IOM Releases Report on Preventing Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People: Progress and Possibilities by ProQuest


The recommendations include (a) putting knowledge into practice through federal, state, and local funding and implementation of evidence-based programs that are community relevant; (b) workforce development through curricular inclusion of prevention theory and practice as well as specific prevention training programs; and (c) continuing a course of vigorous research to include screening and referral to treatment, effective implementation of programs, the connection of early childhood experience to neural development and changes, the economic benefits and cost of implementation and inaction, and utilization of technology to address the issues including Internet-delivered interventions. Creating a prevention-oriented health system that includes mental health promotion will demand that psychiatric mental health nurses, pediatric nurses, and family nurses understand the science base that supports our interventions with children, both those at risk and those coping with a serious mental illness.

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