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                                                                                                                                VOL. 65 NO. 4                                             MAY 2010

Teamwork Brings Dramatic Results
   If a process needs to be improved,    ity remains alive and well at Boeing.                 past, parts shipped on shop
what is the best source for answers? The     Credit goes to the Shared Service Group           assist (SA) dollies and tub
subject matter experts since they are the(SSG) Moonshine shop in Renton and                    skids, which required TDRC
people who regularly perform the job     licensed transportation for spearheading              members to sleeve and shrink
and can offer the most innovative and    the effort by pulling together representa-            wrap parts to protect them in
effective ideas.                         tives from each group for a 3P (Production,           transit. Beyond just being
   Recently, members from Auburn,        Preparation, Process) workshop to “lean               time consuming, this created
Everett and Renton teamed with man-      out” the process. By working together with            a potential safety issue using
agement and licensed transportation, to  all interested parties, members and man-              propane flame for shrink
brainstorm a new method to ship the 18-  agement not only devised a new shipping               wrap, which could have re-
foot tube and ducts used in Boeing air-  process, but had custom shipping boxes                sulted in burns or catching
planes. The results of this teaming were designed by our moonshine shop built in-              the cardboard on fire. Mem-
dramatic in cost savings, waste reduc-   house by the Renton Tooling Wood Shop                 bers also found themselves
tion, productivity improvements, effi-   (R3774). Once Tooling began building the              bending and twisting at awk-
                                         actual boxes, they introduced several sig-
ciency increases, the elimination of safety                                                    ward angles to get the gangly
hazards and reducing the carbon foot-    nificant changes of their own to improve              parts loaded – increasing the
print. The outcome proved that ingenu-   the final product. The teaming was a win-             likelihood of injuries. In ad-
                                                         win for everyone.                     dition, Boeing drivers were
                                                             Moonshine shops dis-              frustrated with delivering Design and build of the new shipping boxes was a
                                                                                                                              team effort. L to R: Chuck Haberlach, Connie
                                                         till ideas and build proto-           mainly “air” on their trailers
                                                                                                                              Nichols, Justin Hollibaugh, Bill Williams, Ken
                                                         types – often using scrap             since there was no way to ‘Red’ Jordan, Tommy Wilson, Melissa Linscott,
                                                         material and hardware that            stack SA dollies.              Scott Donohoe, Lyn Mathews, Joe Crockett and
                                                         has been cast aside in the                At the workshop, every- John Workman.
                                                         factory. Their resourceful-           one agreed a custom,
                                                         ness is often the key to              closed-lid box was the solution.             services. I have to give them credit for
                                                         turning creative ideas into               “Before we build a prototype, every-     this shift in thinking.”
                                                         working realities.                    one takes ownership in the process. Then        The SSG Moonshine shop delivered a
                                                             The main challenge in             we try to build in all ideas from the        prototype 20-foot custom, foam-lined
                                                         this workshop was finding             workshop, including ergonomics,” stated      shipping box that incorporated sugges-
                                                         an efficient, safe way to ship        751 member Justin Hollibaugh, who            tions and input from each group and
Connie Nichols (center) explains to Scott Donohoe the 18-foot tube and ducts                   works in the facilities moonshine shop in    included features like:
(l) and Business Rep Tommy Wilson how new                produced at the Tube and              Renton. “Our management from direc-             • The ability to more efficiently load
shipping boxes eliminate twisting at awkward             Duct Responsibility Center            tors on down have embraced and em-           the parts on transportation trucks,
angles to load/unload parts.                             (TDRC) in Auburn. In the              powered our moonshine shop to improve                           Continued on page 5

New Contract Delivers for FlightSafety Services
    The union advantage was evident as
Machinists Union members working for
FlightSafety Services at Air Force bases
across the country resoundingly approved
a new contract in April by over 90 per-
cent. At Fairchild Air Force Base in
                                                                                                                                                 District President Tom Wroblewski (l)
Spokane, FlightSafety Services mem-
                                                                                                                                                 presented Chris Louie with the True
bers voted unanimously to accept the                                                                                                             Trade Unionist award for his
new agreement.                                                                                                                                   outstanding volunteer work. Chris also
    These members are essential to keep-      Business Rep Steve Warren and Steward Jim Kurzhal were the voices for Spokane                      received top officer volunteer in 2009.
ing the current fleet of KC-135R Air          FlightSafety Services members at the bargaining table. IAM Representatives from
Force tankers in the air and a well-trained
flight crew ready. The IAM represents
                                              all 11 sites across the country helped craft the new contract.                                     Volunteers Honored
the simulator maintenance technicians
and pilot instructors.
                                          how Machinists Union representation
                                          can benefit workers covered by the Ser-
                                                                                               cent (depending on their classification).
                                                                                               In both the second and third year of the
                                                                                                                                                 for Serving Others
    This is yet another prime example of  vice Contract Act.                                   contract, all members will receive 3.75              On April 17, District 751 honored the
                                                          Three years ago this                 percent wage increases – far above the            members who make “Building a Better
                                                       group received first year               average increase in the current economy           Community” more than just a slogan.
                                                       wage increases that aver-               and again a testament to the experienced             The annual Machinists Volunteer Pro-
                                                       aged $7.04 per person.                  IAM bargaining team.                              gram (MVP) banquet recognized mem-
                                                          The new contract rati-                  Other top highlights of the new agree-         bers, families and friends who demon-
                                                       fied in April again deliv-              ment include:                                     strated their commitment to improving
                                                       ered big first year wage in-               • Maintained cost controls on health           the quality of life for others by taking
                                                       creases. The new contract               care premiums. The company will also              part in 103 different community activi-
                                                       increased wages for pilot               pay each employee 3 percent of their              ties in 2009 – an average of two events
                                                       instructors at Fairchild by             gross pay plus $1,500 per year to help            every week. In all, 464 Machinists Union
                                                       more than 13 percent while              offset the cost of employee’s health care         members gave a total of 3,721 volunteer
                                                       simulator maintenance                   cost.                                             hours to projects that ranged from food
Tim Weber, a pilot instructor for the KC-135s          technicians received in-                   • Improved language to keep supervi-           drives, sandbagging and holiday bell
prepares pilots to fly challenging missions.           creases of 6.69 to 6.95 per-                                Continued on page 2                             Continued on page 6

Spokane Solidarity                                       Celebration Designed                                                     Inside Index
Members at Triumph                                       to Involve Family                                                         President's Message ...... 2         Commmunity Service ..... 6
Composites are united and                                                                                                          Political Action ............... 3   Retirement ......................... 9
                                                         Kids are encouraged to take part in
voted over 99 percent to                                                                                                           Joint Programs ............... 4     Want Ads .......................... 10
                                                         the Union’s 75th anniversary
approve strike sanction                                                                                                            Retiree Profile ............... 6    Eastern Washington ....... 12
                                                         celebration essay and coloring
                            12                           contest                           8
Page 2                751 AERO MECHANIC                         May 2010

                                                  REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT
Our Members Are Main Reason Why Boeing Tanker Is Better
by Tom Wroblewski,                                               that it would cost the Air Force an    to be hired and trained Alabama              who are visually impaired.
District President                                               extra $35 billion to fly the KC-45s    workforce is like putting an all-pro all-        And the work goes on, with last
                                                                 over their lifetime – and $35 bil-     star team into a spring training game        month’s Puget Sound Labor Agency food
    Our members at                                               lion just happens to be the esti-      against a small-college freshman team.       drive, the fundraising drives for Guide
Boeing have heard by now                                         mated purchase price of the entire        Our members are the ones who can          Dogs and the Union Sportsmen’s Alli-
that we’re going to have                                         fleet.                                 build the tanker, should build the tanker    ance, and MVP projects like the Camp
competition for the U.S.                                             Buying a bigger airplane would     and will build the tanker. The only im-      Killoqua clean-up in Stanwood. We’re
Air Force tanker after all,                                      also force the Pentagon to spend       portant thing about last month’s EADS        still tallying the totals, but I want to
now that EADS has fi-                                            billions more to remodel airport       announcement is that it removes any          thank all of you who stepped up to con-
nally decided to enter its                                       taxiways and hangars that the KC-      questions and lets us move forward.          tribute to these important causes.
solo bid.                                                 45 currently wouldn’t fit in.                    District 751 Machinists accomplish            It amazes me to think of how much
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll gladly say                  Instead of wasting billions on han-       great things at work every day, but you      you do in the community, especially
it again:                                                 gars, asphalt and gas-guzzling giants, we     also do phenomenal things with your          when I consider how much mandatory
    It doesn’t matter whether EADS bids                   should be focusing taxpayer dollars           time off. There’s no greater example of      overtime that so many of you at Boeing
or not, the Boeing tanker is the only one                 where they’d do the most good – replac-       that than the work of the members in the     are having to work.
that makes sense for the U.S. military,                   ing 50-year-old KC-135s with state-of-        Machinists Volunteer Program (MVP).              For 75 years, members of this Union
the American taxpayers and our nation’s                   the-art Boeing tankers.                          I want to tell you how proud I was to     have been building a better community.
economy.                                                      Of course, the biggest problem with       present the awards at last month’s MVP       I believe that’s a legacy that will endure
    I heard U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks speak                    the EADS bid is that it relies on French      Banquet at the Seattle Hall. Our MVP         for the next 75 years as well.
on the subject last month, and I thought                  workers to fabricate the parts that will be   team continues to do amazing things in
he raised a couple of important points                    assembled by a yet-to-be-hired and            our communities. Last year, 464 of our
that are getting drowned out by the shouts                trained workforce in Mobile.                  members volunteered 3,721 hours of their
of the French politicians and their Ala-                      Meanwhile, Boeing is proposing to         own time to help better the lives of their           District Lodge 751,
bama allies.                                              let the world’s best aerospace workers        neighbors. You built wheelchair ramps               International Assn. of
    For starters, let’s not forget that in                do what they’ve been doing for 75 years       for the homebound, collected food for                  Machinists and
2008, Boeing submitted a lower bid than                   now – build better airplanes than any-        the hungry, prepared meals for the home-
the EADS/Northrop Grumman team. The                       body else.                                    less and used your skills in dozens of
                                                                                                                                                             Aerospace Workers
price tag for their 179 planes was billions                   So if EADS wants to bid, let ‘em. You     other projects nearly every weekend in
more.                                                     and I know that we can build a better         2009.                                               Tom Wroblewski
    We also must remember that their                      tanker in less time and for fewer tax            That doesn’t include all the time and               President, Directing
proposed KC-45 jet is just too big. Air-                  dollars.                                      energy our members invested into                     Business Representative
bus and its Alabama allies seem to think                      Boeing CEO Jim McNerney last              fundraisers for Guide Dogs of America –
that a bigger jet is a good thing, but in the             month said that when it comes to the          events like our annual golf tournament,                Jason Redrup
real world, where the laws of physics                     tankers, he’ll “bet on our guys” to de-       our Everett fun run and the Puppy Putt                     Vice President
apply, a bigger airplane requires more                    liver for the Air Force. It’s not much of     motorcycle rally. We raised nearly a
fuel to get up in the air and stay there.                 a gamble, I’d say – putting up our Dis-       quarter of a million dollars last year to             Susan Palmer
That extra fuel costs money, so much so                   trict 751 Machinists against EADS’s yet       help provide service dogs for people                   Secretary-Treasurer

New Contract Delivers for FlightSafety Services                                                                                                              Tommy Wilson
                                                                                                                                                            Heather Barstow
Continued from page 1                                     IAM 751 Organizer                                                                                    Don Morris
sors from performing bargaining unit                      Jesse Cote.
work.                                                         Because these
                                                                                                                                                           Ray Baumgardner
    • Secured work transfer language so                   workers are covered                                                                               Richard Jackson
an employee at a site where positions are                 by the Service Con-                                                                               Mark B. Johnson
reduced or terminated will be provided                    tract Act, Machinists                                                                                Jon Holden
first opportunity to transfer to open posi-               Union representation
tions at the new location.                                is a smart way to go.
                                                                                                                                                                Brett Coty
    “Congratulations to everyone in-                      Even when the gov-                                                                                 D. Joe Crockett
volved – especially Business Rep Steve                    ernment contract is                                                                                 Ron Bradley
Warren and Steward Jim Kurzhal, who                       paying “all that the                                                                             Emerson Hamilton
were the voices for Spokane at the bar-                   law requires,” the
gaining table,” said District 751 Presi-                  IAM can often get
                                                                                                                                                            Charles G. Craft
dent Tom Wroblewski. “These workers                       more for the workers                                                                           Steve Warren (Eastern WA)
earned this contract by their performance                 (which is evidenced Pete Armstrong (l) and Ray Ebach from FlightSafety                              Stan Johnson
on the job every day; and through their                   in the FlightSafety Services repair electronic panels on the KC-135 simulator.                  Union Business Representatives
membership in the IAM, they are better                    Services agreement).
able to care for their families.”                         The same is true for fringe benefits,        “Serving on the negotiating commit-
     “With these type of results, it is hard              insurance and retirement provisions that  tee was a good experience and I really                          Union Offices:
                                                                                                                                                      • 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300
to imagine why any workers covered by                     the contractor may otherwise not have to  learned a lot,” said Jim Kurzhal, who
                                                                                                                                                      • 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590
the Service Contract Act would ever                       offer. Finally, under the Service Con-    was the shop-floor representative from            • 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777
hesitate to secure IAM Union represen-                    tract Act, if you’re represented by the   the Spokane unit in negotiations and              • 8729 Airport Rd, Everett;
tation. The results speak for themselves –                union and the contractor changes, you     serves as a Union Steward for the mem-             425-355-8821
the Machinists have a great track record                  have continuity and job security – mak-   bers.                                             • 4226 E. Mission, Spokane
                                                                                                                                                       (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305
in service contract agreements,” stated                   ing “Union Yes” the right decision.                                                             Toll-free to Seattle from:
                                                                                                                                                            Nationwide 1-800-763-1301
75th Anniversary T-Shirts                                                          Upcoming Guide Dog Fundraisers                                               Tacoma 253-627-0822
                                                                                                                                                             Hotline: 1-800-763-1310
                                                                            9TH ANNUAL FLIGHT FOR SIGHT FUN RUN & WALK                                        Web site:
     Order your 75th anniversary t-shirts (available by pre-order only)
                                                                               Saturday, June 5 - 9:30 a.m. at Everett Boeing Activity Center
through your Union Steward, at any Union Hall or online. Let’s celebrate
                                                                               For more info visit
this milestone - $15 each.
     Men’s and women’s sizes                                                                                                                             751 AERO MECHANIC
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available small through 5X.
                                                                              Saturday, June 19, 2010                                                       Connie Kelliher, Editor
Men’s shirt (right) has
                                                                              North start at Sound Harley David (16212 Smokey Point                          Bryan Corliss, Editor
pocket and is true to size.
                                                                              Blvd, Marysville).                                                           Member of The Newspaper Guild,
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                                                                                                                                                      dustrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S.,
                                                                              For more info, visit:                                 SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes
                                                                                                                                                      toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Me-
                                                                            19TH ANNUAL GUIDE DOGS GOLF TOURNAMENT                                    chanic. $4 per year for non-members by District
                                                                                                                                                      Lodge 751, International Association of Machin-
                                     Women’s shirt (left) is scoop neck        Saturday, June 26. Shotgun start at 8 a.m. at Kayak Point              ists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th
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                                     one size larger.                          forms available on Union bulletin boards and at Union offices.         9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108
                                                                                                                May 2010                751 AERO MECHANIC                    Page 3

                                                             POLITICAL ACTION
Health Care Reform Moves America Forward
    Health care reform that lowers the
cost of insurance for working people and
companies is bringing organized labor
closer to its goal, District 751 Secretary-
Treasurer Susan Palmer said.
    “We’ve dreamed about a day when
health care would be off the table when we
negotiate with our employers,” Palmer
said. “That day is not yet here, but the new
law moves us that much closer.”
    Palmer was one of the speakers at a
“Celebration of Health Care Reform” on
March 28 that was hosted by District 751
at the Seattle Union Hall. The event drew
a packed house of close to 500 people,
who came to cheer and listen to Wash-          U.S. Senator Patty Murray praises volunteers for their work getting health care reform passed.
ington political leaders who led the fight     which in turn meant she no longer had           Rep. Jay Inslee.                                we are not going to go backwards now.”
for health reform and to ordinary citi-        health insurance to pay for treatment of            Murray praised the volunteers for their         Republicans who opposed the bill had
zens who will benefit from it.                 the disease.                                    work in support of the health care reform.      had their chance when President Bush was
    One of the speakers was 11-year-old            The soft-spoken Owens has become a              “Thanks to you, kids with pre-exist-        in the White House and their party con-
Marcelas Owens, the Seattle boy who            force in the national debate, said U.S.         ing conditions can never be denied health       trolled Congress, said U.S. Rep. Brian
became a rallying symbol for                   Sen. Patty Murray. “I’m so proud of this        care again,” she said. “Small business          Baird. They could have crafted health re-
progressives – and a target from oppo-         little guy to stand up to people who            owners are finally going to be able to          form more to their liking — and they blew
nents on the right – when he spoke out on      would belittle him.”                            afford to cover their employees and in-         it. “Whose side are they on?” he asked.
behalf of health care reform. Owens’               And with conservatives like Wash-           surance companies won’t be able to              “Not yours, and not the American
mother, Tiffany, died in 2007, of com-         ington Attorney General Rob McKenna,            charge you more for being a woman.”             people’s.”
plications from pulmonary hypertension.        who is currently suing to block the imple-          U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell singled out            “They had six years and did nothing,”
The illness caused her to miss work,           mentation of the new federal law, Owens’        labor unions for their support in “making       Baird added. “Barack Obama got the job
which led to her being fired from her job,     role in the fight is not over, warned U.S.      sure we all knew health insurance was           done in one year — yes, we can.”
                                                                                               getting too expensive.”                             The new law allows a half-million un-
Health-                                                                                            “If we want America to be competi-          employed Washington residents to get
reform                                                                                         tive, we need to drive down the cost of         health insurance and will allow 150,000
advocates                                                                                      health care,” she said. “The other side         small businesses to get coverage for work-
and the                                                                                        thought doing nothing was an option.”           ers who couldn’t afford it before, said Gov.
                                                                                                   The long and contentious health-care        Chris Gregoire. “Nobody,” she vowed,” is
District                                                                                       debate was “a very vigorous exercise in         going to stand in the way of Washington
751’s                                                                                          democracy,” said Inslee. “People ex-            state being one of the first in the nation to
Seattle                                                                                        pressed their hopes and fears, and some         fully implement health reform.”
Hall for a                                                                                     expressed outright duplicity — remem-               Attorney General McKenna can
rally in                                                                                       ber the death panels?”                          threaten all he wants, but Washington is
March.                                                                                             But improving access to health care for     moving ahead, Gregoire said. “We’ve hit
                                                                                               all Americans lies at the nation’s very core,   the ’send’ button and we’re going to fully
                                                                                               he continued. ”In giving people the right to    implement all aspects of health reform.”
                                                                                               get health care despite pre-existing condi-         Cantwell agreed. “My message to our
                                                                                               tions, we have formed a more-perfect union,”    attorney general is he should innovate,
                                                                                               Inslee said. “We have always moved for-         not litigate.”
                                                                                               ward as a country. Let us enjoy the fact that

Members Make Boeing                                                                                                                                                            Congress-

Tanker the Right Choice                                                                                                                                                        Dicks
                                                                                                                                                                               that the
   EADS may be in the bidding for the          clear fact is that the Boeing KC-767 tanker                                                                                     larger
U.S. Air Force tanker contract, but the        built by our District 751 members here in                                                                                       EADS
                                               Puget Sound is simply the best option.”                                                                                         plane is
Europeans have a huge disadvantage to
overcome, analysts say – they don’t have           Even Boeing CEO Jim McNerney
skilled and experienced aerospace work-        sees the advantage his experienced                                                                                              expensive
ers to assemble their plane in Alabama.        workforce brings to the tanker battle.                                                                                          to operate
   “Boeing’s advantages are a mature               “We’ve got a work force in Everett that                                                                                     than
industrial site in Everett, with a tremen-     has lived through many, many configura-                                                                                         Boeing’s
dously experienced work force. And they        tions and design changes on the 767. They                                                                                       tanker.
have the smaller airplane with lower           understand the airplane,” McNerney told
operating costs,” said Scott Hamilton,         Wall Street analysts on April 21. “I like
an Issaquah-based aviation analyst with        betting on our guys in that environment.”       that“Northrop got out for a reason.”            just physics, it burns more fuel.”
Leeham Co. “I don’t know how EADS                  EADS executives say they’ll submit a           EADS executives – and pro-Euro-                  And over the planes’ lifetime, that addi-
overcomes that.”                               bid to provide 179 KC-45 tankers to the Air     pean congressmen like Sen. Richard              tional fuel cost would add up to about $35
   Hamilton’s comments echoed those of         Force by July 9, taking full advantage of a     Shelby of Alabama – like to tout the KC-        billion — which is the expected cost to buy
District 751 President Tom Wroblewski.         Pentagon decision to give the Europeans         45’s greater size and carrying capacity         the planes in the first place, he said.
   “The EADS proposal will lack a crucial      an extra 60 days to enter the tanker bidding,   compared to the proposed Boeing plane.              EADS also plans to continue with the
component: skilled and experienced             after their long-time partner – U.S. defense       But bigger doesn’t translate into better,    plan to assemble the tankers in an as-yet-
American workers like our Machinists           contractor Northrop Grumman – backed            said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas        unbuilt factory in Mobile, Ala., from parts
Union members,” Wroblewski said. “It           out in March, declaring that the KC-45          Pickney. “The larger size of the Airbus         manufactured in France and shipped across
doesn’t matter who bids or doesn’t bid, the    couldn’t beat Boeing’s proposed 767-based       tanker was a disadvantage in the real world,    the Atlantic Ocean. That will add to EADS’
                                               tanker in terms of meeting the Pentagon’s       not an advantage,” he wrote in an essay         costs, and make it harder to enter a com-
751                                            bid specifications.                             published on the Web last month. “Its           petitive bid, Teal Group analyst Richard
Political                                          EADS flip-flopped on whether it             larger size meant it will not land on many of   Aboulafia told The Seattle Times.
Director                                       would enter a solo bid, and spent weeks         the runways our current tankers use. That           And none of that addresses the in-
Larry                                          trying unsuccessfully to find a new                                                             creased risk the Air Force would face in
                                                                                               would mean the larger plane was less avail-
Brown (l)                                      American partner before finally making          able than the medium-sized Boeing tanker.       relying on a foreign company to supply
                                               its solo bid announcement on April 20.             “A larger plane with more fuel will do       components to an untrained and untested
man Jay                                            U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks said that EADS         our airmen no good whatsoever if it is not      American workforce, as EADS proposes.
Inslee for                                     should make a smart business decision and       available exactly when and where combat             “The Boeing tanker is the only realis-
his                                            not place a bid. The oversized, French-         pilots need it to be,” he concluded.            tic option,” said Wroblewski. “Our mem-
support on                                     built tanker would be too expensive to             A larger airplane also will be more          bers are the ones who can build it, should
the tanker.                                    buy and too costly to operate. He added         expensive to operate, noted Dicks. “It’s        build it and will build it!”
Page 4            751 AERO MECHANIC                May 2010

                                      IAM/BOEING JOINT PROGRAMS
Know the Proper Procedure                                                                                                                                             IAM

If You Get Injured on the Job                                                                                                                                         Skeen tries
                                                                                                                                                                      out the
                                                    treatment. But members who work at Boeing                                                                         Rosetta
    When you got hurt playing in Little League,
what did your coach say? Rub some dirt on it        are required to go to the Boeing Medical Clinic
and walk it off.                                    at their site before leaving work. Clinic staff                                                                   Learning
    That tough guy (or tough girl) approach         will record your injuries and give you benefits                                                                   program
doesn’t work in an industrial workplace, how-       information.
ever. Washington state law requires all workers         • If you work at a Boeing site that doesn’t
who get hurt on                                                                      have a clinic, if
the job to report                                                                    the clinic is
it to their super-
visors, and Dis-
                                                                                     closed       when
                                                                                     you’re hurt, or if
                                                                                                           Learn a Foreign Language
trict 751 mem-
bers who work
at Boeing are
                                                                                     you’re physically
                                                                                     unable to make it
                                                                                     to the clinic, re-
                                                                                                           With RosettaStone
                                                                                     port the injury          Your opportunity to learn a new language has arrived. Starting May
also required to
                                                                                     right away to         3, IAM represented employees at Boeing may register to use
make similar re-
                                                                                     Boeing’s Dis-         RosettaStone® premier language-learning software at no cost and no
ports by a firm
                                                                                     ability Manage-       impact to your Education Assistance (EA) funds. IAM/Boeing Joint
c o m p a n y
                                                                                     ment group at 1-      Programs is excited to offer this highly respected learning tool.
                                                                                     800-242-1110.            Employees wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must
    Making the
                                                                                     (An exception –       contact an IAM/Boeing Joint Programs QTTP career advisor. Our
reports ensures
                                                                                     if you’re leaving     advisors will help you with registration and provide you with the
that unsafe pro-
                                                                                     in an ambulance,      required hardware and passwords. Employees can ‘pre-register’ with
cesses, ma-
                                                                                     you’re not re-        their career advisors starting April 23, and can begin using the program
chines or work
                                                                                     quired to make an     May 3.
practices get Business Rep Tommy Wilson (l), who also serves as
                                                                                     immediate injury         The following twenty-five languages are offered:
identified and the District Safety Focal, talks with Renton Site Safety
                                                                                     report.)                 Arabic                Greek                French
changed so that Committee member Jim Roberts on proper procedure
                                                                                         • If you’re go-      Dutch                 Hindi                Chinese (Mandarin)
future injuries – for reporting injuries.
                                                                                     ing to miss work         Polish                Hebrew               Irish (Gaelic)
or even deaths
                                                    because of the injury, call your supervisor be-           German                Russian              Spanish (Spain)
— are avoided. Washington state law requires
                                                    fore the start of your next shift. Members who            Greek                 Swedish              Spanish(Latin America)
companies to address unsafe work conditions,
                                                    work at Boeing must also call Boeing’s Disabil-           Portuguese            Italian              English (US)
but that can’t happen if injuries aren’t reported
                                                    ity Management group at 1-800-242-1110.                   Tagalog               Japanese             English (UK)
in the first place.
                                                        • If it looks like you’re going to miss five or       Turkish               Farsi                Korean
    Boeing’s company policy also requires its
                                                    more days of work, Boeing employees must                  Vietnamese            Latin
workers to use protective equipment, follow
                                                    contact TotalAccess – either online at                    To register and get started learning a new language, contact an IAM/
safety procedures and report injuries immedi-
                                           or by calling 1-866-            Boeing Joint Programs QTTP career advisor. See our website (http:/
ately. Failure to do that can result in corrective
                                                    473-2016.                                              / for career advisor
                                                        • Whether you work at Boeing or elsewhere,         hours and locations, or call 1-800-235-3453 to schedule an appoint-
    So if you get hurt, what should you do?
                                                    contact your Union Steward to let them know as         ment.
    • Immediately tell your supervisor and your
                                                    soon as you know that you’ll be off work for a            Please note: RosettaStone® training MUST be taken off-hours only
Union Steward about any work-related injury or
                                                    while. The earlier your Union representatives          and is recommended for home use. Your computer at home must have
illness, regardless of severity. If your supervisor
                                                    know about your injury, the better they’ll be able     a sound card and an internet connection in order for the program to
is not immediately available, report the injury to
                                                    to help with any disagreements that may arise as       operate. (The program may not operate properly on some Boeing
another manager in your organization. Mem-
                                                    you recover and get ready to return to work.           computers.)
bers at Boeing, in particular, must speak to a
                                                        Making our workplaces safer is a long-stand-          For more information about IAM/Boeing Joint Programs and the
                                                    ing goal of the Machinists Union, but it requires      resources and services we offer, please visit our website http://
    • If your condition seems likely to require
                                                    the efforts of all members to make it happen. at work or from
medical care or to cause you to miss work, go get
                                                                                                           your home computer.

District Safety Members Honored
    Day-in and day-out members of the 751                5 years: Justin Bailes, Dena Bartman, Ron
District Safety Committee dedicate themselves         Coen, Art Duffy, Clark Fromong, and Jim Roberts.
to ensuring that the workplace is safe. Along            In addition, Stosh Tomala and Rod Sigvartson
with their Union Business Representative and          were recognized for their past service to the
staff counterparts, these members work on site        committee.
safety committees at each plant location.                This year’s awards had special significance.
   In recognition of their years of service, the      District Safety Chair Jim Coats is retiring next
District Safety Committee presented members           month and received a special award. Business
with service awards at the April 2010 meeting.        Rep Tommy Wilson, who is also the District
Awards for service on the committee were as           Safety Focal, thanked Jim for the years of tire-
presented for the following milestones:               less service and his continual efforts to keep the
   15 years: Jim Coats and Jeff Rose.                 members safe. Coats also received a special
   10 years: John Carter, Gary Boulch and             award from IAM/Boeing Joint Programs in rec-
Dwyane Johnson.                                       ognition of his efforts on safety.

                                                                                                           Those honored with District 751 Safety Recognition Awards
District 751 Safety Focal Tommy             District 751 Safety Chair Jim Coats (l) and 751                were: Top row 5-year awards L to R: Art Duffy, Dena Bartman,
Wilson (r) thanked Jim Coats for            Safety Focal Tommy Wilson (r) honored Stosh                    Jim Roberts, Clark Fromong, Ron Coen. Middle row 10-year
his steadfast commitment to                 Tomala for his past service on the District Safety             awards L to R: Dwyane Johnson, John Carter, Gary Boulch are
safety and years of dedication.             Committee. Also honored, but unable to attend the              congratulated by Business Rep Tommy Wilson. Front row 15-
Coats is retiring in May.                   presentation was Rod Sigvartson.                               year awards L to R: Jim Coats and Jeff Rose.
                                                                                                              May 2010                751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 5

Women’s Health Week to Focus on Cervical Cancer Prevention
    Cervical cancer is preventable and Dis-                                                                                         • If you’re 30 and older, get the Pap test and
trict 751’s Women’s Committee will be work-                                                                                     HPV test together as part of your routine
ing to get that message out during National                                                                                     health screening. The test can show whether
Women’s Health Week in May.                                                                                                     you’ve contracted the virus, thus identifying
    The week will be observed May 9-15.                                                                                         whether you’re at increased risk for cervical
    More than 4,000 American women die                                                                                          cancer and should be monitored more closely.
from cervical cancer each year. The cancer is                                                                                       It’s important to have girls vaccinated
caused by a virus—the human papillomavirus,                                                                                     against HPV, Boschok said, because research
commonly called HPV. It is the second most-                                                                                     shows once young women become sexually
common type of cancer that strikes women                                                                                        active, their odds of contracting the virus
today.                                                                                                                          skyrocket. But if they’re vaccinated against
    There is a vaccine that protects against the                                                                                HPV before that, they’ll be protected against
most-common forms of the virus, and the                                                                                         the virus – and the cancer it can cause.
virus itself can be detected through common                                                                                         “Because it involves sex, it’s not always a
Pap tests during a woman’s annual exam.                                                                                         comfortable thing to talk about,” Boschok
                                                   District 751 Women’s Committee is using Women’s Health Week to
    However, a recent survey found that only promote awareness on cervical cancer prevention. As a symbol of the                said. “But the penalty for not talking about it
53 percent of Seattle-area women are aware campaign, Women’s Committee members are wearing Pearl of                             is too high. We need to get girls and young
that cervical cancer can be prevented, and 52 Wisdom pins (inset above), which can be purchased for $6.95 each                  women vaccinated early, and mothers need to
percent said they had not had a gynecologic through the campaign’s Website:                        take responsibility for making sure their daugh-
or pelvic exam in the past year.                                                                                                ters are protected from cervical cancer.”
    Those figures are shockingly high, and are what           life are fairly simple.”                                    As a symbol of the campaign, Women’s Committee
prompted the District 751 Women’s Committee to get                The campaign’s backers urge women and girls to       members are wearing Pearl of Wisdom pins, which can
involved with the Pearl of Wisdom campaign to help            take action:                                             be purchased for $6.95 each through the campaign’s
spread cervical cancer awareness, said Jackie Boschok,            • If you or your daughters are between the ages of 9 Website: All proceeds
who is the Union’s Health and Benefits Coordinator            and 26, talk to your doctor about the HPV vaccine,       from pin sales benefit U.S.-based cervical cancer pre-
and who also leads the committee.                             which protects against the virus.                        vention.
    “Seattle women need to know more about how easy               • If you’re 21 or older, get a Pap test, which can      People who visit the site also can send e-cards to
it is to prevent cervical cancer,” Boschok said. “It’s        detect the abnormal cells that can lead to cervical      women they care about with virtual “pearls of wisdom”
literally a life-and-death issue, and the steps to ensure     cancer.                                                  about cervical cancer prevention.

Teamwork Brings Dramatic                                                                                                                                              L to R: Lyn
                                                                                                                                                                      Business Rep
Results and Improvements                                                                                                                                              Tommy
                                                                                                                                                                      Wilson, Justin
Continued from page 1                      trucks, they built the nesting and chalk-                                                                                  and Chuck
                                           ing into the design, as well as lock wheels.                                                                               Haberlach
    • Ergonomics to reduce strains in the
load/unload process,                       They continue to make improvements
    • Capability of being moved by one     and communicate with TDRC to offer                                                                                         hinges that
person without a machine or towed by a     additional enhancements with each box                                                                                      could stop the
jitney,                                    we manufacture,” reports Ken “Red”                                                                                         box lids from
    • Visual controls so receiving can     Jordan, a Steward in Renton Tooling.                                                                                       slamming
easily identify the shipment,                  “When a pre-assembled wheel set/                                                                                       down.
    • Built in-house so additional im-     brake package was priced too high, we
prove-                                                                    ordered the
ments can                                                                 parts sepa-
be made.                                                                  rately and as-
    District                                                              sembled them
751 mem-                                                                  here – cutting
ber Connie                                                                the price for      Photo right:
                                                                          that item in       L to R: Chuck
who works                                                                 half. Just an-
at TDRC,                                                                  other way to       Hollibaugh and
stated, “I                                                                keep the costs     Business Rep Joe
empha-                                                                    down,” Jordan      Crockett
sized that                                                                added.             examine the
we needed                                                                     Since the      panel saw used
to build Tooling built in chalk blocks to ensure the boxes                first boxes        to cut box parts.
them in- would be stackable on transportation trucks.                     were deliv-
house so                                                                  ered, addi-        and money reductions to their process.          their talents and ideas to make things more
we could continue to make modifica-        tional innovations have been built into               Using the old method on just first shift,   efficient, safer and less costly? Our mem-
tions, and we would have the ability to    future boxes thanks to the skills of Renton       TDRC workers had to shrink wrap 12 tub          bers would feel more a part of the process
make repairs as needed in the future.”     Tooling.                                          skids per day (at approximately five min-       and enjoy being asked to provide input.”
    Once the prototype was approved and        “We tried multiple ways to combine            utes each) – requiring at least an hour of          With this type of innovation and suc-
tested to transport the parts, members in  freight using the previous shipping method,       their time every day. In addition, they         cess, more shops should tap into this
Tooling were happy to take on the project  but nothing was efficient. Ergonomically,         would shrink wrap the parts for six SA          knowledge base to ensure Boeing re-
and used their skills and expertise to     it was a challenge at times to get things out     dollies a day (at nine minutes each). TDRC      mains competitive in this challenging
further reduce production costs, as well   of the SA dollies and tub skids,” stated          also spent a little over $3,800 per month on    global economy and to keep these jobs
as offering further improvements.          Nichols, who stands a little over 5 feet tall.    heat shrink materials. The new boxes elimi-     here. It is about doing things smarter,
    “Lyn Mathews and Chuck Haberlach       “With the new boxes, we get 85 percent of         nate that material cost and will free up        which is always a win-win for everyone.
deserve credit for their hard work and     freight on one truck and eliminate tub            additional time for the TDRC to focus on
creativity. When TDRC requested the        skids, SA dollies, shrink wrap and sleeving.      other projects.
boxes be able to stack on transportation   Now we don’t have to reach in at weird                Renton 737 operations management
                                                    angles so there is no straining. Parts   is now considering the custom boxes to
                                                    don’t rattle around with the foam        ship their tube and ducts.
                                                    padding so there is less chance of           Business Rep Joe Crockett applauded
                                                    any damage in shipping. We get           the collaboration and stated, “There are so
                                                    things done faster, cheaper and          many ways our members help Boeing be
                                                    safer.”                                  more successful when the Company gives
                                                       The bright, 20-foot long purple       them that opportunity. The people who do
                                                    boxes can be loaded three wide           the work are the experts – why not harness
                                                    on trucks and stacked two high.                                                                                  Above: There was
                                                    This has increased capacity on                                                                                   no efficient way
                                                    transportation trucks by 60 per-                                                                                 to ship parts on
                                                    cent to optimize loads, which is                                                                                 the dollies.
Steward Ken ‘Red’ Jordan (r) explains to            better for the environment.
Steward Scott Donohoe (l) and Business Rep             TDRC Delivery Managers John                                                                                   Left: Before, each
Joe Crockett that by assembling the wheel           Workman and Mike Martz praised                                                                                   part had to be
and brake locks in tooling, the price for the                                                                                                                        sleeved in plastic
                                                    the teamwork and reported TDRC
wheels was cut in half.                                                                                                                                              - adding to costs.
                                                    will experience significant time
Page 6            751 AERO MECHANIC                   May 2010

District 751 Retiree Spotlight: Nels Wasley
By Rosanne Tomyn                              that we would enter the war at
    This month’s Retiree Spotlight fea-       some point?
ture introduces you to Nels Wasley. Born
in 1913, Wasley lived through the Great
Depression in Washington State and
                                                  I figured we would be in it even-
                                              tually, yes. Probably one of the
                                              reasons I got married, actually.
                                                                                                                                                   Volunteers Recog
                                                                                                                                                   Continued from page 1                               train
worked through World War II in the                My first child was born in 1940.
                                                                                                                                                   ringing for the Salvation Army, to building         Har
factory. He witnessed first-hand the dras-    There was no way they were going
                                                                                                                                                   10 wheelchair ramps for home-bound people           Uni
tic changes in the workplace, labor move-     to draft me then since I was working
                                                                                                                                                   around Puget Sound.                                 who
ment and national landscape that many         with Boeing and had a child. I was
                                                                                                                                                      Keep in mind these impressive volunteer          thei
of us have only read about and his inter-     on the list to go then if I had been
                                                                                                                                                   hours don’t include all the work that went into     the
view sheds some light on just how much        single though. They wouldn’t want
                                                                                                                                                   the various weekend fundraisers that gener-         Sou
has changed since the Great Depression        a married person to go to war when
                                                                                                                                                   ated nearly a quarter-million dollars for Guide     rece
generation entered the workforce.             it started. Married and a child and
                                                                                                                                                   Dogs of America in 2009.                                L
    Where did you grow up?                    working in a defense industry, you
                                                                                                                                                      District 751 President Tom Wroblewski,           volu
    I was born in 1913 in Puyallup right      were solid to not get sent.
                                                                                            Nels Wasley hired into Boeing in 1941 and              was joined by speakers from the Salvation           is ro
off of Stewart Avenue. I went to Puyallup         Do you feel America’s response worked there until he retired in 1978. He
                                                                                                                                                   Army, Northwest Harvest and Tacoma Res-                 I
High School. My dad lost his job at the       to 9/11 was similar to the response to shares his experiences with others.
                                                                                                                                                   cue Mission in praising the efforts of these        as th
railroad and a friend of his got a two-acre   Pearl Harbor when that happened?
                                                                                                                                                   dedicated volunteers.                               com
place between Puyallup and Sumner.                Something in that range, yeah. But,             kept on getting their milk after that.
                                                                                                                                                      “You are individuals who do more than just       Brau
My mother and my dad worked their             Pearl Harbor we were ready to go to work                It started the middle of April and
                                                                                                                                                   talk about making things better - you take          the
butts off you might say, getting the till     and we went to work. Just like that. We out-        lasted until about the 20th of September.
together. We grew blackberries and rasp-      produced everybody.                                 Well, I had been working at the cannery          action,” stated Wroblewski.
berries, and there were some fruit trees.         What was security like at Boeing dur-           and I quit my job at the cannery but they        “Thanks to your dedication,
And from 1920 to 1932 we did pretty           ing the War?                                        didn’t hire me right at the 20th, you know       District 751 has established a
good. Then in 1932, the cannery refused           The whole town, they had balloons up            the strike was over. Then I got a letter         constant presence and level
to pay anything for them. It was at the       there, they thought the Japanese were               that said I had to get an interview with         of involvement in our com-
height of the Depression. We                            gonna bomb the place. On top of           the Company which took place in Octo-            munities that is unmatched.
darn near starved for a while.                            the roof they made it look like         ber and after that I went back to work.          Our reputation for helping oth-
It was tough.                                                 a city. I saw pictures of it and        I think the President jumped in and          ers extends far beyond our
    There’s a statue in                                        I said ‘if the Japanese had        the War Labor Board and said ‘you settle         membership.”
Puyallup of Ezra Meeker.                                        seen that, they’d have            this thing’ and they did.                           Awards were given to the
I was there. You know that                                      known the factory was un-             Were there a lot of strike breakers work-    top three volunteers for
picture of Ezra Meeker’s                                       der there!’ It looked better       ing for the Company during the strike?           members, officers and stew-
house with all the kids? I                                   than the rest of the town.               The Company advertised for strike            ards (see chart right).
was there.                                                     When I heard the news              breakers clear back east.                           Chris Louie, who re-
    When I was older I liked to go                      about Pearl Harbor, it was on a               What was the Union like during the strike?   ceived the top award (the
up to Seattle to dances at the Dance Hall.          Sunday, I thought ‘they gotta be                  They gave us pep talks every week,           Bill Johnson True Trade
It was during the ’30s, I was pretty wild     crazy, they can’t whoop this country!’              the Union did. And we got a strike ben-          Unionist Award) could not
because I graduated in 1932 and in 1933 the       Did you work with many women dur-               efit, it wasn’t a great deal but we lived on     attend because of Union
booze came back and it got pretty wild.       ing the war?                                        it. Even my mother wanted me to go
    People have compared this reces-
sion to the Great Depression. What do
                                                  There was quite a few women at
                                              Boeing working there in the different
                                                                                                  back through the picket. I was not gonna
                                                                                                  do it and I didn’t do it. I was on the picket    Volunteers Build Gree
you think about that?                         jobs - especially in production. They               line standing there with big fire barrels.
                                              came in because of the war and a lot of                 What do you remember about what                 Ten District 751 MVPs spent a recent day off
    It ain’t near that bad. It was a lot
                                              them quit after that.                               happened between the Teamsters and the           rebuilding a greenhouse for a Tacoma agency
worse (then). You see pictures of the
                                                  Did you work for Boeing all the way             Machinists during the 1948 strike?               that provides child and family services.
soup kitchen and the line three blocks
                                              up until the 1948 Strike?                               Dave Beck, big shot that started the            The volunteers rebuilt a greenhouse used by
long. Soup 3 cents a bowl. That is how it
                                                  Yes. There was a little time right after        Teamsters Union. He started another              Gateways for Youth and Families. The structure
was in the big cities...At that time, I
                                              the Japanese surrendered they closed                Union behind the back of somebody else           had been built without side supports and “the
didn’t know it was going to get that bad.
                                              down completely. They started even dis-             that was on strike. That didn’t suit me a        wind had just about knocked it down,” said
    When did you get hired at Boeing?
                                              mantling some of the planes that they               bit. And of course he didn’t get anyone to       Wilson Ferguson, a Union Steward who helped
    August 7, 1941 was my first day.
                                              had worked on and I didn’t even get a               join it either. Except for the strike break-     organize the effort.
    When did you become a Machinists
                                              chance to get unemployment because                  ers. And they didn’t last very long be-             Gateways provides a range of services to
Union member?
                                              they hired me back as a warehouseman.               cause no one would talk to ‘em.                  support children and families, including foster
    I belonged to the Cannery Union you
                                              I worked at that maybe a year, I don’t                  How was work different when you              care licensing and placements, counseling for 75
know, it was the AF-of-L and I just trans-
                                              know exactly how long, and then I went              came back from the strike?                       children in divorced families, and counseling and W
ferred. They just transferred my applica-
                                              back to the shop to my old job.                         I got along fine; nobody bothered me.        supervised visits for children who are caught up
tion from the Cannery Workers Union to
                                                  Tell me about the 1948 strike.                  In fact, along come a couple of the women        in domestic violence cases.
the Aero Mechanics. The transfer didn’t
                                                  It was pretty gruesome. When I heard            and they said ‘why don’t you go talk to             The group traces its roots back to the Women’s
cost me anything because they both be-
                                              that the Company was putting in the Team-           Mr. Brown there and get to be a supervi-         Lend-a-Hand-League, which formed in Tacoma
longed to the AF-of-L. You had to belong
                                              sters Union, our milkman comes up there             sor?’ I looked at them and I said ‘you           in 1890, and it is a successor to the group that ran
to the Union. Everybody. That’s how it
                                              and he belongs to the Teamsters. ‘No more           mean supervisor over these, you know,            the Jessie Dyslin Ranch for homeless boys, start-
                                              milk,’ I said til you guys are done with            scabs and stuff?’ I said ‘no, I don’t want       ing in the 1920s.
    At the beginning of WWII, when the
                                              Boeing. ‘It ain’t the same outfit, Mr.              it.’ So, I didn’t go down and talk to them.         To generate money for these programs, the
U.S. was attempting to stay out of the
                                              Wasley,’ he says. I had two children so I               Were you involved in any other strikes?      group grows and sells organic produce at its 15-acre
war, did you feel it was likely at that time
                                                                                                      I retired in 1978 and they had strikes       farm, which is at 3501 104th St. E. in Tacoma.
  Attention Retirees - Share Your History!                                                        after that and I belonged to the Boeing             To help out, the Union volunteers turned out
                                                                                                                                                   on Saturday, April 3, to install braces to the
      The Communications Department is looking for retirees who would be                          Employees Tennis Club. I had to go through
                                                                                                  the picket line to play tennis and I stopped                                        greenhouse’s
  interested in sharing their personal stories of Union membership and working
                                                                                                  one day in front of a can and told them that.                                       200-foot-long
  at Boeing or other employers. If you’re a Retired Machinist and would be
                                                                                                  They said ‘it’s alright Mr. Wasley, you’re                                          frame and re-
  willing to be interviewed, potentially on camera, please contact us.
                                                                                                  retired.’ But I made sure to stop and talk to                                       place the plastic
      Interviews will be highlighted in the Aero Mechanic, as well as online. It
                                                                                                  ‘em and tell them.                                                                  cover so that the
  is important to preserve this history from the folks who lived it. Some of the
                                                                                                      During the Cold War, there was a lot of                                         Gateways staff
  interviews will be used as part of the 75th anniversary celebration. We look
                                                                                                  finger-pointing at Unions and other                                                 and other volun-
  forward to hearing your story!
                                                                                                  worker organizations saying that they were                                          teers could plant
      • Call at (206) 764-0340 or 1-800-763-1301, ext. 3340, OR
                                                                                                  communist. What did you feel about that?                                            tomatoes and
      • Send an email with contact information to: OR
                                                                                                      Well, if they printed stuff like that,                                          other vegetables
                                                                                                  that’s a stinkin’ lie in my book. I’ve                                              that they will sell
      • Mail the form below to: Aero Mechanic, 9125 15 Pl S, Seattle, WA 98108
                                                                                                                                                   Wilson Ferguson cuts
                                                                                                  never thought about it in that way. The                                             later.
                                                                                                                                                   lumber for the greenhouse.            The      work
      Name: ___________________________________________________                                   Union is something to make living con-
                                                                                                  ditions and working better in my book.
                                                                                                      Were you laidoff again after you             Letter Carriers’ Food Drive M
      Clock # or BEMSID: _________________ Year Retired: _______________                          were rehired during the shut-down af-                 Saturday, May 8 is the annual Letter Carriers’ Food
                                                                                                  ter WWII?                                         get members from all unions to participate as well as oth
      Address: ____________________________________________________                                   No, no more layoffs. Our shop in the          is an easy way to help others who utilize area food b
                                                                                                  ’70s had a big layoff and three shifts got        canned or non-perishable foods at your mailbox on Sa
                                                                                                  down to 10 or 12 people and I was one of          Carriers will do the rest.
      City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________
                                                                                                  them. It fluctuated, the work you know.               Volunteers are needed to help on May 8 at the follow
                                                                                                      What was your job at Boeing?                  May 8th: Everett Main Post Office (3102 Hoyt Ave) at 1
      Phone Number: ________________________________________                                                                                        100th St SW) at noon; and Lynnwood Post Office (6817
                                                                                                                       Continued on page 8
                                                                                                                                                    more info on volunteering that day contact Suzanne M
                                                                                                                             May 2010                751 AERO MECHANIC                    Page 7

                                       COMMUNITY SERVICE
gnized for Community Efforts
  ning at the William W. Winpisinger Placid           Family members who have helped with the vari-
 rbor Training Center. The True Trade             ous projects were also honored at the banquet.
  onist Award is given annually to a member           Thanks to all who helped throughout the year. If
 o goes above and beyond the call of duty in      you would like to participate in MVP projects,
  r volunteer efforts. Louie was also named       contact to get on the mailing
   Union’s top officer volunteer in Puget         list.
 und for 2009. Louie received his award at a
 ent District Council meeting.
   ouie gave 164 hours of his own time to
 unteer at 41 different events in 2009, which
 oughly equal to four workweeks.
 In addition, George Braun was recognized
  he top retiree volunteer with 114 hours of
 mmunity service work at 46 different events.                                                              Photo above top volunteers honored at the banquet. Top row l to r: Mike
  un has also become the volunteer cook for                                                                Cummins, Thong Trang, Jude Kuberka, Tom Lindberg. Bottom row l to r:
   District 751 Retired Club, which holds                                                                  Rob Curran, Vennie Murphy, Debbie Anderson, Elizabeth ‘Dee Dee’ Oen.
                             lunch meetings
                             every Monday at                                                               Photo below District President Tom Wroblewski congratulated family
                             the District’s Se-                                                            members who helped with projects. L to R: Wroblewski, Kailee Kelliher,
                             attle Union Hall.    District President Tom Wroblewski (l)                    Susan Cummins, Ken Oen, Becky Dove, Nathan Oen, Lyann Trang, Dee Dee
                                                  honors George Braun as top retiree volunteer.            Oen, Kevin Trang and Ruby Kuberka.

                               Business Rep Don Morris presented Pauline
                               Mitchell (l) and Joyce Hoag (r) with their
                                                                                                                                                                                          More than

enhouse for Gateway                                                                                                                                                                       three dozen
                                                                                                                                                                                          turned out
                                                                                                                                                                                          with their
                                                                                                                                                                                          families for
                                                                                                                                                                                          a clean-up
                                                                                                                                                                                          project at

 51 members helping with the greenhouse included
Wilson Fergie Ferguson, Rob Curran, Bob Merritt,
                             Clark Fromong,
                             Chris Louie, Tony
                             Pouliot, Gary Kiehl,
                             Gavin Fields, and J.J.
                             Gonzales.                       Volunteers Clean Up for Campfire Girls
                                                                More than three dozen Machinists           helped organize the work day.                        The group was using small tractors to
                                                            Union members turned out with their fami-         “It’s a family project that everybody         haul the platforms, but they couldn’t get
                                                            lies on a recent damp Saturday to help         gets involved with,” he said. “You can           through to the campsites, he said. “It had
                                                            CampFire USA’s Camp Killoqua get ready         bring your kids. Last year, kids were dig-       rained earlier, and the trail was not level.
                                                            for the summer camping season.                 ging fire pits right alongside their parents.”   The tractors wanted to slip and tip over.
                                                                They were part of a 90-member volun-          On the most recent work day, which            The golf cart I was in, got stuck.”
    team was made                                           teer group – all of them employees of the      was April 17, the Machinists and other               As a result, the volunteers had to
    up of members                                           Interiors Responsibility Center at the         volunteers split firewood, rebuilt bunk          manhandle the heavy wooden platforms
    of the Union’s                                          Boeing Co.’s Everett factory. The IRC          beds, built a fence and did basic yard           and their braces into place, he said.
    “MVP” group.                                            employees spend their work weeks build-        work. Volunteers also repainted the new              Many of the volunteers have a per-
    (The initials                                           ing luggage bins, closets and other aircraft   trading post at the camp, which is near          sonal connection to Camp Killoqua,
    stand for “Ma-                                          cabin components, and they’ve been help-       Stanwood.                                        Haviland said. “Some of the parents were
    chinists Volunteer Program.”)                           ing out each spring at Camp Killoqua for          One of the most difficult chores was          campers there as kids,” he said. “And a
       Gateways on relies the support of volunteers         21 years.                                      installing and leveling the platforms            lot of the kids use those facilities, so it’s
    like the union’s MVPs, Ferguson said. “There have           It’s a tradition in the shop, said Randy   where campers will pitch their tents this        an added plus.
    been several volunteer groups go out and help, and      Haviland, a Machinists Union steward who       summer, Haviland said.                                             Continued on page 11
    now we’ve jumped on that bandwagon,” he said.
                                                                                                           Photo left:
    “We’ll continue to support them.”
                                                                                                           Machinists Gary
                                                                                                           Kiehl (l) and Roger
                                                                                                           Weller (r) build
 May 8th                                                                                                   bunk beds at Camp
 d Drive. They are hoping to                                                                               Killoqua.
 hers in the community. This
 banks. Simply set out your                                                                                Photo right: Earnest
 aturday, May 8. The Letter                                                                                Ashley cuts the
                                                                                                           grass. He was one of
 wing north end locations on                                                                               the many
                                                                                                           Machinists and their
 1 p.m.; Everett Annex (2201
                                                                                                           families to help with
 7 208th St SW) at noon. For                                                                               the project.
Moreau at 425-252-1112.
Page 8              751 AERO MECHANIC                      May 2010

  In celebration of District 751’s 75th Anniversary, we would like to invite children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews,
  and any other children in members’ families to participate in some exciting contests. Check out the details below!

                   Writing Contest (Grades 6-12)                                                                                   Coloring Contest (Grades PreK-5)
 1) Answer one of the following questions, based on your current grade, in a               Any questions can be               1) Color the picture that corresponds with your current grade. Below
     maximum of two pages, double-spaced. Include your name, current grade,                                                      you will find the entry for 1-3 Grade. Further entries will run as
                                                                                              directed to the                    follows:
     school name, family member’s BEMS or CLOCK (last 4 of SSN), family
     member’s place of work, and contact number on a cover page.                             Communications                      PreK-K April issue of the AeroMechanic
    6-8 Grade: What does union membership mean to your family?                                Department at                     1-3 Grade: May issue of the AeroMechanic
    9-10 Grade: Why is solidarity important?
                                                                                             206-764-0340 or                     4-5 Grade: June issue of the AeroMechanic
    11-12 Grade: How will union membership benefit your generation as you                                                     2) Mail your entry in to: IAM&AW District 751, Attn: Coloring Contest,
    prepare to enter the workforce?                                                              ext. 3340                       9125-15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108
 2) Mail your entry in to: IAM&AW District 751,Attn: Writing Contest,                               OR                        3) ALL entries must be post-marked by July 10, 2010. Entries will be
    9125 – 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108                                                         send an                        displayed at August Local Lodge BBQs for members to vote on. Two
                                                                                                e-mail to:                       winners will be chosen from each grade group.
 3) Entries must be post-marked by July 10, 2010. Entries will be reviewed and awards
     granted to the top two essay writers in each grade group.                  

                 Writing Contest Prizes:                                                                                          Coloring Contest Prizes:
                 6-8 Grade: 1st Place - Class Pizza Party                                                                         PreK-K:     1st Place - $50 Toys ‘R Us Gift Card
                              2nd Place - $50 Visa Gift Card                                                                                  2nd Place - $25 Toys ‘R Us Gift Card
                 9-10 Grade: 1st Place - iPOD Nano                                                                                1-3 Grade: 1st Place - Class Pizza Party
                              2nd Place - $50 Visa Gift Card                                                                                  2nd Place - $25 Toys ‘R Us Gift Card
                 11-12 Grade: 1st Place - $400 Academic Award                                                                     4-5 Grade: 1st Place – Class Pizza Party
                              2nd Place: - $50 Visa Gift Card                                                                                 2nd Place - $25 Toys ‘R Us Gift Card

                                      ✁                                                                                                                 ✁
                                                              Coloring Contest Entry #2: 1-3 Grade
   Meet Little
   Betty Boot
   the Safety Shoe!
    Betty works in the shop
  and where other shoes can’t
  walk, Betty goes with her
  laces tied tight!
    Her nose makes her safe
  because of its little metal
  plate and her sole makes
  sure feet stand just right!
    Sammy Sock is Betty’s best
  friend and he walks with her
  through the shop from shift
  start until end!
    Machinists are always
  pleased because Betty al-
  ways walks with ease and
  they know in her care, they’ll
  make it safely from here to
  there every shift and all day
  and all night!

    Name: _________________________ Age: _______ School: __________________ Grade (circle one): 1st 2nd 3rd
    Member Relative’s BEMS or CLOCK (last 4): _____________Member Relative’s Name:___________________________
    Relative’s Workplace: _______________________________ Phone: _________________
District 751 Retiree Spotlight and Interview: Nels Wasley
Continued from page 6                                control stand work, this contract was for         I took the month extra. Shame on me.                 Having worked on the first tanker,
    I did lots of jobs. I made parts for the         tankers, and it lasted quite a little while.          Have you enjoyed retirement?                 what do you think about the current
first 707, the first one they ever built.                What shift did you work?                          I have and I haven’t. I retired in ’78       debate and the possibility of having a
You know the prototype? The Dash 80                      One time, I had to go on swing shift. My      and my wife passed away in ’93. Up to            foreign-built tanker?
they called it. That was in ’56, I remem-            wife kicked about it. So, just to make her        then, we had a good life, we went on                 I don’t think much of it and I don’t think
ber that because we all went down to                 happy, I got a chance to go on graveyard          vacations down south; I played in the            it will happen. I really think Boeing, if they
look at it and get our pictures taken.               which is where you work at midnight and           Tennis Club.                                     shape up, they’ve got their foot in the door
    I started in production and I managed to         get home at 6:30 in the morning. She didn’t           How much is your Pension?                    pretty well. But, politics are a strange ani-
get into Experimental Fabrication, which             like it but I liked it. I had the whole day to        About $600 a month; I worked a lot of        mal. I’m afraid that’s a kind of a political
is a step ahead and more complicated parts,          mess around. It only lasted a year and then       overtime.                                        deal. There’s a lot of money at stake there.
and I went into a template shop. I made              it was back to just two shifts. I worked all          Have you picked up any hobbies in                If you were talking to a new employee
patterns and they had what they call                 different shifts though. There wasn’t any         retirement?                                      at Boeing today, what advice would you
Bluestreak; that was priority work. Every            preferences. Day shift, you had to get up too         I go down to the Senior Center and           give them?
order had AOG on it and AOG meant                    damn early in the morning, second shift you       play ping pong. I’m pretty good at it. I             Learn as much as you can on the job and
airplane on the ground – priority work.              got no night life. Let’s face it, work is hell.   also take trips to the races. And I’m            take courses and get better. They gave me
    Did you work on the first tanker?                    Did you enjoy your work?                      thinking about joining the 90-100 tennis         a course in electrical installation and I took
    Yeah. The propeller-driven one. I felt               It was challenging. Most of it I enjoyed      team. You know, just for fun.                    a course in description geometry. I still
that was my best job. That was in 1953.              because I wasn’t drilling the same thing              What do you think about Boeing’s             think that if a person dedicates himself to a
    Out of all of the jobs that you worked,          every day. I got to do different jobs.            decision to build the second line in             job and tries to improve himself, he’ll get
which was your favorite?                                 When did you retire?                          South Carolina?                                  better at the job and get promotions.
    I believe working on that control stand.             1978. I had to get out when I was 65.             I don’t like it; in fact, I’m amazed that        And save your money as much as you can
It was a production job but I stayed with it.        The rule was 65 when I was there. They            they would do that. They still have con-         and when you retire, get out and enjoy your-
I had three people working for me. This              said they could give me a month extra, so         tracts here – civilian airplanes.                self. And probably go down and visit Cuba!
                                                                                                               May 2010              751 AERO MECHANIC                        Page 9

                                                           RETIREMENT NEWS
April Retired Club Minutes                                                                                                    Union Retirees:
                                                                                                                                  Congratulations to the following members who
                                                                                                                               retired from the Union:
by Ruth Render,                                                                                                                 Keith W Amundson           Robert E Lutz
Retired Club Secretary                                                                                                          Dolores S Cabalo           Men T Miller
                                                                                                                                James B Caldwell           Tomy J Miller
    The meeting was called to order by Vice President                                                                           Peter P Caldwell           Russell A Mugford
T.J. Seibert. The “Lord’s Prayer” was said followed by                                                                          Pete J Chester             Loi T Nguyen
the flag salute. Members sang “God Bless America.”                                                                              Neal L Clark               Thanh P Nguyen
    President’s Report: Vice President T.J. Seibert                                                                             Rodney A Clark             Lynda M Petit
thanked everyone for coming to the meeting. T.J. spoke                                                                          Danny J Costa              Richard C Pickrell
about the National Conference for the Alliance for                                                                              Gerald O Cook              Marvin L Pike
Retired Americans. There were several great speakers                                                                            Steven R Davidson          Greogry A Poulsen
and the three main topics discussed were the new                                                                                John P Day                 Laura R Puetz
healthcare bill, Social Security, and Medicare.                                                                                 Robert K Dove              Michael A Reinke
    Roll Call of Officers: All Officers were present or                                                                         Phillip S Farmer           Jimmy A Sabado
accounted for.                                                                                                                  James R Finnie             William E Salo
    Financial Report: The report was read by Treasurer                                                                          James G Fox                Timmi J Schweigert
Betty Ness. A motion was made to accept the report as        Celebrating birthdays in April (l to r): Jan Egger,
                                                             Harold Dalisky, Betty Degerstrom, Jim Hutchins                     Chris S Gaspard            Sheldon G Senn
read. M/S/P                                                                                                                     Linda L Green              Sushma R Sharma
                                                             and George Braun.
    Minutes: M/S/P to accept the minutes as printed.                                                                            Frank D Helvey             Clarence F Sheckler
    Communications Report: There were no commu-                  Legislative Report: Carl Schwartz gave the legisla-            Terry R Hislop             Janet M Sherrick
nications. M/S/P                                             tive report. He spoke about the new health care bill – it’s        Michael T Hoover           Therron O Smith
    Business Representative Report: Business Repre-          not perfect, but it’s a start. It’s definitely a step in the       Duane W Jackson            Marilyn P Stewart
sentative Heather Barstow read the BR Report for April       right direction. As we move forward, it will be built on           Elvis E Jenness            Tim Tvedt
2010.                                                        and improved. One of the most important impacts on                 Crowell E Jewell Sr        Sandra L VanBuskirk
    Health & Benefits: Health and Benefits Represen-         retirees will be the closure of the donut hole for prescrip-       Sandra L Johnson           Brian K Walker
tative Jackie Boschok talked about the District’s food       tion medications.                                                  Joseph L Johnson Jr        Susan P Watts
drive. District 751 is working with the Puget Sound              Carl also spoke about the possibility that there will          Paul D Lanz                Allen D Wirz
Labor Agency to fight hunger. All through the month of       be a Supreme Court opening in the near future. The                 Julie A Lewis              Yong S Yu
April, donations can be made at any of the Union halls       President will be charged with filling that spot.                  Steve Lusch
to benefit the PSLA food bank. All cash and food                 He spoke about the South Park Bridge. It is scheduled
donations will be matched up to $1 million dollars by
the Feinstein Foundation.
                                                             to close on June 30, 2010. It will impact anyone travel-
                                                             ing this way. One of the things they are discussing is
                                                                                                                             Save the Date - Retiree Picnic
    Health & Welfare: Helen Pompeo gave the report.          limiting truck crossing of the bridge but keeping it open       August 16th              ST
A moment of silence was observed for the following           to regular traffic for a little while longer. It is important                                               AU GU
                                                                                                                             • Save the date – Annual Re-
deceased members: Fergie Grimshaw, John Kluckner,            that they replace that bridge. It is vital to this area.
                                                                                                                             tired Club Picnic, Monday,
Ronald Roller, and Helen Ross. Sympathy cards were               Carl made a motion to donate $100 to the Puget Sound                                               16
                                                                                                                             August 16th at Woodland Park,
sent to next of kin.                                         Labor Agency. M/S/P
                                                                                                                             Stove 6. All retirees and their
                                                                 Birthdays: April birthdays included: Betty
                                                                                                                             guests are invited. Bring a salad,
                                                             Degerstrom, Jan Egger, George Braun, Jim Hutchins,
                                                                                                                             side dish or dessert to share.
                                                             Harold Dalisky & Jackie Boschok.
                                                                                                                             Chicken and soda will be provided. Begins at 11 a.m.
                                                                 Good and Welfare: John Guevarra spoke about the
                                                                                                                             Lunch at noon.
                                                             2010 King County Democratic Convention held at the
                                                             Seattle Hall April 9. He said that they are focused on                          RETIRED CLUB OFFICERS
                                                             working for family issues. Senator Patty Murray spoke             President           Al Wydick             253-735-8004
                                                             at the meeting and it was a very good experience.                 Vice President T.J. Seibert               206-329-0160
                                                                 Ruth Render reminded the club that the Communica-             Secretary           Ruth Render           206-324-4055
                                                             tions Department is currently working to set up inter-            Treasurer           Betty Ness            206-762-0725
                                                             views with IAM retirees. We’d love to capture your                Srgnt-at-Arms Leroy Miller                206-878-0601
                                                                                                                               Trustees:           Louise Burns          206-242-5878
                                                             history. If you’d be willing to be interviewed, please
                                                                                                                                                   John Guevarra         206-762-3848
                                                             contact Rosanne Tomyn at 206-764-0340 or                                              Mike Keller           206-723-4973
At noon each Monday at the Seattle Union Hall                                                    Union Office: (1-800-763-1301) or 206-763-1300
retirees are treated to a free lunch.                            Adjournment: A motion was made to adjourn. M/S/P

Building Retiree Power at 2010 ARA Conference
   Retired Club Vice President T.J.          leaders of retiree groups. Participants                                                                                       Harry Reid
Seibert was 751’s retiree voice at the       heard from noted experts on issues such                                                                                       speaks at the
2010 Alliance for Retired Americans          as Social Security and Medicare, the                                                                                          Alliance
                                             2010 elections and using new communi-                                                                                         convention.
National Convention in April. Seibert
                                                                                                                                                                           Liz Shuler,
joined nearly 400 Alliance activists and     cation tools such as Facebook to reach
                                                                                                                                                                           AFL-CIO Sec.
leaders from around the country at the       more retirees in your area.                                                                                                   Treas.(l) and
convention to build retiree power.               The three main topics of the confer-                                                                                      Barbara
   The conference offered a wide array       ence were Social Security, Medicare,                                                                                          Easterling,
of education and training workshops to       health care reform and what they mean                                                                                         Alliance
improve skills for grassroot activists and   for seniors.                                                                                                                  President.
                                                                   One segment of the
                                                               conference featured
                                                               speakers who dis-
                                                               cussed the new 18-
                                                               member panel the               health care reform bill and how it will         as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to
                                                               Obama Administra-              affect seniors. Just a few of the benefits      educate and mobilize retirees.
                                                               tion has put together to       to seniors include reducing drug costs by          • Building issue campaigns on spe-
                                                               study ways to reduce           phasing out the doughnut hole, covers           cific issues to strengthen the Alliance.
                                                               the annual deficit.            preventive services, supports early re-            • Learning more about efforts to re-
                                                               Many retirees are con-         tiree coverage, removes obstacles to            form Social Security and how to protect
                                                               cerned that some of the        changing Part D plans, significantly low-       other key programs.
                                                               panel members want             ers cost for struggling seniors, and bans          • Defending seniors in state budget
                                                               to blame Social Secu-          lifetime limits on coverage.                    battles.
                                                               rity for the deficit. Se-          Secretary of Labor Hila Solis spoke            • Health care reform: What’s in it for
                                                               niors need to monitor          on the importance of getting involved to        retirees?
                                                               this panel very closely        stay informed.                                     • Affordable senior housing,
                                                               so they don’t try and              U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry              Seibert reported he met retirees from
T. J. Seibert (center) reports to Jim Bostwick (l) and Jim     take money out of So-          Reid, who also spoke, was presented the         all over the country, including Alaska
Hutchins how seniors benefit from the new health care          cial Security Fund.            Leadership Award.                               and Hawaii. He thanked the District and
law. The information was presented at the National                 There was a lot of             Conference workshops included:              Retired Club for sending him.
Alliance for Retired Americans Conference.                     discussion on the new              • Using on-line organizing tools such
Page 10              751 AERO MECHANIC                    May 2010

                                             WANT ADS              AD RULES
                                                                                                      APARTMENT FOR RENT, 2BEDS, 3305
                                                                                                      Rucker Ave, Everett, 98201, $675. Call Pe-
                                                                                                                                                        10 METAL PIECES OF HORSE WAGON
                                                                                                                                                        HARDWARE, for attaching to horse har-
   ACCESSORIES                                         Each single ad must be 25 words or
                                                                                                      ter 206-335-0669                                  ness, collectibles, $50 OBO. 253-852-6809

ESCORT 1998 AUTOMATIC TRANSMIS-                        less. Use a separate piece of paper or
                                                       ad blank for each ad, as they are pre-            MISCELLANEOUS                                  METAL FLAT CART with large wheels and
                                                                                                                                                        handle, $25. 253-852-6809
SION, $200. 360-829-5430                               classified physically. Ads are free            WEDDING GOWN, size 9, $75, poly chif-
                                                       only to members - active, laid-off, or         fon, Chantilly lace, beads and sequins at         2 STEEL MOVING DOLLIES, large, $10
2001 ESCORT ENGINE AND TRANSMIS-                       retired. For best response, include
SION (auto), $500. 360-829-5430                                                                       bodice, chapel length train, fingertip veil on    each. 253-852-6809
                                                       phone number instead of addresses
                                                       in ad copy. Members' "cottage                  lace cap, includes slip. 206-878-5364
4 ESCORT BUCKET SEATS, $10 ea. 360-                                                                                                                     MARBLE PIECES glass shelves, all for $35.
                                                       industries" will be OK in ads, but no
829-5430                                               commercial ads. When using own                 SERGER SEWING MACHINE, includes                   253-852-6809
                                                       paper for ads, include information             all equipment and VCR tape, holds 4 spools,
RADIATOR FOR 1946 PLY OR DODGE,                        required on regular ad blank.                  $250, excellent condition. 360-675-3369           ALBUMS: 13 READERS DIGEST ALBUMS,
excellent condition, $50. 206-243-2048                                                                                                                  Beethoven and popular music, etc, $1 each.
                                                        Deadline For Next Issue                       SAMSUNG CLX 3160FN MULTIFUNC-                     Recorded movie tapes, $1. 253-852-6809
SUBARU BRAT original mint condition                            May 13th                               TION PRINTER, color laser printer/copier/
front bumper, also original BRAT wheels                                                               scanner/Fax, very good condition, used little     EUREKA STYLE 7&G disposable dust bags
with good tires and beauty rims, bonus: origi-       TATTOO SPECIALS of the month, all                $200.                       for upright, 16 for $12. 253-852-6809
nal spare goes at no charge. 425-652-7734            Boeing employees and families 25% off,
                                                     Underground Tattoos. 253-590-3892                COLLECTIBLE SMALL CABINET, 26” x                  COLLECTIBLE SHOE BOX, cardboard,
P/U CANOPY, 6’ long, 5’ wide, fits compact                                                            14” x 28”, very good condition $275. kati-        holds nine pair, $20. 253-852-6809
pickups, beautiful silver color, tinted win-         THE COMPUTER GEEK LLC, reliable new    
                                                     computer builds and reliable computer re-                                                          PICTURE OF THE BEATLES, 12x36, 1987,
dows, front slider, $400. 425-432-1339
                                                     pair, great rates, done in timely manner. 425-   STANDARD SIZE MANUAL WHEEL-                       $35. 253-852-6809
    BOATS                                            374-4175                                         CHAIR, with pad and extra pad cover and
                                                                                                      removable footrests, in very good condition,      OAK FRAME, 12 x 26, $20. 253-852-6809
175 HP Mercury jet-pump, 62 hours, electric
                                                       FURNITURE AND                                  sturdy, $250.
                                                                                                                                                        JARS QTS & PTS, BALL & KERR, 60 for
down-riggers, 8 HP trolling motor, GPS and             APPLIANCES                                     HP DESKJET D2680 PRINTER, new in                  crafts , not usable for canning, $25 all. 253-
fishfinder, lots of extras. 425-760-6354                                                              original sealed package, $55. kati-
                                                     LOVESEAT, maroon/beige multicolored,   
FIBERFORM 1971 15’ LONG, seats 4, 1978               32”D x 60”L, great shape, $75. kati-                                                                  PROPERTY
Mercury 65 HP, low miles, calkins trailer,                                  FOR SALE HAY/ALFALFA, $6.00 per bale,
                                                                                                                                                        SIDE-BY-SIDE PLOTS, Auburn Mountain
1970, new spar, never been in salt water.                                                             Tieton area. 509-248-7287
206-762-0163                                            HOUSING                                       WET/DRY VAC, $15. 206-935-6535
                                                                                                                                                        View Cemetery, next to veteran’s section, 2
                                                                                                                                                        or more $1650 each, 6 available if you want
                                                     EASTERN WASHINGTON MAR DON                                                                         a family section. 360-494-4118
trailer, complete with motor, pole holders           AREA, 3 BED 2 BATH, manufactured home,           TOP OF THE LINE CHILD CARRIAGE,
                                                     garage for car, motorhome and workshop,          $20. 206-935-6535                                 GETHSEMANE CEMETARY, double-
and two rotating seats, it’s ready to go. 253-                                                                                                          depth lawn crypt box, granite memorial, in-
839-9266                                             boat storage under waterproof deck,
                                                     $219,000. 509-346-9756                           TOOL BOX WITH TOOLS, $15. 206-935-                scriptions and setting fees, lawn and memo-
                                                                                                      6535                                              rial upkeep, value $5602.30. Asking $4000.
                                                     3000 SQ FT 4BED 2BATH house to share,                                                              253-475-0492
on jetski trailer, 2 inch ball, one 1993 model and
one 1995, good cond, $2500. 425-820-8771             private bed, bath, garage space, utilities in-   HEPA AIR PURIFIER, Honeywell, model
                                                     cluded, 10 minutes from Everett Plant, $650/     18155, $125. 253-941-5987                         3BED/3BA CREEKFRONT RAMBLER on
  COTTAGE                                            month. 425-478-0394
                                                                                                      2 PACKBOARD WITH ROPES and straps,
                                                                                                                                                        _ acre in gated community, fireplace, cov-
                                                                                                                                                        ered patio, garage, carport, mountain views,
  INDUSTRIES                                         HOME FOR SALE IN SUNNY DESERT                    military type, $30. 253-941-5987                  20 miles NE of Arlington, $175,000. 425-
                                                     AIRE on Priest Rapids Lake, 1994 valley                                                            760-4535
AFFORDABLE PROFESSIONAL PHO-                         quality m/f, 1080 sq ft, 2bed/2bath, 8x40        ANTIQUE GAS ENGINE 10” table saw, 6”
TOGRAPHY, Studio J Images is a local pho-
tography company offering professional wed-
                                                     composite deck, 10x40 shed, $129,000. Call       join for sale. 425-226-5451                          RECREATIONAL
ding, anniversary, engagement, pregnancy, fam-
                                                                                                      JOHN DEERE PRECISION CLASSICS,                       VEHICLES
ily, graduation, and specialty photography. All      2 DUPLEXES FOR SALE, 1 2003, 1 2004,             4020 #4 $375, plow #6 $120, has been dis-
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digital packages available or design your own        Shelton, excellent condition, 2bd/1ba each,
                                                                                                      more available. 360-652-7962                      ALEGRO MOTORHOME, both run great,
package. Flexible, reliable, and eager to be a       2 car garage in between, w/d, dishwasher,
                                                                                                                                                        Motorhome comes with towing package and
part of your event or special occasion. Ask          sewer, bus line, hospital,$220,000 each. 360-                                                      pickup comes with canopy, $10K for all, will
about our SPECIAL FOR MACHINISTS                     275-0974                                         1995 18’ GOLD STAR TANDEM CAR or
                                                                                                      moving hauler has 14’ portable side boards,       consider selling Motorohome without tow pack-
MEMBERS. More information and slideshows                                                                                                                age and truck. Call Robert at 253-846-1736
at or call Beth at 402-    KONA HAWAII OCEANFRONT CONDO,                    4’ high new 10 ply tires, excellent condition,
730-8663                                             enjoy spectacular views, 2bed/2bath condo        $2395. 425-226-2506. Leave message.
                                                                                                                                                        1995 MOTORHOME for sale, Air Stream,
                                                     w/ private lanai, pool, jacuzzi, see
                                                                                                      CASE CASTROL GTX 10-30 wt, Sears 10-              30ft chevy 454 motor, generator, new tires,
GOLD’S GYM, RENTON, 10728 NE Carr           for more info,
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Rd. Take advantage of Special Boeing Em-             $1025-$1175/wk, discount Boeing pays                                                               miles, $20,000. 206-323-6829
ployee Rate - simply present your Boeing             taxes, 206-938-9214                              jack, 1 man rubber boat, rake, compressor,
badge for discount! Family Owned & Oper-                                                              gallon jugs. 425-255-1804
                                                                                                                                                        RV TRAILERS MOVED, travel trailers, 5th
ated by Boeing Employee Michael Cavaiani,            3BED/3BA CREEKFRONT RAMBLER on                                                                     wheels, goosenecks, experienced. 425-359-5337
                                                     _ acre in gated community, fireplace, cov-       4 – 26 IN HEAVY STEEL FEET plus 4 – 26
a strong Union brother! One time processing
                                                     ered patio, garage, carport, mountain views,     in steel extenders with holes to make differ-
fee of $49, single monthly membership dues                                                                                                              2006 TRAIL BAY 5th WHEEL, 28rl, barely
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of $29, family add-ons $20. Personal Train-                                                                                                             used, $17,500. 360-757-2181
                                                     760-4535                                         6809
ing rates available at $49 per session (reg
$60). 425-793-5457
                                                     HALLOWEEN LAS VEGAS GETAWAY,                     AIR COMPRESSOR, sturdy wood built                    SPORTING GOODS
                                                     October 28 to November 1, 4 nights Plaza         bench 2 ft by 7” by 26”, $15. 253-852-6809        3 BICYCLES, TREK, MOTOBECANE,
IN CARE FOR SENIORS or loved ones                    Hotel/Alaska Airlines, $355 double occu-                                                           YUKON GIANT, all good condition, rea-
                                                                                                      4 WHITE TOILET FIXTURES saved for
living independently, 10% discount to Boeing         pancy.                                                                                             sonable prices. 206-244-2306
                                                                                                      flower planters – one still usable, 2 with tank
employees, packages starting at $19.99. 206-                                                          also, $5 each. 253-852-6809
772-0747 or

                                                          Circle One:    ANIMALS       ELECTRONICS & ENTERTAINMENT                               PROPERTY
View Garden Club meets the third Thursday                                BOATS         FURNITURE & APPLIANCES                                    RECREATIONAL MEMBERSHIP
of each month at the Golden Pine Apart-                                  TOOLS         RECREATIONAL VEHICLES                                     SPORTING GOODS
ments, 2901 10th NE, Renton, WA. Every-                                  HOUSING       MISCELLANEOUS                                             VEHICLES
one is welcome. Contact 425-255-8195 or                                  AUTO PARTS & ACCESSORIES                                                COTTAGE INDUSTRIES
425-255-0859 for more information
                                                       Ad (25 word limit. Please
PHOTOGRAPHER. VERY affordable digi-                    print)._____________________________________________________________________________________
tal wedding photography. Save money. Also
available for family portraits, senior pictures        ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
and special events. Call about Fall and Christ-
mas events now. 206-240-9773                           ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LAKE TAPPS BACKFLOW. For all your                      ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
backflow testing and repair needs. $5 dis-
count for members. $10 discount for seniors            Phone (or Address)
and veterans. Licensed, bonded, insured - a            ______________________________________________________________________________________________
service disabled, veteran-owned small busi-
ness. Call 253-217-7751 or e-mail                      The following information must be filled in for your ad to appear:
                                                       Name __________________________________________________________ Clock Number _________________________________
wide range of services and highly trained              Address _______________________________________________________ Shop Number __________________________________
staff. $5 off any service for Aerospace Ma-
chinists members. Located in Auburn at 119              Mail Coupon to AERO MECHANIC NEWSPAPER, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, 98108 Deadline is May 13th!
East Main St. Walk-ins welcome or call 253-
333-8617 for an appointment.
                                                                                                                  May 2010            751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 11
production, no gears, accessories, perfect
condition, papers, $80 OBO. 425-353-0564        Cleaning Up for Campfire Girls
SINGLE SHOT NEW ENGLAND ARMS                    Continued from page 7                           teaching their kids the same thing.”
.223 with Bushnell 3X9X40, banner scope                                                            The volunteers included Boeing man-
$175, riviera manual down rigger set up for       “We taught our kids, if you volunteer,        agers and salaried employees as well as
clamping onto a small boat $35.00, savage       you make things good,” Haviland added.          members of the Society of Professional
mod.93 .17 mach2 accu-trigger, bull barrel
with Burris 3X9X40 Fullfield II scope $300,     “Now it comes their time, and they’re           Engineering Employees in Aerospace.
Rossi Puma .357 Lever action carbine $400.

like new, $125 or trade for .22 pistol. 206-

pelled, good condition, $150. kati-                                                                                                                                                       Above: Eldon
                                                                                                                                                                       Smith (l) and
  VEHICLES                                                                                                                                                             another
2003 SUZUKI VOLUSIA VL800, very low                                                                                                                                    bring in
mileage, mint condition, extras, must see!                                                                                                                             equipment.
$4500/OBO. 360-897-9371                         Conchita Weller measures lumber
                                                for the bunk beds at Camp                   Volunteers chop and stack wood to prepare the camp for the
1967 CHEVY _ TON CUSTOM CAMPER,                 Killoqua.
“CST”, 68,950 original miles, rebuilt 327                                                   summer.
auto, $5500 OBO. 253-863-7305

factory 402 BB T400, A/C, 164K miles,
                                                 Notice of Nomination & Election for District Sergeant-at-Arms
$1800. 253-863-7305                                   To the fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of District         ballots must be received no later than 30 days before the
                                                  Sergeant-at-Arms, the Union will hold nominations for the              election. Members must qualify under the provisions of the
S-TYPE, 4 door sedan, low miles (47,800)          position at the June 8, 2010 District Council meeting to be held       IAM Constitution as follows:
excellent condition, color seafoam, $10,500.      at the Seattle Union Hall, 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle, convening at          1. Reside in an outlying area more than 25 miles from the
253-939-4911                                      5:30 p.m.                                                              designated polling place.
                                                      To be eligible for nomination, members must be a seated               2. Be confined because of verified illness.
1973      DODGE          CHARGER          SE
BROUGHAM, rally, 440 magnum, torque               District Council delegate as well as meeting all the “Qualifica-          3. Be on vacation.
elite, 355 ratio positrack rear end, 2 dr, hd     tions of Candidates” listed in the District By-laws and the IAM           4. Be on official IAM business approved by the Local,
top, brown, elk vinyl top, police wheels,         Constitution.                                                          District or Grand Lodge.
$15000 OBO. 360-748-4730                          Election Day                                                              5. Be on an approved employer travel assignment or
                                                     If more than one person is nominated for the position of District   reserve military leave
   WANTED                                         Sergeant-at-Arms on June 8, an election will be held on Tuesday,          6. Be on an approved Family Medical Leave of Absence
WANTED: UNWANTED 5TH WHEEL RV                     July 13 from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the following Union offices:             For Locals A, C, E & F: direct absentee ballot requests
TRAILER with 8 lug axles for project. 425-
                                                     Auburn: 201 A Street SW          Everett: 8729 Airport Rd.          to: District Secretary-Treasurer, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle,
                                                     Renton: 233 Burnett N.           Seattle: 9135 15th Pl S            WA 98108 - either delivered in person or by mail.
WANTED: SIXTEEN OR TWENTY gauge                      Spokane: 4226 E Mission St.                                            For Local 86, 1123 and 1951: Mail or personally deliver
side by side double-barrel shot gun, condi-       Absentee Ballots                                                       absentee ballot requests to: IAM & AW Ballot Request, 4226
tion not critical. 206-824-2428                                                                                          E. Mission, Spokane, WA 99202. Office hours are 7:30 a.m.
                                                     Absentee Ballots will be furnished upon written request to
                                                  the District Secretary-Treasurer. Such requests for absentee           to 4:30 p.m. and closed for lunch from 1 to 2 p.m.
Page 12           751 AERO MECHANIC                 May 2010

                                                        EASTERN WASHINGTON
Members at ASC Machine
Tools Produce Top Equipment
    For decades, members at ASC Ma-            – again a testament to the skills of our
chine Tools Inc. in Spokane have manu-         members.
factured a diverse range of equipment              There are multiple classifications
for the metal building, can manufactur-        within the bargaining unit, and each po-      Finalizing the membership survey L to R: ASC Stewards Gordy Cockrell, Jim
ing and paperboard packaging indus-            sition requires skills and expertise. From    Helm, Jim Awbery, Staff Assistant Ken Howard and Business Rep Steve Warren.
tries. These skilled craftsmen fabricate       the journeymen to the helper from the
the machines that produce material han-        machine shop to fabrication and electri-      ees stay for decades
dling equipment for the can stock indus-       cians, all of our members work hard to        demonstrates that
try and metal buildings used throughout        ensure ASC is successful. Members there       ASC Machine is a
the world.                                     do everything from mechanical, hydrau-        good place to work and
    Our members at ASC are leaders in          lic and electrical assembly to tooling,       that members enjoy
the design and manufacture of                  multi-axis machining, milling (CNC, NC        the benefits of a Union
rollforming systems and they construct         and conventional), sheet metal, press-        contract.
the highest quality components to maxi-        work, brake bending, welding, structural          Like so many
mize equipment life and minimize main-         steel work, heavy fabrication, grinding,      other companies dur-
tenance. ASC’s customers depend on             drilling and boring.                          ing the current reces-
the wide range of products our members             These members have tackled the chal-      sion, ASC had to lay-
produce to operate efficiently and keep        lenges of a global market by incorporating    off employees be-
their manufacturing plants running             new technology, learning additional skills    cause business de- Ralph Scott (l) and Gordy Cockrell discuss a project.
smoothly at ever-increasing levels of          and finding creative ways to improve effi-    clined. They went
productivity.                                  ciency and save jobs. The fact that employ-   from 100 employees to their current 62.    Representative Steve Warren, Staff As-
    As a result of the                                                                           Even with dramatic cuts, they found    sistant Ken Howard and the three Stew-
top-notch work by                                                                            ways to minimize the impact and keep as    ards – Gordy Cockrell, Jim Helm and
our members, ASC                                                                             many workers as possible. The Com-         Jim Awbery – comprise the Union nego-
has developed a                                                                              pany approached the Stewards to ex-        tiating committee. In April, the commit-
reputation for inno-                                                                         plore the possibility of work share, and   tee put together a survey to get member-
vation, quality and                                                                          the Union quickly agreed to the concept.   ship input and help prioritize the issues.
responsiveness.                                                                              This work share allowed employees to           Steward Gordy Cockrell, who serves
All ASC equip-                                                                               work a reduced workweek and collect        on the negotiating committee and safety
ment is built to the                                                                         partial unemployment to help bridge the    committee and has worked at ASC since
industry’s most                                                                              difference in wages. For most members,     1992, noted, “Job security is a top con-
stringent standards                                                                          the work share is ending, and there is     cern. Everyone wants to make sure ASC
                                                                                             hope that some of the laid-off workers     stays in business and profitable.”
                                                                                             may soon be recalled. A few members            He added, “I believe the biggest ben-
                                                                                             are even being asked to work overtime to   efit to Union membership is the fact that
                                                                                             meet the influx of work, but feel con-     they cannot walk up and say goodbye.
                                                                                             flicted about overtime when there are      Management must have a valid reason to
                                                                                             others still on layoff.                    get rid of you. Another benefit of union
                                                                                                 This collaborative approach and will-  membership is having wages and ben-
                                                                                             ingness to explore different options helps efits guaranteed in a contract. I have a
                                                                                             ensure ASC remains viable and profit-      feeling that even management thinks it is
                                                                                             able during the downturn. In addition,     a good idea to have the Union – to keep
                                                 Above: Some of the panels                   Union members granted a one-year ex-       things consistent and unbiased.”
                                                 produced at ASC Machine Tools.              tension on the contract last year.             Members stand united in their effort
                                                                                                 Members are now preparing for the      to obtain a fair contract and ensure that
                                                 Photo left: Lyle Johanson takes a           next round of bargaining. The current      ASC remains a leader in their industry.
                                                 break at his machine.                       agreement expires on June 30. Business

Members at Triumph Composite United for a Good Contract
   Members at Triumph Composite Systems in Spo-                sition for the upcoming round of bargaining and demon-
kane are united in their efforts to obtain a good contract     strates to Triumph that our members are serious about
when their current                                                      getting a fair contract that addresses important
three-year agreement                                                    issues.
expires on June 3.                                                          Union negotiators studied results of the two
   Members are do-                                                      recent membership surveys and used the infor-
ing their part to en-                                                   mation (plus other input from members) to
sure a fair contract. On                                                formulate the Union’s initial proposal. Formal
Monday, April 19,                                                       negotiations will begin on May 4.
members demon-                                                              Thanks to every member for taking the time
strated their solidar-                                                  to vote and doing your part to secure a fair       Kyle Davis (l) expresses his top concerns for the
ity and Union power                                                     contract.                                          upcoming negotiations to District President Tom
by voting over 99 per-                                                                                                     Wroblewski (r) and Business Rep Steve Warren.
cent to grant strike                                                    Photo left:
authorization.                                                          Members drop
   This overwhelm-                                                      their strike
ing show of unity bol-                                                  sanction vote
                                                                        into the ballot
sters the Union’s po-

                                                                                             Members at Triumph Composite turned out in droves to show their support
Counting the strike authorization ballots seated front: L to R: Lance                        for negotiators in the upcoming bargaining sessions. Members voted over 99
Hoopes, Bob Six and Mike Blashill. Observing behind L to R: Dale                             percent to grant strike sanction to negotiators as a strong show of support.
Ronquille, Erin Blashill, Jerry Womble and John Warren.

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