                                                up to three years, involve hundreds of
                                          from Power Connections, Mar.-Apr. 2008, Kings River Conservation District                 employees on multiple shifts, and
                                                                                                                                    have 50 permanent employees. The
                                          On April 10, the San Joaquin Valley            of non-polluting, renewable energy         Plain is remote and difficult to access.
                                          Power Authority (SJVPA) and Pacific            they use, and maintain local control
                                          Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
                                                                                                              continued on page 8                          continued on page 9
                                          jointly filed a settlement agree-
                                          ment with the California Public
                                          Utilities Commission (CPUC). The
              Please recycle              agreement represents a proposed
                                          settlement of the complaint filed by
                                          the SJVPA in June 2007 regarding
                                          PG&E’s marketing conduct against
                                          SJVPA’s community choice aggre-                  CA 93401
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             soy-based inks               (CCA) allows California cities and                  PAID                                      .
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                                          counties to supply electricity to              U.S. POSTAGE                                  Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club
                                          their citizens, increase the amount           NONPROFIT ORG.                                                         Santa Lucian
                                                                                                                                     ant Lucian • an
                                                                                                                                    Santa Luc iJune 2008
                                                                                                                                     Andrew Christie
                                                                                                                                     EDITOR/LAYOUT sierraclub8@gmail.com
                                                                                                                                    Karen Merriam
                                                                                                                                    Cleve Nash
                                                                                                                                    Jack McCurdy
                                                                                                                                    EDITORIAL BOARD
                                                                                                                                    The Santa Lucian is published 10 times a
                                                                                                                                    year. Articles, environmental information
                                                                                                                                    and letters to the editor are welcome. The
                                                                                                                                    deadline for each issue is the 11th of the
                                                                                                                                    prior month.
                                                                                                                                    send to:
                                                                                                                                    Editor, Santa Lucian
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                                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 15755
                                                                                                                                    San Luis Obispo, CA 93406.

                                                                                                                                    Santa Lucia Chapter

                                                                                                                                    2008 Executive Committee
                                                                                                                                    Karen Merriam
                                                                                                                                    Jack Morrow
                                                                                                                                      VICE CHAIR      jlmorrow@earthlink.net
                                                                                                                                    Cal French
                                                                                                                                    John Ashbaugh         ccfrench@tcsn.net
                                                                                                                                     MEMBER Morrow
                                                                                                                                    Steven Marx
                                                                                                                                    Cleve Nash
                                                                                                                                    MEMBER                  ccnash@charter.net

                                                                                                                                    Judith Bernstein

                                                                                                                                    Cal French
                                                                                                                                    COUNCIL OF CLUB LEADERS

                                            I’d Rather Not Know That                                                                    The Executive Committee meets
                                            Denial is not just a river in Egypt, but   current rent control [emphasis                   the fourth Tuesday of every
                                                                                       added]. Read Proposition 98, Section             month at 3:30 p.m. at the chapter
                                            it does have several intriguing                                                             office, located at 547-B Marsh St.,
                                            tributaries. When it comes to envi-        6…and you will see that…everyone                 San Luis Obispo. All members
                                            ronmental issues, two or three of          now covered by rent controls is fully            are welcome to attend.
                                            these have been running high in our        protected.” But a perusal of Section 6
                                            neck of the woods recently, so what        revealed exactly how Prop 98 was
                                            say we hop in the kayak and shoot the      crafted to abolish all current and fu-
                                            rapids of treacherous logic? Hang on       ture rent control immediately, and           Committee Chairs
                                                                                       abolish rent control measures in ef-         Political
                                            tight!                                                                                   Chuck Tribbey
                                     2500                                              fect prior to January 1, 2007, as cur-       Conservation
                                                                                       rent tenants move away or die.                 Sue Harvey          lfsusan@tcsn.net
                                            1. I want to keep doing what I’m do-         Why would anyone cite supporting           Membership
                                            ing. It is hard to find an off-road        evidence that directly contradicts             Cal French
                                            afficionado who will ever admit to the     their position? Such is the power of         Acting Program Chair
                                            possibility of significant environmen-                                                    Letty French       lmfrench@tcsn.net
                                                                                       belief – including the belief that no        Litigation
                                            tal impacts from his chosen sport. “I      one will be able to see through your           Andy Greensfelder
                                            will give anyone a box of sand and a       clever argument.                             Nuclear Power Task Force
                                            hammer -- and $100 if they can cause         Which brings us to:                         Rochelle Becker    beckers@thegrid.net
                                            any damage!,” one local exponent of          3. I like big, shiny, simple solutions.    WaterTask Force
                                            the hobby wrote recently, dismissing       Paul Ehrlich, erstwhile Population             Jack Morrow
                                            the notion of the Oceano Dunes could       Bomb-er and developer of the sim-
                                            be anything other than a sand-cov-         plistic equation I=PAT — environ-            Other Leaders
  Change of Address?                        ered automotive playpen. The find-         mental Impacts equal Population
                                            ings of biologists that coastal dune                                                    Open Space
                                                                                       times Affluence times Technology —           Gary Felsman            805-473-3694
     Mail changes to:                       ecosystems are rare and fragile; the       was once a hero to the proponents of         Calendar Sales
                                            fact that vehicular destruction of veg-    taller fences and increased deporta-         Bonnie Walters          805-543-7051
      Sierra Club National Headquarters     etation at the Oceano-Nipomo com-                                                       Chapter History
      85 Second Street, 2nd Floor                                                      tion of undocumented workers as a
                                            plex has resulted in accelerated sand      population reduction measure, but he
                                                                                                                                    John Ashbaugh           805-541-6430
      San Francisco, CA 94105-3441          encroachment on the stream and
     or e-mail:                                                                        was disowned by the simple-shiny-            Activities
                                            wetlands ecosystem there; the deci-        solution- to-illegal-immigration co-
      address.changes@sierraclub.org                                                                                                Outings
                                            sion by SLO County and the Califor-        hort in 2004 because they are allergic       Gary Felsman            805-473-3694
                                            nia Coastal Commission to designate        to underlying causes and Ehrlich has         Canoe/Kayak
                                            portions of the Oceano Dunes –- in-        impermissibly deepened his analysis:          open
                                            cluding the County land currently          “What we want to do is develop a for-
                                            used as part of the riding area — as                                                    Webmaster
                                                                                       eign policy that reduces the need of         Monica Tarzier      mtarzier@sbcglobal.net
                                            especially sensitive natural areas that    other people to come here,” he said;
                                            must be set aside as buffers for habi-     “change our agricultural policy so           General Information
                                            tat protection… none of this makes         that farmers in poor countries, in-
                                            an impact on the rationale “I want to                                                   Santa Lucia Chapter
                                                                                       stead of having to send their children
     Visit us on                            keep doing it, therefore what I’m
                                            doing is not a problem.”
                                                                                       to the United States to get money,
                                                                                       would be able to thrive on their own.
                                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 15755
                                                                                                                                    San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

     the Web!                                 2. Pay no attention to that policy
                                            behind the curtain. The proponents
                                            of Proposition 98, seeking to amend
                                                                                       But, right now, our trade policies,
                                                                                       which are free trade for the rich and        Chapter Director
                                                                                                                                    Andrew Christie
                                                                                       high tariffs for the poor, are just hurt-
                                            the government’s eminent domain            ing the poor people of the world and         805-543-8717
                                            powers, were especially aggrieved by       forcing them to try and come and             santa.lucia.chapter@sierraclub.org
                                            the ballot argument mounted against        make a living in our country.” The
                                            their initiative by opponents (and by      Sierra Club agrees.
                                            the state Legislative Analysts Office in                                                Americorps Staff
w w w. s a n t a l u c i a .                simply summarizing what the mea-
                                            sure said) which pointed out that, in
                                                                                          The biggest benefactor of big sim-
                                                                                       ple solution syndrome today is the
                                                                                                                                    Development Coordinator
                                                                                                                                    Ken Smokoska
                                                                                       nuclear power lobby. When the Santa
sierraclub.org                              addition to being fake eminent do-
                                            main reform and gutting environ-
                                                                                       Lucian noted that it would require
                                                                                                                                    Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                                       the improbable construction of at
                                            mental laws protecting our air, water,     least 1,000 new nuclear power plants         Shaba Mohseni
                                            coastline and wildlife, the proposition                                                 shaba.sierraclub8@gmail.com
                                                                                       – with attendant impossible nuclear
                                            would wipe out low-income housing          waste storage challenges — to make
                                            by abolishing rent control. “Proposi-                                                   Office hours Monday-Friday,
                                                                                       any significant reduction in green
                                            tion 98,” its authors wrote carefully,                                                  11 a.m.- 5 p.m., 547-B Marsh
     Outings, events, and more!                                                        house gas emissions, a reader wrote
                                            “will never cause renters who now                                                       Street, San Luis Obispo
                                            have their rents limited to lose their
                                                                                                              continued on page 5   Printed by University Graphic Systems
Santa Lucian • June 2008                                                                                                                                                                                      3

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tom Schweich

Help deflect a sand &
gravel sandbagging

  San Luis Obispo County must
weigh and mitigate the impacts of
removing massive amounts of sand
and gravel fromthe bed of the Salinas
River in the San Miguel area.
   There are six applications going
through the Planning Department
that could permit a total of 492,000
cubic yards of material annually,
including current permitted mines in
                                                       The Salinas in Monterey County -- which SLO County did not bother to inform of its massive river mining plans.
that area.
  County Planning was seeking to                                                                                TAKE ACTION
approve the applications individually                  prepared. The applicants are now
with Negative Declarations — i.e.                      looking at a choice between separate                      Please write, call or send him an e-             to pressure from County officials or
statements that the projects will have                 EIR’s for each project, or one EIR                     mail of support and thanks to William               the project applicants.
no environmental impacts! The only                     analyzing the cumulative impacts of                    E. Louderrmilk at Fish and Game. A                    Send your message of thanks to:
thing that stopped this from steam-                    all the projects. The first permit                     simple thank-you and support for the
rolling straight through at the May 8                  hearing has been continued to an                       Department’s comments is sufficient.                  William E. Loudermilk
meeting of the Planning Commission                     October Planning Commission                            It is very important to thank the                     Regional Manager
was a letter from the California                       meeting.                                               Department for requiring a full                       California Deptt of Fish and Game
Department of Fish and Game stating                       The applicants and the County                       Environmental Impact Report on                        1234 East Shaw Avenue
that upon the agency’s review of the                   don’t like either of those choices, and                Salinas River sand and gravel mining                  Fresno, CA 93710
Pankey Sand Mine application, they                     the pressure is on DFG to change its                   operations in San Luis Obispo                         559 243-4005
had concluded that the a full Envi-                    mind and let the projects go through                   County. Encourage them to continue                    Fax: (559) 243-4022
ronmental Impact Report should be                      as-is.                                                 to stand by the science and not yield                 WLouderm@dfg.ca.gov

New Voices, New Stories: Sierra
Club 2008 Convention, Jun. 21-22
By Colleen Flannery, Sierra Club California Outreach Coordinator

Sierra Club California turns a re-                     doesn’t. That’s why our 21st birthday                  leaders to the club, and on cultivating             woods, or watched a spiral of water
spectable 21 years old this year —                     party will include an effort to bring                  the next generation of young mem-                   shimmy past the paddle of your
and you’re invited to celebrate.                       “new voices” to our membership.                        bers.                                               kayak? Sadly, today’s kids are more
  The Sierra Club California Conven-                     You’ll hear from Jon Schwedler,                        Were you just finding your own                    likely to be indoors, hearing elec-
tion takes place June 21-22 at Rancho                  organizer for the “Sierra Sportsmen,”                  voice at 21? All across California,                 tronic noise or watching a digital
El Chorro in San Luis Obispo. Watch                    who’s trying to bring nontraditional                   many voices make up the Sierra Club.                screen. It’s what Richard Louv, in his
Sierra Club California’s website,                      allies to the Club. We’re also pleased                 While we speak as one club, everyone                landmark Last Child in the Woods,
www.sierraclubcalifornia.org, for de-                  to welcome Paul Okamoto, a San                         has their own reason for joining.                   calls “Nature Deficit Disorder.”
tails.                                                 Francisco architect with Okamoto-                        If you’d like to do so, you can share               You’ll learn more about these ef-
  Seasoned conventioneers will be                      Saijo Architecture. Since the building                 your own “Sierra Club Story,” that                  forts – and how you can help – at the
pleasantly surprised by the delicious                  sector contributes to about 30 per-                    will become an asset to the club and                convention. Keep tracking
menu and drawn in by engaging pro-                     cent of the greenhouse gas emissions                   an important reminder of why we’re                  www.sierraclubcalifornia.org for
grams and entertainment.                               via the energy it uses, building de-                   all here. Come prepared to be inter-                information.
  Did you think that you had every-                    signers have a real impact on our                      viewed by a Sierra Club California
thing figured out when you turned                      contribution to global warming.                        representative who wants to hear                    Painting of the Month
21? Sierra Club California sure                          We’ll also focus on bringing new                     about your unique commitment to
                                                                                                              our natural resources.
                                                                                                                Our delegates rank among our most
                                                            Charles Webber © California Academy of Sciences
                                                                                                              committed environmentalists, and we
                                                                                                              want to share their stories.
                                                                                                                Of course, we’ll have plenty of busi-
                                                                                                              ness to attend to as well. Sierra Club
                                                                                                              California will give all of its members
                                                                                                              an update on the important battles
                                                                                                              we’re fighting at the state Capitol on
                                                                                                              your behalf. California truly is birth-
                                                                                                              ing a new green age, and like most
                                                                                                              births, it’s a painful process.
                                                                                                                Your Sacramento representatives
                                                                                                              will do their best this year to protect
                                                                                                              the Global Warming Solutions Act,
                                                                                                              AB 32, from attack. Republican law-
                                                                                                              makers and some California indus-
                                                                                                              tries want to delay this important law,
                                                                                                              which will reduce greenhouse gas
                                                                                                              emissions by billions of metric tons.
                                                                                                                Sierra Club California also will con-             Susan McKee’s acrylic & collage “Visitors to
                                                                                                              tinue to sponsor a measure that will                Shanghai” is the latest canvas to grace the walls of
                                                                                                                                                                  Chapter HQ in downtown SLO, courtesy of the San
                                                                                                              bring more children into our natural                Luis Artists’ Collective. All the paintings on loan
Sierra Club camping event, circa early 20th century.                                                          places. Do you remember the first                   from the Artists’ Collective can be viewed during
                                                                                                              time you heard an owl hoot in the                   Sierra Club office hours, M-F, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
4                                                                                                                                       Santa Lucian • June 2008

240,00 Acres of Tejon
Sierra Club Makes History
                                                                                                                Tejon Ranch Co.   percent of the Ranch almost entirely
                                                                                                                                  as one contiguous habitat. The
                                                                                                                                  preserved lands will consist of
                                                                                                                                  conservation easements in donated
                                                                                                                                  and purchased areas totaling 240,000
                                                                                                                                  acres –seven times the size of San
                                                                                                                                  Francisco. These conservation
                                                                                                                                  easements mean that we have
                                                                                                                                  removed forever the possibility of
                                                                                                                                  development on those lands.
                                                                                                                                     There are two components to the
                                                                                                                                  easements. First, the Ranch will
                                                                                                                                  dedicate without cost 178,000 acres
                                                                                                                                  for conservation. In addition, through
                                                                                                                                  the state bond fund, and based on a
                                                                                                                                  fair market price determined by state
                                                                                                                                  appraisal, conservation easements
                                                                                                                                  will be purchased for five potential
                                                                                                                                  development areas on the ranch
                                                                                                                                  totaling 62,000 acres. From the
                                                                                                                                  governor down, state officials have
                                                                                                                                  assured the Sierra Club and its
                                                                                                                                  partners that the purchase of ease-
                                                                                                                                  ments on Tejon Ranch will be a top
                                                                                                                                     Eventually, when the state budget
                                                                                                                                  allows, approximately 50,000 acres of
                                                                                                                                  the conserved lands will be acquired
                                                                                                                                  in fee by the state.
                                                                                                                                     The agreement establishes a
                                                                                                                                  conservancy with a board of 12
                                                                                                                                  directors (Four of the directors will
by Elizabeth Saas, Editor, Southern Sierran - Angeles Chapter                                                                     be members of the environmental
                                                                                        adobe lily, Bakersfield cactus, Valley    groups party to the agreement; four
On May 8, the Sierra Club and four           intersection of the Sierra Nevadas,
                                                                                        elderberry longhorn beetle and            will be from the Ranch. These eight
other leading environmental organi-          the coastal range, the San Joaquin
                                                                                        Tehachapi slender salamander.             will choose the remaining four.) The
zations announced a historic land            Valley, and the Mojave Desert. Tejon
                                                                                        Scientists who have worked on             conservancy will own the easements,
conservation agreement with the              Ranch offers a quintessentially Cali-
                                                                                        condor recovery for decades have          enabling it to manage, restore and
Tejon Ranch Company.                         fornian experience of nature. “In one
                                                                                        reviewed the development and found        enhance native diversity on the land
  “The Sierra Club’s Tejon-Tehachapi         day, a visitor can see fields of poppies
                                                                                        it to be consistent with the bird’s       protected through the easements.
Park Task Force has worked toward            in the Antelope Valley, travel through
                                                                                        recovery, particularly given the large    Ongoing Ranch activities on the
the protection of the unique and             a Joshua tree forest, roam ridgetops
                                                                                        scale of permanent habitat protection     conserved lands will be subject to a
critically important ecological              of white fir and cedar incense,
                                                                                        won through the agreement.                Ranch management plan developed
treasures at Tejon,” said Task Force         descend through oak woodlands and
                                                                                           The agreement marked the culmi-        by the Conservancy.
Chair Katherine Squires. “This his-          cross a vast plain with views to
                                                                                        nation of twenty months of negotia-          In exchange, Sierra Club, the
toric agreement achieves that pro-           distant peaks at the western edge of
                                                                                        tions with the Tejon Ranch Company.       Natural Resources Defense Council,
tection. I just think this is extraordi-     the Central Valley,” said Bill Corco-
                                                                                        “These were very difficult negotia-       (NRDC), Audubon California, the
nary.”                                       ran, who joined Dodson in the
                                                                                        tions,” said Dodson. “An outstanding      Planning and Conservation League,
  The agreement protects ninety              negotiations as Sierra Club’s Senior
                                                                                        team of some of the state’s best land     and the Endangered Habitats League
percent of the 270,000-acre ranch in         Regional Representative.
                                                                                        use, real estate and environmental        agreed not to oppose the proposed
perpetuity. Tejon Ranch is “the                The agreement safeguards the
                                                                                        law attorneys as well as locally          developments on the remaining ten
largest contiguous private property          enjoyment of this unique combina-
                                                                                        knowledgeable scientists worked with      percent of the Ranch. “Not opposing
remaining in California and the              tion of Californian environments
                                                                                        the conservation organizations to         the developments was a very difficult
keystone for southern California’s           forever, and will also preserve habitat
                                                                                        achieve this agreement.”                  decision for the Club, said Corcoran.
natural legacy,” says Sierra Club            for threatened and endangered
                                                                                           The crucial achievement of the         “It was agreed to in this specific
leader Jim Dodson, who represented           species on the Ranch, including
                                                                                        negotiations was Tejon Ranch              instance because of the once-in-a-
the Sierra Club in the negotiations.         California condor, San Joaquin kit
   Vast in size, Tejon Ranch is equally      fox, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, San       Company’s agreement to maintain
vast in its biodiversity, as it marks the    Joaquin antelope squirrel, striped         the ecological integrity of ninety                               continued on page 9

A “Full Service” Weekend
By Letty French

We call them “service” trips, usually        saws and attacked the tree-sized             Mike took us up in the Alabama          was filled with birds: thousands of
because participants are serving the         plants, while others took loppers and      Hills, where the wildflowers bloomed      avocets, a few stilts, scoters, wimbrils,
environment in some beneficial way.          handsaws to use upon the smaller           profusely. Scarlet locoweed and In-       curlews, yellowlegs, and other water-
Our recent trip to the Owens Valley to       plants. Jackie and Jackie did most of      dian paintbrush competed with yel-        fowl. Small brown birds hung out
bash tamarisk certainly provided an          the pulling of the cut brush off to-       low desert dandelions and phacelia        among the saltgrass; savannah spar-
unusual service: Invasive tamarisk           wards the grassy areas. Evidence of        for most colorful. Little brown-eyed      rows and others. Gulls swarmed in
removal.                                     cattle (cow pies) was everywhere, but      evening primrose hid among the            some areas, including a Franklin gull.
  Spring was breaking out all over the       the plan was that the cattle disliked      sagebrush. A newly made trail led to      The morning passed rapidly, and at
valley; lots of flowers and lots of birds.   the loose brush and would avoid the        two nice natural arches overlooking a     lunch time we headed back to camp.
Our group of nine met Mike Prather           brush-covered grass. Mike furnished        lot of the Movie Flat area. Mike en-         One last service was in order. Two of
at Diaz Lake near Lone Pine early            most of the tools and he also brought      couraged us to visit the Movie Mu-        our co-workers and friends had all
Saturday morning. After looking for          the Garlon to spray on the cut stubs.      seum which records many of the mo-        the paperwork done to get married,
waterfowl on the lake and yellow-            This herbicide is specific for tamarisk,   tion pictures filmed here. Then we        but needed someone to do the hon-
headed blackbirds among the rushes,          but must be applied within 15 min-         returned to Diaz Lake campground          ors. . Mike is an amazingly versatile
we carpooled down to the Northwest           utes after a plant is cut. He and I both   for dinner and early to bed.              person: he could do it. So, on a beau-
Seep area. We had worked there last          followed the others, using spray             Sunday was again warm and beauti-       tiful spring day, there at a picnic table
year, but some of the bashed bushes          bottles to apply the Garlon very spe-      ful. We drove around to Keeler and        at the base of the snowy Sierra Ne-
were waving their feathery leaves at         cifically. We took a lunch break and       entered the lakebed where LA Dept of      vada range, he pronounced them
us. Drat, that tamarisk is tough.            had demolished the last of the patch       Water and Power is doing their huge       husband and wife. Really a “full ser-
  Cal and Tony got out their chain           before 2 o’clock. Hooray!                  rewatering project. The shallow water     vice” trip.
Santa Lucian • June 2008                                                                                                                                              5

Smart Growth or Dumb Development?
You can help make the choice on July 15
by Eric Greening

In the January Santa Lucian, I wrote       raising the replacement
an article that left the readers to help   road money from
determine if smart growth in this          bonded indebtedness
county would actually mean some-           (Proposition 1B, to be
thing or only be a matter of lip ser-      paid, with compound
vice (www.santalucia.sierraclub.org/       interest, over the next
lucian/2008/Jan08.pdf). Now, we can        30 years, by today’s
no longer take even lip service for        young people), the
granted; we must struggle first for        rapid escalation of
the bare survival of the policies, and     those costs will soon
then for the implementation that will      overwhelm even that
actually move forward.                     huge effort at denial.
   When the Board of Supervisors           According to a recent
received the Planning Commission’s         report by the Council
recommended implementing lan-              of Governments, the
guage for Smart Growth policies,           cost of the major high-
they also faced a seething crowd,          way projects in this
many of whose members claimed to           county has inflated by
have been given inadequate notice          131% over barely three
that the Board was about to cram           years, driven by surges
these policies down their throats.         in the cost of energy,
Given that the Board had adopted the       asphalt, and steel.
policies two years ago at a fully no-         An additional cost of
ticed public hearing, and that the         sprawl is now receiving considerable
Planning Commission had held no            attention. Both state legislation (SB      I’d Rather Not
                                                                                      continued from page 2
fewer than six well-noticed public         865) and our Central Coast Regional
hearings as they created the imple-        Water Quality Control Board (revi-         to let us know that he considered            being. The ANR and the Santa Lucia
mentations they were recommending          sions to Basin Plan Criteria for onsite    nuclear power essential to counteract        Chapter have brought to the CEC’s
to the Board, it is hard to see how        wastewater systems) are forcing users      global warming and stated his opin-          attention existing studies that they
smart growth opponents could per-          of septic tanks to confront the true       ion that the “1,000 new reactors”            need to take into account in weighing
ceive an element of surprise (many of      long-term costs of depending on such       statistic was “fallacious.” The statistic    the full cost of nukes versus alterna-
the smart growth opponents were            systems. It behooves jurisdictions         comes from a 2003 MIT study. It was          tives. Those studies include “Energy
familiar POPR faces from the Cayucos       with land use authority (cities and        a stat our correspondent disliked.           Innovations: A Prosperous Path to a
viewshed debacle), but at that Board       counties) throughout the Central              Nuclear power emits less carbon           Clean Environment” by the Union of
hearing not only the implementa-           Coast region to halt, or at least          than burning coal and oil – the min-         Concerned Scientists, and “Carbon-
tions but the policies themselves were     greatly slow, the creation of new de-      ing-to-decommissioning fuel chain            Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap
attacked. Although there were also         velopment that would depend on             puts it about on a par with natural          for U.S. Energy Policy,” published in
smart growth supporters in the             septic systems.                            gas. Therefore, per the nuclear              2007 by the Nuclear Policy Research
crowd, the overall tone of the meet-          Even if owners of septic tanks          lobby’s p.r. efforts, we should embrace      Institute and the Institute for Energy
ing led the Board to postpone action       could handle the considerable costs        nukes as the solution to global warm-        and Environmental Research.
until July 15.                             that come with the new require-            ing. But new nukes cost too much,               Grover Beach resident Rochelle
   It is not clear how the choices will    ments, the increased rates of septic       take too long, and reduce emissions          Becker, ANR co-founder and vice-
be framed on July 15, but it is abun-      tank pumping contained in these new        too little to be the answer to global        chair of the Sierra Club’s Nuclear
dantly clear that if there is a “great     requirements will create an overflow       warming. And they drain funds away           Power Task Force, has little doubt as
silent majority” that believes that the    of septage beyond the capacity of          from conservation, energy efficiency         to the outcome of the CEC study,
smart growth principles need to be         wastewater plants to deal with, unless     technology, distributed, renewable           provided that it is A) fair and B) com-
retained in letter and implemented in      new ones are built (do you want one        sources of electricity and combined          prehensive. “The future of nuclear
practice, such a majority needs to         in your neighborhood?) or new              heat & power, which beat nukes on            power as an economically viable en-
attend this hearing in great numbers       solutions are applied to the problem.      all the above counts and therefore           ergy source just isn’t there,” she says.
and change the tone of the discus-         And this is true even if further septic-   really are the solution, but they don’t      “All the costs of nuclear are going up,
sion.                                      tank-dependent development is              look like one big, shiny, simple solu-       and the costs of clean, renewable en-
   Most of these principles are simply     halted—even moreso if such develop-        tion, and they do not make as much           ergy are coming down.”
about facing reality. As an economy        ment continues or accelerates.             money for investor-owned utilities              The wealth of data in these studies
based on cheap oil must either               For those who can’t attend a day-        invested in nuclear power plants.            make the conclusion unavoidable. It
crumble or be reinvented, we can no        time hearing on July 15 (we won’t             That’s why the nuclear snake-oil          may be unwanted information for
longer afford to fragment rural lands      know what time of day until about          salesmen have been able to make              those who don’t want to know what
for sprawling development. If sprawl-      July 9), be sure to contact your           some headway with their multi-mil-           they don’t know, but if they do some
ing development and long commutes          Supervisor in advance and make your        lion dollar p.r. blitz. But in California,   reading outside their “we need
require the construction or widening       wishes known. If you can attend,           they are up against a study by the           nukes” comfort zone, they might
of many miles of road, a huge bill will    let’s be the change we want to see in      California Energy Commission, now            learn that you can’t have too much
fall to someone to pay. Although the       the world, and arrive on foot, by          underway, on the costs, benefits and         information.
present administration in Sacra-           bicycle, by carpool and by bus! But        risks of continuing to rely on nuclear          And then they might turn some
mento has managed to partially shel-       most important, let’s be there in          power for a portion of our state’s elec-     useful outrage against those who
ter drivers from the cost of roads by      numbers to show our support for            tricity generation. The Alliance for         have been fibbing to us in so many
chopping the vehicle license fees and      reality-based decision making!             Nuclear Responsibility, home-grown           ways for so long for the benefit of
                                                                                      here in SLO, can take a lot of the           their industry, and at the expense of
                                                                                      credit for bringing that study into          the public welfare and the planet.
6                                                                                                                                   Santa Lucian • June 2008

Taking Issue
 problematic environmental coverage & commentary in our local media

“Lawmakers portray nuclear as the key part of future U.S. energy,” by David Whitney, The Tribune, April 24, 2008

Summary: It’s full speed ahead for lots more nuclear power plants everywhere, with only
minor issuses to be resolved. Everyone at this Congressional hearing, including a senior scientist
at the Natural Resources Defense Council, is on board...unless you take a closer look.

                                                                              “Nuclear power is in the mix,” said Thomas           This quote is so far out of context, it
                                                                              Cochran, a senior nuclear scientist at the           is questionable whether the reporter
                                                                              Natural Resources Defense Council. “It’s a           attended the hearings or read the
                                                                              mature industry. When it can compete, we             statements of those he quoted. Dr.
                                                                              should let it. The problem is that new               Cochran said far more than just that
                                                                              nuclear plants are not economic.”                    nuclear plants are not economic, and
                                                                                                                                   the missing pieces are revealing both
                                                                              of industry and media bias. When told of this article, Dr. Cochran said of the reporter,
                                                                              “He did not read my written statement.”
                                                                                 In his Summary of Recommendations, Dr. Cochran wrote: “Stop subsidizing the
                                                                              construction of new nuclear power plants, and reject further subsidies for new nuclear
                                                                              plants in climate mitigation legislation. The economically inefficient way to mitigate
                                                                              climate change is to continue to subsidize new nuclear power plants. This will penalize
                                                                              and slow investment in improved energy efficiency and energy supply technologies that
                                                                              can mitigate climate change in less time, with less cost and risk.” Under the heading
                                                                              “Why Congress should cease subsidizing the construction of new nuclear power plants,”
                                                                              Dr. Cochran wrote: “Given their high capital costs, and all the other non-carbon
                                                                              environmental liabilities and risks that attend reliance on the nuclear fuel cycle, new
                                                                              nuclear plants are obviously not the first, second, or even third option this body should
                                                                              turn to stem the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Put bluntly, anyone or
                                                                              any organization pushing for more taxpayer-funded largesse for nuclear power plants in
                                                                              a climate bill is either seeking inappropriate windfalls for their clients, or is pursuing a
                                                                              poison pill strategy to protect carbon polluters by trying to kill the bill.”

                                                                                  James Asseltine, a former              Dr. Cochran was not the only person
                                                                                  managing director of Lehman            quoted out of context in the article.
                                                                                  Bros. concentrating on the             Aside from the fact that this state-
                                                                                  electricity business, predicted        ment is unsubstantiated, it is also
                                                                                  that the cost of new nuclear           misleading. Mr. Asselstine in his tes-
                                                                                  plants “will be in line with coal      timony stated over and over that
                                                                                  generation.”                           subsidies totaling tens of billions of
                                                                                                                         dollars today and more in the future
                                                                                                                         would be needed to ensure the
                                                                                                                         nuclear industry’s success. Those
                                                                              wishing to seek out the facts on their own can read his full testimony at:

The nuclear industry has plenty of our ratepayer and taxpayer dollars with which to influence
the public without reporters going out of their way to misrepresent the words of those who
question the wisdom of continuing down a radioactive path.

“Let bygones be bygones in Mitchell Park,” editorial opinion of the Tribune, May 9, 2008

Summary: SLO Mayor Dave Romero and councilmen Paul Brown and Andrew Carter disregarded three advisory
bodies and the overwhelming majority of public testimony in order to junk a planned community garden and put in ten
parking spaces for the Senior Center @ $19,500 per space. The Tribune’s take: Get over it, and don’t make a political
issue out of the Council’s vote. We can’t improve on the public responses, as posted to
the Tribune’s website:                                                                          Do not, we repeat, do
                                                                                                not inflate parking into a
Wrong, wrong, wrong decision. Carter, Romero and Brown made a serious error in
                                                                                                major issue in the
judgement. An overwhelming majority spoke against this decision to ignore the Master
                                                                                                upcoming council
Plan and put in a parking lot instead of a garden. Three advisory bodies voted against it
(Architectural Revew, Cultural Heritage, and Parks & Recreation Commissions), Obispo
Beautiful voted against it. Most of us who were there are permanent residents - not Cal
Poly students as one of the posters here continues to insist, despite the facts (though I for one am glad to have their
involvement). No one at all spoke against seniors. Many of those speaking against the parking lot were seniors
themselves. - chickadee

Let me understand this. More than 5-1 in the audience were against the parking spaces. 3 Advisory Bodies voted against
the parking spaces. There is a probability that a new Senior Center at another location is in the master plan. And yet, a
3-2 majority voted to support paving a parking lot. Hmmm....what is wrong with this picture? Well, I hope the voting
citizens of San Luis Obispo show how they truly feel during the elections - where their voice will matter. -caringcitizen

There were lots of other ways proposed, by staff and citizens alike, that would also “help” the issue - but these seemed to
fall on stubbornly deaf ears. Real solutions require leadership: a cooperative and responsive Mayor, and council mem-
bers that will do some critical thinking instead of just bemoaning this “difficult” decision in an election year. ... I trust
many voters will see through this charade in November. The council’s individual comments were so illustrative and I
urge everyone to review the transcripts or videos of the meeting. These are our elected officials: we should expect a little more than “honor
thy elders” as a reason to reject the recommendations of three advisory boards and overturn the Master Plan of a beloved park. -Ellyn

At a moment when food security is becoming one of the world’s most critical issues and “buy/consume locally” the watchword of the day, the City Council opted
for more pavement over a community garden. The Tribune and the majority of the SLO City Council failed to grasp what was at stake in the Mitchell Park issue,
and the necessity of having a vision for the future of one’s city beyond “pave it all and let God sort it out.” They also don’t seem to grasp the meaning of the
phrase “the will of the people.” Come November, voters have every right to remind those who ignored it just what that principle means.
Santa Lucian • June 2008                                                                                                                                           7

Cambria’s Water Plan is All Wet
Deficient analysis spells unfettered growth and serious harm to marine environment

It should come as no surprise to any-       space – The Cambria Land Trust,           for landscaping and irrigation would,      derstated.”
one who’s been following the desal          Surfrider Foundation, the Desal Re-       conservatively, reduce by 15 percent          In trying to make the case for desal
follies of the Cambria Community            sponse Group of Environment NOW           the water drawn from the aquifer.          without fully assessing its
Services District that the recently         and the Sierra Club have submitted             No semblance of objectivity in        environmental impacts, the CCSD
issued Environmental Impact Report          comments on the Water Master Plan         scoring possible long-term water           repeatedly runs afoul of the legal re-
for the Cambria Water Master Plan is        that pointed out the foregoing, as        supply strategies, with desal jiggered     quirements of the California Environ-
virtually all about the District’s deter-   well as the following imminent viola-     to come out on top despite the fact        mental Quality Act throughout the
mination to build a desal plant and is      tions of the California Environmental     that local, smaller scale, less expen-     Water Plan’s Draft Environmental
filled with confidence in its ability to    Quality Act contained in the Master       sive, easier-to-permit projects could      Impact Report. The Final EIR needs
do so, despite the evidence.                Plan’s Draft EIR:                         provide additional water for both resi-    to address and correct all of the seri-
   In January 2007, the Cambria Com-             No evaluation of the cumulative      dents and groundwater supply if de-        ous deficiencies noted above, and take
munity Services District tried to get       impacts of the project’s contribution     signed appropriately.                      a very close look at the “quality of
approval from the California Coastal        to increased traffic, population, urban     We pointed out the numerous pub-         life” bonus.
Commission to construct test
wells for a desalination plant. As it
became obvious in the course of the
hearing that the Commission was
                                                                                                                                 And Then
going to deny the permit due to its
failure to conform with the California                                                                                           There’s the
Coastal Act, the CCSD managed to
snatch it off the table with a promise                                                                                           Mercury...
to come back with a new, improved
project in a few months. They came                                                                                               Nine years ago, the Central Coast
back, the project was still found to be                                                                                          Regional Water Quality Control Board
in violation of the Coastal Act, and                                                                                             released the report “Inactive Metal
the Coastal Commission denied the                                                                                                Mines in Four San Luis Obispo
permit. Going down for the third                                                                                                 County Watersheds: Surface Water
time, the CCSD asked for a reconsid-                                                                                             Quality Impacts and Remedial Op-
eration of the Coastal Commission’s                                                                                              tions.” Several of the operations listed
denial on grounds of insufficient in-                                                                                            were mercury mines that discharged
formation: The District had chosen                                                                                               into Santa Rosa and San Simeon
not to mention the nature of the con-                                                                                            creeks for decades.
nection between the test wells and                                                                                                  David Schwartzbart of the regional
the desalination plant that would be                                                                                             board agrees that “common sense
built if the well data showed that a                                                                                             and natural processes” would indicate
desal plant would be feasible. (“Frag-                                                                                           that there may be legacy mercury-
menting” a proposed project masks                                                                                                tainted deposits of sediment at the
its impacts or makes them appear less                                                                                            mouth of San Simeon Creek and
significant.) They failed again.                                                                                                 where the creek mouth has changed
   When reading the Master Plan EIR,                                                                                             over the years of active mining, as
three things quickly become clear: 1)                                                                                            well as down-current.
As with the ill-fated beach wells                                                                                                   Might the establishment of desal
project, the CCSD is once again at-                                                                                              pumping or test well sites disturb
tempting to gain project approval                                                                                                buried deposits of mercury contami-
without submitting the details of the                                                                                            nant at the nearshore base of the food
project for review, 2) the Cambria                                                                                               chain? Might source water obtained
CSD has done a great job of convinc-                                                                                             from any such site in a desalination
ing everyone that it needs to build a                                                                                            operation that pulls water through
desalination plant, and 3) Cambria                                                                                               sand into beach wells disturb and/or
doesn’t really need to build a desali-                                                                                           carry legacy mercury?
nation plant.                                                                                                                       The Water Board is not listed as a
   Here’s why: The state and national                                                                                            consulting agency for the Cambria
average for water consumption is 95-                                                                                             Water Master Plan EIR, which refers
100 gallons per capita per day;                                                                                                  to this subject exactly once, in the
Cambria’s is 90 gpcd. The Master Plan                                                                                            section on Geology and Soils, where
proposes that this be increased to a                                                                                             it simply notes that “there are a num-
massively unsustainable 135 gpcd,                                                                                                ber of abandoned mines near
                                            footprint, air pollution, demands on      lic sources for funding of water recy-
based on a concept, never defined,                                                                                               Cambria,” and that the mines that
                                            public services, etc. Impacts are con-    cling and conservation programs that
that the draft EIR refers to as a “qual-                                                                                         produced mercury were abandoned in
                                            sidered only within separate catego-      the draft EIR omitted, thereby mak-
ity of life” bonus. This apparently                                                                                              1992.
                                            ries — Land Use, Biological Re-           ing it appear that public funding of a
entitles one to 50 percent more water                                                                                               On the implications of this for hu-
                                            sources, Water Resources, etc. –          desal plant is virtually a sure thing by
per year than what would be calcu-                                                                                               man health and the marine environ-
                                            minus the legally required evaluation     comparison.
lated otherwise from the baseline set                                                                                            ment, the Cambria Community Ser-
                                            of the impacts of, say, a change in         We have little confidence that
in 2000 by the Coastal Commission                                                                                                vice District’s plan to build a desal
                                            land use on biological and/or water       Cambria’s growth will stop at 4,650
for limiting diversions from Santa                                                                                               plant near the mouth of San Simeon
                                            resources.                                connections given that the desalina-
Rosa and San Simeon Creeks. With-                                                                                                Creek is silent.

When the average Californian uses 95 gallons
per capita per day, is it appropriate to sacrifice
any public resource or endure any impact so
that the people of Cambria can have 135 gpcd?
out this “bonus,” Cambria’s future               No description or analysis of        tion plant would be operating at
water needs can be met by water rec-        changes the project will bring (i.e.      approximately 50 percent capacity
lamation and recycling, conservation        864 new water connections and             (about half the year) and will be
and local storage. (This conclusion         homes built).                             built in a modular fashion so that
requires updating the CCSD’s                                                          it can be easily enlarged.
baseline water supply figures from                No numeric targets for easily
                                                                                         We concluded: “The project de-
the ones used in the EIR to reflect the     achievable reductions in indoor water
                                                                                      scription overrates desalination
fact that, after the baseline was estab-    use or requirement for natural land-
                                                                                      and underrates living within local
lished, Cambria gained access to wa-        scaping, which would require no fer-
                                                                                      means through local solutions,
ter from retired ag irrigation rights in    tilizer and no additional water.
                                                                                      water recycling and conservation.
both its water basins.)                           No acknowledgment that replac-      The growth-inducing aspects of
   The Otter Project, ECOSLO, Green-        ing potable water with recycled water     the desalination proposal are un-
8                                                                                                                                      Santa Lucian • June 2008

Carrizo                                     PG&E vs. CCA
continued from page 1                       continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                 rectly with the councils and boards of
Plain National Monument. Its north-         of electric rates, taking rate-setting                                               participating cities and counties.
ern half is an admixture of two and a       out of the hands of investor-owned                                                     “Without the interim code of con-
half acre ranchettes, productive farm-      utilities. Public utilities nationwide                                               duct that the settlement provides,
land, and large ranches and range-          have been able to offer rates up to 20                                               PG&E would be able to use its inher-
land. On this plain, loneliness and         percent lower than investor-owned                                                    ent advantages as a monopoly utility
death mix with opportunity and hope.        utilities. All CCA decisions are ac-                                                 to unfairly market against the SJVPA
  In the southern, Monument-half of         countable to local customers.                                                        without properly identifying that its
the plain a new but all-too-familiar          “The settlement agreement is in the                                                strategy is one of serving its share-
Ozymandias has come again. Vintage          best interest for the customers that                                                 holders,” said Haglund. “Without the
Petroleum, a subsidiary of Occidental,      we seek to serve and the communities                                                 agreement, PG&E’s activities would
wants to see if it can find oil and gas     that we represent,” stated SJVPA                                                     continue to disrupt the implementa-
in the 30,000 acres of sub-surface          Chair Tom Haglund. “It acknowledges                                                  tion of the SJVPA program. It gives
mineral rights it retained during the       that PG&E has changed its position                                                   the SJVPA the ability to move forward
purchases of old ranches by the Na-         from neutrality to one of opposition                                                 with bringing the benefits of Commu-
ture Conservancy, lands that now            and therefore establishes rules of                                                   nity Choice to customers and other
form part of the national monument.         conduct that must be followed as we                                                  cities and counties.”
Vintage has notified the Bureau of          move forward.”                             shareholders, not PG&E’s customers.          The agreement between SJVPA and
Land Management (BLM) that it                 Key features of the settlement:          SJVPA also agreed to provide a dis-       PG&E will likely have carryover effect
wants to test, to thump and pound                                                      claimer noting that the services pro-     to other cities and counties that are
with mechanical rabbits and to ex-          ·   PG&E agrees that it will provide       vided by SJVPA are provided by            working on implementing commu-
plode underground charges. The              functional separation between its          SJVPA, not its participating cities and   nity choice aggregation. The SJVPA is
feedback, recorded on sophisticated,        marketing activities and its utility       counties.                                 aware of efforts by PG&E to market
state-of the-art screens and strips of      activities. Separation of activities       ·  PG&E acknowledges that partici-        against other programs in Marin
paper, could trigger the growth of an       addresses a key concern raised by          pating cities and counties have trans-    County and the City and County of
iron forest of drilling rigs and pumps      SJVPA, that PG&E’s use of its status       ferred to SJVPA their respective          San Francisco.
within a few miles of those ancient         as the incumbent, monopoly utility         rights to serve customers, and that          This is an interim settlement. The
symbols hand painted long ago on            has caused customer confusion and          SJVPA’s board of directors is respon-     CPUC may develop overall marketing
rock.                                       unfairly thwarted competition. PG&E        sible for governing the Community         standards for community choice ag-
  The Vintage proposal, based on cer-       will provide an explicit disclaimer        Choice program. PG&E agrees to            gregation at a later rulemaking pro-
tain concepts of law, clashes with the      stating, among other things, that          make good faith efforts to address        cedure, and neither SJVPA nor PG&E
monument-creating presidential              PG&E’s shareholders are paying for         concerns regarding the Community          is precluded from participating in the
proclamation, which was based on            its marketing activities and that such     Choice program directly with SJVPA’s      development of those marketing stan-
other concepts of law. Within this          activities reflect the views of PG&E’s     board of directors, instead of indi-      dards.
legal thicket, a fight to protect the
monument might be fought. The
BLM has an obligation to protect
what are called the “objects” on the
monument: the threatened and
endangered animals and plants, the
Native American sites, the vistas,
and other “objects.” The Wilderness
Society (TWS), which has been the
leading national environmental
organization speaking on behalf of
protecting the basic values of the
monument, is challenging this pro-
posed exploration. Joined by the
Sierra Club, the Natural Resources
Defense Council and the local Los
Padres Forest Watch, TWS says that,         was created for. This will be part of      putes and unhappiness with neigh-         all the electricity from the projects is
according to the National Environ-          the National Landscape Conservation        bors and with the county.                 debatable. Meanwhile, desert activists
mental Protection Act, an Environ-          System. The trunkless legs of iron            To the north of this community         and others are questioning this entire
mental Impact Statement (EIS) needs         will remain. The well-heads will be        and Highway 58 (the Carissa High-         push for solar in remote areas, won-
to be prepared for the oil testing pro-     empty. Across this landscape lie aban-     way) are large holdings that extend       dering if projects such as Southern
gram because of “context” (society as       doned and dented grain storage             for miles north, east and west. These     California Edison’s solar roofing of
a whole), “intensity” (severity of the      tanks, empty barns and farmhouses,         ranches all have a long history. Fol-     warehouses in San Bernardino and
impact), and “unique characteristics”       and wrecks of combines, all testa-         lowing the end of the Spanish mis-        Riverside counties could generate the
(cultural resources, ecological critical    ments to the harshness of the climate      sion system with its scattered cattle     needed power during late afternoon
areas). The project could be highly         and the remoteness from markets.           herding, the acquisition of California    and early evening hours that would
controversial—who wants to see              More hopeful are the increasing            by the United States, and then the        offset the need for additional power
“thumper trucks” or feel test explo-        herds of elk and prong-horns and the       Civil War, Americans—including re-        plants fueled by natural gas, nuclear
sions or see the associated equipment       spread of native bunch grasses and         cent European immigrants—moved            fission, and other non-renewables.
on a national monument?                     forbs from seed banks in the nearby        into California. On and around the        Certainly, solar plants are needed as
  Also, if the testing is allowed on the    mountains.                                 Carrizo Plain, descendants of original    well. Yet environmentalists continue
monument, how would that set a                 The Carrizo Plain National Monu-        families from the 1870s still farm and    to ask, Why can’t solar electricity be
precedent for testing on other federal      ment could become another monu-            ranch. They have bought old home-         generated close to where it will be
land? Other controversies are likely        ment of failure and to death: the          steads, raised cattle, farmed wheat       used?
regarding the “loss or destruction of       death of a culture that preserved itself   and barley, and lived lives few people       And so the lands of the Carrizo
significant scientific, cultural, or his-   for millennia without destroying its       these days comprehend or appreciate.      Plain National Monument, partially
torical resources.” The threatened          natural roots and the more recent          Their neighbors and relatives to the      restored to natural life by a presiden-
and endangered species—especially           death of something that lasted but a       drier south sold their ranches and        tial proclamation in 2000, are threat-
the giant kangaroo rat—on the               few years in the plans of environmen-      farms as hard times set in. Low rain-     ened from within by the prospect of
monument could be adversely af-             tal preservers and restorers and in the    fall, low grain prices, and high fuel     oil exploration and drilling and from
fected by vibrator trucks, pads, explo-     dreams of Marlene Braun, the               costs made farming a losing battle for    without by the changes that will ac-
sives, and associated activities.           monument’s first manager. It could         some. The Nature Conservancy (TNC)        company industrialized solar genera-
  Imagine now that the legal chal-          just as well become a monument to          and California Fish and Game ac-          tion. One of Barry Commoner’s “laws
lenges and protests about the testing       our capacity to treasure and preserve      quired ranch after ranch and TNC          of ecology” is that there is no free
for oil fail to stop the thumps and         our heritage of wild places.               donated land to the BLM that became       lunch. We cannot reduce our con-
explosions, which could begin in the          North of the national monument,          Carrizo Plain Natural Area and, in        sumption of carbon and nuclear fuel
summer of 2009. Imagine that oil is         the traveler in this “antique land” will   2000, a national monument.                without conservation and without
found. Imagine that Soda Lake Road,         find the scattered community called          In this northern part of the plain      substitution of renewable energy. On
which runs for 40 some miles                California Valley, which extends sev-      the Ausra Corporation, based in Palo      this “lone and level” plain we will see
through the monument, looks like            eral miles in all directions. It is a      Alto, has purchased more than a           in whose favor notes of promise writ-
the roads from Maricopa to                  community service district of San          square mile of land and plans to build    ten in the presidential proclamation
McKittrick western Kern County, a           Luis Obispo County. Fueled by specu-       a solar power plant using mirrors,        of 2000 and the accumulated deficits
plain of jarring, occasionally nodding,     lation in the 1960s and squared off by     tubes, towers, and turbines to gener-     to the stewardship of our natural
occasionally rusted and abandoned           mainly untraveled roads, its occa-         ate 177 megawatts of electricity. Two     heritage will balance out. We will see
pumping rigs, webs of roads, gates,         sional neat bungalows contrast with        more companies have followed suit         if a few more drops of heavy crude
fences, and weed patches. in some           rusty house trailers or campers used       (see “What Price, Solar?” in this is-     can be sucked from the earth. We will
distant future when the heavy crude         as residences, horse corrals, and ac-      sue). A set of two 230-kilovolt lines     see if in our urgency to save the
oil is sucked out of the earth. This        cumulated debris. Community life,          runs through this part of the plain;      planet, we have buried our heads in
will be what a national monument            from many reports, is rife with dis-       whether or not the lines can contain      the sand and neglected its beauty.
Santa Lucian • June 2008                                                                                                                                                         9

Solar                                                                                                                                          Tejon
continued from page 1                                                                                                                          continued from page 4

  Ausra estimates that the plant will            The site and construction lay-down                 gate habitat loss. Habitat of equal or     lifetime opportunity to protect 90%
use 22 AFY of water and infrequently          area are bisected by an environmen-                   higher biological value would be re-       of the Ranch.”
a peak daily usage of 700,000 gallons         tally significant water carrying swale.               quired for off-site mitigation                The Conservancy will ensure the
per day. CEC staff is concerned that          If it is determined that this drainage                  California Department of Fish and        public’s enjoyment of the Ranch.
Carrizo Plain may currently be in an          is under the jurisdiction of the U.S.                 Game has determined that “The              Plans for public access include a new
overdraft situation. According to             Fish and Wildlife Service through the project would create a substantial,                        49,000-acre state park and realign-
CEC documents, the safe yield of the          Endangered Species Act Section 10                     permanent, impermeable barrier for         ment of the Pacific Crest Trail
aquifer is 600 AFY. The existing wa-          process, the preparation of a Habitat                 pronghorn at the highway (58) and          through the heart of the Ranch. The
ter demand is 930 afy and projected           Conservation Plan will be required.                   within the core of one group’s home        new conservancy will offer managed
to rise in the future.                           Incidental Take Permits and                        range. It would further degrade con-       public access throughout the con-
   The Carrizo has been the ancestral         Streambed Alteration Permits may be nectivity between all of the prong-                          served areas of the Ranch.
home of the Chumash Indians for as            required and would be under the ju-                   horn groups in San Luis Obispo                According to Graham Chisolm of
long as 15,000 years.                         risdiction of California Fish and                     county.” (Document submitted to            Audubon California, the agreement
  The environmental impacts will be           Game. Fish and Game has deter-                        CEC by DFG, March 26, 2008.)               “included some pullbacks in develop-
assessed by the CEC under a process           mined that this project would likely                    In addition to this proposal, Opti-      ment on some important foraging
called Preliminary Assessment which           result in a “take” of the California                  solar has initialized discussions with     ridges” for condors. At the press
closely parallels a CEQA review.              listed and Federally endangered San                   the county for the permitting of a 550     conference announcing the agree-
   The environmental                                                                                                                           ment. Chisolm also noted that
impacts are extensive.                                                                                                                         “during the course of negotiations,
The Carrizo Plain and                                                                                                                          we had the opportunities to engage
the Carrizo National                                                                                                                           with and work closely with a number
Monument are home                                                                                                                              of condor experts [which] really
to several federally                                                                                                                           allayed our concerns about the
endangered, threat-                                                                                                                            impact that the projects on the Ranch
ened and rare species                                                                                                                          would have for the California condor.”
including the San                                                                                                                                 There are several reasons why
Joaquin Kit Fox,                                                                                                                               Sierra Club activists pursued a
blunt-nose leopard                                                                                                                             negotiated settlement. Tejon Ranch is
lizard, San Joaquin                                                                                                                            already divided into over one thou-
antelope squirrel, and                                                                                                                         sand legal parcels, and there was
the giant kangaroo                                                                                                                             nothing to stop the publicly traded
rat. It provides habi-                                                                                                                         corporation from selling off parts of
tat for many listed                                                                                                                            the Ranch to developers. Had that
species including the                                                                                                                          happened, it would have been
California jewelflower,                                                                                                                        virtually impossible to arrive at the
Hoover’s wool-star                                                                                                                             conservation outcome of this agree-
and San Joaquin                                                                                                                                ment. The limited availability of state
woolythreads.                                                                                                                                  and federal funding for a full acquisi-
  Other state and fed-                                                                                                                         tion of the Ranch, coupled with an
erally listed endan-                                                                                                                           unwilling seller, would have made it
gered species or spe-                                                                                                                          very difficult to acquire the entire
cies of concern that                                                                                                                           ranch outright. Tens of thousands of
could be affected by                                                                                                                           acres of the ranch that are protected
the project include                                                                                                                            under the agreement are readily
the Tulare grasshopper On May 18, Anne McMahon (left) moderated an EcoSummit panel discussion on the solar power proposals for Carrizo Plain
                            with Ken Haggard, Pat Veesart and Cal Poly physics professor Peter Schwartz.
                                                                                                                                               developable, and fighting develop-
mouse, Tipton kangaroo                                                                                                                         ments one at a time likely would have
rat, and Pallid bat.                                                                                                                           resulted in more development across
                                              Joaquin Kit Fox and may affect other                  MW photovoltaic facility adjacent to       the Ranch.
  The Carrizo is critical habitat for
                                              listed species. Impacts to State listed               the CESF site. The Opti-solar plant           Kate Allen, Chair of the Antelope
the condor, and has thriving herds of
                                              species under the California Endan-                   would cover eight square miles. This       Valley Group, said “I voted in favor of
reintroduced pronghorn antelope and
                                              gered Species Act (CESA) must be                      facility would be likely to generate       it. [Those involved in the negotia-
Tule elk. The location proposed for
                                              fully mitigated, a standard much                      similar environmental impacts. The         tion] worked very hard, and the
the plant and the lay-down area are
                                              more stringent than CEQA’s require-                   cumulative impacts of the two facili-      Antelope Valley Group supports the
favorite pasturing and calving sites
                                              ment to mitigate to less than signifi-                ties on the Carrizo Plain would be         agreement. It’s a great achievement.”
for the antelope. Fencing will impede
                                              cant level. The site impacts Wildlife                 considerable.                              Kent Schwitkis, Chair of the Outings
the movement of these and other
                                              and Habitat Corridors and would                         The approval process will take up to     Management Committee, said of the
animals. A variety of raptors use the
                                              likely require habitat mitigation at a                a year.                                    public access the agreement calls for,
area for roosting, nesting, foraging
                                              ration higher than 4:1 to fully miti-                                                            “I heartily support this agreement,
and wintering.
                                                                                                                                               which will one day enable our mem-
                                                                                                                                               bership to visit and explore this too
                                                                                                                                               little-known place.”
                                                                                                                                                  Gordon Nipp, Vice Chair of the
                                                                                                                                               Kern-Kaweah Chapter, added “A

Hero of the Hour                                                                                                          David Kirk, ESOSLO
                                                                                                                                               couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have
                                                                                                                                               thought anything like this was
                                                                                                                                               possible. We’re talking about pre-
                                                                                                                                               serving 240,000 acres of incredibly
                                                                                                                                               important land, incredibly beautiful
Bill Denneen em-                                                                                                                               land, and that’s where the focus
braces thoroughly                                                                                                                              should be.”
surprised County
Planning Commis-                                                                                                                               Jennifer Robinson contributed to the
sioner Sarah                                                                                                                                   reporting of this story.
Christie at the
May 18 EcoSummit
after naming her
the recipient of the
2008 Environmental
Hero award. Bill
gives out the award
every year at the
annual forum,
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Central Coast.                                                                                                                                 friendly
10                                                                                                                                           Santa Lucian • June 2008

What You Can Do to Stop Global Warming
By Kathy Seal, Angeles Chapter, Global Warming, Energy & Air Quality Committee

Global warming got you down? Wor-         ago the California legislature enacted      could then go for the public benefit,             nia lives up to the promise to control
ried about ice caps and glaciers melt-    a global warming bill, AB 32, which         such as for promoting clean energy                those emissions. Please email us to-
ing, species disappearing, hurricanes,    created a model for the nation. What        and helping low income people pay                 day at
floods, and tornadoes? (Not to men-       you may not know is that while pass-        high utility bills. If you don’t use              globalwarmingaction@gmail.com.
tion possible water shortages in          ing the bill is a huge victory, the de-     email, please see the “For Snail Mail
southern California.)                     tails of implementing it are not yet        Users” box below for the suggested
  If you’re like me, you often use the    specified. As you read this, the Cali-      text of a snail
very human mechanism of denial to         fornia Air Resources Board (CARB) is        mail letter you
cope with this fear. Sometimes I sim-     making implementation decisions             can send.
ply skip over newspaper articles about    that will make or break this law. If oil      You can learn
                                                                                                                                    ers:                                          e
the latest bird species annihilation or   and auto industry and other special         more about this         For Snail Mail Us a snail mail letter, please personaliz
prediction of coral death. There’s a      interest lobbyists have their way,          issue by watch-         If yo  u’d like to send
limit to the bad news I can take in       they’ll gut the bill.                       ing Sierra Club         this text:
one day!                                     The Club has a great lobbying staff      Executive Direc-
  At the same time, however, as hu-       in Sacramento, but you and I and the        tor Carl Pope            Mary Nichols, Ch            ces Board
mans we all have a “fight or flight”      thousands of others Club members in         explain “cap-and-        Ca  lifornia Air Resour
                                                                                      auction” in 45           1001 “I” Stre    et
impulse when faced with danger.           our state also have a great deal of
Since we can’t flee the Earth–in fact     potential power. To make that power         seconds at               P.O. Box 2815
we love it and don’t want to — most       reality, we are asking you to partici-      www.sierraclub            Sacramento, CA 95
of us southern Sierrans also fight        pate in a series of email campaigns         california.org or
against global warming. You buy your      telling CARB the specific, strong mea-      by reading our            Dear CARB Chair
                                                                                                                                                                      em requiring
compact fluorescents, use cloth shop-     sures that we want them to include in       Cap and Auction                                             ely, sets up a syst
ping bags, maybe walk or ride your                                                    Design Position            If Calif ornia, as seems lik its for their emissions, it is
                                          the implementation of AB 32.                                                                  hold perm
                                                                                      Paper at                   large polluters to                         rmits to emit gree
bike more or even get a Prius.               If you email us at:
                                                                                      www.sierraclub             essential that    polluters pay for pe ould not be given away
Do you ever wish you could do more?       globalwarmingaction@gmail.com, I’ll                                                            its to pollute sh
   The Global Warming, Energy & Air       send you the suggested text of our          california.org/             house gases. Perm t prices of these permits would be
                                                                                                                                     y to se                                      llut-
Quality Committee of the Sierra           first email to send to CARB. It’s a         globalwarming.html free. A good wa n to provide a real incentive for po ise
                                                                                         The future of life       th  rough an auctio                          auct ion will also ra
Club’s Angeles Chapter is offering a      message to insist that, if the state sets                                                       on emissions. An         ergy and for pro-
new way to fight global warming—          up a cap and trade system for carbon        on this planet de-          ers to reduce carb            omoting clean en
                                                                                      pends on control-            needed re   venue for pr
one that utilizes our collective clout    emissions – as is very likely – that the                                                           n.
to oppose special interest lobbyists      right to emit greenhouse gases be           ling greenhouse gas          gram administratio
                                                                                      emissions. You can                                                        portant issue.
who don’t seem to take seriously the      sold at auction, rather than given                                                             ur work on this im
heating up of the earth.                  away to polluters in a “cap and trade”      play a crucial role in        Thank you for yo
   Here’s what you can do: two years      scheme. Revenue from these permits          making sure Califor-                                  dress
                                                                                                                     Your name and ad
                                                                                                                                                            arming E & AQ Co
                                                                                                                     Please send   copies to Global W re Blvd, Suite 320, Los
                                                                                                                                            ter, 3435 Wilshi
                                                                                                                     tee, Angeles Chap
                                                                                                                      Angeles, CA 9001

Pismo Beach: Carbon Bigfoot
By Terry Lilley, Save Our Seas

In the rainforest of South America        ment along our coastline above and          herons killed.                                  more than 100 complaints filed with
the Nature Conservancy is planning        below the sea for 25 years, almost          - 90% of the best wetland and bluff             the police department and the City.
on planting over one billion trees to     every day. I have published many ar-        habitat built on.                                 The City of Pismo Beach needs to
help save the planet while at the same    ticles, give lectures worldwide, own a      - Millions of gallons of polluted runoff        catch up with the rest of the state and
time in Pismo Beach hundreds of           private zoo, am doing a TV series on        washed into the tide pools from de-             the coastal communities that are
trees have been cut down with City        our undersea environment and have a         velopment projects.                             becoming keenly aware of the threat
approval. In its role as gateway to a     DVD series about our local wildlife. I      - More than 50 illegal seawall addi-            of green house gas emissions and
tourist mecca for off-roaders who         also help run a non profit organiza-        tions built on our coastal bluffs.              taking serious steps to curb this di-
pollute the air with their four-wheel     tion that studies the ocean and edu-        - The sensitive dune ecosystem basi-            sastrous form of pollution.
drive vehicles, Pismo can claim one of    cate children at www.saveourseas.org.       cally destroyed.                                  Pismo needs to plug its black hole
the largest carbon footprints in the      In the last twenty years, this is what I    - The creeks filled with silt, bacteria         of carbon emissions and carbon-sink
state of California.                      have seen and documented in the             and plastics.                                   destruction. It is time for citizens to
  In the USA, the average “carbon         Pismo Beach area:                              Illegal fireworks have scared off all        demand a change.
footprint” per person is over ten tons    - 80% of the trees cut down                 of the nesting peregrine falcons and
per year. In China it is about 2 tons     - 90% of the black crowned night            many of the night herons, despite
per person per year. The rest of the
world is much less. In Pismo Beach,
the average carbon footprint per per-
son is one hundred tons, thanks in
large part to the individuals who help
tear up the beaches with their ve-
                                          Train Day Rocks!
hicles. Robert Swan, skipper of the
Voyager For Cleaner Energy, which
docked recently in Morro Bay, has a
carbon footprint formula he uses in
his talks around the globe. Plugging
in emissions figures for off-road ve-
hicles and Swan’s figures on the total
number of vehicles that visit the
Pismo dunes produces this stagger-
ing stat.                                                                                                                             Amtrak volunteer station docent David Weisman
  The City is very happy to take in tax                                                                                               (above, center) with assistants at the San Luis
                                                                                                                                      Obispo Amtrak station, one of a dozen across the
monies from off-road tourism, but                                                                                                     state that marked the first national celebration
they spend next to nothing to purge                                                                                                   of Train Day on May 10. Hundreds of train fans
the carbon left behind that is pollut-                                                                                                packed the station and toured the trains. As all
                                                                                                                                      good Sierra Clubbers know, rail travel is the most
ing our once beautiful environment.                                                                                                   energy-efficient transportation option going,
The 4-wheel-drive tourist spends                                                                                                      taking 20 percent less juice than airlines and 27
$300 on his stay leaves behind a mess                                                                                                 percent less than cars per passernger mile, and
that us citizens will need to clean up.                                                                                               emitting up to 12 times less pollution per mile
                                                                                                                                      than trucks.
  Truly, Pismo needs to clean up its                                                                                                    Railroads reduce the amount of paved roads
act. I am a biologist and graduate of                                                                                                 and parking lots. The U.S. desparately needs
Cal Poly. I have studied the environ-                                                                                                 more modern rail corridors and less airport
                                                                                                                                      expansion for short-haul air traffic. Get on board!
Santa Lucian • June 2008                                                                                                               11

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                                                fluorescent bulbs, or any mercury containing products,
                                                should be disposed of with hazardous waste. If a CFL bulb
                                                breaks, treat it like any toxic product; be careful not to inhale
                                                the mercury. Use a wet rag for clean up; put all pieces, and
                                                the rag, into a plastic bag to take to a hazardous waste
                                                disposal site listed in the back of your phone book.

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Outings and Activities Calendar
    All of our hikes and                Open Space trail. The Maino Open              in the Day Use area at the end of
activities are open to all Club         Space trailhead is located off the            the park, just before the locked
                                        Marsh Street onramp of south-                 gate. Contact David Georgi at
members and the general
                                        bound Highway 101. From down-                 polecatleader@gmail.com for up-
public. If you have any                 town SLO take Higuera Street to               coming activities. Bipeds wel-
suggestions for hikes or                the intersection with Marsh Street            come.
outdoor activities, questions           and proceed as if to take 101
about the Chapter’s outing              South. Immediately after the free-            Fri..-Sun., July 4-6, Schell Creek
                                        way underpass, bear right into the            Backpack – Nevada: The 121,497-
policies or would like to be an
                                        parking lot. Contact David Georgi             acre High Schells Wilderness was
outings leader, call Outings            at polecatleader@gmail.com for                added to the National Wilderness
Leader Gary Felsman (473-               upcoming activities. Bipeds wel-              System in December 2006. The
3694). For information on a             come.                                         Schell Creeks are one of the long-
specific outing, please contact                                                       est and highest ranges in the
                                        JUNE 15, 0930, SUN., 0930                     state. On this overnight backpack
the outing leader. Outings
                                        OSO FLACO LAKE Head to Pa-                    we’ll cruise the crest line, includ-
Leaders please get your                 cific. Bring Binos & Ref.Bks.                 ing the two high points, North                                 Photo by Joaquin Palting
outings or events in by the 1st         Learn about the history of the                Schell Peak and South Schell
for the next month’s outings.           area. Call 929-3647 or                        Peak. Fairly strenuous, but there           477-6670). CNRCC Desert Com-
                                        <bdenneen@kcbx.net> a few days                should be enough snow on the                mittee.
                                        before to confirm and for details.            crest to replenish our water
  Hiking Classifications:                                                             bottles. Possible day hike of Cleve         Wed.-Sun., August 6-10, Mt.
  Distance: 1 = 0-2 mi., 2 = 3-5 mi.,   Sat., June 21. 9:00 a.m. Hike:                Creek Baldy. To sign up, contact            Moriah (12,067’) - Central Ne-
  3 = 6-9 mi., 4 =10-12 mi.,            Islay Road-Barranca-Ridge Trail               John Wilkinson, (408) 947-0858              vada Backpack: Moderate, 24
  5 = 12 mi. or more.                   Loop.                                         or johnfw1@mac.com. CNRCC                   miles rt, about 18 with backpacks.
  Elevation Gain: A = 500',             Join the leader on this summer                Wilderness Committee & Desert               This little visited area on the
  B = 1000', C = 1500', D = 2000',      solstice hike on the coast. The               Committee.                                  north end of the Snake Range is
  E = 2500', F = 3000' or more.         hike is 7 miles with about 1500 ft                                                        about 5 hours north of Las Vegas.
                                        of elevation gain. This is a pleas-           JULY 6th, 10:00 DANA ADOBE                  We will start at Hendry’s Creek
                                        ant summer hike that takes us                 We’ll meet to tour the grounds &            trailhead (6000’), and hike for two
                                        through chaparral and grass-                  creek followed at noon with the             days along the creek through pine,
JUNE 1, Sunday, POTLUCK                 lands. There is an incredible view            regular tour of the facility itself by      aspen and fir to 10,000’. Day hike
BBQ. NIPOMO NATIVE GAR-                 of the coastline from Hazard                  Arron. Call 929-3647 or                     on third day to the Table and the
DEN I provide the meat (my pig)         Peak. There is a possibility of               <bdenneen@kcbx.net> a few days              peak. Next two days going out,
with other folks doing the fire,        ticks and poison oak. Bring water,            before to confirm and for details.          distance on the last day is short, to
bringing the rest plus own plates/      snacks, and dress for the weather.                                                        allow for travel time home. If
silverware/drinks. Nature walk          There will be a refueling stop after          Sat. – Mon., August 2-4, Back-              there is an active thunderstorm
into back area & trails at 10 AM        the hike. Meet at the Ridge Trail             pack the High Toiyabe Range (S):            pattern at Mt. Moriah, an alterna-
with non-participants setting up        parking area across from the                  This trip in central Nevada will ex-        tive trip to the Toiyabe Range is
the BBQ & organizing. Gathering         Ridge Trail trailhead. The parking            plore the east side of the Toiyabe          planned. Group limited to 15.
at noon for awards etc with actual      area is 2.3 miles from the park en-           Range, crossing a 10,000-foot pass          David Hardy (e-mail preferred)
eating to follow probably at one        trance. For info contact Chuck at             between the South Twin Creek                hardyhikers@embarqmail.com or
o’clock. Call 929-3647 or               441-7597.                                     and Jett Creek farther south. The           (702-875-4549).
<bdenneen@kcbx.net> a few days                                                        canyons have water; temperatures
before to confirm and for details.      JUNE 22, 1000 , Sun. BIKE                     should be comfortable; views east
                                        GUADALUPE Meet at Dune                        and west across the Great Basin
Wed., June 4, 11, 18, 25, 5:30          Center.parking lot. Tour Guad. to             are guaranteed to be spectacular.
p.m. Informal Hikes. Approx. 2          see wetland, murals, ag. land &               Using a car shuttle our trip will be            This is a partial listing of
hours around SLO. See website, or       slurbanization. If group wants we             one-way, starting at 6100 feet and           Outings offered by our chapter.
e-mail Gary Felsman for details.        might bike to Dunes. Call 929-                with a total distance of 19 miles,             Please check the web page
E-mail is located on the Website.       3647 or <bdenneen@kcbx.net> a                 some on trail and some cross-                www.santalucia.sierraclub.org
                                        few days before to confirm and for            country. For more info contact               for the most up-to-date listing
Sat., June 7th, 9 a.m. Informal         details.                                      leader: Craig Deutsche,                                of activities.
Oats Peak Trail Hike. This is a                                                       deutsche@earthlink.net, (310-
leaderless hike for those that like     June 28th, 10 a.m. Pole Cats is
Montana de Oro. If you decide to        dedicated to leading local Sierra
go down to Coon Creek, that will        Club day hikes and modeling ef-
                                                                                      Island Hopping in Channel Islands National Park
be up to the group. How fast you        fective techniques for using trek-            Sierra Club California Fundraising Cruises Scheduled for 2008
go will be up to the group. Bring       king poles. Join us on June 28, 10            July 18-21;
lunch, water and dress for the          AM for an easy hike on the Eagle              4 islands ($775)
weather. Look for lost soles at the     Rock Nature Trail. The trailhead              August 23-27; September 13-17;
Visitor Center, MDO State Park.         is located across from Cuesta Col-            5 islands ($925)
                                        lege at El Chorro Regional Park.
June 14th, 10 a.m. Pole Cats is         From SLO, take Highway 1 North                Explore the wild, windswept
dedicated to leading local Sierra       and turn east (right) at the first of         islands of Channel Island Na-
Club day hikes and modeling ef-         two turn signals to El Chorro Re-             tional Park. In spring the islands
fective techniques for using trek-      gional Park. Follow the signs to              are ablaze with wildflowers. In
king poles. Join us on June 14, 10      the Day Use area, passing the ball            summer, the pristine waters of
                                                                                      the Marine Sanctuary entice
AM for an easy hike on the Maino        fields and Botanical Garden. Park
                                                                                      swimmers, snorkelers and
                                                                                      kayakers. All year long, enjoy
                                                                                      unusual plants and flowers, seals
                                                                                      and frolicking sea lions, sea and
                                                                                      land birds.
                                                                                         All cruises depart from Santa
                                                                                      Barbara aboard the 68’ twin
                                                                                      diesel Turth. Fee includes an
                                                                                      assigned bunk, all meals, snacks,
                                                                                      beverages, plus the services of a
                                                                                      ranger/naturalist who will travel
                                                                                      with us to lead hikes on each
                                                                                      island and point out interesting
                                                                         Jim Wilson

                                                                                         To make a reservation mail a $100        El Monte, CA 91732. Contact leader for
                                                                                      check, payable to Sierra Club, to leader:   more information (626-443-0706;
Corral Creek                                                                          Joan Jones Holtz, 11826 The Wye St.,        jholtzhln@aol.com)

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