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                                    A UNIT OF DISTRICT 5 OF THE
                                 UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS

                                     SAIL AND POWER BOATING
                                             March 2003
                                           Volume 3, Issue 3

                Matey!             Inside this issue:

                                   Commander’s Cove 2

MPPS 2003-2004 Change of Watch
                                   Salty Dog Talk        3
                                   Asta La Vista,        4
     Menu: Salad, Lasagna          So Long, Secretary    4

      Induction of Officers        Calling All VSC       5

        Fellowship & Fun           Ta Ta, Treasurer      6
                                   QuickSea              6

Date: 3/22/03                      Furry Frigate Facts 7

Time: 1800

Place: Harbour Inn

RSVP: Lt/C Sandie Doucette, P
Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                                        Page 2

           Executive Committee                   Commander’s Cove
 COMMANDER Cdr Edwin W. Leonard, P               There were two questions raised at the January general membership meet-
           (540) 659-0029
                       ing. The first concerned the wearing of the USPS uniform. The official USPS
                                                 uniforms described in the Operations Manual are optional, and members
 Executive        Lt/C Michael D. Coffey, S      may wear those at their discretion whenever appropriate. The Mid-
                  (540) 720-6789
                 Potomac EXCOM members will be wearing the Blue Blazer/Gray Slacks for
                                                 official squadron functions including Founder’s Day/Elections, and the
 Education        Lt/C Michael J. Foster, AP     Change of Watch. The uniform for District and National functions will be
                  (703) 590-7126
                   prescribed in their announcements and reservation forms. The second ques-
                                                 tion raised was conducting review classes for the advanced courses. Any
 Administrative Lt/C Sandra Doucette, P          member of our squadron having taken any advanced course in the past,
                (540) 659-8562
                      may sit in on any future class free of charge, room permitting.
 Secretary        Lt/C Normand Croteau, S        Well done to Lt/C Sandie Doucette, P and her committee for a well
                  (540) 659-9911
                       planned, organized, and executed Founder’s Day celebration. We all had a
                                                 lot of good eats, and lots of smiling going on.
 Treasurer        Lt/C Arnold N. Schwartz
                  (540) 659-9972
                Once again I thank all of you for electing me to the very prestigious position
                                                 of Commander of Mid-Potomac Power Squadron. It has been a privilege to
 Asst Education P/C John M. Malatak, AP          serve and I am very proud of our accomplishments this past year. At the
                (540) 720-2929
                      Founder’s Day celebration, I spoke to individual actions that led to the fol-
                                                 lowing, and I thank all of you for your efforts:
 MAL              Lt Darrel R. Edgar, P
                  (540) 659-6569
                        ♦   Membership increased from 63 to 69
 MAL              Lt Catherine Olkowski, P       ♦   Money in account rose from $2139 to over $3000 (in part by those folks
                  (540) 659-7096
                  that donated gifts, raffle items, money for newsletter printing and distri-
                                                     bution, and food and beverage at events)
 MAL              Lt Randall C. Semper, P
                  (540) 659-1229
                      ♦   Awards won:
                                                       Caravel Trophy
 ***************************************               Henry E. Sweet Award – 2nd place
 Editor           Lt Karyn M. Croteau, S               Commander’s Educational Trophy – 3rd place
                  (540) 659-9911                       USPS Web Excellence Award
                               USPS Educational Excellence in Advanced Classes – 1st place
 Articles, opinions, and advertisements do not
 necessarily reflect USPS® policy or endorse-    ♦   Held our first Youth Poster Contest
 ment unless so designated.

 ***************************************         ♦   Increased number of VSC Examiners to eight and did 85 exams

                                                 ♦   Participated in our first Navigation Contest
          Quote Of The Month:
                                                 ♦   Held our first Rendezvous with NVSPS and RPS attending (made $400)
 A committee is only as good as the
                                                 ♦   Membership participation up with 31 receiving a merit mark
 most knowledgeable, determined
     and vigorous person on it.                  ♦   Made the Educational Honor Roll with a contribution of $70

       Lady Bird Johnson                         ♦   Had our first CPR certifications with 16 members participating
    A White House Diary (1970)
                                                 ♦   Had a 600 percent increase in boats going to Summer Council
 Is this your year to serve on a commit-
   tee for USPS? Please see a Bridge
                                                                                                               (Continued on page 4)
 member if you would like to volunteer.
                                                                                                                   Page 3
Volume 3, Issue 3

                                                by P/C John Malatak, AP

In last month’s article I mentioned that I would discuss the origin of “Armed to the Teeth”. I thought
this would be appropriate since most of us will, within the next month or so, start to prepare (arm to
the teeth) our boats and get them ready for another safe, fun-filled and enjoyable summer on the

Armed to the Teeth…(well prepared). A product of Victorian embellishment, the expression is sheer
romanticism. In a speech to Parliament in 1849, English statesman Richard Cobden asked his col-
leagues, “Is there any reason we should be armed to the teeth?” It is not known whether Cobden in-
vented the expression or merely repeated one that had already been introduced to the realm of col-
loquial English. Hollywood – primarily with the production of such films as United Artists’ The Sea
Hawk – confirmed and preserved for generations the Victorian image of the daring buccaneer liber-
ally armed with an assortment of weapons, including a knife clenched between his “teeth” (armed to
the teeth). This colorful colloquialism has crept into common usage as a reference to anyone who is
well prepared and appropriately equipped.

If I had taken the weather course from Cdr John Shivik, AP, Commander of the Northern Virginia
Sail and Power Squadron, this past Fall/Winter I may have been able to discuss a more appropriate
topic – “Batten Down the Hatches”…(prepare for a storm). WOW…
have we had our storms this winter or what?? So, as an added no
cost to you bonus, I’ve got to discuss the origin (or at least reported
origin) of this commonly used nautical phrase. The Oxford Compan-
ion to Ships and the Sea (here’s another reference for you Curt) de-
fines a hatch as “an opening in the deck of a ship used for ingress and
egress of personnel and cargo.” A nautical batten is a thin wooden
strip used primarily to secure tarpaulins over the hatches. The proc-
ess of battening down the hatches – done as a precaution against
rough stormy weather – involves securing canvas over the wooden
boards that cover the hatches. Even among landlubbers, who rarely
go down to the sea in ships, this salty metaphor is frequently bor-
rowed to describe preparing for a stormy situation ashore, whether
figuratively or literally. I don’t know about you all, but Jane and I liter-
ally “battened down” the house and Summer Breeze during all of this snow.

Dear Editor:

I am writing to commend and applaud one, John Malatak, for his excellent article in the February issue of the River View. In
my opinion, he is one classy writer and one classy guy. Each month I look forward to reading his column and I particularly en-
joyed this month's issue.

I was fortunate to share a table with Jane and John at the recent PYRCA Change of Watch affair. A delightful evening.
 Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                                  Page 4

 Commander’s Cove Cont.                                           Asta La Vista, Admin!
(Continued from page 2)                                          I hope by the time you read this article that we are a
♦    Had representation at all four District 5 Conferences &     little warmer and we don’t have anymore of that white
     Councils and Summer Cruise                                  stuff on the ground to cope with.

♦    Held official MPPS sign hanging ceremony at gate to         The Change of Watch Committee is hard at work plan-
     Aquia Harbour                                               ning for what is going to be a great party. There will
                                                                 be plenty of food, some great raffle prizes, the installa-
♦    Members received first deliveries of MPPS burgees           tion of new officers, with Lt Carlos Ruiz, P as the Master
                                                                 of Ceremonies. After the ceremony, Lt Darrell Edgar, P
♦    Participated in AHYC Marina Fest with Exhibit Booth
                                                                 will be playing his variety of CDs for our listening and
♦    Had our first ABC student pass an exam                      dancing pleasure (I’m pretty sure you will be hearing
                                                                 some Jimmy Buffet along with other requested tunes).
♦    A “New Member Package” developed to include                 All this will take place on March 22 nd , starting at 1800
     Squadron Membership Manual, Burgee, Roster, and             at the Harbour Inn.
     USPS Certificate, and Pin
                                                                 This is the last article that I will be writing as your Ad-
♦    An “activity” shirt (white with red trim) developed         ministrative Officer. I have enjoyed working with the
                                                                 current bridge and look forward to working with the
♦    19 members passed the Piloting Course, and 17 passed        new bridge as your Executive Officer. I would also like
     Engine Maintenance                                          to thank Claudia Edgar, for all her work as my Enter-
                                                                 tainment Chairman, and Bob Sims for Chairing Mem-
♦    Social activities included:                                 ber Involvement. That is all for now, stay warm and
         Joining RPS Stars and Stripes Rendezvous with 12        safe.
         Holiday Party with D/Lt/C “Drex” Bradshaw, AP           Lt/C Sandie Doucette, P
         Spectacular “Spudtacular” Founder’s Day with D/
         C Bill Selden, V, AP attending                          So Long, Secretary!
         Change of Watch with D/1st/Lt Frank Leone, AP           Amazing how time flies, isn’t it? We as Mid Potomac
         attending                                               are entering our third year as a charter of the USPS,
         Many EXCOM members attended a social with               and as incoming Admin Officer, I enter my second year
         National Bridge Members in DC                           on the Bridge. It seems like just yesterday we pur-
         Took Piloting Instructor to a PCIO (Piloting Class is
         Over) dinner party                                      chased Navigator from Ron and Jean Cournia, and
         Had second Cinco de Mayo Salsabration                   our own P/C Malatak, AP, did the VSC for us. Being
                                                                 brand new boat owners we didn’t know what a VSC
♦    And – had fun passing the “Pink Preserver” around           consisted of. but it sounded like a smart thing to do!
                                                                 (John can be very persuasive as you all know!) Besides
Please show your continued support of our squadron by            inspecting—and passing! - Navigator for us, John sold
attending the Change of Watch this month, and celebrat-          us on the benefits of the USPS and the rest, as they say,
ing in the dismissal of our current bridge and induction of      is history...
our new Executive Committee.
                                                                 As your incoming Admin Officer I have already been
                                                                 hard at work lining up speakers and interesting topics
Cdr Ed Leonard, P
                                                                 for our General Membership meetings. So, to kick off
                                                                 boating season and a new Bridge, in April Lt Darrell
                                                                 Edgar, P, will provide us with some handy tips for
                                                                 Spring Cleaning...which I’m sure we all are excited to
                                                                 begin. Hope to see you all there and at future meet-
                                                                 ings and events!
                                                                 Lt/C Normand Croteau, S
Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                                              Page 5

                             Calling All VSC Persons...
      ...and those of you who would like to take part in the USPS-USCG VSC program. Get in touch with me ASAP. I want to put a
      class together before mid-April so that we will be ready for Spring launch time. For those of you who already are in the program
      you might want to attend as a refresher course, there have been some changes made, and new requirements.

      Well it’s that time again, time for more questions. These are the easy ones. If you were to that the Cost Guard Captains test you
      would only need about 70% to pass this part. Lt Darrell Edgar, P

     1. Which statement about a tunnel bow thruster is TRUE?                      C. Held personally liable by the victim and sued
            A. It provides lateral control without affection                      D. All the above are correct
            B. It is fully effective at speeds up to about six          7. The distance that a vessel travels from the time that the
                 knots,                                                 order to put engines full astern until the vessel is dead in the
            C. It can be used to slow the ship in addition to           water is known as:
                 backing down.                                                   A. Advance
            D. It will allow you to hold position when the cur-                  B. Head reach
                 rent is from astern.                                            C. Surge
                                                                                 D. Transfer
     2. You are standing the wheelwatch when you hear the cry
     “ Man overboard Starboard”. You should be ready to:                8. Which statement concerning the handling characteristics
            A. Give full left rudder                                    of a fully loaded vessel as compared with those of a light
            B. Give full right rudder                                   vessel is FALSE?
            C. Put the rudder amidships                                           A. A fully loaded vessel will be slower to respond
            D. Throw a life ring to mark the spot.                                    to the engines
                                                                                  B. A fully loaded vessel will maintain her head-
     3. When underway and proceeding ahead, as the speed in-                          way further
     creases, the pivot point tends to:                                           C. A light vessel will be more affected by the wind
              A. Move aft                                                         D. A light vessel loses more rudder effect in shal-
              B. Move forward                                                         low water.
              C. Move lower
              D. Remain stationary                                      9. Your vessel has grounded on a bar, What should you do?
                                                                               A. if you can not get clear immediately, lighten the
     4. The turning circle of a vessel making over 360 degreed is                   ship by pumping all ballast overboard
     the path followed by the:                                                 B. Run the engine full astern to keep from being
              A. Center of gravity                                                  set further onto the bar
              B. Bow                                                           C. Switch to the high suction for the condenser
              C. Bridge                                                             circulating water, if it is submerged
              D. Centerline                                                    D. All the above

     5. The pivoting point of a fully loaded vessel with normal         10. A lookout can leave his station:
     trim proceeding ahead at sea speed is:                                     A. ONLY when properly relieved
             A. Right at the bow                                                B. At the end of watch
             B. One-third the length if the vessel from the bow                 C. 15 minutes before the end of watch
             C. One-haft the length if the vessel from the bow                  D. At any time
             D. Two-thirds the length if the vessel from the
                 bow                                                    These questions may not seem to apply to our small boats,
                                                                        but they do we just have small version of the big boys.
     6. You are in charge of a U.S. documented vessel. Under title                             Safe Boating
     46 of the United States Code, if you fail to report a complaint                              Darrell
     of a sexual offense, you may be:
              A. Criminally charged and jailed                              Answers:
              B. Civilly charged and fined                                  1-A, 2 -B, 3-B, 4-A, 5-B, 6-B, 7-B, 8-D, 9-C, 10-C
Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                          Page 6

 Ta - Ta, Treasurer                                             National Outlook
Greetings to all! I would like to thank you all for giv-             2003
ing me the opportunity to be Treasurer for the past
year. I would especially like to thank John Olkowski,                7-11 May:
P and Lt Darrel Edgar, P for their help in getting the         Spring Governing Board
Quicken Ledger categorized. I truly appreciate the            Sheraton, New Orleans, LA
time and effort you both so graciously spent on that
                                                                     17-23 May:
task. Thank you also to P/C John Malatak, AP and             National Safe Boating Week
Cdr Ed Leonard, P for their guidance whenever I had
questions or concerns. Last but not least, a big                  3-7 September:
thanks to Lt Karyn Croteau, S for all her work in                Fall Governing Board
making the "River View" everything it is today.                    Hilton, Reno, NV

                                                                 23-26 September:
Our current balance for the end of February 2003 is:             CPS Annual Meeting
$3,388.53. Detailed reports will be furnished to all
EXCOM members before I turn the books over to
John O.                                                     Upcoming District Events
Thank you again for this past year, and I look for-
ward to serving as Secretary in 2003-2004.                             3-6 April:
                                                                D/5 Spring Conference
Lt/C Arnie Schwartz                                                  Richmond, VA
                                                            THIS IS A MUST ATTEND IF YOU
                                                             TRULY ENJOY A GOOD TIME!!!!

                                                                 MPPS Quicksea
                                                                      12 March:
                                                               Marine Electronics Begins
                                                                See Lt Darrell Edgar, P

                                                                    22 March:
                                                                  Change of Watch
                                                                 AHPOA Harbour Inn

                                                                     27 March:
                                                                   EXCOM Meeting
                                                                     AHYC, 1930

                                                                       8 April
                                                             General Membership Meeting
       Bailey, being the safety conscious dog she is,
                                                               1930, Aquia Harbour Inn
    recently promoted the wearing of life jackets by all
     dogs who participate in water events...even if it is             24 April
     an indoor pool! Be sure to read her entire article            EXCOM Meeting
                         on page 7!                                  AHYC, 1930
Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                                        Page 7

                                     Furry Frigate Facts
It’s a ruff job, but for the sake of MPPS pets, I sacrificed     vide separate air systems for the Feline Suites; emergency
myself over Valentine’s Day Weekend just to bring you this       power generator; and get this...there are even indoor
article. To “woofresh” your memory...that particular             “relief rooms” for rainy (or in this case, snowy) days so we
weekend we had one of the worst snowstorms in DC’s re-           “poor pooches” don’t have to brave the harsh elements!
cent history. However, that didn’t dissuade me from visit-
ing the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Alexandria, VA, and             During my stay, I was “held” in Cell Block P, or one of the
spending my weekend in the only lap I want, the “lap of          Preferred Suites. This meant I was treated to a minimum
luxury”. You see, mere humans, there may be times when           of three walks per day, two daily play sessions, to premium
your pets decide to turn you out to pasture (i.e., make you      meals, a snack, and A LOT of pampering. The other “cell
go on vacation) and your pets deserve a little pampering,        blocks”, ranging in price from the lowest to the most ex-
too.                                                             pensive, are: Classic, Five-Star, and Club Level. Cell Block
                                                                 P is considered to be between the Classic & the Five-Star.
Now, I have already mentioned to some of you that my
favorite place to stay is Teran’s Bed & Biscuit in Fredericks-   Outside of the Suites, the Resort offers unique spa services
burg, VA. However, Teran’s is as exclusive as they are be-       for both dogs and cats. Your pet could enjoy any, or all, of
cause they are small. There are obvious benefits to this —       the following: Bathing and Grooming, Acupuncture, Mas-
such as the individualized attention each pet receives—but       sage Therapy, TLC Touch Therapy/Aromatherapy, Hydro-
the con is that sometimes all of their suites are reserved       therapy, Water Work Out, or even Doggie Day Care while
and you might have to look elsewhere. That’s how I               you’re at work each day. They even offer limousine ser-
ended up at Olde Towne. Oh, and the reason I was carted          vices for your pet if you are running late for your flight.
off was due to a “party” at my house that I wasn’t invited
to, but Bandit and those pesky felines were! The nerve...        I benefited from the Water Work Out and man was it fun!
                                                                 The picture below is of me and my new pal, Sal, who was
So anyway, off to Olde Towne I went, and poor Bandit             my swim instructor. Olde Towne also considers safety a
had to stay home and endure the company who barged               “must” by requiring all doggie water participants to wear
into my territory. Lucky for them they didn’t have to sleep      their life jackets! And...they even go so far as to require a
in my crate! The joke was on the humans, though, be-             person be in the pool at all time s with the playful pups just
cause they got snowed in and ended up having to stay a           in case they become overwhelmed and someone needs to
few extra days!                                                  “lend a paw” to get them to safety. How cool is that?

Score: Puppy, 1 : Humans, Nada but-a-lotta snow!                 Safety, pampering, luxury, proper care, beautiful sur-
                                                                 roundings, competent and friendly staff...what more could
I thought I might have the chance to stay at Olde Towne a        you want for your friendly companion next time you ven-
bit longer since the chatter around the Resort was how           ture out of town? Except perhaps that Aromatherapy
horrible road conditions were. My pals in Cell Block P,          mentioned above!
which I’ll elaborate on in a bit, and I thought for sure we
would be able to enjoy the rest of the amenities that            Tours are offered by request. Please take a look at the
awaited us at the Resort but alas, my parents arrived and        unbelievable opportunities that await your pet. Check
off I went...back home to the brat cats.                         out

Enough about that, now on to the fun stuff of all that           Until next month...Bailey Croteau, RR
Olde Towne has to offer a happy go lucky type of dog
such as myself. This place is amazing...simply amazing!

First off, the Resort is ENORMOUS and covers ruffly 27,000
square feet of sheer luxury. Natural lighting, provided by
massive windows and skylights, floods just about every
corner and crevice of the Resort. Suites range in size from
40 to 80 square feet, and feature individualized floor
drains, comfy beds, and the all important automatic wa-
ter fountains. Other suite amenities range from air circula-
tors that change the air every four minutes, and even pro-
  ...on the pages inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                            Valentine’s Day Adventure...
                                            Check out Bailey’s
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