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									 Vol. 1 No. 8                                                                                   October, 2004

                            The Flight Line______
                      Jackson County Airport - Reynolds Field Newsletter
                                                  Jane Zomer, Editor

The Jackson County Airport Board                                                 75th Anniversary
Steve Wellman, Chairman                            517 782-7261
Commissioner David Elwell, Vice Chairman           517 768-8350
Commissioner Jim Shotwell, Jr. Secretary           517 787-4106
Commissioner Phil Berkemeier                       517 784-0918
Member at Large – Thomas Davis                     517 782-7163

Airport Manager – Kent Maurer             517 788-4225 KMAURER@CO.JACKSON.MI.US
Visit our Website at www.co.jackson.mi.us/airport - Our most current Newsletter is found here

   FROM THE CHAIRMAN’S                     setting at the viewing parking lot     even they could handle.
          DESK                             and watching airplanes land. A         This event has grown in to
         Fall 2004                         progressive and active airport is      much more than a Hot Air
                                           important to the overall success       Balloon competition. It has
         By Steve Wellman                  of any community.                      become        a      balloon
                                                                                  competition, air show, fly-in
The past summer has been a                 The     ‗Planes,     Trains    and     and carnival. Although the
busy time at the airport. The              Automobiles‘ event, combined           weather kept the crowd
events and activities that have            with the IAC seems to be               smaller this year, everyone
taken place over the summer                growing into a significant event.      that attended came away
months, help to make the                   The car show was great and             with something to remember.
community much more aware                  people could bring their lawn
of what this airport means to              chair and watch some great             Race weekends always
the people of Jackson County.              aerobatic flying along with            bring crowds of people
It has been the focus of the               checking out the model trains.         hoping to get a glimpse of
Airport Board, to promote the              And to think that this was all free    their favorite driver, and if
airport as a major resource that           to anyone that wanted to come.         they are lucky, maybe a
is available to a wide range of            Fortunately,      the      weather     personal autograph. These
people. The airport not only               cooperated during that weekend         enthusiastic fans create its
provides aviation access for               and all that attended had a great      own set of challenges for the
business and personal aircraft,            time.                                  airport. It is important to the
but it also is a source of                                                        Race Teams that adequate
recreation       and      family           The weather was not so                 security is provided for their
enjoyment for all residents. It            cooperative during this year‘s         aircraft.      This year, a
could be a shipment of critical            Hot Air Jubilee.     The jubilee       volunteer security team was
parts for a Jackson business, a            organizers did a great job lining      set up for the major races
casual evening meal at the                 up events and demonstrations,          providing 24-hour security
Airport Restaurant, a weekend              but unfortunately, the weather         coverage at the airport. The
at the Hot Air Jubilee, or just            proved to be a bigger player than      Airport is very fortunate to
 Page 2 The Flight Line                                                                      October, 2004

have dedicated community            As we get into October, the cold       The Flight Line by Email?
people that are willing to          and snow won‘t be too far
donate their time to help           behind. That will mean a lot of
provide this service. This type     hard work by our Airport staff,        Would you prefer to receive
of       airport     community      just to keep the runways and           The Flight Line by email? The
involvement helps maintain the      taxiways cleared. Hopefully, we        Flight   Line    newsletter    is
                                                                           available by email. This will
vitality of the Airport, and I      will have a light winter, but who
                                                                           help reduce costs for publishing
would like to thank all             knows, we live in Michigan and         and mailing plus make it
individuals involved for their      should expect the worst and            convenient for those with email
support.                            hope for the best. Josh and            accounts who wish to receive
                                    Dave have done an excellent job        the newsletter by email. If you
Numerous people have asked          during this past year keeping up       want to receive the next issue
me about the status of the          with the demanding mowing and          by email, send an email
runway re-alignment project         maintenance schedule. Jane is          message indicating so to the
and if it is ‗really going to       always there to answer your            following address:
happen‘. My answer to this          questions and follow through
question is always ―yes, but the    with the business end of the
wheels of government turn           Manager‘s office. The Airport
slowly.‖ We are currently in the    Manager does a good job of
final      stages     of      the   coordinating all of these activities    It will be important for anyone
environmental study. Once that      and quite often you see him on         on our email address list to
is completed, the engineering       the mower, plowing snow or             inform us of any email address
work can proceed. The Airport       fixing something (and he thought       changes or if they would like to
Manager has been working            rank had its privileges!). They all    be taken off the list. Others will
diligently to keep all of this      do a great job and are always          continue      to   receive    the
moving forward, and he is to be     willing to take on the challenges      newsletter by regular mail
                                                                           unless they ask to be taken off.
commended           for       his   of operating this airport. We
perseverance.       A meeting,      should all commend their
which the Airport Manager and       dedicated efforts.                     Just to let you know, our
I attended in early September                                              most current Newsletter is
at      MDOT,      Bureau      of   The upcoming year will have its        also found on our Website at
Aeronautics, was very positive.     own challenges. The County             www.co.jackson.mi.us/airport
It appears the funding is on        budget has been significantly          Check us out today!
track     with    the    current    impacted by the overall state and
construction schedule.       The    local funding problems and that
initial   construction    phase     rolls down to the individual
shows the extension and rehab       department budgets.           I am
                                                                                Airport Community
of runway 14/32. That will act      confident the staff will make
as the primary runway during        every effort to control costs and
the re-alignment of 6/24 to         maintain a good level of service.       Our next airport community
7/25.     This will be a long       With all of the positive things that    meeting will be held on
duration construction project       are occurring at the airport, these                            th
                                                                            Thursday, October 14 starting
that will mean some periods of      are just issues that must be            at 6:30 P.M. This meeting will
inconvenience to all of the         worked through. The key to all of       be held at the EAA hangar.
airport users. In the long term,    these       efforts     is     good     These meetings offer an
this will greatly increase the      communication between the               opportunity for the airport
utility of the Jackson County       Airport Board, staff, users and         community         to      share
Airport and provide numerous        the general public.                     information    in    a    social
                                                                            atmosphere.       Coffee    and
opportunities for business on
                                                                            desserts will be served. Plan
and around the airport.                                                     on coming early to enjoy our
Page 3 The Flight Line                                                                          October, 2004

time together. See you there!          increase security at the airport, the
                                       ―airport watch‖ was instituted for      He was serving his third term
                                       the June and August MIS races           as County Commissioner when
                                       and was staffed by volunteers.          he passed away suddenly this
     County Hangar 201                 This squad of dedicated volunteers      summer. He was elected as a
     Door Replacement                  provided an over night presence to      Republican in 1998. He served
                                       keep an eye on the airport grounds,     on the Jackson Public School
                                       plus the many aircraft that were        board for 11 years, and was a
                                       parked here for the weekend. They       member of organizations such
                                       also provided assistance to any         as Fraternal Order of Police,
                                       late arriving flights.                  Michigan Bass Federation,
                                                                               Republican Party (Jackson
                                       The following individuals gave up       County), and the Bass Angler
                                       their time and sleep to help keep       Sportsman Society.
                                       the airport more secure: Michael        Jim was elected and served on
                                       Moore, Ryan Danzer, Jesse               the City of Jackson Charter
                                       Lamdin, Nihl Storey, Earl Scott,        Commission where he served
                                       Tom McInerney, John Eiler, Warren       as Vice-Chair. He served on
                                       Eaton     and    Steve    Wellman.      the City of Jackson Parks and
                                       Additional volunteers assisted with     Recreation Commission, and
                                       returning MIS traffic and crowd         Jim also served on the County
                                       control on Sundays after the race.      of Jackson Parks and Airport
                                       They were George Bolender, Dusty        Boards.    Jim Rice was the
                                       Rhoades and Jack Koch. Airport          Chairman of the Board of
The project to replace the door on     employees Josh Clamon and Dave          Commissioners at the time of
County      hangar     201     was     Parlow have the challenging job of      his death.
approximately 50% completed as         directing all returning traffic on
of the time of this photo on           Sunday to the correct parking or        Jim was always committed to
September 22 .         This photo      unloading area on the airport           improving the way of life for all
shows the 9 of 10 door panels          property.                               Jackson area residents. He
being lowered away from the            A special thank you goes out to         believed that Jackson County is
building. Prominent Build and          Ben Jordan who purchased airport        a special place to live and raise
Design of Jackson was awarded          golf shirts for the security detail     a family. He wanted to help
the project with a low bid of just     members. All in all, many people        make Jackson County a better
over $86,000. The new door will        gave of their time and talents to       place for all of us. He will be
be similar to the original doors in    enhance the safety and security of      missed.
function and color with the            the Jackson County Airport during
exception      of    many    fewer     MIS weekends. We will be looking
windows. The old door is almost        for more volunteers for the 2005         Aviation Safety Seminar
70 years old and was sorely in         racing season.                                  Open to All
need of replacement. The project
is funded by money from the
County     of     Jackson    Public
Improvement Fund. The project                                                        October 6, 2004
                                              In Remembrance
should be completed by the first
week in October.                                                               On October 6, 2004 an aviation
                                      Jim Rice was a past Jackson City         safety seminar will take place at
                                      Police Officer with the last 12 years    the EAA Sport Aviation Hangar
                                      as Chief of Police.                      located at 3600 Wildwood
   Airport Security Watch                                                      Avenue, Jackson, MI on the
                                      Jim was instrumental in resolving a      Jackson County Airport. The
                                      growing dispute over airport ground      time will be from 6:30 P.M. to
During the June and August MIS        leases in 2001. His leadership in        9:00 P.M. with topics such as
NASCAR weekends some of               this matter was an important catalyst    Airport Hazards and NOTAMS,
Jackson County Airport‘s ―finest‖     in the current lease agreement that      as well as distractions in the
were on the job. Designed to          satisfied the needs of all parties.      Cockpit.
 Page 4 The Flight Line                                                                             October, 2004

                                         preferences you can define are the                  Reminder
The Seminar is being co-                 areas of the country where future
sponsored by Jackson Chapter             programs will be held. You can            If you are interested in building
304, EAA; Jackson County Airport;        select up to three different zip          a hangar at the Jackson County
MDOT Aeronautics, and the FAA.           codes, so you‘ll continue to receive      Airport please contact the
                                         valuable safety program information,      Airport Manager. All hangar
For additional information call:         no matter where you are currently         proposals are welcome here—
517 335-9915 or 517 788-4225.            living or traveling.                      we have lots of room and will
This program qualifies for the FAA                                                 be glad to work with you on a
Pilot Proficiency (Wings) Program.       You can also select the type of           hangar site. So please, pass
Cards       showing    proof     of      information you would like to             the word—we want more
attendance will be available.            receive. In the ―Certificates and         hangars here!
Refreshments provided.                   Ratings‖ section in preferences, you
                                         can select from a long list of topics
                                         corresponding to your certificates.       “Aviation is proof that given the
                                                                                   will, we have the capacity to
                                         Another feature is the ―Event             achieve the impossible.”
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~                   Search.‖ Here you can search by                    -Eddie Rickenbacker
                                         state or zip code using keywords.
“The airport runway is the most          For example, if you are interested in             ~~~~~~~~~~~~
important mainstream in any              learning more about gliders or
town.”                                   seaplanes, you can search a region
            - Norm Crabtree              for any programs relating to your              Meet Your Airport
                                         specific area of interest.                     Businesses Day
                                         We strongly encourage all pilots and      The Jackson County Airport
                                         aviation enthusiasts to register at       hosted a ―Meet Your Airport
   Pilot Safety Information              SPANS. The FAA is planning to             Businesses Day‖ on Tuesday,
         Via The Web                     replace the paper flyer they currently            th
                                                                                   May 25 from 9:00 A.M. until
                                         send announcing programs with this        mid-afternoon in the Terminal
Do you often wonder where and            new service, which will provide more      Building.    The idea for this
when the next pilot safety or            timely and complete information.          event was to promote the
―Wings‖ program will be held?                                                      airport businesses to the
The          Federal        Aviation                                               Jackson community, and create
Administration      (FAA)    recently          Something to Share?                 public awareness of our
implemented its new Safety                                                         businesses here on the field.
Program       Airman      Notification   Just a reminder if you have               There      were   10     airport
System (SPANS) available at              something you would like to share in      businesses represented with
www.faasafety.gov.               After   the Newsletter, please bring it in to     free hand-outs and important
registering your e-mail address,         the Airport Manager‘s office or send      information about the services
you will receive important safety        it, or email it to Kent Maurer. He will   offered by those businesses.
related information including safety     be glad to review what you have and       Door prizes were also given out
program meeting announcements,           try to include it in the next issue.      from drawing— congratulations
local newsletters, and urgent or                                                   to you winners!
emergency announcements –
local and/or nationally oriented.                                                  We hope to have something
The new service is available to                    Hangar Space                    similar next year to help
anyone, whether you hold a pilot                                                   promote our greatest assets to
certificate or not.                      The Jackson County Airport has two        the community. Thanks to all of
                                         hangars available at the present          you that were involved with this
After completing your registration,      time. Please contact Jane Zomer or        event this year!
you will receive information from        Kent Maurer for further information
SPANS according to how you               at 517 788-4225.
define        your       personal
―Preferences.‖     Among        the
 Page 5 The Flight Line                                                                           October, 2004

        Airport Security                Bachelors Degree in Administration      agent.
         Is Everyone’s                  of Justice from Southern Illinois
        Responsibility!                 University, and was accepted into       Police, fire and paramedics
                                        the Illinois State Police training      gained insight on how to handle
                                        academy until a training injury         a real-life emergency, and in
Be observant and immediately            ended that career dream.                this case, a chemical attack.
report any suspicious activity to                                               About 180 personnel were
“911”.                                  Dede‘s family includes husband          involved in the four-hour
                                        Steve, a Northwest Airline pilot; 15    session.
                                        year old Andrew, a Jackson High
                                        student; and 13 year old Kayla, who     Radio    communications,      or
      Business Spotlight
                                        attends Parkside Junior High            interoperability, was identified
                                        School. Dede is currently building      as a shortfall in a county
      Great Circle Insurance
                                        an RV7 airplane, having nearly          emergency needs assessment
          Agency, LLC
                                        finished the tail section of the        last year. For the terrorism
                                        aircraft.  Welcome Great Circle         exercise, participants relied on
                                        Insurance Agency!                       Nextel and state-police lent
                                                                                radios, which created a few

                                             Emergency Exercises                All in all the exercise was good
                                                                                for all agencies-- to gain the
                                        On September 1, 2004 Jackson            needed information necessary
                                        County survived a terrorism crisis at   to proceed from that point and
                                        the Jackson County Airport. The         make a smoother support and
                                        mock crisis was part of a larger        response system.
                                        terrorism exercise, which involved a
                                        plane hijacked by Islamic extremists
                                        armed with chemical agents seeking               ~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                        to liberate associates in the state     “Whether outwardly or inwardly,
                                        prison    complex     in   Blackman     whether in space or time, the
                                        Township.                               farther we penetrate the
Great Circle Insurance is the
newest business to locate here at                                               unknown, the vaster and more
the Jackson County Airport. Great       Planners had a scenario with a          marvelous it becomes.”
Circle occupies the upstairs office     Jackson spin by incorporating the              - Charles A. Lindbergh
in the Administration Building.         state prison and involving Foote
Specializing in aviation insurance      Hospital and other agencies like the
with ―personalized service‖, this       American Red Cross.
family owned business intends to                                                 Jackson Citizen Patriot
better meet the aviation insurance      The drill met requirements of a         Wins Airport Media Award
needs of the greater Jackson            Department of Homeland Security
aviation community.                     grant, which was designed to beef       The Michigan Association of
                                        up county first-responder skills        Airport Executives selected the
Owner, Dede Miller, believes that       dealing with CBRNE (chemical,           Jackson Citizen Patriot as a
her experience as a pilot will be an    biohazard, radioactive, nuclear and     recipient of a 204 Media Award
asset to anyone who does                explosives) situations.                 for ―truthful and accurate‖
business     with   Great      Circle                                           reporting     of   airport-related
Insurance. Dede received pilot          Two hostages, a pilot and co-pilot,     stories. During the past year,
training as a high school senior in     were taken as the terrorists            the Citizen Patriot has written
Quincy, Illinois and eventually         attempted to barter with negotiators    eight articles about the Jackson
received commercial, instructor,        for their comrades‘ release. A bus      County Airport. These articles
multi-engine,     and     instructor    load of students on a field trip got    covered a range of topics
ratings, and was employed as a          caught in the middle and were taken     including special events, airport
pilot for Consumers Energy for          to Foote Hospital after coming into     security, airport manager‘s
four years. Dede received her           contact with a released chemical        performance, and marketing
 Page 6 The Flight Line                                                                           October, 2004

airport land for private use.                 JCC Flight Center                   our newsletter on how this
                                              Community Forum                     important airport issue is
The award was presented to                                                        progressing.
Editor   Eileen    Lehnert   and
government      reporter   Brian       This forum was held in the
Wheeler at the MAAE Fall               Consumers Energy Hangar, where             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
conference held in Kalamazoo this      more       than     40       individuals
year.    Congratulations to the        representing     area     businesses,      Please feel free to comment on
Jackson Citizen Patriot!               community foundations, and local           this newsletter. We are always
                                       government       met     on      Friday,   looking for suggestions, ideas
                                       September 24, 2004 to share ideas          for upcoming articles, and
                                       on how to assist the Jackson               general information we can
     Airport Maintenance               Community College Flight Center            share     with     the  airport
     Employees Receive                 with their funding shortfalls.             community.       Contact Jane
            Award                                                                 Zomer with your comments at
                                                                                  517 788-4225. Thank You!

Josh Clamon and David Parlow
were      selected    as    Jackson
County‘s Employees of the Month
for June, 2004.         They were
nominated for their exceptional
dedication to the airport during
snow removal duties during the         The meeting was sponsored by the
winter of 2004. Josh and Dave          Jackson County Airport, The
worked at all hours (even              Enterprise Group, and the County of
Christmas Day) to accomplish the       Jackson Board of Commissioners,
difficult and challenging task of      and moderated by Stephanie Ward
keeping the airport free of ice and    of Mead and Hunt.          Discussion
snow during the winter months.         centered on the importance of the
The        award        emphasized     JCC Flight Center to the future of
―willingness to give 100% with a       the airport, and the economic well-
positive attitude; knowledgeable       being of the greater Jackson area.
about airport maintenance needs;       Also discussed were ideas on how
dedicated County employees, and        to create community understanding
work well as a team.‖ ―I could not     and support of the Flight Center.
ask for two better maintenance         The results of the meeting were
employees;       they    are    very   positive, with a committee being
deserving of this recognition,‖ said   formed to identify funding sources.
Kent Maurer, Airport Manager.
Congrats to Josh and David.            We will report in our next issue of

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