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									                         Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
                                Board Meeting Minutes
                            17 April 2004 and 18 April 2004
                         Tullamarine Motor Lodge, Melbourne

The Board Meeting of the of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia was called to
order at 0925hrs on Saturday, April 17, 2004 at Tullamarine Motor Lodge, Tullamarine,
Melbourne by Rohan Grant.

Present: Rohan Grant (Chair) , Stewart Dennis, Kathy Robinson, Bill Moyes, Carla
Pierce, Hakim Mentes, Mark Thompson, Andrew Polidano, Rohan Holtkamp,
Craig Worth, Andrew Medew, Damien Gates (Minutes Secretary).

Rohan Grant welcomed the new board and read through Rigby and Cook article on
Executive Board responsibilities.

Rohan Grant requested any more items for the agenda and the agenda was finalised.

Minutes from the last Board Meeting in Oct ’03 were tabled as distributed.

Motion 4:01 That the minutes from the last as distributed be accepted. Rohan Grant
Seconded: Bill Moyes.
Motion carried unanimously.

Actions items from the minutes of the Oct’03 meeting were read through with the
following discussion points:-

Commercial Operators Code of Conduct
Created and distributed to the appointed Committee (Rohan Holtkamp and John
Reynoldson) still required some refinement and presentation amendments. Specific
discussion on standards of “certification” for gliders and equipment and how it is no
possible to capture sales of this equipment from “non-instructors”. Andrew Polidano
spoke about DULV, Bill Moyes of general certification requirements and Hakim Mentes
on specific glider certification issues. Carla Pierce stated it is probably in conflict Fair
Trade Act. CoC to be sent to Carla to review in this context.

Operational Manual Amendments
Pending further amendment reviews for Weightshift Microlights to increase “package
size” for CASA approval and also pending CASR 149 MoS requirements. Carla Pierce
asked if there was any move to review and rewrite O.M, specifically changing layout.
Craig Worth discussed why O.M is set up in the way it is. Rohan Grant on CASR 149
MoS requirements and how this will impact the O.M.

All other action items complete or are ongoing as required.

Stewart Dennis made mention that there were two Constitutions on the Web Site, as
advised by Mark Pike, one HTML one PDF. Damien Gates stated PDF should be the
correct one
Action 4:01 HTML version to be removed.

General Managers Report given by Damien Gates. Clarification of points as required.

Action 4:02 Old office computers to be put out for tender through Soaring Australia.

Clarification and discussion of Active Australia Project and funding report. Final
Expenditure report again presented to those present and may be made available to general
membership on request, though further breakdown not possible if requested nor endorsed
by the board due to workload required. Craig Worth stated that he continually liaised
with government reps during the project and they were happy with funding arrangements
and expenditure. They had received and signed off on the final report.

CIVL Report given by Craig Worth. Discussion on Local Rules for Hay Worlds and
Women’s Team, Serial PG Class, World Air Games, and Class 2&5 and Women’s
Worlds awarded to USA.

Motion 4:02 Accept Reports as presented – Rohan Grant Seconded Bill Moyes.
Motion Carried Unanimously

General Business
Financial Update
Damien Gates then read through the Projects Budget for information of all present.
Damien Gates then read through Profit and Loss statement up to 31 March 2004 for
information of all present.

Further discussion on next F/Y Budget to be undertaken on 18 April 2004.

1240hrs Break for Lunch. Meeting Resumed 1305hrs Leanne Kennedy joined the

Certificates of Airworthiness
Presentation and hand outs given by Leanne Kennedy, Restricted Victorian PG Pilot on
the need to address declining participation in airworthiness of gliders and on selling of
second hand equipment by instructors and pilots alike which has not been checked for it’s
airworthiness. Various issues rose, including previous attempts at compliance, and
difficulty of enforcing (CW), there should at least be a HGFA Policy to foster compliance
(CP) Perhaps notice further information on renewal membership form and web site
regarding on selling purchase of second hand equipment. (SD) Add to Tick Box on
renewal form that testing of gliders is available and should be used. (CW) Training
workbook should include more on maintenance schedules and inspections. Continued
general discussion on submission.

Robert Lithgow joined the meeting.

Disciplinary processes discussed with respect to Airworthiness of Gliders, Bill Moyes
suggested we look actual complaint received which was mentioned by Leanne Kennedy.
Damien Gates stated complaint related to Rob Lithgow and sale of a Paraglider to an ex
student. Rob Lithgow responded to complaint stating that he had sold the person the
glider that he could afford and also advised him to obtain back protection before flying
the glider and he believed it was in an airworthy state when he sold it (Brake lines were
intact at that time).

Action 4:03 General Manager to add permanent statement in for sale section regarding
airworthiness and testing of second hand equipment and advice in next G.M Report in
Soaring Australia.

Motion 4:03 CoA The issue needed further attention and should be discussed at length by
the Safety and Operations Committee. Rohan Grant, Seconded Rohan Holtkamp

Action 4:04 General Manager to refer to Safety and Operations Committee at next
meeting with the view to formulating and addition to Operations Manual and training

Leanne was thanked for her well thought out and well presented address on this issue.

The floor was opened to Robert Lithgow by Rohan Grant who stated that if Mr. Lithgow
had intentions of convincing the Board to amend or remove any penalty imposed by any
tribunal that this was outside the scope of any authority the board held and that the
Constitution was specific on this point to extend a separation of powers in these matters.
Mr. Lithgow then addressed the disciplinary process and his opinion of its extreme failure
in his disciplinary and appeal case. All present then viewed a video supplied by Mr.
Lithgow, during his appeal, of his 9 year old son flying a paraglider solo at “South Side”
Victoria. Mr. Lithgow also presented a written submission to the meeting and read
through this document. General discussion then took place with specific points raised by
board members and others present (CW= Craig Worth, CP= Carla Pierce, SD= Stewart
Dennis, BM= Bill Moyes, RH= Rohan Holtkamp, HM= Hakim Mentes, DG= Damien
Gates, RL= Robert Lithgow, AP= Andrew Polidano, KR= Kathy Robinson):-

CW- CAR Part 5 is specifically exempt by the provisions of the CAO 95.8
HM- In any case these points addressed by RL should have been argued before the
offence not retrospectively.
BM- Can PG age be lowered anyway?
CP- Age base can not be lowered in respect of a single request as the rule must apply
across the whole membership and may not always be appropriate. Does not believe such
a low age is appropriate anyway.
SD - Age is specific to development capabilities of the child.
RL- Rule needs to be flexible. Process as applied to him is completely out of line, and his
son can handle it under specific conditions.

CW – Not withstanding decision of Appeal Tribunal perhaps the penalty is not in respect
of application of the rules but in respect of RL’s attitude towards them in that RL believes
they simply do not apply. HGFA and its instructors have responsibilities to uphold and
obey the rules as stated.
RL- That is no good for the sport.
KR- The point is there is a rule which must be maintained.
RL- Advice from CASA is that they do not believe so and they would not even look at
this incident.
CW- Would be very surprised if that was the case, General aviation was always dual
KR- Maybe this rule is saving your sons life.
HM- All we can discuss here is if the rule can be changed.
CP- Would object to this rule being changed.
RL- It is simpler than that as it is possible to simply ignore CAO.
CW- All italics in the Operations are prescriptive rules.
RL- There is a conflict of regulations.
CW- The CAO is what captures this. Advised RL to call CASA, Mike Cleaver for
guidance on this.
BM- That is a good idea.
RL- Already spoken to personnel one up from Mike Cleaver and advised that HGFA
have attempted to impose restrictions beyond what they may.
DG- Who did RL speak to with?
RL- CASA Legal Advice
DG- What was the officers’ name?
RL- Stated will not relinquish that information.
CW- Finds it worrying that they would suggest they are only guidelines and not
prescriptive rules.
RG- Thanked RL for attending and addressing the meeting and realises RL has said he is
considering legal action with in his submission. Wished to advise RL that he has signed
an Instructors Declaration which binds him to the rules and regulations in any case and
that RL should advise his legal advisors and seek their opinion on that.
RL- Asked DG who are his CASA Contacts and what had occurred with the
correspondence there. What RL is doing is not unusual.
DG- Andrew Ward, Sports Aviation Compliance, Mike Cleaver, Operational Standards
and DG’s advice from CASA was that if HGFA did not act on the matter and CASA did
than RL may be subject to 2 yrs imprisonment.
CP- First Disciplinary Tribunal had a practicing Barrister sitting and chairing who was
well aware and experienced in Aviation law.
RG- Finalised the matter and thanked RL for attending.

Financial Update Cont.
Rohan Grant asked if anyone had any questions on financials update and Craig Worth
suggested we spend some time on the Budget on the 18 April 2004.

Members Retention and Board Club Contact
Mark Thompson gave an update on his contact with clubs in his area and then sort an
update from other Board Members on the results they had received in doing the same.
Details to be provided by Mark Thompson in Soaring Australia article. Stewart brought
up the scenario of trying to capture NEW pilots in their first few months. The suggestion
was then the possibility of clubs receiving New member details (in their areas if
possible) on a monthly (or every couple of month) basis. The clubs could then make
personal contact with those pilots that had not yet found the supportive club scene.

VHPA Request on Web Safety Site and Accident DB Trend reporting on that Forum
Discussion on the concept and what it may cost. Andrew Medew advised that volunteers
with in the VHPA would develop the project and that is was for information only and to
allow access to Accident trends, major causes and statistics as well as the ability for
accident reporting to occur online.

Similar to the HPAC Site at

Motion 4:04 Endorse Safety Forum, Accident and Web Stats access concept and ask that
the VHPA advise in detail of proposal with examples. Hakim Mentes Seconded Rohan
Motion Carried Unanimously

Action 4:05 Andrew Medew to relay this request back to the VHPA.

Female Participation and access to our sports
Discuss trends and look at Graph supplied by General Manager at Andrew Polidano’s
request. Discussion on how amendments to the Operations Manual and Training syllabus,
specifically allowing Restricted Certification through towing instruction and tandem ops
would allow easier instruction and ability for females to participate in hang gliding.

Suggested that PG has far more Female pilots than HG because of ease of flight control
and appearance of slower and therefore safer form of sport aviation.

Motion 4:05 Board agrees in principle to referring this on to the Safety and Operations
Committee for amendments to the Operations Manual and Training Syllabus for a towing
only Restricted Licence for the benefit of new female pilots and in promoting and
attracting new members for both HG and PG.

Action 4:06 Craig Worth and Rohan Holtkamp to present this to the next Safety and
Operations meeting for discussion and possible implementation.

Meeting adjourned at 1822hrs for resumption on the 18 April 2004 same venue.

HGFA Board Meeting Resumed 0917hrs 18 April 2004
Present: Present: Rohan Grant (Chair), Stewart Dennis, Kathy Robinson, Bill
Moyes, Carla Pierce, Hakim Mentes, Mark Thompson, Andrew Polidano, Rohan
Holtkamp, Craig Worth, Damien Gates (Minutes Secretary).

Rohan Grant read through Executive Board roles and responsibilities as contained with in
the Management Procedures Manual. Clarification of points as required by Craig Worth.

General discussion of roles and places of Air services and CASA personnel. Rohan Grant
put to the floor what their aspirations were for the HGFA and themselves. Stewart Dennis
stated that the general members and he expected that it was the role of the HGFA to
ensure continued access to sites and airspace for the membership. In addition to these,
his personal aspirations were in communication and competition involvement both as a
participant and administratively.

Rohan Holtkamp wished to promote the continued development of our sports and address
the declining membership as well as “plugging the holes”. He also wished to see the
availability and access for new instructors kept viable and alive to allow continued

Mark Thompson stated that he felt that what we do behind the scenes to support
continued flying operations may not be of great concern to the general membership
though it was important to keep focusing on this behind the scenes. Attracting and
retaining membership.

Hakim Mentes said his aspirations were in respect of Social interaction and he preferred
to provide the mechanisms with increasing participation through access to different
events (accuracy events) and to ensure that we do not lose membership due to a lack of
social interaction for members AND their families.

Bill Moyes stated that he had expended a great deal of time and energy over the years as
a board participant in promoting these things and he wished to support this. He discussed
the benefits of the “airpark” and the social interaction created by this type of operation.
Rohan Holtkamp endorsed what Bill said and Craig Worth stated it could start by
changing our training procedures.

Carla Pierce commented on the high quality of people on the board with a good mix of
member representation. Is desirous of making the sport safer and more accessible to
people, particularly female participation. She believes our sport would benefit from
further safety regulation and thinks this will help secure future use of airspace/site access
given recent issues of insurance/liability. Member retention rates also key area of
concern. Personally has a large commitment at work and family but is contactable on line
most of the time.

Kathy Robinson feels that in WA that they are remote and she felt it was required to
promote access to Board issues for WA and Female members, in the future may be
interested in executive board role.

Andrew Polidano was interested in promoting the state and club level interaction and
supporting the roles in the organization. He also wishes to see more promotion for female
participants through changes to the training syllabus and through working with the Safety
and Operations Committee. Motorised Paragliding was a specific interest which he would
like to see progressed and he was aware that as a new sport it operations were still
flexible and had little restrictions which should be maintained but access should be
available to training for this discipline. Safety and Equipment was a complex issue
because of the vast number of seller’s distributors and importers of equipment.

Rohan Holtkamp has seen the recent development of Nanolight and Picolight flying and
sees its social benefits to people flying during mornings and afternoons. Families benefit
and the HGFA should embrace and proceed with the development of education and
operations in these fields.

Motorised Paraglider Andrew Polidano put forward the proposal to have specific
syllabus for Motorised Paragliding. Points of concerned raised including soaring
components, ground handling components, trike bases and certification standards. MPG
representatives should also be included on the Safety and Operations Committee.

Motion 4:06 Appoint a representative/s from the MPG an MHG community to the S&O
Committee to progress the development of a Training Syllabus and operations guide for
these type of aircraft. Andrew Polidano Seconded: Hakim Mentes
Motion carried unanimously.

Discussion on who should be appointed with Rohan Holtkamp (already on Safety and
Operations Committee) and Andrew Polidano nominated to represent these disciplines on
the S&O Committee.

Action 4:07 Andrew Polidano and Rohan Holtkamp as representatives, to source, contact
and arrange any submissions for the MPG and MHG on there development and training
for the Safety and Operations Committee.

Further discussion on competitions in thee areas agreed to progress these issues above
first and take the competition issue on notice as required in the future.

HGFA Trust Carla Pierce gave an explanation what a Trust is and of how a Trust works
and the structure of a discretionary trust under a Pty Ltd Company.

Motion 4:07 That the Board agrees and endorsees the benefits and concept of
establishing a Beneficiary Trust and Pty Ltd Company and that Carla Pierce should
proceed with facilitating the establishment of these entities. Rohan Holtkamp Seconded
Mark Thompson.

Motion carried unanimously

Action 4:08 Carla Pierce to proceed with facilitating the establishment of the Beneficiary
Trust and PTY LTD company.

Insurance and Membership Fees
Craig Worth presented financial figures on the impact of the insurance changes
Removal of Insurance levee for PI and PAX and 50% increase in Third Party will mean a
$30,000 deficit in income for Insurance costs 04/05. Discussion on possibility of increase
in membership fees and whether this is viable and would be accepted by the general
membership. Craig Worth to prepare budget and distribute so that the board can get a
better picture of our position.

New Member Fee: Discussion on whether this should still remain and what it is attributed
to. Discussion on a brief analysis of estimated costs and income with the changes to
insurance. With the loss of P.I and PAX insurance cover those insurance levies will no
longer be paid which means lost revenue of approx 130k. It is under stood that previous
to the 2004 renewal that members subsidized the insurance for Instructors and PAX to an
estimated amount of about 90k. This would mean that pre 2004 Third Party Public
Liability was costing approx 130k. Based on the new premium for 2005 we have an
approx 100% increase. Essentially with out the Broad form cover and cost benefits of that
type of policy (cheaper), minus the levee gained from Instructor and PAX operation it is
forecast that this will actually create a 30k deficit in funds. Full comparative details
required once Craig has provided figures.

Further discussion on membership details as it relates to Short Term Members and
Students, TPM’s (for TIF’s and intro courses) to remain unchanged and Short
Membership to remain unchanged.

Other suggestions are:
Remove new member fee and create a Trainee Membership $100+$10 for 4 months
VPM’s to change back to $50 + 5 for a 2 month period only.
Full comparative details required once Craig has provided figures.

Damien Gates update on insurance position and provision of report from Kevin
Chamberlain. Discuss claims history and impact on insurance renewal negotiations.

Craig Worth departed and Meeting adjourned for lunch 1315hrs

Meeting resumed 1345hrs

Damien Gates addressed the floors questions on insurance.

Board Executive Offices
Rohan Grant handed the Chair to Damien Gates for nomination and voting requirements
for the new Board Executive Office bearers:-

Office                Nominee                               Nominated by
President             Rohan Holtkamp                        Hakim Mentes
Vice President        Rohan Grant                           Self Nominated
Secretary             Carla Pierce                          Mark Thompson
Treasurer             Stewart Dennis                        Rohan Holtkamp
All nominees voted in unanimously.

Damien Gates handed the Chair to Rohan Holtkamp

Russell Wilson Letter Address
Rohan Holtkamp read a letter received from Russell Wilson on issues he believes to be
unfair with respect to the magazine, membership costs and regional Levee. Sky-high
Club and the VHPA will contact Russell and discuss this with him.

Action 4:09 Hakim Mentes and Rohan Holtkamp to correspond with Russell regarding
his letter.

Discussion on incentives for members to submit articles to Soaring Australia.

Motion 4:08 That the HGFA offer incentive for members to send in articles for Soaring
Australia by offering $100 for the editors choice of best article in each months edition.
Stewart Dennis Seconded Hakim Mentes
Carried Unanimously

Board Member Magazine Article Schedule
Mark Thompson     June
Carla Pierce      July
Andrew Polidano   August
Stewart Dennis    September
Rohan Holtkamp    October
Kathy Robinson    November
Hakim Mentes      December
Rohan Grant       January
Bill Moyes        February

Rejoining Members Check Flights
Discussion on any guidelines available for Check Flight requirements on long term
absentee re-joiners (more than 3 Months).

Action 4:10 General Manager to ask Craig Worth on any previous Check Flight
requirements for the re-joining members and advise Board.

Aircraft Upgrade Check Flights
Carla Pierce explained her concerns on the lack of requirements with in the Operations
Manual for Pilots upgrading to more advance aircraft. This requirement should be made
mandatory and not a recommendation

Motion 4:09 Put to the Safety and Operations Committee a proposal to introduce a
mandatory requirement that pilots who wish to upgrade to a more advanced aircraft than
their certificate and/or experience has allowed must undertake a check flight with a
Instructor or Senior Safety Officer. Carla Pierce Seconded Andrew Polidano
Carried Unanimously

Action 4:11 Carla Pierce to draft proposal on Motion 3:51 for submission to Craig Worth
and Safety and Operations Committee Meeting.

ASAC and CASR 149 and National Airspace System Implementation
History explanation and discussion by Rohan Grant on these points for information of the
new Board.

       Agenda for Next Meeting
No items arose at this point

Meeting was closed at 1600hrs by Rohan Holtkamp. The next Board meeting will be at a
date, time and location in late 2004 yet to be arranged.

Minutes submitted by:        Damien Gates

Approved by:                 Rohan Holtkamp HGFA Board President


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