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					                                                                             General Information Guide to CISV

This alphabetized index of information is intended to help parents and applicants make an educated decision as to whether
they are prepared for the involvement and commitment which is at the heart of all CISV organizations. The rewards are
many, thanks to dedicated parents and delegates supporting fundraising, committee work and organizational meetings
towards the success of each and every CISV programme and activities.

ACCEPTANCE - After the selection process is completed and you have been accepted into your selected CISV programme,
planning meetings will begin. For the Village programme weekly meetings for the delegates will begin after March Break.
Traditionally, these meeting occur on Wednesdays but occasionally the delegation chooses another night. Monthly and if
required bi-monthly meetings for Village Parents, and Interchange and Summer Camp Parents & Delegates will begin some
time in March.

ADULT LEADER SELECTION - Adult leaders are selected and interviewed by a committee comprised of previous adult leaders
and parents. Applicants must have a love and understanding for children; have experience working with children;
demonstrate good verbal communication skills; demonstrate good organizational skills; show initiative; be resourceful; and
be emotionally stable. Applicants are required to submit along with their application a resume, and letters of reference.
Before being formally selected, applicants must provide a “clean” police record check, agree to participate in a National
Leadership Training weekend and complete a CPR course. All selected adult leaders must pay a membership fee of one

APPLICATION FORMS- Application Forms are made available at Information Night or can be downloaded at www.

BURSARY - Bursary Funds are available for qualified delegates. Further information can be obtained through Programme

COMMITTEE WORK - CISV owes its existence to the continued involvement of its parents. It is expected that each parent will
participate in one of CISV's many committees.

CULTURAL AWARENESS - Parents are expected to participate in a cultural awareness seminar sponsored by CISV. It is
desirable that parents become sensitive to cultural differences which will be encountered by their children in their
respective programmes and in the case of Interchanges by the parents themselves.

DELEGATE FEE - All delegates are required to pay a Delegate Fee. For Interchange, Village, and Summer Camp programmes
the Delegate Fee includes all international fees, national fees and local costs associated with providing the specific CISV
Programme. Delegate Fees for Village - $800; for Interchange - $700 and for Summer Camp - $1,100. Flight and insurance
costs are arranged and paid for directly by the delegates. The cost of the flight and insurance for the leader is shared
equally among the delegates.

Delegate Fee for Seminar Camp & IPP is $150 which covers local costs only and is due at the time of application.
International fees and national fees are paid directly by the participant to CISV Canada and are expected to be
approximately $515 for Seminar Camp & $85 for IPP. Flight and insurance costs are arranged and paid for directly by the

Delegate Fee for Junior Counselor is $300 which covers a portion of international fees, national fees and local costs is due
at time of application - the balance of these fees is paid for by CISV Waterloo. Flight and insurance costs are arranged and
paid for directly by the delegate

DELEGATE SELECTION - Selection for all delegates is conducted by a committee consisting of experienced past parents,
leaders, and adult delegates. Prior to selection, all applicants must complete a CISV Application Form from the respective
programme and submit the non-refundable membership I application fee.

The selection process may include but not be limited to the:
    -        informal interview either individually or in groups of both parents and applicants
    -        observations of the applicants during one or a series of organized group activity days
    -        home visits and home interviews for Interchange applicants

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FLIGHTS - Flights and travel insurance for Village, Interchange and Summer Camp programmes will be arranged through
competitive pricing by a CISV Travel Coordinator. Flights and travel insurance for JCs and Seminar Camp, IYM & IPP
participants are the direct responsibility of each participant. Flight and travel insurance for Village, Interchange, Summer
Camp and IYM leaders & delegations are proportioned equally between participants of the respective programme and
destination. All flight and insurance arrangements must be approved by the CISV Waterloo Region Board.

HOST FAMILY - Host Families for Interchange welcome into their home their child's partner and incur the cost of food,
lodging and all scheduled activities and entertainment for both children throughout the hosting phase of the Interchange.
Traveling Village delegates will be billeted, at no cost, by local CISV parents for a day or two prior to the beginning of their
Village experience and for one weekend at mid point in the Village. Summer, Seminar Camp and IYM delegations may be
billeted, at no cost, prior to their CISV experience. Reciprocal billeting is expected from families during the years that CISV
Waterloo Region hosts an international programme.

JUNIOR COUNSELOR (JC) SELECTION - JCs are selected and interviewed by a committee comprised of previous adult leaders
and JCs. JCs must participate in a National Leadership Training Weekend.

LOCAL VILLAGES, SUMMER & SEMINAR CAMPS, IPP and IYM - As part of membership in the International CISV organization,
CISV Waterloo Region is committed to the hosting of a Villages on a regular basis and a Summer & Seminar Camp, IPP and
IYM when requested by CISV Canada.

MEMBERSHIP I APPLICATION FEE - The annual membership/application fee is $50.00 per family. The membership fee is
due with your application and is non-refundable. This fee entitles the entire family to participate in all local, national and
international CISV programmes and activities.

PARTICIPANTS AGES - Participants must be the proper age to participate. Generally, the participant must be the “correct”
age sometime during the program year. This is further explained during the Information Nights. Leaders must be the proper
age on the day of departure for the programme.

PASSPORT - All delegates traveling outside of Canada must hold a current passport. Delegates traveling to the USA must
also carry a birth certificate. Visas may also be required.

RELIGION - CISV is not affiliated with any religious organization. All delegates are taught to be respectful of cultural
differences in lifestyle, customs and religion. Interchange family are requested to respect and accommodate the religious
beliefs of their child's partner.

SPLIT FAMILIES - Both parents of split family delegates must provide both address and phone numbers and both parents
must sign all CISV legal and health forms. Before a delegate is allowed to travel outside of Canada; CISV must be provided
with a notarized copy of the parents' custody and/or legal guardianship arrangements.

TRAVEL SCHEDULE - CISV International has approximately 62 participating countries and therefore programmes are held in
various locations around the world. While the specific dates are determined by the host chapter and are not finalized until
March; most programmes in the Northern Hemisphere are held between the beginning of July and mid August. Programmes
in the Southern Hemisphere are usually held over the New Years with departures usually between December 26 &
December 28.

QUALIFICATIONS - In order to participate in a CISV Programme, the applicant must be a Canadian citizen or have landed
immigrant status and must reside in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo or surrounding area.

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