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62 million Americans — one in five — rely on government for their daily housing, food and
health care.

ACORN CEO strikes TEA party fear among proud socialists

Jon Voight's Letter to America

Winston Churchill on Free Speech/Socialism

Tax and Spend
Obama Won’t Rule Out Value Added Tax

FOSTER: McCain, the Beast and the value-added tax

U.S. budget significant increases in nearly every government program - $10,000/household/yr tax hike
required to compensate

The Great Tax Disconnection In Washington

In 2010, Washington will spend over $30,000 per family—the highest amount ever in American history. Yet
they will only collect roughly $18,000 from each family in taxes.

chief of the Congressional Budget Office said our nation's current fiscal path is "unsustainable."

(Video) Congresswoman, Jane Harman (CA-36) Calls for Higher Taxes and Defense Cuts

Frank improperly intervened in bank bailouts

Economists: The stimulus didn't help...

President Obama's 2008 campaign, Goldman Sachs holds the number two spot: the company's employees
gave $994,795; received billions of federal bailout dollars in 2008 and 2009.

All the President's Goldman Sachs Men

Bill to Ban "Obama Care" Advances in Louisiana Legislature

Senate Bill Sets a Plan to Regulate Premiums

Provisions in Obama's healthcare reform bill that would require members of Congress and their staffs to surrender
their FEHBP coverage in exchange for nationalized insurance.
Companies are realizing the astronomical coverage costs they face; employers are facing severe cutbacks and
overseas relocations as a result of the new tax and regulatory burdens

Boehner: Repealing healthcare law Republicans' 'No. 1 priority' in 2010

(VIDEO) Scoring the Bill: Former CBO Director Douglas-Hotz Eakin, Questions Estimates

bad news for young adults,   spiking insurance premiums for young people 29 and under by up to 17

Video: Paul Krugman Basically Admits To The Idea Of ―Death Panels‖ And How They ―Will‖ Save Money (1:49)

Congressman Phil Hare (D-IL): ―I don’t Care About The Constitution‖

REID: Obamacare 'Most important thing we've done for country and world'...

Amnesty bill has unbelievable gifts for illegal aliens

County Gives $100k To Group That Aids Illegal Immigrants

Homeland Security Attorney Guilty In Bribery Scandal

John McCain and John Kyl have proposed sending an additional 3,000 U.S. National Guard
troops to monitor Arizona's increasingly dangerous border with Mexico

English License Test Discriminates Against Illegal Immigrants

Interior Dept. Impedes Border Patrol From Securing U.S.

Labor Dept. Helps Illegal Alien Workers

Feds Probe University’s Device To Help Illegal Border Crossers

How to Fix Congress - Congressional Reform Act of 2010.pdf

New U.S. Ambassador Helped Pelosi Make Millions

Obama Asst Secretary of Energy has huge financial stake in companies likely to profit from 'green' policies...

U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade – 2nd Amendment at risk

District admits to webcam spying
U.S. District Court Finds National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional

Heavily-Armed Cartel Attacks Mexican Army; Weapons Used Show U.S. Gun Laws Not To Blame

GOOGLE Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses...

Out for the count: Why levels of sperm in men are falling...

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President Obama

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