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					 C o m m u ni t y E d u c at i on

Children’s College
and Noncredit Classes for Adults
Summer 2010

explore the possibilities!

All New Session Formats
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Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Care Available
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Classes for All Students Grades K-8
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No Need to Wait, Register Your Child Now!
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Noncredit Classes for Adults
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                                                 Your college, for your life.
                                                 (217) 224-6500 |
 Introduction/Table of Contents

Whether you are interested in our Children’s College summer program or personal interest
classes for adults, you will find it all right here! If you want to learn because you love learning,
if you want to improve your skills without the pressure of grades or if you just want to have fun

Whether you want to learn more about computers, improve your golf skills or let your child
have a summer of fun at our 18th Annual Children’s College summer program, there are
lifelong learning opportunities for everyone at John Wood Community College. Community
Education provides education and training in a variety of formats beyond the traditional credit-                Dr. Thomas Klincar
based curriculum. When you sign up for a Community Education class, you don’t need to                           President
concern yourself with college admission, exams, grades, transcripts or transferrable credits.
Just participate and have fun!

                   What is Children’s College?
                   Ahoy there, matey! Jump aboard as John Wood takes you on a most exciting journey! John Wood Children’s
                   College is a hands-on educational enrichment program for children who have completed kindergarten through
                   eighth grade. The courses provide children with unique and enjoyable educational activities that are different in
                   form and content from regular classroom activities. At JWCC’s Children’s College, there is something for everyone.
                   This fun and educational program attracts approximately 800 students each summer with a variety of hands-on
                   learning opportunities in computers, science, arts, athletics, cooking and much more.

Terry Jenkins      Our program is continuously changing and growing as we strive to meet the needs and interests of the community.
Director of        We have over 25 new classes! Whether you want to learn to act, sing in French, play the guitar, become a ping
Community &        pong champion, paint like the masters, create your own jewelry or even construct a wooden birdhouse-the
Adult Education    possibilities are endless!

                   Find Children’s College program details and registration information on pages 3-22.

                                                                           Meet the Children’s
     Table of Contents                                                        College Staff
    3     Children’s College FAQs/What’s New?
    4     Orientation Information
    5     Breakfast, Lunch, & Afternoon Care
    6     Children’s College Class Descriptions
    15    Children’s College “Meet the Teachers”
    17    Children’s College Registration Forms
    23    Adult Education & Literacy
    24    Noncredit Classes for Adults
    27    Community Education Expo
    28    Online Learning
    29    Trips & Tours
    30    Noncredit Class Policies & More
                                                                    Back Row (left to right): Teri Buckert, Terry Jenkins, Monica Foster
                                                                        Front Row (left to right): Annie Kennedy, Nici Woodyard
                                                                                       Not pictured: Kelli Langston

QUESTION: What kind of pet was common among pirates?                 ANSWER: Parrots

2                                                                                                                      217.641.4905
                                   Children’s College FAQs/What’s New?

What’s New?
• Register anytime after receiving Children’s College information. No need to wait!
• All students who have completed grades K-8 are welcome to attend.
• Please note the new session formats! Sessions will run for one week, Monday                   Read
 through Thursday only, with the option to attend all day (see schedule below).
 Some camps will also be available in July (see page 22).
• Optional breakfast, lunch, and afternoon care are available. Details on page 5.

Session I (June 7-10)                        Session II (June 14-17)                      Session III (June 21-24)
7:45-8:30 a.m. (Breakfast)                   7:45-8:30 a.m. (Breakfast)                   7:45-8:30 a.m. (Breakfast)
8:30-10:20 a.m. (Class)                      8:30-10:20 a.m. (Class)                      8:30-10:20 a.m. (Class)
10:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. (Class)              10:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. (Class)              10:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. (Class)
12:20-1 p.m. (Lunch)                         12:20-1 p.m. (Lunch)                         12:20-1 p.m. (Lunch)
1-2:50 p.m. (Class)                          1-2:50 p.m. (Class)                          1-2:50 p.m. (Class)
1-4 p.m. (Camp Option)                       1-4 p.m. (Camp Option)                       1-4 p.m. (Camp Option)
2:50-4 p.m. (Afternoon Care)                 2:50-4 p.m. (Afternoon Care)                 2:50-4 p.m. (Afternoon Care)

When does registration begin and how do I                  Is any financial assistance available?
register?                                                  A limited amount of scholarships are available based on financial need.
Register by mail, phone, fax, or walk-in anytime           Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis up to a
after receiving Children’s College information.            maximum of $100 per child to those who qualify. Those applying for a
Space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served       scholarship must bring a completed registration form and a copy of their
basis. Registration must be accompanied by                 most recent income tax return to the Community Education Office for
payment in order to be considered complete.                verification. Any class costs exceeding the allotted scholarship amount
                                                           must be paid at the time of registration. Call 217.641.4905 or
What happens if my child’s class is cancelled?             217.641.4941 for more information.
Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment
requirements may be cancelled and your child will          What happens if my child becomes ill?
be put into his/her second or third choices.               You will be notified to pick up your child if he/she becomes ill while at
                                                           Children’s College. If you cannot be reached, the person listed as the
When will I receive my child’s class schedule?             emergency contact will be called. In the event of an injury, serious
Class schedules will be mailed out no later than           illness, or other medical emergency, 911 will be called immediately and
May 27. No changes may be made to a child’s                Campus Police will be notified.
schedule after the first day of a session.
                                                           What are the drop-off/pick-up procedures?
What if my child needs to drop?                            Children should be dropped off and picked up in front of the Paul Heath
Requests for full refunds must be made at least one        Community Education & Fine Arts Center ONLY. Children may not be
week prior to classes beginning. After this date,          dropped off earlier than 10 mintues before their first class and must be
refunds can be made only for medical or other              picked up no later than 10 minutes after their last class. The only
verifiable extenuating circumstances. Refunds will         exception is for those students who have purchased the breakfast or
not be issued for non-attendance.                          afternoon care options. Those who prefer not to wait in the pick-up lane,
                                                           must park and walk to the sidewalk to escort children to the car.
What should I do if my child is going to be                Children are not allowed to leave the sidewalk without an adult!
If your child will be absent any of the session dates,     What is the behavior policy?
please notify the office at 217.641.4905 or                All Children’s College students are expected to conduct themselves in a
217.641.4941. Also, please notify us if your child         manner that demonstrates courtesy and respect for others and facilitates
needs to leave early. This allows us to better             learning. Disruptive students will be dismissed from the program
monitor the students.                                      without a refund and the parents will be contacted to pick them up.

                       DID YOU KNOW? Pirates believed that whistling on a ship could cause the weather to turn stormy.                                                                                                               3
Orientation Information

Thank you to our scholarship donors!
Scholarships for JWCC Children’s College are made possible through the generous support to the JWCC Foundation from
individuals and organizations. On behalf of all of the area children who benefit from these thoughtful contributions, THANK YOU!
We would especially like to thank the following organizations: Gem City Kiwanis, Quincy Noon Kiwanis, Golden K, Breakfast
Optimist Club and Outreach Entertainment Ball N 4 Books. If you or your organization would like to help support JWCC Children’s
College, please contact the JWCC Advancement Office at 217.641.4105.

This program was also supported by a grant from the Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund through the Community Foundation of
the Quincy Area.

Orientation Information
For your convenience, we will offer an orientation session for you and your child on Thursday, June 3 from 4-6 p.m. Orientation will
be held in the Paul Heath Community Education & Fine Arts Center at JWCC. During orientation, you will have a chance to ask
questions, become familiar with the campus, and pick up your child’s registration gift and other information. Community Education
staff will also be available to offer guided “voyages” throughout the orientation. Even if you and your child are already familiar with the
campus, we encourage you to take this time to walk your child around to his/her classrooms so he/she is familiar with where to go on
the first day.

Is orientation mandatory?                                              If my child can’t make it to orientation, is there another
No. However, it is highly encouraged. You and your child will          time we can come by?
greatly benefit from becoming familiar with the campus and             Yes, you may come by the Community Education Office
location of his/her classes.                                           Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                       Someone from the office will be happy to assist you.
What should I bring to orientation?
Please be sure to bring a copy of your child’s schedule that was       If I don’t attend orientation, what should I do?
sent to you in the mail. You will need this to be able to locate       Attending the orientation is highly encouraged. Otherwise, on
your child’s classes.                                                  the first day, you are responsible for escorting your child to
                                                                       his/her first class or breakfast. Bring a copy of your child’s
                                                                       schedule. Your child will receive any necessary information in
                                                                       his/her first class.

                                                    Orientation Highlights
               When: Thursday, June 3, 4-6 p.m.

               Where: Paul Heath Community Education
                      & Fine Arts Center, JWCC Campus

               Why should we attend?
               • To help your child feel more comfortable on the first day
               • To locate your child’s classes
               • To pick up your child’s registration gift and other information
               • To have fun and enjoy some snacks

QUESTION: Where did pirates live?           ANSWER: On a ship

4                                                                                                                          217.641.4905
                                          Breakfast, Lunch, & Afternoon Care

NOTE: Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon care options are not available during July camps.

Breakfast 7:45-8:30 a.m. ($9/week)
For only $9 per week, Children’s College and JWCC’s Blazin’ Skillet staff will offer a hot breakfast to any child attending Children’s College.
Breakfast will be served in the JWCC Cafeteria from 8 a.m. until the start of the first class at 8:30 a.m., but students may be dropped off
at the cafeteria as early as 7:45 a.m. Children’s College staff will be present to monitor all students registered for this option. Students
not registered for breakfast should be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of their first class. All students attending
breakfast must register prior to the start of each session. Students must sign up for the whole week.

NEW! Lunch 12:20-1 p.m. ($14/week)
For only $14 per week, Children’s College and JWCC’s Blazin’ Skillet staff will offer a hot lunch to any child attending Children’s College.
Lunch will be held in the JWCC Cafeteria from 12:20-1 p.m. A student may register for the lunch option at a cost of $14 per week or
choose to bring his/her own sack lunch at no additional charge. All students staying for lunch, even those bringing their own, must
register prior to the start of each session. Students must sign up for the whole week.

NEW! Afternoon Care 2:50-4 p.m. ($5/week)
Another new feature this year is an optional late afternoon pick-up. As a courtesy to parents, Children’s College staff will provide
afternoon care from 2:50-4 p.m. This feature only applies to children attending a class until 2:50 p.m. The cost is $5 per week.
Afternoon care will take place in Room D022 of the Paul Heath Community Education & Fine Arts Center. Children’s College staff will
supervise children and provide them with a variety of activities including puzzles, games, movies, crafts, and outside play. Children
registered for afternoon care need to go directly to the designated classroom after their 1-2:50 p.m. class ends. Any child not registered
for afternoon care must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after his/her class ends.

Breakfast Menu
                                    Monday                      Tuesday                     Wednesday                  Thursday
                            Breakfast Pizza             Pancakes                        French Toast           Bacon, Egg, & Cheese
       Session I                                                                                               Panini

       Session II           Flap Sticks                 Waffles                         Biscuits & Gravy       Sausage Biscuits

                            Bacon, Egg, & Cheese        Breakfast Pizza                 Sausage Biscuits       French Toast Sticks
       Session III          Sandwich
*All breakfast items will be served with milk (white or chocolate), juice and fruit.

Lunch Menu
                                    Monday                      Tuesday                     Wednesday                  Thursday
       Session I            Hot Dog                     Pizza                           Chicken Patty          Hamburger

       Session II           Grilled Cheese              Nachos                          Corn Dog               Chicken Strips

       Session III          Spaghetti                   Chicken Nuggets                 Corn Dog               Taco Salad
*All lunches will be served with fruit, vegetable and milk. All meals, except pasta, will also be served with a starch such as
 tater tots.

                                               DID YOU KNOW? Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two famous female pirates.                                                                                                                           5
Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Abstract Sculptures                                                                       NEW! American Girl®
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $40                                                                         Sewing Party (Camp)
Instructor: Pat Kerns                                                                          Grades 3-8 • Cost: $90
Bring your imagination and creativity and                                                      Instructor: Joyce Riggs
get ready to sculpt! In this class, students                                                   Make everything you’ll need for the next
will create multiple abstract sculptures                                                       slumber party including matching
using a variety of unusual objects such as                                                     pajama pants for you and your doll!
clothes hangers, nylon hose and more.                                                          Students will also have the opportunity to
After the sculptures are constructed,                                                          make a sleeping bag and robe for their
students will decorate them using paint to                                                     doll with a matching tote bag to carry
apply patterns and designs.                    NEW! Aladdin (Camp)                             everything. Doll accessories are designed
                                               Grades K-8 • Cost: $70                          to fit American Girl Dolls or other 18”
                                               Instructor: Becky Payne & Valerie               dolls. Participants must have taken a
NEW! Acting Up!                                Hernandez                                       previous sewing class or have equivalent
Grades K-4 and 4-8 • Cost: $45                 Join us as we take a magic carpet ride          experience. Sewing machines will be
Instructor: Valerie Hernandez                  through the Arabian tale of Aladdin and         supplied for class use.
Have you ever been called dramatic? Are        the Princesses! We’ll sing, dance, and act
you always wanting to be in the                our way in and out of the marketplace
spotlight? Or are you shy and quiet? No        and the Sultan’s palace, as Aladdin             Animals’ Best Friends
matter what your personality, this is the      battling thieves and meeting royalty.           Grades K-3 • Cost: $50
class for you! Learn basic acting skills,      Everyone gets to be a part of the group by      Instructor: Joanne Klingele, D.V.M. and
puppetry, juggling, how to apply makeup,       playing multiple roles, learning fun songs,     Vicki Davis
and put on a performance. Find fun in          and preparing costumes, scenery and             Join Dr. Klingele as she shows how to take
every character that you “act up!”             make-up.                                        good care of your pets and even learn
                                                                                               how to apply a cast. You will also take
                                                                                               field trips and listen to some surprise
Ad Execs                                       NEW! Amazing Art Adventure                      guest speakers. Bring pictures and share
Grades 4-8 • Cost: $35                         Grades K-2 and 3-5 • Cost: $40                  stories about your pets while Dr. Klingele
Instructor: Ellen Hummel                       Instructor: Kristi Scott                        introduces you to some of her own special
Are you sick of the same old toothpaste        Get ready to take a walk on the wild side       friends. From cats and rabbits to snakes
flavors or tired of boring breakfast           as we explore the wonderful world of art!       and lizards, you never know what you’ll
cereals? Use your creativity to design a       Journey through lessons that will explore       get to meet next. This class will include
new product and learn how to market            the art concepts of line, color, pattern,       field trips to various locations including
your creation. From product package to         shape and even meet some famous artists         the Klingele Vet Clinic and a working
billboards, radio ads and TV ads, design       along the way.                                  horse stable. Transportation will be
and create it all! Use your skills to                                                          provided. Children will also participate in
compete for an advertising contract.                                                           the publication of a hard back book.
                                               NEW! American Girl® & You                       Copies will be available for purchase.
Advanced Scrapbooking                          Grades K-3 and 3-6 • Cost: $55
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $45                         Instructor: Chevi Ingalls
Instructor: Margaret Brunier                   Learn about a different American Girl doll
Did you know you could make a                  each day. Plus, we will have a theme for
scrapbook out of CDs? In this class, you       each day such as Fashion Day, Spa Day
will explore various techniques in             and more. Learn about history through
scrapbooking and create three to four          the lives of the American Girl dolls. Learn
different scrapbooks using different           about different countries and lifestyles,
binding methods including wire and hand        about the personalities of each American
sewing. You will also explore techniques       Girl and see how their lives compared to
in stamping.                                   ours today! Bring your doll and get ready
                                               to have fun! You do not need to have an
                                               American Girl doll to sign up for this class,
                                               any doll is fine.

QUESTION: In the movie Peter Pan, what kind of animal ate Captain Hook’s hand?                    ANSWER: A crocodile

6                                                                                                                         217.641.4905
                                   Children’s College Class Descriptions

                                              Baton Basics (Camp)                           NEW! Books Galore
                                              Grades 1-4 • Cost: $60                        Grades 1-4 • Cost: $35
                                              Instructor: Deb Stock                         Instructor: Cinda Hummel
                                              Learn foundational twirling skills and a      Do you love books? Everyday, several
                                              competition marching pattern called           books will be read to students. Then, we’ll
                                              “strat.” Watch videos of baton twirling,      write books of our own following the style
                                              learn a Twirl Girls routine and even make     for that day. Books will include
                                              up your own routine. Various props such       non-fiction, counting books, joke/riddle
                                              as hoops, batons, ribbons, pom pons and       books, alphabet books and predictable
                                              boas will be introduced. Each student will    books. Children will write books of their
                                              take home his or her own baton, which is      own, in small groups or as a class.
NEW! Art Around the World                     included in the cost of the class.            Everyday will be a new adventure in
Grades 3-8 • Cost: $45                                                                      reading and writing. Join the fun!
Instructor: Ellen Hummel
Ever wished you could live in another         Beach Party
country or at least take a visit to one?      Grades K-3 • Cost: $40                        NEW! Butterfly Shaped Quilt
Join us as we travel around the globe         Instructor: Brenda Mowen                      Grades 3-8 • Cost: $70
creating different art projects that          Use your imagination as we “visit” the        Instructor: Joyce Riggs
represent many different cultures. From       beach. Go shelling and discover who may       This is not your average quilt! Come
sand paintings to dream catchers and ojo      have lived in the shell before it washed up   create a unique butterfly shaped quilt!
de dios to maracas, feel like you’ve          on the shore. Develop knowledge of            Use this quilt to decorate your room or
stepped into another country.                 aquatic life and venture into the water       enjoy it while watching a movie. This
                                              beyond. Enjoy beach games and music           style of quilt is very cute and trendy. Don’t
                                              throughout the session with a beach           miss out on the chance to create this
NEW! Awesome Scratchboard                     party on the last day!                        unique and adorable quilt. Participants
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $45                                                                      must have taken a previous sewing class
Instructor: Pat Kerns                                                                       or have equivalent experience. Sewing
If you love to draw, then you will love       Beginning Scrapbooking                        machines will be provided for class use.
scratchboard drawings! Create                 Grades 4-8 • Cost: $40
scratchboard drawings using both hard         Instructor: Margaret Brunier
line technique and texture. This is a great   Create a personal scrapbook from front to
technique for students who love to draw!      back that’s all about you! Include
                                              information about yourself, your family,
                                              school, hobbies and everything that
Babysitter Training Camp                      makes you unique! Complete journaling
Ages 11 & up • Cost: $45                      within the scrapbook as well.
Instructor: LeAnn Vance
Who wouldn’t want to hire an American
Red Cross babysitter? This camp will give     Beginning Sewing Fun!
you the skills and confidence needed to       Grades 3-8 • Cost: $50
become a great babysitter while also          Instructor: Joyce Riggs
having fun! It provides training in care      A renewed interest in sewing is sweeping
giving, decision making, safety and first     the nation. Join Joyce as she teaches you
aid skills and preventing and responding      how to use a sewing machine to make fun
to emergencies. Course participants will      projects, including a cell phone cover,
receive The Babysitter’s Training             knotted tote bag, pillow case and a
Handbook and gain certification in            hanging storage organizer. Sewing
Adult/Child CPR and Infant CPR.               machines will be supplied for class use.
Participants must be at least 11 years old
by August 31, 2010.

                            DID YOU KNOW? Pirates believed that wearing pierced earrings would improve their eyesight.                                                                                                                   7
Children’s College Class Descriptions

Cake Decorating I                                                                              NEW! Computer Creations
Grades 3-6 and 5-8 • Cost: $50                                                                 Grades 3-6 • Cost: $35
Instructor: Cindy Stupavsky                                                                    Instructor: Deb Lenane
Participate in a delicious class that                                                          Express your creativity using the
teaches the fun and creative art of cake                                                       computer! Create artwork, animated
decorating. Learn basic cake decorating                                                        slide shows and even movies using the
techniques including creating borders,                                                         computer. Each day will begin with an art
flowers and figure piping. Then combine                                                        project on the computer. Then students
the skills learned to decorate your own                                                        will work on a larger project in Microsoft
cake as a final masterpiece! Students will                                                     PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker.
receive a 25 piece Wilton Cake Decorating
kit to take home. This class will require
                                               Card Sharks
students to bring their own icing              Grades 1-4 • Cost: $35                          Crafty Creations
                                               Instructor: Deb Stock
throughout the session and a baked cake                                                        Grades 4-8 • Cost: $45
                                               Learn several card games including speed,       Instructor: Claire Hummel
on the last day. An icing recipe will be
                                               rummy and kings in the corner. Students         Create different craft projects everyday!
sent to all students registered prior to the
                                               can participate in an optional round            Complete projects in plastic canvas, fleece
start of each session.
                                               robin speed tournament. The focus will          tie pillows, bracelets, cross-stitch and even
                                               be on learning new games, having fun            decorate flip flops. Express your creativity
NEW! Cake Decorating II                        and being a good sport. No batteries or         and learn the skills needed to complete
Grades 3-6 and 5-8 • Cost: $50                 electricity needed to have fun in this class!   these projects. At the end of the week,
Instructor: Cindy Stupavsky                                                                    you will have multiple completed projects
Experience more cake decorating fun! In                                                        to take home and share.
this class, we’ll move to the next level to    NEW! Christmas in July (Camp)
learn more advanced techniques.                Grades K-3 • Cost: $50
                                               Instructor: Deb Lenane
Students will receive several new
                                               Explore Christmas customs around the
                                                                                               NEW! Crochet & Knitting 101
decorating tips and a lily nail with                                                           (Camp)
                                               world. Make ornaments, decorate
enrollment. Students must have taken a                                                         Grades 4-8 • Cost: $55
                                               cookies, tell stories and legends and sing
previous Cake Decorating I class and will                                                      Instructor: Claire Hummel
                                               Christmas carols while exploring how
need to bring their Wilton cake decorating                                                     Learn the techniques needed to crochet
                                               different countries celebrate Christmas. A
kit and have decorator bags. Students                                                          and knit. This class will start by teaching
                                               new country will be explored each day.
will also be required to bring their own                                                       the basic stitches of each. Then, work on
icing throughout the session and a baked                                                       making individual projects and learning
cake on the last day. An icing recipe will                                                     how to read patterns to complete your
                                               NEW! Chemistry for Kids
be sent to all students registered prior to    Grades 3-6 and 5-8 • Cost: $50                  own projects at home.
the start of each session.                     Instructor: Bridgett Bass
                                               Learn the fun of chemistry by conducting
                                               a variety of experiments to learn about         NEW! Designer Divas
NEW! Career Exploration                        various reactions and more. Hands-on            Grades 3-5 • Cost: $45
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $35                         labs and activities will be used to             Instructor: Deb Bowles
Instructor: Deb Stock                          introduce students to the world of              Do you love fashion? If so, this is the class
Is your child beginning to consider his/her    chemistry.                                      for you! Learn about fashion and even
future? In this class, your child will learn                                                   design your own, just like the show
about a variety of careers through                                                             “Project Runway.” Learn how to
multiple guest speakers and class              Climb High, Jack (Camp)                         accessorize and make accessories. Create
discussions.                                   Grades 1-3 • Cost: $45                          your own designer t-shirt. Daily fun
                                               Instructor: Jan Little                          challenges will determine who will be the
                                               Climb High, Jack is a mini-musical,             “Top Diva.” On the last day, we will even
                                               modified from the Jack and the Beanstalk        put on a fashion show!
                                               story, where children explore literature,
                                               music and drama. Students design the
                                               set, study basic drama techniques and

QUESTION: What was the name of the Pirate in Peter Pan?                ANSWER: Captain Hook

8                                                                                                                           217.641.4905
                                    Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Digital Photo Fun                                                                        NEW! French Notes
Grades 4-8 • Cost: $35                                                                        Grades K-3 or 3-6 • Cost: $35
Instructor: Deb Lenane                                                                        Instructor: Michelle Bickhaus
Take pictures with your digital camera                                                        Your friends will say, “Ooo la la” when you
and learn how to edit them. Then, use                                                         learn to sing in French! Learn traditional
them to make a movie, slide show and                                                          French songs in the French language. No
scrapbook page! Bring your own camera                                                         previous experience in the French
and photos to use. A limited number of                                                        language or in music is required.
JWCC cameras are available for those
without access to their own.
                                              NEW! Find It, Map It (Camp)                     Games Around the World
                                              Grades 6-8 • Cost: $45                          Grades K-3 • Cost: $35
Drawing Basics                                Instructor: Sharon Knorr                        Instructor: Jan Little
Grades 3-8 • Cost: $35                        Learn how to use handheld GPS (Global           Are you tired of playing the same old
Instructor: Blane Barnes                      Positioning System) units to map areas          games? Learn to play games from
Never thought of yourself as an artist?       around the campus. Then, see how the            different cultures and countries including
Here’s your chance to explore your artistic   data can be used to create your own GIS         Egypt, France, Mexico and more. Learn
side as you improve your basic drawing        (Geographic Information System) map.            the strategies and master the games
skills. Blane will show you how to draw       Students will be able to work on their own      before teaching friends and family.
simple pictures and objects using basic       project or with a partner.
geometric shapes. If you have always
wanted to learn to be an artist, this                                                         General Hospital
adventure in drawing will get you off to a    NEW! Fashion Frenzy                             Grades 3-6 • Cost: $35
                                              Grades 1-4 • Cost: $40                          Instructor: Holly Kasparie
great start.
                                              Instructor: Julie Albsmeyer                     Is the doctor in? Come gain insight into
                                              Calling all fashionistas! Create designer       the world of healthcare careers, explore
                                              sketches and accessories and learn about        the six major body systems and much
Extreme Science
                                              various designer brands and fashion             more! Students will form their own
Grades 4-6 • Cost: $40
Instructor: Deb Bowles                        trends from other time periods. Make            hospitals or clinics and be assigned a
This class is science to the extreme! Learn   friendship bracelets, tie dye various items     specialty to learn and explore. See a
about centripetal force and Bernoulli’s       and present your designer sketch while          patient, explore his or her problem and
principle concerning air pressure. Study      walking the “red carpet.”                       present a solution. Learn from health care
electrical circuits, make and launch soda                                                     professionals and research problems on
bottle rockets, draw wacky machines,                                                          your own. Explore the many aspects of
experiment with the melting points of
                                              NEW! Folding Frenzy (Camp)                      these exciting and rewarding careers.
                                              Grades 1-4 or 4-8 • Cost: $55
various substances and more! Everyday         Instructor: Deb Stock
we will conduct awesome experiments           This class will focus on traditional
and activities.                                                                               Golf Course Ready!
                                              origami, but will also include fun folding
                                              diversions with t-shirts, dollar bills, cloth   Grades K-3, 3-6, and 5-8 • Cost: $45
                                                                                              Instructor: Katie Dorsey
                                              napkins and more. Learn all the tricks!
                                                                                              Junior golfers will be actively engaged in
                                                                                              learning all aspects of the game such as
                                                                                              putting, full-swing, chipping and hitting
                                                                                              the long ball! Time will be spent learning
                                                                                              rules and etiquette while performing drills
                                                                                              with training aids. The majority of the
                                                                                              class will be on course instruction so when
                                                                                              the session is over, you will be ready to
                                                                                              play anywhere! Golf clubs and balls will
                                                                                              be provided for class use. Transportation
                                                                                              to and from The First Tee facilities will also
                                                                                              be provided.

                                                  DID YOU KNOW? The favorite parrot species of the pirate was the Macaw.                                                                                                                      9
Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Got Cheer!                                                                              JWCC Mini Blazer Cheer Camp
Grades K-6 • Cost: $35                                                                       Grades K-6 • Cost: $60
Instructor: JWCC Cheerleading Squad                                                          Instructor: JWCC Cheerleading Squad
This class will teach basic cheer moves.                                                     Experience what it is like to be a John
Learn a variety of cheer techniques from                                                     Wood Cheerleader. Work hard to learn
toe-touches and stunts to cheers and                                                         cheers, chants, jumps, some basic group
chants then perform for our guests on the                                                    and partner stunts, and even a dance
last day!                                                                                    routine. Have fun creating shirts, hair
                                                                                             ribbons, sleeve ties, spirit sticks and
                                               NEW! Holiday Bazaar                           shakers and picture frames. Have a blast
Groovy Guitar                                                                                with members of the JWCC cheerleading
                                               Grades 4-8 • Cost: $45
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $50                                                                       squad while learning teamwork and
                                               Instructor: Bobbi Mock
Instructor: Becky Payne                                                                      experiencing the sisterhood of
                                               Every day is a holiday! Make ghost
Have you always wanted to play the                                                           cheerleaders.
                                               necklaces, eat severed hands and creepy
guitar? In this class, learn basic chords
                                               crawlies, and celebrate our nation’s
and note reading along with the history
                                               independence with a festive cake and
of guitar to help begin your journey in                                                      Keyboarding for Kids
                                               fireworks. We’ll celebrate Mardi Gras with    Grades K-4 • Cost: $40
playing songs to share with friends and
                                               masks and cajun cooking and finally           Instructor: Deb Lenane
family. This is not a “rock” guitar class,
                                               celebrate Christmas. Other holidays will      Get fingers that can fly and digits that can
but will help you develop the basic skills
                                               be celebrated if time allows.                 dash! Learn to type with accuracy and
needed to reach that level.
                                                                                             speed through fun and games. Get
                                                                                             hands-on training using the Typing Pal
Gymnastics, Tumbling &                         Jazzy Jewels                                  Junior software program that uses a
Physical Fitness                               Grades 4-8 • Cost: $45                        pleasant and amusing way to learn
Grades K-3 and 4-6 • Cost: $40                 Instructor: Ellen Hummel                      keyboard typing. The short lessons
Instructor: Hope Cernea, Gem City              Do you wish you had some glitzy               accompanied by comical and
Gymnastics & Tumbling, Inc.                    accessories to go with that special outfit?   entertaining animations help students
This class will focus on having fun while      Join us as we create our own necklaces,       learn quickly and easily while having fun!
working with students on flexibility,          bracelets, headbands and more! Then,          For a change of pace, this class will also
strength, endurance and body awareness.        use your creativity to make beaded            incorporate some computer related
Hope will use drills and training from the     animal friends, candle holders, picture       games both in the classroom and outside.
gymnastics and tumbling teams to help          frames and door hangers. The fun is
children of all ages reach a higher level of   endless!
physical fitness.                                                                            NEW! Kitchen Chemistry
                                               NEW! Just Hangin’ Out                         (Camp)
                                                                                             Grades 3-6 • Cost: $50
                                               Grades K-3 • Cost: $40                        Instructor: Bridgett Bass
                                               Instructor: Deb Stock                         Explore the scientific principles behind
                                               Learn a new structured activity each day      food and cooking. This camp involves
                                               including origami, calligraphy, and           hands on labs and activities introducing
                                               beaded jewelry making. There will also be     students to chemistry in their everyday
                                               time for “just hangin’ out” while             world. We will use everyday items and
                                               participating in a wide variety of            explain the chemistry of various
                                               activities such as board games, cards,        interactions.
                                               crafts and more.

QUESTION: What happened to pirates when they misbehaved?                     ANSWER: They were thrown overboard

10                                                                                                                       217.641.4905
                                      Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Kitchen Kids I                             NEW! LEGO Elementary                            NEW! Mad About Musicals
Grades K-4 • Cost: $40                          Engineering Online (Camp)                       (Camp)
Instructor: Bobbi Mock                                                                          Grades 3-8 • Cost: $50
                                                Ages 8 & up • Cost: $160
Join the fun as we learn how to measure,                                                        Instructor: Becky Payne
                                                Instructor: Julie Albsmeyer
pour, whisk and work together to create                                                         Do you love musicals? Learn the history
                                                Participate in this online version of last
fabulous treats that probably won’t even                                                        and elements of a musical. Through
                                                year’s popular Elementary Engineering.
make it home! The class cookbook will                                                           drama, writing, and designing, you will
                                                This course will combine the fun of hands-
feature some new and exciting recipes as                                                        venture into the making of a musical.
                                                on learning with the ease of online
well as some old favorites from Classy                                                          Some activities will include watching a
                                                learning in a computer lab environment.
Cooking I. This class is designed to assist                                                     musical and reviewing it, making a
                                                Each child will have access to his or her
young students in making recipes with                                                           dramatic mask, writing an ad and resume
                                                own computer and LEGO kit. Each kit
little or no adult supervision. This class is                                                   for actors and interviewing those actors.
                                                contains over 1,000 very advanced LEGO
not appropriate for children with food
                                                parts and pieces. And yes, you keep the
                                                kit when the class is over! Work alone
                                                                                                Magical Mixtures
                                                or with others and complete projects
                                                                                                Grades K-3 • Cost: $40
                                                using online tutorials. The class consists
NEW! Kitchen Kids II                                                                            Instructor: Brenda Mowen
                                                of engineering theory and instruction
Grades K-4 • Cost: $40                                                                          Join us in transforming common
                                                reinforced by immediate building, plus six
Instructor: Bobbi Mock                                                                          ingredients into great art media! Enjoy
                                                very complex building exercises. This
Do you already think you’re a whiz in the                                                       experimenting with a new mixture each
                                                class is for the serious builder!
kitchen? Then join us as we experiment                                                          day! Some edible! See science in a whole
with more advanced recipes to satisfy                                                           new light. Bring your imagination and
your hungry appetite. Learn how to use                                                          join in the fun as you see what makes
                                                Living Civil War History
common kitchen appliances and review                                                            each mixture magical.
common table manners along the way.             Grades 3-8 • Cost: $35
                                                Instructor: Roger Leach
Receive a copy of the class cookbook to
                                                The Mississippi Thespian Civil War              NEW! Master Chefs
take home and share with friends and
                                                Re-enactors are looking for some brave          Grades 4-8 • Cost: $45
family. This class is not appropriate for
                                                young men and women to “enlist” in a            Instructor: Bobbi Mock
children with food allergies.
                                                week-long learning experience by                Ready for some advanced cooking? Join
                                                becoming a character who actually lived         us as we experiment with even more
NEW! Large Animals Galore!                      during the Civil War. Students will get to      advanced recipes. Learn to make simple
Grades 4-8 • Cost: $55                          taste period food, try on period clothing       meals and tasty treats using a variety of
Instructor: Joanne Klingele, D.V.M. and         and learn both the music and the dances         cooking appliances including an oven,
Vicki Davis                                     of the time period. Students will be visited    blender, electric griddle and more. Take
Spend a week learning all about large           by characters that represent people who         home the class cookbook to share with
animals and see what it’s like to take care     lived during the Civil War. A Civil War         friends and family. This class is not
of farm animals. Travel to a large dairy        soldier will explain what it was like to be a   appropriate for children with food
farm and observe dairy cows being               soldier and demonstrate weapons used in         allergies.
milked. Visit a working horse stable and        battle. Learn about a “secret language”
learn what it’s like to take care of a horse.   and how important manners and
Students will take a field trip to a new        behavior were during this time period.
location each day. Transportation will be       Help your classmates pitch a Civil War
provided. Your child will also participate      tent and handle actual Civil War artifacts.
in the publication of a hard back book.         On the last day of class, present the
Copies will be available for purchase.          character that you have learned about
                                                and would have liked to have been if you
                                                lived during the Civil War.

                                                     DID YOU KNOW? Most pirates lived on ships called schooners or galleys.                                                                                                                   11
Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Math Madness                                NEW! Paper Creations                          Ping Pong-Advanced
Grades 3-6 • Cost: $40                           Grades K-4 • Cost: $40                        Grades 3-6 • Cost: $35
Instructor: Claire Hummel                        Instructor: Bobbi Mock                        Instructor: Paul Shelor
Have you ever wondered how math is               Paper is such an essential part of life.      This class will offer opportunities to
used in everyday life? In this class, we’ll do   Have you ever stopped to think about all      develop more advanced skills and
different activities to show you how!            the different things you can do with          strategies of service, spin, setting up
You’ll be surprised at how much math is          paper? Learn to make paper airplanes,         winning points and improving shot
all around you. Arcade games, recipes,           fortune tellers, woven baskets,               selection. This class is suited for those
shopping, designing a room, making               Scandinavian hearts, origami, a gift box      who have taken a previous table tennis
quilts, and playing different games all          and bag, a brag book and we’ll even           class or already play table tennis on a
incorporate math into daily life!                make our own recycled sheets of paper!        regular basis.

Mathemagic                                       NEW! Paper Engineering                        NEW! Ping Pong 6-8
Grades 4-6 • Cost: $35                           (Camp)                                        Grades 6-8 • Cost: $35
Instructor: Jan Little                           Grades 5-8 • Cost: $50                        Instructor: Paul Shelor
Learn the exciting ways that numbers             Instructor: Margaret Brunier                  Whether you’re a beginner wanting to
perform magically! Learn fun math                The possibilities are endless! Make a         learn the sport or you already play table
“tricks” and brainteasers that will amaze        jewelry box with jewelry to go inside, gift   tennis on a regular basis, this is the class
friends and family.                              boxes, a faux leather purse, altered books,   for you. This class will offer beginning
                                                 gift card holders, birthday cards, pop-up     students the opportunity to learn the
                                                 cards and more! All you need is paper         sport through games and exercises while
NEW! Painting Adventure for                      and glue to let the fun begin!                offering more advanced students a
Kids                                                                                           chance to develop their skills and
Grades K-3 • Cost: $40                                                                         strategies in a variety of areas including
Instructor: Blane Barnes
                                                 Paper Mache Power                             service, spin, setting up winning points
                                                 Grades 4-8 • Cost: $40                        and improving on shot selection. This
Explore a variety of painting techniques
                                                 Instructor: Blane Barnes                      class is for students of all skill levels.
and learn to paint using watercolor and
                                                 If you like to get messy while using your
tempera paints. Learn the basics of
                                                 imagination, this is the class for you!
landscape painting, how to mix colors
                                                 Learn to make 3-D art creations using the     Ping Pong for Beginners
and more! If you love art, you will love
                                                 age-old French technique of paper             Grades 3-6 • Cost: $35
this class!
                                                 mache. Each student will create at least      Instructor: Paul Shelor
                                                 two projects to take home and display.        Ping pong is great fun and exercise! In
                                                 Bring your imagination and prepare to         this class, beginners will learn the sport of
NEW! Painting with the
                                                 get messy!                                    table tennis through games and exercises.
Masters                                                                                        Learn the fundamentals and basic
Grades 4-8 • Cost: $40
Instructor: Blane Barnes                                                                       strategies while developing hand-eye
                                                 NEW! Passport to the World                    coordination. You don’t need a ping pong
Learn to paint like the masters! Learn           Grades 4-8 • Cost: $45
about famous artists such as Vincent                                                           table of your own to come have fun in this
                                                 Instructor: Bobbi Mock
VanGogh and Georges Seurat. Explore                                                            class!
                                                 Take a whirlwind tour of four different
their various painting styles while              countries. Art projects will include
creating some masterpieces of your own!          Japanese Kokeshi Dolls and Hanging Koi,
                                                 Mexican maracas and pinatas, Morrocan
                                                 Good Luck Hands, and Scandinavian
                                                 hearts. Tasty treats from each country
                                                 will also be sampled including fruit sushi,
                                                 Mexican polvorones, orange cake and
                                                 cardamom cookies. This class is not
                                                 appropriate for children with food

QUESTION: What picture was commonly used on a pirate flag?                    ANSWER: A skull

12                                                                                                                         217.641.4905
                                   Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Princess for a Week
Grades K-2 • Cost: $55
Instructor: Julie Albsmeyer
This camp is for girls who love princess
fairy tales--no frogs or mean stepsisters
allowed! Wear your princess outfit and
become a princess for a week! Find out
which Disney princess you are most like
by answering a few simple questions.
Prepare for your coronation by putting on
make-up, styling your hair and wearing                                                     NEW! Shake, Twirl, & Toss
your loveliest princess outfit. Walk the      NEW! Rising Stars Drama
royal carpet to receive your tiara. Draw
                                              Camp                                         Grades 4-8 • Cost: $45
famous princesses and enjoy princess          Grades K-8 • Cost: $45                       Instructor: Galen & Cindy Conkright
crafts that include making a tiara, a         Instructor: Valerie Hernandez                Learn basic dance, pom pon and flag
princess hat, jewelry and a sparkling         Have you ever followed the White Rabbit      techniques then combine them into a
wand. Play games, read princess stories,      through the rabbit hole, wanted to buy       formal routine. Learn to twirl flags, as
and even make a yummy marshmallow             some magic beans or journey to the           well as other colorguard props such as
castle. On the last day, each princess will   second star to the right? Join in and act    rifles, sabres and hoops. On the last day,
walk down the red carpet to be crowned        your way through the magical lands of        practice and present your formal routine
and enjoy a tea party with guests.            Alice in Wonderland, Jack and the            to friends and family.
                                              Beanstalk or Peter Pan. Everyone gets to
                                              play multiple roles and be part of a team
NEW! Publish It!                              cast!                                        NEW! Sign Language
Grades 3-8 • Cost: $35
Instructor: Deb Lenane                                                                     Grades 1-4 • Cost: $35
                                                                                           Instructor: Renita Mohr
Use Microsoft Publisher to create your        NEW! Science Schmience!                      Talk with your fingers! This class is an
own custom designs. Design and print          Grades 3-6 and 5-8 • Cost: $40
                                                                                           introduction to signed English. Learn the
calendars, greeting cards, stationery and     Instructor: Sarah Gierstorf
                                                                                           manual alphabet, vocabulary and
then plan a party. Create your own            Join us as we “play” with dry ice, trace a
                                                                                           conversation. Even learn to sign stories
business by creating and printing             communicable disease back to “Patient
                                                                                           and songs.
business cards and more.                      Zero” (a mystery student in the class),
                                              discover how viruses work, fly paper
                                              airplanes, create a hovercraft and see
NEW! Puppet Theater                           who can build the sturdiest boat!
Grades 3-6 • Cost: $35                        Whoever said science was dull and boring
Instructor: Galen & Cindy Conkright           never took this class!
Engage in the development of a puppet
show production! Write the script,
produce the sound track and learn to          NEW! Sew A Name Pillow &
manipulate a variety of professional          More
quality puppets with more than 30 from        Grades 3-8 • Cost: $60
which to choose. On the last day, perform     Instructor: Joyce Riggs
your final production for friends and         Come create decorations for your
family.                                       bedroom. Design and sew a name pillow
                                              and a memory board. Participants must
                                              have taken a previous sewing class or
                                              have equivalent experience. Sewing
                                              machines will be provided for class use.

                                                                 DID YOU KNOW? Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach.                                                                                                               13
   Children’s College Class Descriptions

NEW! Spirit of Shakespeare                      NEW! Tepee Sewing Fun! (Camp)
(Camp)                                          Grades 3-8 • Cost: $100
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $45                          Instructor: Joyce Riggs
Instructor: Michelle Bickhaus                   Create and sew your very own tepee and
In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet: Prince of             accessories! Design your tepee and
Denmark,” a voice from the grave takes a        matching mat and pillow from a variety of
vengeful man to a place beyond sanity           fabrics. This class is great for both girls and
where only conspiracy and death await.          boys and no previous sewing experience is
Through the reading and acting out of           required. Sewing machines will be provided
Hamlet, students in this class will see that    for class use.
Shakespeare is fun and appeals to folks of
all ages. Students will read Hamlet, act
roles from Hamlet, participate in activities    NEW! Vet for a Week
to enhance the understanding of the             Grades 4-8 • Cost: $70
                                                Instructor: Klingele Vet Staff
characters and memorize a monologue.
                                                Observe first hand what it takes to work at
                                                a vet clinic. Experience the various day to       NEW! Visual Arts Camp
                                                day activities at Klingele Veterinary Clinic.     Grades 5-8 • Cost: $65
Super Science Sleuths                                                                             Instructor: Pat Kerns
Grades K-3 • Cost: $40                          Observe surgeries and exams, watch lab
Instructor: Deb Bowles                          work being done and help in the care of           Experiment with different types of art
Uncover the origins of mystery solutions.       boarding animals. A “vet in training”             media each day including drawing,
Discover the laws for centripetal force and     uniform will be provided. Transportation to       painting, sculpting and more. Complete
electricity. Experiment with melting points     and from the clinic will be provided. Your        projects in abstract sculpting, scratchboard
and make exploding volcanoes! The fun is        child will also participate in the publication    and other alternative drawing media, and
endless.                                        of a hard back book of the class. Copies will     gouache painting used in a variety of ways.
                                                be available for purchase.                        Work at your own level from beginning to
NEW! Take It Outside! (Camp)
Grades K-3 and 3-6 • Cost: $55                  NEW! Video Game Making
Instructor: Sherry Zaerr                        (Camp)                                            Who Was Here?
Get up! Get out! Let’s play! Do you want to     Ages 10-15 • Cost: $135                           Grades K-4 • Cost: $40
have fun and make new friends? Learn            Instructor: Deb Lenane                            Instructor: Bobbi Mock
some fun games to play with friends and         Learn how to design and modify your own           Come spend time on JWCC’s Spring Valley
family, even in your own backyard. Each         exciting arcade style video games. You’ll         Trail system. We’ll go down the trail and
day of camp, the games will follow various      learn how to control characters, objects and      learn to identify trees, plants, animal tracks
themes including Fun Outdoor Games Day,         outcomes in your game, then increase the          and even stuff that’s good to eat! Other
Relay and Obstacle Course Day, Olympics         difficulty level and add more features.           activities include making trail signs, trail
Day and Water Play Day. At the end of the       Graphics design and graphics animation            mix and having a scavenger hunt. Wear old
week, each child will receive a fun activity    topics will also be covered. Learn how to         clothes and shoes because you never know
pack with a variety of items used to            design your own version of PacMan and             when your trail adventure might cause you
promote physical fitness and fun.               several other games. Each student will get        to get a little dirty.
                                                a flash drive where they can save their video
                                                game creations to take home.
NEW! Tangrams, Triangles, &                                                                       NEW! Woodworking Fun! (Camp)
                                                                                                  Grades 2-5 • Cost: $85
Tessellations                                                                                     Instructor: Cindy Stupavsky
Grades 5-8 • Cost: $35                                                                            Join us for a fun-filled week as we learn the
Instructor: Sarah Gierstorf                                                                       basics of using hand tools while creating
Tessellations, tangrams and polyhedra! In                                                         multiple projects. Use a variety of
this class, spend time playing with a variety                                                     techniques including sanding, nailing,
of shapes, creating drawings of repeated                                                          screwing, staining and painting to build a
patterns, building and painting 3-D                                                               birdhouse, toolbox, pencil holder, firehouse
polyhedral models, and creating                                                                   bank and more. Students need to bring a
hexaflexagons. We’ll play some math                                                               long-sleeved paint shirt to class.
games and have lots of fun along the way!

  QUESTION: What did pirates seach for?           ANSWER: Treasure

  14                                                                                                                        217.641.4905
                                                                                     Meet the Teachers

Julie Albsmeyer has an associate’s             Hope Cernea is a nationally ranked elite         Valerie Hernadez has a bachelor’s
degree from JWCC and is currently              tumbler. She has been in the gym most            degree from Quincy University. She has
pursuing a biology degree at Truman            of her life. Once a competitive tumbler          been involved with theatre for the past
State University. She is looking forward       and now a certified United States of             20 years. She currently works as a
to her second year of teaching at JWCC         America Gymnastics (USAG) coach, Hope            professional assistant and has co-written
Children’s College where she will be           currently coaches the competitive                many plays that have been produced at
teaching about two of her favorite things,     gymnastics team at Gem City Gymnastics           Quincy University. She has also worked
fashion and princesses!                        and Tumbling, Inc. This is her third year        with the Quincy Community Theatre,
                                               teaching JWCC Children’s College.                most recently co-stage managing the
Blane Barnes is currently the art teacher                                                       production, “Miss Nelson is Missing.” This
at Quincy Junior High School. He has           Galen & Cindy Conkright are both                 is her fourth year teaching JWCC
been teaching K-12 art classes in Illinois     currently employed by the Western                Children’s College.
and Missouri public schools for 24 years.      School District. They have directed drill
This is his ninth year teaching JWCC           teams that have competed at the state            Cinda Hummel is currently the director
Children’s College.                            and national levels and currently hold the       of vocational preschool and childcare
                                               state title for the IDTA drill team              development at Quincy Area Vocational
Bridgett Bass is currently a high school       colorguard. They have also been                  and Technical Center. She has a
teacher at Canton R-V High School in           involved in theater and music                    bachelor’s degree in special and
Canton, Missouri, and has been teaching        throughout their teaching careers. They          elementary education from Quincy
high school science for three years. This      have taught summer school, sponsored             University and has worked with children
is her first year teaching JWCC Children’s     after school programs and directed               of all ages. She is excited about entering
College.                                       summer youth theater. This is their first        her twelth year of teaching JWCC
                                               year teaching JWCC Children’s College.           Children’s College.
Michelle Bickhaus has a bachelor’s
degree in elementary education and is          Vicki Davis is currently the curriculum          Claire Hummel is currently working
currently working toward her master’s          coordinator at the Early Childhood and           toward a degree in elementary education
degree in literature. She is currently in      Family Center. She brings years of               with a math endorsement at Illinois
her fourth year as an English teacher at       experience of working with kids of all           College. Prior to teaching her own
Chaddock School and operates a private         ages and abilities. She has been involved        classes, she assisted in various classes for
piano studio. She also performs with the       with JWCC Children’s College for many            eight years. This will be her second year
Quincy Community Theatre, Muddy River          years.                                           teaching JWCC Children’s College.
Opera Company and on concert stages
throughout the area. This is her first year    Katie Dorsey is the executive director for       Ellen Hummel is currently completing a
teaching JWCC Children’s College.              The First Tee of Great River and the head        specialist degree at Western Illinois
                                               women’s golf coach at Quincy University.         University. She has been a para-educator
Deb Bowles graduated from Quincy               The First Tee is a non-profit youth              and mentor/tutor in various school
University with a bachelor’s degree in         development program that teaches golf            districts. This is her seventh year of
education. She has been teaching fifth         and life skills to kids ages 5-18. This is her   teaching for JWCC Children’s College.
grade at St. James School for ten years.       second year teaching JWCC Children’s
She is looking forward to teaching her         College.                                         Chevi Ingalls has been a para-educator
third year at JWCC Children’s College.                                                          for three years in the Quincy Public
                                               Sarah Gierstorf graduated from                   School system. This spring, she taught at
Margaret Brunier worked with students          Concordia University in Seward,                  Madison and Baldwin Schools. She will
for 25 years in the Quincy Public Schools.     Nebraska, with a degree in elementary            be graduating in May 2010 with a degree
She has been teaching scrapbooking and         education. She has taught various grade          in elementary education. She is a
card making for six years. This is her sixth   levels but currently teaches seventh and         member of Kappa Delta Pi National
year teaching for JWCC Children’s              eighth grades at St. James Lutheran              Honor Society at Quincy University and
College.                                       School. She is starting her second year of       loves changing the lives of young people
                                               teaching for JWCC Children’s College.            in the community.

DID YOU KNOW? In the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the words “pirate” and “piracy” are used 56 times.                                                                                                                15
 Meet the Teachers

Holly Kasparie has a bachelor’s degree         Jan Little has taught kindergarten           Kristi Scott has 13 years of experience as
in elementary education and is currently       through eighth grade in the public           an early childhood educator at St. James
a fifth grade instructor at Baldwin School.    schools for the past 35 years. She enjoys    Lutheran School, including eight years of
She will teach this class in conjunction       traveling, reading, trivia and challenging   teaching at the preK level and five years
with Western Illinois AHEC, an                 young people. She will begin her fifth       at the kindergarten level. This will be her
organization that specializes in health        year of teaching for JWCC Children’s         first year teaching at JWCC Children’s
education and health career                    College.                                     College.
development. This is Holly’s second year
teaching for JWCC Children’s College.          Bobbi Mock has been a teacher for 10         Paul Shelor is an educator in the Quincy
                                               years and a Girl Scout for 25 years. She     Public Schools. He is a two-time area
Pat Kerns has been teaching art to all         has worked at Wildwood Girl Scout Camp       table tennis champion and a certified
ages for 35 years. She currently teaches       and has scrapbooked for many years.          coach with the USA Table Tennis
elementary art method to prospective           This is her second year teaching JWCC        Association. This is his fourth year
teachers. This will be her third year of       Children’s College.                          teaching for JWCC Children’s College.
teaching for JWCC Children’s College.
                                               Renita Mohr is a third grade teacher at      Deb Stock has a bachelor’s degree from
Joanne Klingele, D.V.M., has been a            St. James Lutheran School. She has           the University of Missouri-Columbia in
practicing veterinarian for 23 years. She      taught for 21 years and is mother to a       human development and family studies.
has a strong desire to teach the               deaf son, which has given her plenty of      She has coached the Twirl Girls for four
importance of good pet care and the            experience with sign language.               years and greatly enjoys teaching
lifelong human-animal bond. This is her                                                     children. This is her third year teaching
seventeenth year of teaching for JWCC          Brenda Mowen teaches preK at Payson          for JWCC Children’s College.
Children’s College.                            Seymour Elementary and also teaches
                                               child development classes at JWCC. She       Cindy Stupavsky has a bachelor’s
Sharon Knorr is an ag awareness                has a master’s degree from Western           degree in elementary education from
program coordinator teaching students          Illinois University. She opened a private    Quincy University and has been teaching
in grades preK through high school             preschool in Payson when her children        for 20 years. She began cake decorating
about food, fiber and natural resource         were young and has worked in multiple        at the age of 11 and has continued to
systems. She has an associate’s degree in      preschool programs. This will be her         enjoy its fun and creativity. This is her
computer science, a bachelor’s degree in       third year teaching for JWCC Children’s      second year teaching at JWCC Children’s
elementary education and a master’s            College.                                     College.
degree in education. This is her first year
teaching for JWCC Children’s College.          Becky Payne has been a music teacher         LeAnn Vance is a second year
                                               for 12 years and has been playing the        Americorps member and has been
Roger Leach is a retired teacher who was       guitar for 28 years. She has a bachelor’s    teaching students and adults for over a
involved in the Quincy Public School           degree in music education from               year. In 2008, she taught various health
system for 35 years. He is one of the          Lawrence University and currently            and safety related courses to over 8,000
founders of the Mississippi Thespians, the     teaches music at St. James Lutheran          youth and adults.
youngest Civil War re-enactment group          School and is an associate faculty
in the United States. This is his third year   member at JWCC. This is her fifth year of    Sherry Zaerr has been teaching physical
participating in JWCC Children’s College.      teaching for JWCC Children’s College.        education for grades K-3 at Dewey
                                                                                            Elementary School for 21 years. She is
Deb Lenane teaches computer classes at         Joyce Riggs has owned her own quilt          the physical activities director for her
St. Dominic School and art at Blessed          and tailoring shop and has been quilting     church’s Bible school during the summer.
Sacrament School in Quincy. She is             and sewing for many years. She teaches       She loves being outside and having fun.
looking forward to her fourth year of          adult and youth quilting and sewing          She is looking forward to her first year of
teaching for JWCC Children’s College.          classes at JWCC. This is her fourth year     teaching at JWCC Children’s College.
                                               teaching for JWCC Children’s College.

QUESTION? In the movie Peter Pan, what was the name of Captain Hook’s right-hand man?                  ANSWER: Smee

16                                                                                                                  217.641.4905
                                  Children’s College Registration Form

Student’s Last Name __________________________________ First Name _____________________________                           For Office
                                                                                                                          Use Only
Address _____________________________________ City ________________ State _____ Zip ___________
                                                                                                                       Date/Time Rcvd
Home Phone ________________________________ Birth Date (Required)* ___________________________                         _____________
                                                                                                                       Initials: _______
SS# (Required)** ____________________ E-mail Address __________________________________________

Spring 2010 Grade Level: K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8                              Sex: ____ Male ____ Female
       (Circle One)
Please identify your child’s primary racial/ethnic group.            Is your child from one or more of the following racial groups
(select only one)*                                                   (select ALL that apply)*
___ Asian                                                            ___ Asian
___ American Indian or Alaskan Native                                ___ American Indian or Alaskan Native
___ Black or African American                                        ___ Black or African American
___ Hispanic or Latino                                               ___ White
___ White                                                            ___ Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
___ Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander                              ___ Choose not to respond/Unknown
___ Choose not to respond/Unknown
                                                                     Is your child a citizen of the United States?**
Is your child Hispanic or Latino?                                    ___ No
(OR are you of Spanish origin?)*                                     ___ Yes
___ Yes, I am Hispanic or Latino
___ No, I am not Hispanic or Latino

You know your child better than we do. To allow us to best serve your child, please list any known behavioral, medical or physical
conditions, including emotional needs and allergies ________________________________________________________________

Emergency contact telephone numbers for Parent/Legal Guardian:

Mother’s Name _____________________ Father’s Name ____________________
                                                                                               REGISTER NOW!
Daytime Phone _____________________ Daytime Phone ___________________                         There is no registration
Cell _______________________________ Cell _____________________________                        start date. Register at
                                                                                            anytime. Registrations will
Alternate emergency contact during Children’s College hours (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.):
                                                                                             be accepted by walk-in,
Name/Relationship ____________________________________________________                        mail, phone or fax and
                                                                                             must be accompanied by
Primary Phone ______________________ Alternate Phone __________________
                                                                                            payment to be considered
*We are required by the State to collect this information for statistical purposes.                   complete.
**These items are required for registration to be complete.

Registration Methods
 Walk-in:                         Mail:                             Call:                             Fax:
 Community Education              JWCC Children’s College           217.641.4905 or                   217.641.4900
 JWCC Paul Heath Center           1301 S. 48th Street               217.641.4941                      (credit/debit card only)
 1301 S. 48th Street              Quincy, IL 62305                  (credit/debit card only)
 Quincy, IL 62305

                                          DID YOU KNOW? The Golden Age of Piracy spanned from the 1650s to the 1720s.                                                                                                                   17
 Medical Emergency/Liability Release

Medical Emergency/Parent Consent Liability Release
I approve of my child’s enrollment in John Wood Children’s College. I will take responsibility for seeing that he/she arrives no
earlier than 10 minutes before class and is picked up no later than 10 minutes after class. I grant approval for my child to
participate in the Children’s College program and hold harmless and indemnify John Wood Community College, the Board of
Trustees and their officers, employees and volunteers from any liability for any type of personal injury or property damage that
may result from my child’s participation in this program. I understand that John Wood Community College does not provide
medical insurance for participants and I assume all responsibility for health/medical expenses that may be incurred as a result of
my child’s participation in this program. Consent is hereby given to the Children’s College instructors and/or supervisors to give
or seek medical aid as required in case of emergency. I also grant permission for my child to go on field trip(s) for John Wood
Children’s College. The method of transportation will be a van, car or bus.

Model Release
I do hereby irrevocably authorize the John Wood Community College Board of Trustees, its designees and those acting under its
permission and with its authority, to copyright, use and publish, for art, advertising, information, educational purposes, trade, and
any lawful purpose whatsoever, photographic pictures, videotapes, software, sound recordings of me/my child or in which
I/he/she may be included in whole or in part, or composite or distorted in character or form, in conjunction with my own or a
fictitious name, or reproductions thereof in color or otherwise, made through any medium and taken at any location on behalf of
John Wood Community College.

I do hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product or advertising or other copy that may be used in
conjunction therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

I hereby release and discharge the said John Wood Community College Board of Trustees, its designees and all persons acting
under its permission or authority, from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in
composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of the pictures, or in any
processing tending toward the completion of the finished product, unless it can be shown that they and the publication thereof
were maliciously caused, produced and published solely for the purpose of subjecting me/my child to conspicuous ridicule,
scandal, reproach, scorn and indignity.

I do hereby warrant that I am of full age (18 years or older), parent, or legal guardian and have every right to contract in my own
name or child’s name in the above regard and further that I have read the above authorization and release, prior to its execution,
and that I am fully familiar with the contents thereof.

Name of Student (Please Print) __________________________________________________

By signing below, I acknowledge that I understand all the conditions of this waiver.

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________ Date ________________

QUESTION: Which member of the crew received an extra share of the treasure?                  ANSWER: The captain

18                                                                                                                    217.641.4905
                                                                  Session I Class Schedule

    NOTE: Please mark your choices by writing 1, 2, and 3 next to your first, second, and third choices. Please note the
    grade levels of the classes. Children may enroll only in classes for the grade level they will complete in Spring 2010.

    SESSION I (JUNE 7-10)*Monday through Thursday Only
    8:30–10:20 a.m.                                                       10:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.
    ___ Acting Up! (K-4) $45                                              ___ Acting Up! (4-8) $45
    ___ Amazing Art Adventure (3-5) $40                                   ___ Amazing Art Adventure (K-2) $40
    ___ Animals’ Best Friends (K-3) $50                                   ___ Animals’ Best Friends (K-3) $50
    ___ Art Around the World (3-8) $45                                    ___ Beach Party (K-3) $40
    ___ Beginning Sewing Fun! (3-8) $50                                   ___ Cake Decorating I (5-8) $50
    ___ Books Galore (1-4) $35                                            ___ Card Sharks (1-4) $35
    ___ Cake Decorating I (3-6) $50                                       ___ Chemistry for Kids (5-8) $50
    ___ Career Exploration (5-8) $35                                      ___ Digital Photo Fun (4-8) $35
    ___ Chemistry for Kids (5-8) $50                                      ___ French Notes (3-6) $35
    ___ Crafty Creations (4-8) $45                                        ___ Games Around the World (K-3) $35
    ___ Extreme Science (4-6) $40                                         ___ Golf Course Ready! (3-6) $45
    ___ French Notes (K-3) $35                                            ___ Groovy Guitar (5-8) $50
    ___ Golf Course Ready! (K-3) $45                                      ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (K-3) $40
    ___ Groovy Guitar (5-8) $50                                           ___ Jazzy Jewels (4-8) $45
    ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (K-3) $40                     ___ Kitchen Kids I (K-4) $40
    ___ Keyboarding for Kids (K-4) $40                                    ___ Math Madness (3-6) $40
    ___ Magical Mixtures (K-3) $40                                        ___ Painting with the Masters (4-8) $40
    ___ Mathemagic (4-6) $35                                              ___ Ping Pong for Beginners (3-6) $35
    ___ Painting Adventure for Kids (K-3) $40                             ___ Puppet Theater (3-6) $35
    ___ Ping Pong for Beginners (3-6) $35                                 ___ Science Schmience! (3-6) $40
    ___ Vet for a Week (4-8) $70                                          ___ Sew A Name Pillow & More (3-8) $60
    ___ Who Was Here? (K-4) $40                                           ___ Super Science Sleuths (K-3) $40
                                                                          ___ Vet for a Week (4-8) $70

    1-2:50 p.m.                                                           1-4 p.m. Camps
    ___ Ad Execs (4-8) $35                                                ___ Babysitter Training Camp (ages 11 & up) $45
    ___ Amazing Art Adventure (K-2) $40                                   ___ Baton Basics (1-4) $60
    ___ Beach Party (K-3) $40                                             ___ Climb High, Jack (1-3) $45
    ___ Chemistry for Kids (5-8) $50                                      ___ Rising Stars Drama Camp (K-8) $45
    ___ Computer Creations (3-6) $35                                      ___ Shake, Twirl & Toss (4-8) $45
    ___ Golf Course Ready! (5-8) $45                                      ___ Spirit of Shakespeare (5-8) $45
    ___ Got Cheer! (K-6) $35                                              ___ Take It Outside! (K-3) $55
    ___ Holiday Bazaar (4-8) $45                                          ___ Visual Arts Camp (5-8) $65
    ___ Paper Mache Power (4-8) $40                                       ___ Woodworking Fun! (2-5) $85
    ___ Ping Pong-Advanced (3-6) $35
    ___ Science Schmience! (3-6) $40
    ___ Super Science Sleuths (K-3) $40

                  DID YOU KNOW? There are over 300 species of parrots ranging in height from 3 inches to 33 inches.                                                                                                          19
 Session II Class Schedule

     NOTE: Please mark your choices by writing 1, 2, and 3 next to your first, second, and third choices. Please note the
     grade levels of the classes. Children may enroll only in classes for the grade level they will complete in Spring 2010.

     SESSION II (JUNE 14-17)*Monday through Thursday Only
     8:30 – 10:20 a.m.                                                     10:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.
     ___ Aladdin (K-8) $70 (8:30-12:20 p.m.)                               ___ Advanced Scrapbooking (5-8) $45
     ___ Amazing Art Adventure (K-2) $40                                   ___ Amazing Art Adventure (3-5) $40
     ___ Animals’ Best Friends (K-3) $50                                   ___ Animals’ Best Friends (K-3) $50
     ___ Beginning Scrapbooking (4-8) $40                                  ___ Art Around the World (3-8) $45
     ___ Beginning Sewing Fun! (3-8) $50                                   ___ Butterfly Shaped Quilt (3-8) $70
     ___ Books Galore (1-4) $35                                            ___ Cake Decorating II (5-8) $50
     ___ Cake Decorating I (3-6) $50                                       ___ Card Sharks (1-4) $35
     ___ Chemistry for Kids (5-8) $50                                      ___ Chemistry for Kids (3-6) $50
     ___ Digital Photo Fun (4-8) $35                                       ___ Computer Creations (3-6) $35
     ___ Drawing Basics (3-8) $35                                          ___ Crafty Creations (4-8) $45
     ___ Fashion Frenzy (1-4) $40                                          ___ Fashion Frenzy (1-4) $40
     ___ General Hospital (3-6) $35                                        ___ General Hospital (3-6) $35
     ___ Golf Course Ready! (K-3) $45                                      ___ Golf Course Ready! (3-6) $45
     ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (4-6) $40                     ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (K-3) $40
     ___ Jazzy Jewels (4-8) $45                                            ___ Kitchen Kids II (K-4) $40
     ___ Just Hangin’ Out (K-3) $40                                        ___ Painting Adventure for Kids (K-3) $40
     ___ Math Madness (3-6) $40                                            ___ Ping Pong for Beginners (3-6) $35
     ___ Ping Pong-Advanced (3-6) $35                                      ___ Puppet Theater (3-6) $35
     ___ Science Schmience! (3-6) $40                                      ___ Science Schmience! (5-8) $40
     ___ Super Science Sleuths (K-3) $40                                   ___ Sign Language (1-4) $35
     ___ Vet for a Week (4-8) $70                                          ___ Super Science Sleuths (K-3) $40
     ___ Who Was Here? (K-4) $40                                           ___ Vet for a Week (4-8) $70

     1-2:50 p.m.                                                           1-4 p.m. Camps
     ___ Ad Execs (4-8) $35                                                ___ Babysitter Training Camp (ages 11 & up) $45
     ___ Amazing Art Adventure (3-5) $40                                   ___ Baton Basics (1-4) $60
     ___ Chemistry for Kids (5-8) $50                                      ___ Find It, Map It! (6-8) $45
     ___ Designer Divas (3-5) $45                                          ___ Paper Engineering (5-8) $50
     ___ General Hospital (3-6) $35                                        ___ Princess for a Week (K-2) $55
     ___ Golf Course Ready! (5-8) $45                                      ___ Rising Stars Drama Camp (K-8) $45
     ___ Got Cheer! (K-6) $35                                              ___ Shake, Twirl & Toss (4-8) $45
     ___ Keyboarding for Kids (K-4) $40                                    ___ Take It Outside! (K-3) $55
     ___ Painting Adventure for Kids (K-3) $40                             ___ Visual Arts Camp (5-8) $65
     ___ Passport to the World (4-8) $45                                   ___ Woodworking Fun! (2-5) $85
     ___ Ping Pong for Beginners (3-6) $35
     ___ Sign Language (1-4) $35
     ___ Tangrams, Triangles & Tesselations (5-8) $35

QUESTION: What story had a pirate named William Kidd?              ANSWER: Treasure Island

20                                                                                                                   217.641.4905
                                                              Session III Class Schedule

    NOTE: Please mark your choices by writing 1, 2, and 3 next to your first, second, and third choices. Please note the
    grade levels of the classes. Children may enroll only in classes for the grade level they will complete in Spring 2010.

    SESSION III (JUNE 21-24)*Monday through Thursday Only
    8:30 – 10:20 a.m.                                                     10:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.
    ___ Abstract Sculptures (5-8) $40                                     ___ Abstract Sculptures (5-8) $40
    ___ Acting Up! (4-8) $45                                              ___ Acting Up! (K-4) $45
    ___ Ad Execs (4-8) $35                                                ___ Advanced Scrapbooking (5-8) $45
    ___ Amazing Art Adventure (3-5) $40                                   ___ Amazing Art Adventure (K-2) $40
    ___ American Girl® Sewing (3-8) $90 (8:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.)          ___ Art Around the World (3-8) $45
    ___ Beach Party (K-3) $40                                             ___ Cake Decorating II (3-6) $50
    ___ Beginning Scrapbooking (4-8) $40                                  ___ Career Exploration (5-8) $35
    ___ Cake Decorating I (5-8) $50                                       ___ Digital Photo Fun (4-8) $35
    ___ Designer Divas (3-5) $45                                          ___ Fashion Frenzy (1-4) $40
    ___ Fashion Frenzy (1-4) $40                                          ___ French Notes (3-6) $35
    ___ French Notes (K-3) $35                                            ___ Groovy Guitar (5-8) $50
    ___ Groovy Guitar (5-8) $50                                           ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (K-3) $40
    ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (K-3) $40                     ___ Living Civil War History (3-8) $35
    ___ Just Hangin’ Out (K-3) $40                                        ___ Magical Mixtures (K-3) $40
    ___ Large Animals Galore! (4-8) $55                                   ___ Master Chefs (4-8) $45
    ___ Painting Adventure for Kids (K-3) $40                             ___ Painting with the Masters (4-8) $40
    ___ Ping Pong for Beginners (3-6) $35                                 ___ Ping Pong 6-8 (6-8) $35
    ___ Publish It! (3-8) $35                                             ___ Puppet Theater (3-6) $35
    ___ Science Schmience! (3-6) $40                                      ___ Science Schmience! (3-6) $40
    ___ Vet for a Week (4-8) $70                                          ___ Sign Language (1-4) $35
    ___ Who Was Here? (K-4) $40                                           ___ Super Science Sleuths (K-3) $40
                                                                          ___ Vet for a Week (4-8) $70

    1-2:50 p.m.                                                           1-4 p.m. Camps
    ___ Amazing Art Adventure (K-2) $40                                   ___ Babysitter Training Camp (ages 11 & up) $45
    ___ Awesome Scratchboard (5-8) $45                                    ___ Paper Engineering (5-8) $50
    ___ Card Sharks (1-4) $35                                             ___ Princess for a Week (K-2) $55
    ___ Computer Creations (3-6) $35                                      ___ Rising Stars Drama Camp (K-8) $45
    ___ Got Cheer! (K-6) $35                                              ___ Shake, Twirl & Toss (4-8) $45
    ___ Gymnastics, Physical Fitness & More (4-6) $40                     ___ Spirit of Shakespeare (5-8) $45
    ___ Jazzy Jewels (4-8) $45                                            ___ Take It Outside! (3-6) $55
    ___ Magical Mixtures (K-3) $40                                        ___ Woodworking Fun! (2-5) $85
    ___ Paper Creations (K-4) $40
    ___ Paper Mache Power (4-8) $40
    ___ Ping Pong for Beginners (3-6) $35
    ___ Science Schmience! (5-8) $40
    ___ Sign Language (1-4) $35
    ___ Super Science Sleuths (K-3) $40

          DID YOU KNOW? Large pirate ships had a “poop deck” referring to the highest deck at the back of the ship.                                                                                                          21
 July Camp Schedule

NOTE: Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon care options are not available during July camps.

July 12-15 Camps (Monday through Thursday Only)                       July 19-22 Camps (Monday through Thursday Only)
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.                                                      9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
___ Christmas in July (K-3) $50                                       ___ American Girl® & You (K-3) $55
___ JWCC Mini Blazer Cheer Camp (K-6) $60                             ___ Folding Frenzy (4-8) $55
___ Princess for a Week (K-2) $55                                     ___ Kitchen Chemistry (3-6) $50
___ Tepee Sewing Fun! (3-8) $100                                      ___ LEGO Elementary Engineering (ages 8 & up) $160
                                                                      ___ Mad About Musicals (3-8) $50
1-4 p.m.
___ LEGO Elementary Engineering (ages 8 & up) $160                    ___ Video Game Making (ages 10-15) $135
___ Video Game Making (ages 10-15) $135                               1-4 p.m.
                                                                      ___ American Girl® & You (3-6) $55
July 26-29 Camps (Monday through Thursday Only)                       ___ LEGO Elementary Engineering (ages 8 & up) $160
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.                                                      ___ Video Game Making (ages 10-15) $135
___ Crochet & Knitting 101 (4-8) $55
___ Folding Frenzy (1-4) $55
___ LEGO Elementary Engineering (ages 8 & up) $160
___ Video Game Making (ages 10-15) $135
1-4 p.m.
___ LEGO Elementary Engineering (ages 8 & up) $160
___ Video Game Making (ages 10-15) $135

 SESSION I                                            Will your child be present during the lunch hour (12:20-1 p.m.)?*
     Class Fees*                             ______
                                                      Yes, will purchase lunch      Yes, will bring lunch      No
     Breakfast (7:45-8:30 a.m.) $9           ______
     Lunch (12:20-1 p.m.) $14                ______   If yes, please specify which session(s): ______________________
     Afternoon Care (2:50-4 p.m.) $5         ______   *We must know if your child will be present during the lunch hour, even if
 SESSION II                                           not purchasing hot lunch. Lunch fees are $14 per session for hot lunch and
                                                      there is no charge if your child signs up for lunch and brings his/her own
     Class Fees*                             ______
     Breakfast (7:45-8:30 a.m.) $9           ______
     Lunch (12:20-1 p.m.) $14                ______   PARENT VOLUNTEERS
     Afternoon Care (2:50-4 p.m.) $5         ______   Are you available to be a volunteer monitor during any of the sessions? If so,
                                                      please list which sessions and times you are available, and a Children’s
 SESSION III                                          College staff member will contact you.
     Class Fees*                             ______
                                                      Session(s)/Time(s) Available ________________________________________
     Breakfast (7:45-8:30 a.m.) $9           ______
     Lunch (12:20-1 p.m.) $14                ______   Parent Name ________________________ Contact #____________________
     Afternoon Care (2:50-4 p.m.) $5         ______
 JULY CAMPS                                                                        Method of Payment
                                                      ___Mastercard    ___Visa     ___Discover
     Class Fees*                             ______
                                                      _______________________________________           ____________
                                                      Credit Card Number                                Exp. Date
 TOTAL                                       ______   __________________________         _________________________
 *Class fees are based on first choice(s).            Name as it appears on card         Signature

QUESTION: What did pirates wear over one eye?              ANSWER: A patch

22                                                                                                                      217.641.4905
                                                         Adult Education & Literacy

GED Preparation, Writing,                                                               Adult Literacy
Math, Reading, Science and                                                              The goal of literacy services is to
Social Studies                                                                          increase adult literacy in the JWCC
Do you want to earn your GED or                                                         district by providing effective,
improve your skills in writing, math,                                                   non-threatening and easily accessible
reading, science or social studies? FREE                                                literacy tutoring. The program matches
instructional services are offered to                                                   trained volunteer tutors on a one-to-
JWCC district residents at various times                                                one basis with adults who have limited
on an individualized basis. Books and                                                   reading skills or whose first language is
other instructional materials are loaned                                                not English. Participation is limited to
to students in the program without                                                      Illinois residents and is free to both
charge. Enrollment is open throughout      GED tests will be given monthly at           tutors and students. Times and
the year. For more information or to       John Wood Community College in               locations for tutoring are flexible.
enroll, call 217.641.4951. The below       Quincy. The test will also be given at       Privacy and confidentiality are ensured.
dates are effective May 17, 2010.          the Pittsfield Education Center during       Students proceed through lessons
                                           May. Students in the John Wood Adult         designed to help them meet their
Quincy, Kinscherff Adult Education         Education classes are given assistance       personal goals.
Learning Center, 122 North 5th Street      with the test application process. The
 Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11 a.m.             state fee for the GED test is $50 and        Literacy Tutor Training
 Tuesday & Thursday, 1-3 p.m.              applications must be received by the         Are you interested in serving as a tutor
 Tuesday & Thursday, 5-7 p.m.              Regional Superintendent of Schools’          to an adult with limited reading skills or
Stevens Act: 35% of this total program
                                           Office one week prior to the test date.      one whose first language is not English?
is supported with Federal Funding.                                                      This FREE, three-session training will
John Wood Community College does           English as a Second Language                 prepare you! No prior teaching
not discriminate on the basis of race,     Do you know someone who needs to             experience or formal background in
color, national or ethnic origin, sex,
religion, age, disability or other         learn English? This class will help him or   education is needed. Advanced
factors prohibited by law.                 her improve basic English skills. The        registration is required. For more
                                           class is FREE to JWCC district residents.    information or to register, please call
                                           For more information or to enroll, call      the literacy office at 217.641.4951.
                                                                                        Quincy, JWCC Paul Heath Center
                                           Quincy, JWCC Paul Heath Center,               Tuesdays, May 4, 11, & 18, 6-9 p.m.
                                            Tuesday & Thursday, 6-8 p.m.                Quincy, JWCC Paul Heath Center
                                                                                         Thursdays, Sept 9, 16, & 23, 6-9 p.m.

                                                                                        This project was made possible by a grant
                                                                                        awarded by the Illinois State Library, a
                                                                                        Division of the Office of Secretary of State,
                                                                                        using state funds. John Wood Community
                                                                                        College does not discriminate on the basis
         “Getting my G.E.D. was the                                                     of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex,
         happiest day of my life. Now                                                   religion, age, disability or other factors
                                                                                        prohibited by law.
         I say, if you’re going to dream,
         why not dream big?”

         -Melissa, 2008
         G.E.D. Graduate                                                                                                                23
 Noncredit Classes for Adults

The following three computer classes         The Center of Effective Nonprofits
will be taught by long-time JWCC             (CEN) and its partners are proud to          West Central Illinois
instructor Neveta Salmons. Upon              offer the following workshop. The            Philanthropy Center
finishing high school, Neveta worked         CEN and its partners are committed to        Orientation Session
at the high school level. She then           providing high caliber workshops,            If you are a nonprofit
worked at J M Huber Corporation for          services and presenters to “help             organization seeking funding
25 years gaining experience in the           community organizations do what              for your programs, there is a
computer world. Tutoring and                 they do...better.”                           great resource here in your
teaching have always been a part of                                                       region at the West Central
                                             Additional resources and other               Illinois Philanthropy Center.
her life. Her students have ranged in
                                             offerings for nonprofits can be found        Only one of seven centers of its
age from four to 96 years of age. She
                                             on the Center for Effective Nonprofits       kind in the state, this is a
enjoys seeing the light bulb go on in
                                             website at Contact           valuable (and FREE!) resource
each person’s eyes with the same
                                             Laura Hyde at 217.223.8380 or email          available to you. Learn how to
                                             at for more                take advantage of this library of
Create a Book                                information.                                 information for nonprofit
Create a book of your choice. Discuss                                                     organizations. The orientation
features to be included; how to format,      U-Facilitate                                 session will be led by Claudette
insert photos or other objects and           U-FACILITATE is a training program           Baker from Donors Forum and
determine covers and titles. After           offered by the University of Illinois        Pat Woodworth, director of
completing this course, students should      Extension to help group leaders become       library services at JWCC.
leave with a completed publication to        more efficient and effective facilitators.
                                                                                          Thurs. June 10 (1x)
present to friends and family or to          Whether you are a novice or experienced
                                                                                          2-3:30 p.m. Free Rm B108
continue at home as a work in progress.      facilitator working in a community-based
Some creations could be a recipe book, a     organization, non-profit agency, local
short biography, a family history or a       government, or business, this program
book about summer vacation. The              can enhance the experience and overall
possibilities are endless.                   success of your group.
Mon. June 7-28 (4x)                          Thurs. June 3 (1x)
5-8 p.m. $96 Rm D129                         9 a.m. - 12 p.m. $25/$20* Rm D022
                                             *The cost is $20 for CEN members and
Let’s Get Organized!                         $25 for other participants.
Where did that file go? Did I save it?
Why can’t I find it? Learn how easy it can         Have you visited the
be to create and manipulate files and
folders for prompt access. Learn to
                                                  Community Technology
utilize calendar features and how to use                 Center?
it for appointments and reminders.                 JWCC Paul Heath Center,
Tues. June 8 & 15 (2x)                             48th & Harrison, Quincy
5-7 p.m. $32 Rm D129                                     Room D129
                                                    Open to the public free                   Partners in the Center for
Want to be an Artist?                               on the following days:                      Effective Nonprofits
Have you ever had the urge to draw or
                                              Spring Hours (through June 4)
doodle with a paintbrush? Become an
                                              Mon: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
artist without all the fancy artist’s
                                              Wed: 1-4 p.m.
supplies. Learn what’s available on your
computer to help release that inner           Thurs: 6-9 p.m.
creativity and have fun doing it!             Fri: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tues. July 6 & 13 (2x)                        Summer Hours (June 7-Aug. 13)
3-5 p.m. $32 Rm D129                          Tues, Wed, & Thurs: 5-9 p.m.
                                              *Open lab times and availability are
                                               subject to change.

24                                                                                                               217.641.4905
                                                   Noncredit Classes for Adults

Driving: Classroom                                                                           Kindergarten Camp
And Behind-the-Wheel
Classes for persons between the ages of                                                   Will your child be heading off to
15 and 18 and adults who have never                                                       school for the first time this fall?
driven are offered as community                                                          Let us help prepare both you and
education, noncredit classes. The teen                                                     your child for the transition to
classes are designed for busy high                                                      kindergarten. This class is available
school students who can’t fit driving                                                   to any child who will be entering a
education into their schedule, for                                                      kindergarten program in the 2010-
students who are home-schooled and                                                       2011 school year and will provide
for students in special educational                                                      children with the opportunity to
programs. Requirements for persons                                                       practice school routines, interact
ages 15 to 18 include 30 clock hours of    Elder Law & Estate Planning                  with other children and have lots of
                                                                                       fun! The last day of class will include
classroom instruction and six hours of     Bootcamp
behind-the-wheel supervised driving,                                                    an open house allowing parents to
                                           This course is primarily directed at
scheduled regularly in a period of not                                                       interact with their child in
                                           people 50 years of age and older, their
less than four complete weeks.                                                                   the school setting.
                                           loved ones, caregivers and advisors,
                                           although anyone is welcome. This
This class utilizes the five habits of     course will consist of three separate
the “Smith System” which include aim       sessions, each having its own discussion
high in steering, get the “Big Picture,”   topic: Day 1: “10 Things All Senior
keep your eyes moving, leave yourself      Citizens (and Their Loved Ones) Must
an out and make sure others see you.       Know About Life & Death Planning”;
                                           Day 2: “What the Heck is a Trust and
Adults who have never driven are also
                                           Why Should I Care?”; Day 3: “Worried
welcome to participate in the classroom
                                           about Going Broke in a Nursing Home?
instruction and driving classes. An
                                           Come Hear the NEW Truth About                 Camps will be held in Quincy,
optional hourly charge for actual or
                                           Medicaid Eligibility and Veteran’s            Mt. Sterling, and Camp Point
additional driving time will also be
                                           Benefits.”                                   during the week of August 2-6,
                                           Instructor Bill Siebers specializes in            from 8:30-11:30 a.m.
Cost is $400 for the combination of        estate planning and elder law. He also         The cost of the camp is $80.
30 hours of classroom training and six     writes and distributes a free monthly
hours of behind-the-wheel driving or       newsletter called “Elder Law Matters” for
students may take only one component       seniors, their loved ones, caregivers and
of the training. Classroom training is     advisors. He is a Quincy native and
$95. Behind-the-wheel training is $305.    partner at the law firm of Scholz, Loos,
Cost for additional hours of driving is    Palmer, Siebers & Duesterhaus, LLP.
$75 per hour. Registration fees must be
                                           Mon.-Wed. June 28-30 (3x)
received to confirm enrollment.
                                           6-7 p.m. $5 Rm D024 & D025
Contact the JWCC Community
Education Office at 217.641.4942 for
details.                                                   ART GALLERY EXHIBITS AND CONTESTS
Tues./Thurs. June 1-July 22 (16x)
4-6 p.m. $400 Rm D028                        May 6            10th Annual Photography Show Awards Reception,
Dave Forsman                                                  6:30 p.m.

                                             May 6-28         10th Annual Photography Show Exhibit

                                             June 4-30        Photographs by Justin Heintz on display

                                             July 8-30        Quilts by Joyce Riggs on display                                                                                                        25
 Noncredit Classes for Adults

The following two photography                                                                The following classes will be taught
classes will be taught by long-time                                                          by instructor Cynde Nozawa. Cynde
instructor John Gebhardt. John                                                               works as an alternative health care
served as director of instructional                                                          provider for Dianne Watson who has
technology and primary                                                                       taught many health related classes
photographer at JWCC from 1987 to                                                            for JWCC. Cynde knows how
2001. He has a master’s degree in                                                            important diet is to overall health
instructional technology with                                                                and will help you add healthy foods
emphasis in photography and                                                                  into your daily routine.
graphics. He has been a
photographer for over 30 years and            Ball Sculpt                                    Juicing For Your Health
has been teaching noncredit digital           Have a ball strengthening and                  Instructor Cynde Nozawa will share
photography/imaging classes for               stretching the total body with AFAA            delicious and nutritious juice recipes as
JWCC since 2001.                              Certified Personal Trainer Cindy               well as tips and techniques on juicing.
                                              Unmisig! Get a full body workout with          Learn how simple it is to grow wheat
Digital Camera Basics                         exercises that focus on strength               grass and about its wonderful benefits.
This all-day class is for those with                                                         Discuss various juicers and discover
                                              training, core stability and endurance.
limited or no experience using a digital                                                     how simple it is to juice. Vegetable and
                                              This class is for participants at all levels
camera. Learn to locate the basic                                                            fruit juice recipes will be shared and
                                              of fitness. Each student should dress in
features available on your camera and                                                        sampled. A $5 supply fee is payable
                                              comfortable attire and bring a water
how to use them. This class includes an                                                      to the instructor at the start of class.
                                              bottle to class.
afternoon instructor-guided lab for
                                              Mon. June 7-28 (4x)                            Tues. June 8 (1x)
additional hands-on experience.
                                              4:15-5:15 p.m. $32 Rm G112                     6:30-8:30 p.m. $16 Rm D159
Students need to bring their fully
charged digital camera and instruction
                                              The following golf class will be               Sprouting
manual to class.
                                              taught by JWCC Head Golf Coach Lee             Adding fresh sprouts and sprouted
Mon. July 19 (1x)                                                                            grains to your diet can increase your
                                              Osborn. In addition to coaching golf,
8 a.m. - 3 p.m. $50 Rm D152                                                                  nutrition and help prevent many
                                              Lee has managed multiple golf
                                              courses as a parks and recreation              diseases. Sprouted oats, wheat,
Intermediate Digital Camera                   director for 34 years.                         buckwheat, nuts and seeds have
If you are comfortable with the basic                                                        wonderful nutritional benefits. Learn
functions of your camera and are ready        Intermediate Golf                              how to sprout alfalfa, broccoli,
to take your camera beyond the “auto”         In this intermediate golf class, students      sunflower and more and learn to make
settings, this three-hour class is for you.   will work on a full golf swing with irons      delicious nut milk. Recipes will be
Unlike the Digital Camera Basics, this        and woods and also how to use                  shared and sampled. A $5 supply fee
class will not have a hands-on session.       wedges. Practice putting drills from           is payable to the instructor at the
Instructor John Gebhardt will show you        short and long distances and learn how         start of class.
what your camera can do and how to            to use course management to achieve            Wed. July 14 (1x)
use the features that come with almost        lower scores. Please bring a set of golf       6:30-8:30 p.m. $16 Rm D159
all digital cameras to take better and        clubs to class. A $10 supply fee is
more interesting pictures.                    payable to the instructor on the first         RAW Foods and Recipes
Wed. July 21 (1x)                             night of class.                                Discover what a raw diet consists of and
6-9 p.m. $25 Rm D158                          Wed. May 26-June 23 (5x)                       how simple it is to make delicious raw
                                              6-7:30 p.m. $60 K of C First Tee Facility,     recipes. The addition of raw food to
                                              South 36th Street, Quincy                      your diet will increase your health and
                                                                                             aid with weight loss. Raw recipes will
                                                                                             be shared and sampled. A $5 supply
                                                                                             fee is payable to the instructor at the
                                                                                             start of class.
                                                                                             Thurs. Aug. 12 (1x)
                                                                                             6:30-8:30 p.m. $16 Rm TBD

26                                                                                                                     217.641.4905
                                                               Community Education Expo

                                    Mark Your Calendars!
                                      Tuesday, August 10, 4-7 p.m.

                                                       This FREE event is an opportunity for you to visit with
                                                       Community Education instructors prior to the start of fall
                                                       classes. Hands-on activities, demonstrations and handouts
                                                       about fall classes will be available. Ask questions about
                                                       what you can expect to learn during your favorite noncredit
                                                       classes. Then, register the same evening for the classes you

        Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

        Time: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

        Location: Lower level of Paul Heath
        Community Education & Fine Arts
        Center at the JWCC Campus, 48th &
        Harrison, Quincy

        There is no need to register for this event.

                                                                   What you can expect...
                                                                      • Free hot dogs, soda, and popcorn*
                                                                      • Free goodies*
                                                                      • Time to visit with instructors
                                                                      • Demonstrations
                                                                      • Handouts from instructors
                                                                      • Time to register for classes
                                                                      *while supplies last                                                                                                  27
 Online Learning

Ed2go Courses:
Tutorials, interactive quizzes, hands-on assignments and online discussion areas are available to supplement lessons. Read
lessons and ask questions of instructors at times most convenient for you. All courses run for six weeks (with a two-week grace
period at the end) and can be completed entirely from the home or office, at any time of the day or night.

Start Dates:
A new section of every course will begin on the following dates: April 21, May 19, June 16, and July 21.

Requirements include Internet access, e-mail address and Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Additional
requirements, if any, will be listed with the course description on the Web site.

Courses are available in a wide variety of topics, including Accounting, Computer Applications, Digital Photography, Personal
Development, Personal Finance & Wealth Building, Test Prep, Web Page Design and much more. For a list of all available courses,
course details and registration information, visit the Ed2go Online Instruction Center at Further
information is available by contacting Annie Kennedy at 217.641.4902 or

Gatlin Education Services:
Complete a career training program in just 90 days! GES programs are all open enrollment and self-paced and students are
paired with a personal instructor. Students are given an initial 90 days to finish the course. If needed, extensions are available.
Financial aid is available through Gatlin Education Services. GES offers certificate programs in a variety of areas, including
Administrative Medical Specialist, Medical Billing & Coding, Forensic Computer Examiner, Web Master, Video Game Art and more.

For detailed program outlines, course descriptions and demos, go to For enrollment
information, contact Annie Kennedy at 217.641.4902 or

28                                                                                                                   217.641.4905
                                                                                      Trips & Tours

                                                    Wicked Itinerary              Jersey Boys at Civic Center of
                                           10 a.m. - Depart JWCC
                                                                                  Greater Des Moines
                                                                                  “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!” raves the New
                                           11:10 a.m. - Stop in Bowling Green,
                                                                                  York Post for JERSEY BOYS, the 2006
                                                                                  Tony Award®-winning Best Musical
                                           1:30 p.m. - Arrive at Fox Theater
                                                                                  about Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The
                                           2 p.m. - Showtime
                                                                                  Four Seasons: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio,
                                           4:45 p.m. - Depart Fox Theater
                                                                                  Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi. This is
                                           5:30 p.m. - Arrive at Chesterfield
                                                                                  the story of how four blue-collar kids
                                                                                  became one of the greatest successes in
                                           7:30 p.m. - Depart to Quincy
                                                                                  pop music history. They wrote their own
                                           10 p.m. - Arrive in Quincy
                                                                                  songs, invented their own sounds and
                                           *We will make a 30 minute stop         sold 175 million records worldwide – all
Wicked at the Fox Theater,                 allowing everyone to get               before they were 30! JERSEY BOYS,
St. Louis Limited Availability             something to eat.                      winner of the 2006 Grammy® Award for
Back by “popular” demand. The New                                                 Best Musical Show Album, features their
                                           **Once arriving at Chesterfield
York Times calls WICKED "Broadway's                                               hit songs “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,”
                                           Mall, shopping and dinner will be
biggest blockbuster." When it played at                                           “Rag Doll,” “Oh What a Night” and “Can’t
                                           on your own. There are many
the Fox in 2005 and again in 2007, it                                             Take My Eyes Off You.” “IT WILL RUN FOR
                                           restaurants in close proximity
broke box office records, sold out in                                             CENTURIES!” proclaims Time Magazine.
                                           including Cheesecake Factory,
record time and set new national           California Pizza Kitchen, Houlihan’s
attendance records. WICKED is the                                                 This trip takes place on Saturday, July
                                           and more.
winner of 26 major awards, including a                                            24. The cost is $135 per person and
Grammy and three Tony Awards®.                                                    includes a ticket and charter bus
                                                                                  transportation. Everyone is required
Long before that girl from Kansas
                                                                                  to purchase a ticket, regardless of
arrives in Munchkinland, two girls meet
in the land of Oz. One - born with
emerald green skin - is smart, fiery and
misunderstood. The other is beautiful,
                                                                                          Jersey Boys Itinerary
ambitious and very popular. How these
                                                                                   8 a.m. - Depart JWCC
two grow to become the Wicked Witch
                                                                                   12 p.m. - Arrive at Civic Center of
of the West and Glinda the Good Witch
                                                                                                 Greater Des Moines*
makes for "the most complete and
                                                                                   2 p.m. - Showtime
completely satisfying new musical in a
                                                                                   4:30 p.m. - Depart Civic Center
long time,” says USA Today.
                                                                                   5 p.m. - Arrive at Jordan Creek Town
This trip takes place on Saturday,
                                                                                   7:30 p.m. - Depart to Quincy
June 26. The cost is $125 per person
                                                                                   11 p.m. - Arrive in Quincy
and includes a ticket for orchestra
level seating and charter bus                                                      *You will have time to eat lunch
transportation. Everyone is required                                               before the performance. There are
to purchase a ticket, regardless of                                                multiple eating establishments
age.                                                                               within walking distance of the
                                                                                   Civic Center.
                                                                                   **Once arriving at Jordan Creek
                                                                                   Town Center, shopping and dinner
                                                                                   will be on your own. There are
                                                                                   many restaurants in close
                                                                                   proximity including Cheesecake
                                                                                   Factory, Joe’s Crab Shack,
                                                                                   P.F. Chang’s and more.                                                                                                      29
 Noncredit Class Policies & More

Pre-registration: All noncredit classes       Class Locations: Unless otherwise              Inclement Weather: When JWCC
require pre-registration with payment.        noted, all classes are held at the JWCC        cancels classes due to inclement
                                              Main Campus in the Paul Heath                  weather, Community Education classes
Registration Confirmation:                    Community Education and Fine Arts              also will be cancelled. Please check local
Confirmation of registration will be          Center, 48th and Harrison, Quincy. This        broadcasts for up-to-date information.
received in the mail. Confirmation will       is indicated by placing a “D” in front of
include a course schedule, account            the room number number (for example:           Credit Courses: To register for credit
statement, and other information              D129).                                         classes, call JWCC Enrollment Services at
specific to your class.                                                                      217.641.4330.
                                              Minimum or Maximum Enrollment:
Fees: Fees are payable in full at the time    Participants will be notified if a course is   Accommodations: Participants with
of registration or at least four business     cancelled or if a class is full and            physical disabilities requiring special
days prior to the start of class. Some        additional registrations cannot be             accommodations, should indicate needs
classes will have a supply fee. Supply fee    entered. Students will be placed on a          when registering. JWCC will do what it
information will be listed in the class       waiting list and notified if an opening        can to meet your needs.
description. More information about the       occurs. Most courses have a minimum
supplies will be shared upon registration.    enrollment of six students.                    Notice of Nondiscrimination:
                                                                                             JWCC ensures equal educational
Cancellation: JWCC is a nonprofit             Refund Policy: Unless otherwise                opportunities are offered to all students,
organization, and noncredit offerings         noted in advance publicity, a student          regardless of race, color, national or
must pay for themselves. Those                who notifies the Community Education           ethnic origin, age, sex, religion, disability
interested in a particular class are          Office three business days prior to the        or other factors prohibited by law.
encouraged to call the JWCC Community         day of the seminar or class will receive a     Questions in reference to educational
Education office as early as possible to      100 percent refund. No other refunds           opportunities may be directed to the
register. Otherwise, it may get cancelled     will be given.                                 College at 1301 South 48th Street,
due to low enrollment.                                                                       Quincy, Illinois 62305 or call
                                                                                             217.224.6500. Ask for the ADA
                                                                                             Compliance Officer.

                                                  Customer Bill of Rights
       1. Easy Registration: Students have the choice of at least five ways to register for a class including phone, mail, in
          person, fax, and e-mail. Once registered, students will receive a schedule in the mail detailing class information.

       2. A Positive Learning Environment: The learning environment will be comfortable, friendly and easy to find.
          The teacher will be prepared and knowledgeable.

       3. Interest in your perspective on the program: Your opinion matters. Please complete an evaluation with
          feedback for each class that you take.

       4. Timely Promotions: Information about upcoming classes and events will be available via the class catalog,
          e-mails, and our program’s web site.

       5. Cancellation Alerts: If a class is cancelled, students will be notified at least two days prior to the start date.
          Students may choose to sign up for another class or receive a full refund.

30                                                                                                                        217.641.4905
                            Noncredit Class Registration Information

    REGISTER                             NOW!                             Pre-registration is required for all classes.
                                                                          Classes fill quickly, so register early!

                            Payments must be made at the time of registration or
                             at least four business days prior to the start of class.

             Payment methods: (1) Cash; (2) Check; (3) Credit/Debit card -- VISA, MasterCard, Discover

              By Phone:                                                  By Mail:
              Call 217.641.4941 or 217.641.4905                          Mail completed registration form with full
              Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday                   payment to:
              through Friday. After June 7, office hours                 John Wood Community College
              will be 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through                    Business Office
              Thursday. When registering by phone, be                    1301 S. 48th Street
              prepared to pay with credit/debit card                     Quincy, IL 62305
              (MasterCard, VISA, Discover).
                                                                         In Person:
               By Fax:                                                   Bring completed form and payment to:
               Complete registration form. Include                       John Wood Community College
               debit/credit card information                             Paul Heath Community Education and
               (MasterCard, VISA, Discover).                             Fine Arts Center
               Fax completed form to: 217.641.4191                       Room D124
                                                                         1301 S. 48th Street
                                                                         Quincy, IL 62305

                                        Questions or suggestions?
                              Email or

                                          STAFF DIRECTORY
                                         Adult Education and Literacy
                      Terry Jenkins - Director of Community and Adult Education - 217.641.4930
                          Kathy Tomlinson - Coordinator of Literacy Services - 217.641.4943
                Linda Ehrhardt - A.A. to the Director of Community and Adult Education - 217.641.4951
                                             Community Education
                       Terry Jenkins - Director of Community and Adult Education - 217.641.4930
                            Annie Kennedy - Continuing Education Specialist - 217.641.4902
                                    Teri Buckert - Education Specialist - 217.641.4942
                            Kelli Langston - Community Education Specialist - 217.641.4940
                               Nici Woodyard - Education Office Assistant - 217.641.4905
                         Monica Foster - Community Education Office Assistant - 217.641.4941                                                                                                      31
                J ohn W o od C o m m u ni t y C ol l e g e

Children’s College                                           Noncredit Classes
• Fun, Hands-on Classes                                      for Adults
• Over 25 New Classes!                                       • Create a Book (Page 24)
• Open to All Students                                       • Digital Camera Basics (Page 26)
  Completing Grades K-8.                                     • Juicing for Your Health (Page 26)
• Lot’s of NEW!                                              • Jersey Boys in Des Moines, IA
• Don’t Miss Out on the Fun!                                   (Page 29)

             JOHN WOOD                                               ECRWSS
             COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                    Nonprofit Org.
             1301 South 48th Street                                U.S. Postage
             Quincy, IL 62305                                          PAID
                                                                 Quincy, IL 62301
                                                                  Permit No. 971
                                      Residential Customer