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					STATE OF CALIFORNIA                                     ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor

320 W. 4 St. #500
Los Angeles, CA 90013


California Public Utilities Commission computer database records show the following
companies on 2-19-08 do not possess valid authority from the CPUC are not legal to
perform charter bus transportation within the state of California. Check the CPUC
website at www.CPUC.CA.GOV or call 800-877-8867 for the status of charter bus

   1)         AIM International, Eddie Smith, President, TCP-22380-B-denied for no
              insurance on 11-21-07.
   2)         AJS Transportation, Armando Jonathan Soto, owner, TCP-17857-B-expired
              on 2-4-08.
   3)         All City Bus Lines, Florencio Gonzalez, Owner, TCP-21613-B, Denied 10-4-
   4)         Angels in Flight 257 Transportation, Sharon Elaine Davis, owner, TCP-22034-Denied
              11-26-07. Bus license plates 5LKN424, 5PGE223.
   5)         Bernie Bus Lines, Bernie Robins, owner, TCP-18035-B, expired 10-15-07, refiled 2-
              6-08-not active yet.
   6)         Bravo Express, Vincent Pao, owner, TCP-8252-B-revoked for no insurance on 10-18-
   7)         Cox Transportation, Lee Cox, owner,-TCP-none.
   8)         Dandy Lion Transit or DLT or Champion, Dannyelle Butler, owner-TCP-
              none. Bus license plates 6M28760, 5BTM930, 5BTM934, 2HTV823,
              4Z91129, 2GIE299, 2GJV301, 5CBP890, 2FMZ576.
   9)         DMK International, Inc. dba New Life Charters, Michael Palmer, President and
              Tishab Sanders, TCP-19955-B-revoked 1-2-08. Bus license plates 5TOR923,
              5TOR924, 6KOO280.
   10)        Express Enterprises, Odir Morales, owner, TCP-12221-B, suspended for no workers’
              compensation insurance on 1-22-08.
   11)        Far West Charters, Carlos Garcia, owner, TCP-6956-B-denied refile on 9-6-07. Bus
              license CP78271.
   12)        Finity Charter, Albert Pruitt, owner TCP-none
   13)        First Student, Inc., TCP-916-A-expired 9-7-04.
   14)        Gateway Certified, Floyd Johnson, Owner, TCP-none.
   15)        Icon Transportation and Charter, Harold Kent, Owner, TCP-12764-B-revoked 5-25-
   16)        Infinity Charter, Gina and Maruitis Van Der Geugten, Owners, TCP-12170-B-
              revoked 7-5-06.
   17)        James Hall dba Travel Fox Transportation TCP-15420-B-requested revocation
   18)        Jazzmyne Group Unlimited/Transportation Unlimited, Raymond Jones,
              owner-TCP-none. Bus license plates 8L08033 and 4HOZ621.
   19)        L V Tours TCP-none.
   20)        L.C.J. Transit, Lorenzo Terry, owner-TCP-none. Bus license plate 7T67568.
21)   Laronne, Burt Edrick, owner, TCP-none. Bus license plate 7Y16423.
22)   MJ Transportation, Samuel Trevor or Jaime Jones, TCP-none. Bus license plate
23)   Monarch Transportation, Henrietta Johnson, owner-TCP-none on file. Bus
      license plate 3JMZ771.
24)   Moochi, Inc. dba Boyce’s Bus Line, Boyce Edridge Mosley, Owner, TCP-16341-B-
      revoked 1-2-08-no liability insurance.
25)   New Life Transit, Inc., Tishab Sanders, President, TCP-23242-Pending-not active.
      Bus license plates 5TOR923, 5TOR924, 6KOO280, 6AOM512.
26)   New Wave Transit, James Robert Holly, Owner, TCP-12663, expired 7-18-05.
27)   Pacific West Charters, Inc., Christine Rice, President, TCP-21658-B-suspended 12-7-
      07-no liability insurance.
28)   QNJ Transportation, Vanessa Garrett, owner-TCP-20762-Denied authority on
      3-28-07. Bus license plates 6X52633, 8A96559, 6Y16683.
29)   Riders Express Tours & Charter, Arturo Jesus Williams, Owner, TCP-19633-
      Revoked 11-29-07-fees. Bus license plates CP72784, CP76558, CP76559.
30)   Roadrunner Transportation, Joe Hernandez, owner-TCP-none.
31)   Royal T Express, Thomas Evins III, Owner, TCP-22372-Denied on 1-8-08. Bus
      license plate 4DLB596.
32)   Sampaquita Corp. J & L Tours, Johnny Caldito Jr., Pres., TCP-769-Voluntary
      Suspension 12-3-07.
33)   Shoebox Transportation, Brian S. Miles, Owner, TCP-18033-B-revoked 5-31-07-
      delinquent fees.
34)   Star Bus Lines, Jacinto Reyes, Sr., Owner, TCP-9871-B-expired 9-4-07.
35)   Trinity Transportation, David Ryan May, owner- TCP-13309-B-revoked 1-6-
      03-no liability insurance.
36)   United Superior coach Line Inc., Curtis Washington, owner, TCP-21976-B-
      suspended for insurance cancelation on 2-7-08.