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Woking Canal Festivals
2009 Brookwood
licence application form
                                                                          Canal   A u t h o r i t y
Please complete using BLOCK CAPITALS:
Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Other            First Name:                      Surname:

Home address:                                                    Telephone number:

                                                                 Mobile number:

Postcode:                                                        Email:
Where craft is normally moored if different from above:          Name of craft:

 Boaters are advised to enter the Canal on Thurs 21st , Fri 22nd or Sat 23rd May.
 The FREE Brookwood licence is valid for 5 days and is only applicable for those attending
  the Brookwood Rally.
 If you are wanting to explore the rest of the Canal then there is a one off opportunity to
  purchase a visitor licence at 50% off the price.
 Please state on which date you intend to enter the Canal: …………./…………./………….
 Please state on which date you intend to leave the Canal: …………./…………./………….

Type of craft (please                         Cabin        Open                       Other (please specify)
                               Narrowboat                                 Dinghy
circle)                                       Cruiser      launch

Please complete:
                                               (Max. 22 mtrs or 72 ft)    Engine size                          hp
                      Beam                    (Max. 3.96 mtrs or 13ft)    Date craft built ……..…/…..….../………..
                                               (Max. 0.91 mtrs or 3ft)
               Height above
                   waterline                (Max. 1.7mtrs or 5ft 10in)

Engine type (please
circle)                         Outboard       Inboard       Petrol         Diesel          Electric       Steam

Insurance company

Policy No:                                                                   Expiry
Boat Safety Certificate                                                      Expiry
No. (if applicable)                                                           Date
Examiners name
                                I confirm that I am the owner/hirer of the above boat and the information provided
                                is correct to the best of my knowledge. I have received a copy of the BCA “Boating
                                Rules & Regulations” and agree to abide by them.

Signed                                                                     Date


                                                                       Canal  A u t h o r i t y
         Brookwood                                                                             Canal Centre
         Canal Festival                                                                 Mytchett Place Road
         2009                                                                                        Surrey,
                                                                                                  GU16 6DD
         Licence                                                                            (01252) 370073

                              We are delighted to support the Brookwood Canal Festival and for one year only
                              offer a five day Festival licence completely free of charge!!
                              Space is limited so before applying for a licence please make sure you book your
                              mooring by contacting the event harbourmaster, Kathryn Dodington on 07768
                              770070 or email

         To get a Woking
         Canal Festival licence…
                               Simply complete the form enclosed and return it to us at the Canal Centre. If
                               your boat is powered it is also a requirement for us to see copies of a current
                               Certificate of Insurance and, where applicable, a Boat Safety Certificate.
                               The festival licence allows you up to five days on the Canal and this is all
                               inclusive and covers all craft within the limits stipulated. For those who have
                               attended the Brookwood Rally, you can buy an additional visitor licence to
                               explore the rest of the Canal at half price! We welcome card payments as well as
                               cheques (cheques made payable to BCA).

         Please check…
                              Dimensions of your boat
                              Maximum length 22m or 72ft, width 3.96m or 13ft, draft 0.91m or 3ft and height
                              above waterline 1.7m or 5ft 10in.
                              Engine Size
                              The festival is open to boats of all shapes and sizes although an engine restriction
                              applies to those with outboards. You simply need to make sure that the engine is
                              less than 2.5hp per metre length of boat. For example the maximum engine size
                              for a boat of 6 metres (approx 20 ft) would be 15 horsepower. This is to ensure
                              that wildlife is not damaged through excessive wash created by overpowered

         If all is well…
                              Please complete and return the enclosed form.

         Explore the Canal…….

                              If you are wanting to take the opportunity to explore the Canal at half price, then
                              please complete the section below:

Updated Jan for issue 2009
               Rally Visitor Licence
                application form
                                                                                          A u t h o r i t y

                                 1. Please circle below to indicate the type of licence you require
                                                                            3 day     5 day      15 day    1 month

                                 Group 3 Up to 4m (12ft)                    £7.15      £10        £13.72   £20.87

                                 Group 4 Up to 6.5m (20ft)                  £8.87      £12.50 £16.60       £25.42

                                 Group 5 Up to 9.5 m (30ft)                 £10.07     £15        £19.42   £48.12

                                 Group 6 Up to 16m (50ft)                   £13.22     £17.50     £25.75   £38.95

                                 Group 7 Up to 21.7m (72ft)                 £ 16.60 £22.50        £33.20   £49.22

                                 Please state which date you would like your licence to start:   …………./…………./………….

                                 Please note that this form must be handed with a completed Brookwood Rally
                                 form and all of the necessary documents. These prices are based at 50% of
                                 usual licence fees.

                                 2. To book your passage through the flights contact the Visitor Centre on 01252
                                 370073, please take note of the opening and closing times on the attached

                                 3. Pay for your visit, cheques are made payable to BCA. Payment by card can
                                 be taken over the phone 01252 370073.

                             Office Use Only:                    AP                                   LN
                             FR                                  TP                                   RN

                                Data Protection Act 1998 - The information you have provided will only be used to
                                process your application and will not be passed to any other organisation. It will be kept
                                seven years for administrative and audit purposes.

                                 We look forward to welcoming you onto the Canal and
                                 hope you have a fantastic time at the festival!

Updated Jan for issue 2009

To Help you with your visit…
Using the locks
                                                                                 Boating Information

                                Due to the need to conserve water, it is necessary for Canal Rangers to monitor lock
                                usage. This includes setting opening and closing times so that gates can be sealed after
                                the last boat has gone through each day.
                                Unless another boat is clearly waiting to use the lock we ask you to leave locks empty with
                                the lower gates closed, and upper paddles shut. This is done to conserve water, which
                                permeates through our lock walls and is wasted away if locks are left full!

                               Locks are opened by appointment only at the times set out below. To book a passage
                               simply call the Canal Centre on (01252) 370073 by 1.00pm on the working day before
                               you intend to go through. We appreciate that this means a bit of planning on your part
                               but the procedure is in place to ensure the best use of our Canal Rangers…a lot of time
                               can be wasted opening up locks on a daily basis if no boats are going through.

Lock opening times
                                                                                                            Boats to be
                               Cruising up                Boats can enter
                                                                                                            clear by
                                                          At 9.30am
                               Woodham Flight
                               Locks 1 – 6                (Boats going as far as Woking only will           1.00pm
                                                          be admitted up until 11:00am)
                               St. Johns Flight
                               Locks 7 – 11               Between 9.00am and 2.00pm                         3.00pm
                               Flight                     Between 9.00am and 2.00pm                         3.00pm
                               Locks 12 – 14
                               Deepcut Flight
                               Locks 15 – 28              Between 9.00am and 12.00 noon                     3.00pm

                                                          Always open…self operated (unless
                               Ash Lock 29
                                                          conditions prevent)

                                                                                                            Boats to be
                               Cruising down              Boats can enter                                   clear by
                               Ash Lock 29                Always open…self operated (unless
                                                          conditions prevent)

                               Deepcut Flight
                               Locks 28 - 15              At 9.00am                                         3.00pm
                               Flight                     Between 9.00am and 2.00pm                         3.00pm
                               Locks 14 - 12
                               St. Johns Flight
                               Locks 11 - 7               Between 9.00am and 2.00pm                         3.00pm

                               Woodham Flight
                               Locks 6 - 1                Between 9.30am and 11.30am                        1.00pm

Drinking water, elsan & rubbish disposal
                                There is a water tap available for boaters at the Bridge Barn Pub, Woking. Elsan and
                                rubbish disposal is also available opposite the pub with a standard British Waterways key
                                providing access.
Navigational map
                                You should have received a free leaflet with a basic map. The free leaflet can be
                                downloaded A more detailed map of the Canal is available from the Centre.

                     We hope this helps but if you have any queries please contact us!
Updated Jan for issue 2009
Boating rules and regulations
                             Below are some basic rules to follow that make boating on the Canal enjoyable and safe for everyone. These form part of the
                             Basingstoke Canal Bye-Laws and should be read by all boaters.

                            Outboard motors that are no larger than two and a half horsepower per metre length of boat may be used.

                            Boats must not exceed 4 miles per hour (i.e. walking pace), nor cause a breaking wash or disturbance to moored craft.
                            Powered boats must be covered for third party insurance to a minimum cover of £1,000,000 (one million pounds) and owners
                             must show copies of their current insurance certificate when applying for a licence.
                            The owner shall ensure that the boat complies with current National Boat Safety Scheme Regulations and shall produce a valid
                             Boat Safety Certificate when applying for a licence. If the vessel is already moored on the canal and it fails a Boat Safety
                             inspection, the BCA will give the owner three calendar months in which to rectify any faults and obtain a Boat Safety
                             Certificate. If after three calendar months a certificate cannot be produced, the boat must be removed from the canal by its
                             owner, or it will be dealt with by the BCA and the cost of this will be payable by the owner.
                            Safety regulations shall apply to all engines carried on the vessel whether fixed or portable (including outboard propulsion units,
                             electricity generating units, pumps or any other internal combustion engines).

                            Fees payable are set on a yearly basis by the BCA Joint Management Committee.

                            The licence must be displayed upon the vessel and cannot be transferred to any other vessel. If the ownership of the vessel
                             changes, the BCA must be notified straight away. Vessels should be clearly identifiable by either name or number.

                            The BCA may issue a duplicate licence in place of a lost one. The owner of the vessel may be required to pay a fee that will
                             be agreed beforehand.
                            Visiting boats can moor on the towpath side of the canal for a maximum of 72 hours in any one place.

                            Residential moorings are not allowed on the Basingstoke Canal. Exceptions to this are the existing houseboat moorings in
                             Woking between Locks 1 and 3 at Woodham. These are houseboat moorings only, i.e. not for cruising boats. There may be
                             vacancies for these, which are administered by Surrey County Council. Contact Surrey County Council on 0208 541 8036 for

                            Annual boat licences are only available for boats with a permanent mooring on the Canal (except trailboats which can be
                             removed from the canal after each visit). Annual licences can also be issued to vessels with a permanent mooring on the River

                            Boats can be moored to a property that backs onto the non-towpath side of the canal subject to the conditions below at a
                             cost of 75% of the annual cruising fee.

                                      Moored vessels should not be further than 4 metres from the bank nor extend beyond the centre line of the canal.

                                      Vessels should not be moored in any position that would reduce the turning space in a winding hole to less than 26
                                       metre diameter circle.

                                      Boats up to 2.14 metres (7 foot beam) can be moored without the need for a lay-by.

                                      Permanent moorings should not be established within 90 feet (27.5 Metres) of any bridge or lock, nor within any flight
                                       of locks.

                                      Landing stages may be constructed for permanent moorings of approved durable materials. The design of such
                                       landing stages is to be approved by the BCA and shall incorporate features to prevent erosion of the canal bank
                                       where necessary.

                                      Officers of the BCA may in an emergency or if other circumstances require adjust mooring lines or move a boat to
                                       another convenient mooring for as long as the BCA consider it necessary. If the period during which the boat is
                                       away from its normal mooring exceeds twelve hours, the owner shall be notified of the move and of the expected
                                       duration of that move.

                            The BCA administers a limited number of moorings at the Canal Centre which are charged at five times the annual boat
                             licence fee plus the purchase of an annual boat licence. Please enquire about the current waiting list. Boats moored on other
                             BCA administered land are charged at a rate agreed annually by the BCA Joint Management Committee.

                            Landowners who own property backing onto the (non towpath side) Basingstoke Canal, who are prepared to give permission
                             for craft to moor at the end of their garden, may be approached. The BCA must be consulted before any agreements are
                             concluded, to ensure that the householder does in fact own to water’s edge and any moored boat would not cause
                             obstruction etc. The BCA’s mooring fees would apply and the landowner may request payment from the boat owner.

                            Adjoining land owners may construct a boat lay-by subject to the prior agreement of the BCA. Such lay-bys would be exempt
                             from the normal mooring fees, but subject to the usual cruising licence.

Updated Jan for issue 2009
                             Boaters passing through locks shall be responsible for the operation of the lock and for the action taken by any other persons
                              assisting. Where a number of craft are in a lock together their owners shall be jointly responsible for the operation of that lock.

                             The gates and paddles behind the craft in a lock shall all be closed before the paddles and gates ahead of the craft are

                             No craft may moor in a lock chamber, but must be secured by lines held by crew members.

                             Do not operate any lock paddles until all lock gates are closed, nor attempt to close or open any gate or paddles before the
                              water is level on both sides of the gates to be opened.

                             Do not leave any paddles open as this wastes water.

                             Please do not remain in a lock any longer than necessary.

                             Unless another craft is intending to use the lock please leave it empty.

                             The captain of any motorised craft shall ensure that no propeller or any other form of propulsion drive operate while the craft is
                              in a lock or secured at any mooring.
                          Only operate paddle gear with a properly constructed lock key (windlass). A British Waterways type windlass can be used and
                           the Canal Centre may have a small supply for sale.

                             Always stand back from edge whilst winding up the paddle gear

                             Do not lean over the edge, stretch or reach for dropped or floating items whilst lock chamber is filling and paddle is up!

                             Locking devices are in place on some paddle gear due to persistent vandalism, these will be removed by the ranger.
                             No low flash point fuel tank or other low flash point fuel storage container shall be opened or manipulated whilst the boat is in
                              or waiting to enter any lock chamber.

                             Please do not overtake or pass another craft on any part of the canal without taking due precautions to avoid danger or risk
                              to craft, the canal, any other property, persons or works.
                             Please slow down when approaching anglers and pass them carefully and with due regard for the position of the anglers’
                             Angling is not allowed from boats. Anybody wishing to fish on the Basingstoke Canal must do so from the towpath only and
                              must be in possession of a Basingstoke Canal Angling Permit. These are available from the Canal Centre.
                             All non-swimmers are advised to use buoyancy aids while on the water.
                             Motorised vessels shall be furnished with an efficient horn that is audible at a distance of 200 metres.
                             Boats navigating after sundown must use lights to ensure safe navigation.
                             When issuing all boat and mooring licences the BCA reserves the right to restrict navigation due to low water levels or
                              maintenance and shall in no circumstances be responsible for any stoppage or delay to any vessel however arising.

                             The BCA will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any craft or its contents.

                             Boaters bringing craft onto the Canal do so at their own risk.

                             The BCA reserves the right to cancel a licence with no refund and insist the boat is removed from the Canal if the boater is
                              found to be causing a danger to the structure of the canal or other users. This will also apply if the boater is found to be under
                              the influence of drugs or alcohol or is being abusive or aggressive to members of the public or BCA staff

                             The owner of any vessel shall at all times be responsible for keeping their vessel in a sound and watertight condition.

                             Subject to the provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, the Licensee shall be responsible for any release and indemnify
                              this Authority, their servants and agents from and against all liability for loss or damage to the state of the land and premises as
                              defined in the canal bye-laws whether or not such dangers may have been caused by the act or neglect of the BCA. In
                              granting a licence the BCA make no representations or give any warranty as to the condition of the land and premises as
                              defined in the canal bye-laws.

                             The owner of any vessel shall be absolutely responsible for any damage or obstruction caused by such vessel (whether by the
                              act or default of the owner, his/her servants or agents or not) to the canal or to any fixed or movable property of the BCA or of
                              any other person.

                                                    Any vessel found on the canal three calendar months after the expiry of its last licence shall be deemed
                                                    to have been abandoned and the BCA may remove that vessel from the canal (or the land) and dispose
                                                    of it as they think fit. Costs for this

Updated Jan for issue 2009

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