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  A Unit of Inquiry on Ancient Civilizations for 6th grade

                                    Nancy Genatiempo

   Teacher Overview
   Student Packet
   Story Board
Teacher Overview
This unit of inquiry is a centered around students using technology and various
resources to show their understanding of the information literacy standards and the
Indiana State Social Studies standards 6.1.1 – 6.1.15 that cover ancient civilizations.

Students will work collaboratively in differentiated teams to create an e-newspaper
regarding their ancient civilization through a wiki and then learn to enhance the
information with digital and video photography. This will allow students to work
together on a content enriched project along with using technology to promote their
understanding. (Engstrom, 2005) The classroom teacher will be collaborating with the
teacher-librarian, the computer lab teacher, and the art teacher.

The process is laid out in a step by step fashion that would require access to:
    Internet
    Kidspiration
    a word processing program
    digital cameras
    digital video cameras

The teacher will need to provide for the reporter’s notebook:
    manila folder for each student
    tape
    enough index cards for each student to have 20 (5 cards per envelope preferably
       a different color for each envelope)
    enough white envelopes for each student to have 4

Students need to come prepared knowing how to:
    evaluate a website
    use a database
    have working knowledge of the school OPAC
    use an encyclopedia
    use an index
    use a word processing program
    use Kidspiration

The teacher-librarian will need to provide:
    digital cameras and instruction
    several different newspapers from large metropolitan areas
    instruction on collecting facts
    bibliographic instruction
    evaluating the various processes with teacher

The art teacher will need to provide:
      digital video cameras and instruction
      creating a storyboard with students
      writing a script with students
      assisting students with filming and editing
      assist students with uploading their projects to the wiki project

The computer lab teacher will need to provide:
    time to work on draft of stories
    co teach use of wiki with teacher-librarian
    guidance on wiki

The teacher will need to provide:
    instruction on creating an inquiry question
    instruction on finding facts from a passage
    instruction on writing a paragraph
    evaluating the various processes with the teacher-librarian

Technology effectiveness:
The students will be using the wiki to work more cohesively together and it allows for
a stronger product that shows one equal piece. Students will have the opportunity to
work on the project even if students are absent or not available to work at a specific
time. Students can also make more obvious connections to their learning through the
on-line hyperlinks. This will help prove where students are getting their information,
and in turn allow team members to help with revision and clarification.

Technology Issues:
Through working with all of these technologies it is important to remember to have all
of the batteries charged and all the parts of the cameras prepared before the students use
them. Use the Wayne Township Technology Resource page on Movie Maker to help in
trouble shooting different steps like saving to various places or getting the video ready
for web usage.

Engstrom, M. and D. Jewett. “Collaborative Learning the Wiki Way.” TechTrends:
Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning. pg. 12-18 Issue 6 Vol 49
Student Packet

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Introduction: What is black and white and red all over? ...the newspaper!!

Just the facts! That is what we want you to understand. Over the course of the next few
weeks you will be part of an investigative team that will produce an e-newspaper telling
others about the glamorous and not so glamorous part of a specific ancient civilization.
You will be using your wits and your imagination. Your team will need you to help
them make sure they make each deadline. Make sure that your team reads each task
carefully and meets each deadline. Check off each assignment as you complete them.

Time is money, so get to work.

_________ Assignment #1: That’s news to me!
Deadline: Monday, the 1st
Activity: Look through and read the different newspapers in the tub. Look at the
sections, look at the format of the titles, look at the pictures and how they play a role,
and look at everything that makes that newspaper interesting or boring. (You will be
“borrowing” ideas from it later).

      Have one team member log in and create a Kidspiration map. Make connections
       to the map on the different parts of the newspaper. What kinds of stories are the
       reporters writing about? (Use your “Big Idea” skills)
      Look at the different sections that you may be interested in. A newspaper has
       different people that write for different sections of the newspaper. The teacher
       will be the chief editor that looks at the final products to get the okay to publish,
       but it takes all different kinds of people with different likes to make a well
       rounded paper. How do you fit into the newspaper staff? (fashion, sports, local
       news, gossip and advice, business, etc.)
      Write your three top choices on the lines provided after you and your team has
       create the kidspiration map of the different parts of the newspaper.
      Place all of your names on the map and print it out.
 _________ Assignment #2: Pick your brain
 Deadline: Wednesday, the 3rd
 Activity: Now that your team has picked your ancient civilization from the hat it is now
 time to start picking your brain. Look at the different books and articles that have been
 pulled. Get to know your civilization.
      Fill out the K and W on the KWS chart on the bottom of this page. What is it
         that you already know and what you would like to find out about on your own.
      Next, look at your list of questions. Do they all fit the same theme? Are they all
         sports questions? Maybe they all relate to the news of the day?
      Talk with your team members about the questions you came up with and see if
         there were any similarities. Make a final decision about what section each person
         will contribute to. A newspaper is not all sports or just all fashion. Make sure it
         will be well balanced. Check out the final rubric to make sure that you start off
         on the right page.
      As a group fill in the S part of the KWS chart and come up with a game plan of
         action for finding your facts.
      Meet with the final editor, which is your teacher, to discuss who is going to
         contribute what parts of the paper. Bring the KWS chart completed and who
         will be answering what questions your group came up with.

Know                                       Want                                        Source
_________Assignment #3: Get Organized
Deadline: Friday, the 5th
Activity: You will need to construct your reporter’s notebook. The teacher-librarian will
be helping you construct your notebook along with showing you how to keep track of
your bibliographic information. Help your team members when needed.

Remember to write down the 4 questions that were finalized at the meeting with your
editor, your teacher, on the 4 envelopes.

_________Assignment #4: Get reporting
Deadline: Each day at small group until the 19th-
Activity: Using your reporter’s notebook, get started with your fact finding mission for
your article. You will be reporting back to your editor each day with your progress.
Bring to your meeting with the editor:
    Reporter’s notebook with completed cards from that day
    A frustration or concern that you have regarding researching
    An exciting fact you learned from your research

_________Assignment #5: Type up a draft
Deadline: Wednesday, the 24th-
Activity: Now that you have completed your research it is time to get your facts
organized. Take the cards from one envelope. Write your paragraph from those cards.
Once you have finished then put those cards away and start onto your next paragraph.

      Once you have finished typing up all your cards take your paper to a friend on
       your team.
      Have your team mate read over it and sign the paper.
      Make corrections to your paper.
      Take your final draft to your editor for final corrections.

_________Assignment #6: Type setting your wiki
Deadline: Friday, the 26th
Activity: With your team work on your wiki. Have each person add information to your
group wiki. Work together to get your final lay out. Read everyone’s articles and make
corrections. Use time in the computer lab to include your information. Link to your
wiki at http://stoutfield.wikispaces.com/
_________Assignment #7: Add media
Deadline: next month, the 4th
Activity: Look at the selected online newspapers that are listed. Have your group look
at your kidspiration map and see how the different types of stories are now a little more
informative or attractive because of video, photos, graphs, or other affects. Now look at
your stories that you have written on your e-newspaper. How can you make your e-
newspaper more attractive and informative? Fill out the chart below as a team to better

Name of article               Describe the photo or         How would that enhance
                              video                         it?
Rubric for E-newspaper

                 Exceptional              Mastery                   Progressing               Not Passing
Research         - Bibliography           - Bibliography            - Bibliography            - Bibliography
                 correct and free from    correct and free from     correct and some          correct and many
                 errors.                  errors.                   errors.                   errors.
                 - Appropriate            - Appropriate             - Some appropriate        - Appropriate
                 electronic and print     electronic and print      electronic and print      electronic and print
                 resources used.          resources used.           resources used.           resources used.
                 - Used an alternative    - All facts correct       - All facts correct       - All facts correct
                 and approved             - Showed a good           - Showed a good           - Showed attitude
                 resource (aka Expert)    attitude                  attitude                  - Missed a deadline
                 - All facts correct      - Met every deadline      - Met every deadline      - Some cards not
                 - Showed a good          - All cards filled out    - All cards filled out    filled out
                 - Met every deadline
                 - All cards filled out
Article          - Free from errors       - Free from spelling,     - Few spelling,           - Many spelling,
                 - Written in complete    punctuation and           punctuation and           punctuation and
                 sentences.               grammatical errors        grammatical errors        grammatical errors
                 - Paragraphs used        - Written in complete     - Some complete           - Some complete
                 well.                    sentences.                sentences.                sentences.
                 - Makes sense            - Paragraphs used         - Paragraphs used.        - Paragraphs used.
                 - Facts included in      well.                     - Makes sense             - Doesn’t make sense
                 news article             - Makes sense             - Some facts included     - Some facts included
                 - written in present     - Most facts included     in news article           in news article
                 tense.                   in news article
                 - Fun to read            - written in present

Civilization     - Rise and fall of        - Rise and fall of       - Rise and fall of        - missing any
                 civilization             civilization              civilization              component of facts
facts            - 5 or more facts of     - 4 facts about life of   - 3 facts about life of   needed
                 the life from the        civilization              civilization

e-newspaper      - Free from errors        - Free from errors       - 1 to 5 errors           - 6 or more errors
                 - easy to understand     - easy to understand      - some difficulty         - some difficulty
                 - two articles written    - one article written    understanding the         understanding the
                 by each team member      by each member of         layout of the             layout of the
                 of the group             the group                 newspaper                 newspaper
                                                                    - not everyone            - not everyone
                                                                    contributed to the        contributed to the
                                                                    articles                  articles

Media            -Includes extra media    -video clip is free       - Missing a media         - Missing more than
                 clips                    from errors an            clip                      one media clip
                 -video clip is free      enhanced the article      -Video clip is free       -video clip does not
                 from errors an           connected to it.          from errors an            enhance the article
                 enhanced the article     -both photos              enhanced the article      connected to it.
                 connected to it.         enhanced article          connected to it.          -both photos do not
                 -both photos             connected to              - Both photos             enhance article
                 enhanced article                                   enhanced article          connected to.
                 connected to                                       connected to
Story Board of Video Clip
_____________________________   Visual




Name: ______________________
                 Bibliography Page
Print resource
Name of Resource: _______________________________________________________
Author: __________________________________ pg. #: ________________________
Publisher: _____________________________ Year of publication: ________________
Print resource
Name of Resource: _______________________________________________________
Author: __________________________________ pg. #: ________________________
Publisher: _____________________________ Year of publication: _______________
Print resource
Name of Resource: _______________________________________________________
Author: __________________________________ pg. #: ________________________
Publisher: _____________________________ Year of publication: _______________
Electronic resource
Name Of website: ________________________________________________________
web address: ____________________________________________________________
date accessed: ___________________________________________________________
author of website: ________________________________________________________
Title of article: __________________________________________________________
Name of resource: ________________________________________________________
Author: ____________________________ Date published: _______________________
Date accessed: ____________________________ Name of Database: _______________
Title of article: __________________________________________________________

Name of resource: ________________________________________________________

Author: ____________________________ Date published: _______________________

Date accessed: ____________________________ Name of Database: _______________