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We recommend that all travelers participating in a Bible Oriented Tours sponsored pilgrimage purchase
an affordable, comprehensive, supplemental travel insurance policy provided by Access America
Insurance Company.

The plan provides the basic levels of coverage you’ll need in order to give you peace of mind during your
international travel time.

The highlights of the coverage offered are:

   EMERGENCY MEDICAL AND DENTAL BENEFITS – Provides benefits for covered emergency medical
    and dental expenses due to a loss incurred during the coverage period.

   BAGGAGE COVERAGE – Provides coverage for loss, damage or theft of covered baggage and
    personal effects provided you have taken all reasonable measure to protect, save and/or recover
    your property at all times. Coverage is secondary to any coverage provided by a common carrier.

   BAGGAGE DELAY COVERAGE – Provides coverage for reasonable, additional purchases of essential
    items if your personal baggage is delayed or misdirected by a common carrier for at least 24 hours.

   TRAVEL DELAY COVERAGE – Provides coverage on a one-time basis for reasonable, additional
    accommodation and traveling expenses you incur due to a covered travel delay of 12 hours or more.
    Prepaid expenses are not covered. Benefits are limited to $100 per day per policy.

   (OPTIONAL) FLIGHT INSURANCE – Provides coverage for accidental loss of life, limb or sight during
    the flight for which your ticket or tickets were issued. Your coverage applies while you’re riding,
    boarding, or alighting as a ticketed passenger on a certified passenger aircraft provided by a
    regularly scheduled airline on any regularly scheduled trip or charter.


For further information about the travel insurance, please contact:

Renetta Wilson
2287 North Preston Road
Celina, TX 75009
Tel.: 972-382-3220

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