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									                                                                           We will notify you as the schedules for these street resurfacing
                           The Voice of the Flats!                         projects are finalized. Thank you, Mayor Campbell, Councilman
                                                                           Cimperman and Public Service Director Ricchiuto for your
                          www.voiceoftheflats.org                          commitment to serving the businesses and stakeholders of the Flats.
                         email: flatsoxbow@ameritech.net                                                     Oxbow Action 350
                                                                                                                 16 JUNE, 2003
           Editor’s Note: Two-Page Newsletter
As evidenced by two pages of projects and topics reported                  Question: Did any of you catch Wayne Bratton, Jim Pressler &
                                                                           Terry Gilbert (Rock Hall) on the 5/30 CBS Early Morning Show?
herein, it’s certainly a busy time for the Flats. The Oxbow
Action Editor (and Executive Director) of Flats Oxbow
apologizes for any inconvenience that the lack of a newsletter                 Status of Bridge Projects and Updates on Closures:
may have caused since our last publication of 4/30/03. He                       Eagle Lift Bridge/Eagle Viaduct & W. 3 rd St. Ramp Closed–
                                                                                 this whole structure has been closed until further notice because
broke his wrist in May and it curtailed his word processing
                                                                                 of structural problems with support columns. (Oxbow notified
abilities for awhile. Thanks for your understanding.                             stakeholders of this situation by memo on 6/5/03.) The City will
                                                                                 have an engineering report within two weeks. Oxbow will share
     Great News – ODOT Officially Adds Westbank                                  the results of this report as soon as it is completed.
    Connector to the Cleveland Innerbelt Study (CIS)                            West 3rd Street Lift Bridge – should go out to bid by ODOT in
                                                                                 the first quarter of 2004 with construction taking at least one
We’re one big step closer to seeing the years of work promoting the
                                                                                 maybe two years. The City will hold a public meeting later this
need to build the West Bank Connector from Main Ave. Peninsula to
                                                                                 year to discuss the proposed detour routes with Flats
West 3rd Street. On 5/20 ODOT Engineer Craig Hebebrand
                                                                                 stakeholders and be seeking input thereto.
announced to the Eagle Viaduct Study (aka Flats Transportation
                                                                                NS Railroad Bridge No. 1 (Iron Curtain Bridge) – recently
Study) Project Design Team that ODOT has decided to officially
                                                                                 (on 5/18 & 6/4) this bridge went out of service at the mouth of
incorporate the Westbank Connector within the scope of the CIS.
                                                                                 the river, due to the need for emergency cable repairs. Hopefully,
This action takes the possibility of constructing the roadway to a
                                                                                 no more repairs will be necessary. Lake Carriers and the USCG
reality because of the importance and funding priority that will be
                                                                                 have requested shipping companies, charter boats and
placed upon the CIS and its many components. This was also
                                                                                 recreational boaters to fill out the appropriate reports detailing
announced at the 6/12 Innerbelt Scoping Committee Meeting. ODOT
                                                                                 the impacts these delays have caused. We’re crossing our fingers
has renamed the Westbank Connector to the Cuyahoga Valley
                                                                                 that all will be fine going forward. If you have any questions
Consolidated Intermodal Connector.            The CIS has already
                                                                                 please contact Lt. Allan Turner, US Coast Guard, at
incorporated other needed interchange upgrades that were originally
identified in the Flats Transportation Study – e.g. the full interchange
                                                                                RTA Red Line Viaduct – the contractor is completing the
at W.7th/I-490, the connection from Quigley to I-71 & State Route 176
                                                                                 Phase 3 painting of spans 1 through 11 and some concrete fascia
and new connections to the Flats from the Central Interchange.
                                                                                 repairs. Phase 4 is beginning with blasting, priming, inter-
                                                                                 mediate coat and finish coat painting. This contract was
The Eagle Study will focus on the options to rebuild or replace the
                                                                                 awarded in 2/2003 with completion required within a year but
Eagle Lift Bridge/Eagle Viaduct & W. 3rd Street Ramp while
                                                                                 RTA anticipates completion sooner than that.
completing the environmental analysis For the Westbank Connector.
                                                                                Hope Memorial Bridge & Lorain Bridge over Columbus Rd.
The Eagle Study will be performed on a duel timeline with the CIS.
                                                                                 – traffic has been reduced to one lane to allow for the painting of
Final design recommends will be shared this Fall.
                                                                                 the Hope Bridge railings. Bridge renovations on the Lorain Ave.
                                                                                 Bridge will cause traffic restrictions until 10/31/03.
The 5/7 Eagle Viaduct Public Hearings held in Tremont, at which
                                                                                Maintenance of the Decorative Lighting on the Bridges –
time the City shared the project status to date, were well attended by
                                                                                 during May the lighting on the Veterans Memorial Bridge
Flats Stakeholders. You may check FOA’s web site for the details.
                                                                                 recently went out of service. CPP had its contractor repair the
                                                                                 problem. We’re all still working at trying to get the lighting back
The years of work promoting the Westbank Connector since 1986
                                                                                 in operation for the Bascule Bridge by the Scene Pavilion. If you
by FOA and its membership have truly begun to pay off. ODOT
                                                                                 notice any lights out, give Oxbow a call and we’ll report it to
recognizes the importance the Westbank Connector – for more
efficient and safer movement of goods from intermodal facilities,
setting the table for future development and improving the
quality of life for adjacent neighborhoods while removing trucks           Please make sure you browse page 2 as there
off roadway arteries that cause problems for nearby commercial              are important project updates, notices for
districts. Thanks go to ODOT District 12 Deputy Director Coyle
and his staff for listening to “The Voice of the Flats!” This is           meetings & events that are scheduled for later
great news that hasn’t had the press coverage as all the design                         this week & next.
options under consideration for the Innerbelt Bridge.

    City Completes Several Road & Drainage Repairs                             FOA Design Review Actions – 5/6 & 5/13 Meetings
                                                                           On 5/6 & 5/13 the Flats Oxbow Design Review Advisory Committee
Many thanks go to Public Service Director Mark Ricchiuto, Streets
                                                                           unanimously recommended (with stipulations) to the City Planning &
Commissioner Randy Scott and Superintendent Morris O’Neal for
                                                                           Landmarks Commissions the approval of the signage package as
making it a priority to complete the following street and drainage
                                                                           presented for the Riverwalk Café at the Nautica’s Powerhouse. On
projects in the last month and before the height of the summer season
                                                                           5/22 the Landmarks Com-mission approved the signage package,
in the Flats:
                                                                           with modifications.
    Main/Elm Intersection Repair
    Riverbed Rd. Emergency Repairs (the hill continues to move)                             New Flats Oxbow Member
    Franklin Rd. Hill Resurfacing & Drainage Repairs                      Please welcome St. Malachi Center, 2416 Superior Viaduct, Phone:
                                                                           216.771.3036; Contact: Cathy Saegel, Executive Director
Again, if you’ve experience a particular chuckhole that’s really bad,
just report it to Oxbow or call the City’s Chuckhole Hotline directly
                                                                           Flats Oxbow Meetings and Dates:
                                                                                                  Board of Trustees
City Administration and Councilman Cimperman Act
                                                                           FOA Board to meet Thurs., 6/19//03 @ 11:30 AM @ FOA’s offices.
     on Oxbow’s Requests for Road Resurfacing
Mayor Campbell’s Administration and Councilman Cimperman have                   Next General Membership Meeting – 6/26/03
made it a priority to resurface the following Flats streets in 2003:
                                                                           Please mark your calendars for the next Flats Oxbow General
    Canal Rd. (Carter to Stones Levee & SE of Pump & Ice Co.)             Membership Meeting to be held on Thursday, June 26th, 11:30
    Dillie Road (west of Broadway)                                        AM aboard The Majestic. $15.00 per person. Ahoy, Matey!
    Drydock Road (north of Mahoning Ave.)
    Eggers Avenue (west of Independence)                                        FOA Design Review Advisory Committee
    Stones Levee (from Canal Rd. to its western terminus)
                                                                           The committee will meet at 5:00 PM on Tuesdays 7/1 & 7/15, 2003.
                                                                           The Flats Oxbow Design Review Committee meets every first and
                                                                           third Tuesdays of the month. For the next two upcoming meetings,
complete plans must be submitted to City Building Permits Desk                     Flats Oxbow needs to forward comments on the Lakefront
by Noon on 6/25 & 7/9, respectively.                                               Plan to the City by the next day. The Lakefront Advisory
This information is brought to you by The Flats Oxbow Association, “The Voice of
                                                                                   Committee, upon which the FOA Executive Director is a
the Flats”, the non-profit membership driven Development Corporation for the       member, may be making a recommendation at its next meeting
Flats. Flats Oxbow offices are at 1283 Riverbed St., Cleveland, OH 44113. Phone
(216) 566-1046, Fax (216) 566-0222, e-mail: flatsoxbow@ameritech.net
                                                                                   on 6/26 regarding these plans. This recommendation will then
                                                                                   be presented to the City Planning Commission in the near
Oxbow Action 350                                                                   future. Additionally, there have been serious discussions
16 JUNE, 2003                                                                      about the concept of creating a Waterfront Development
                                                                                   Community Development Corporation - too early to tell what,
Page 2                                                                             if any, impact this would have upon the Flats, Flats Oxbow
                                                                                   and its membership.
 Major Investment Studies & Development Projects -
  Important Status Reports & Upcoming Meetings                                     Major Investment Studies & Development Projects (cont.)
As Director of Flats Oxbow, I feel that now, more than ever,
the future fabric of the Flats is being charted by the many                        Flats Transportation and Cleveland Innerbelt Studies:
public projects and major investment studies currently                             Please refer to article on the front page.
underway. None of these efforts come without the full
spectrum of opinions as to impact, positive and negative.                          Cuyahoga River Fish Larval & Habitat Studies: Both the
Stakeholder input will remain vital and Oxbow is here to serve                     Ohio EPA and the NEORSD have begun fish habitat and fish
                                                                                   larval studies in the lower portions of the Cuyahoga River.
its membership and do its part to incorporate change that will
best serve and balance the needs of our diverse constituency                       You may have noticed officials touring the river or installing
                                                                                   equipment to monitor fish larvae.
for today and the future.
                                                                                   Other Major Investment Studies currently underway but
Bike & Pedestrian Promenade on the Veterans Memorial
Bridge – The project team sponsors held a public open house                        there are no new updates to report: The Cuyahoga Valley
on May 8th to share the revised plans. The design for the                          Planning Initiative (County Planning), The Bulkhead Study Ph
revised plans have been extensively reported in the PD. At the                     II, and the Towpath Trail Extension and Canal Basin Park.
5/15 FOA Board of Trustees meeting a resolution was                                The Private Sector is making significant progress on the
unanimously passed that stated the Board’s objection to the                        following development projects that are all rapidly proceed-
project because of safety concerns. It should be noted that the                    ing along: the Irishtown Bend Condominiums, the St. Clair/W.
Board has gone on record in support of bike and pedestrian                         10th Street Office Building, the completion of the
paths (e.g. Towpath Trail) when these facilities are completely                    environmental remediation of the Master Metals for the future
segregated from vehicular traffic and they don’t interfere with                    home of Northern Ohio Lumber & Timber Co., and
ongoing businesses and commerce. The County Engineers have                         Stonebridge. (See separate article below on Stonebridge.)
scheduled another Public Meeting for this project on                               Oxbow continues to be involved with the City Administration
Tuesday, June 24th @ 2:30 PM at the Cuyahoga County                                and Council, County Planning, Port, other CDC’s, and the
Administration Building, 4th Floor Board Room, 1219                                private sector with the planning for the redevelopment and sale
Ontario Street.                                                                    of lands at the ISG West Mills Properties. We will keep you
                                                                                   informed as decisions are made or agreements finalized
On a related note, the Lakefront Bike Route Project (from                          regarding the future redevelopment of these parcels.
Edgewater Park to North Coast Harbor, crossing the Veterans
Memorial Bridge) will be signed for bicyclists to travel on the                    With all the aforementioned public and private projects and
roadways. Today, this is allowed by State Law – with or                            activities underway, its good for our membership to remember
without the signs. The underpass tunnel connection from                            what’s driving Oxbow’s office on a daily basis:
Edgewater Park to the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood is to
be completed in the near future. As soon as this is done, signs                               Flats Oxbow’s Mission Statement
will be installed identifying the Lakefront Bike Route through
Detroit Shoreway, down Detroit Rd, across the Veterans                             To provide a forum and be the unifying force to both a)
Memorial Bridge through the Warehouse District and                                 identify and effectively represent the common interests of all
Downtown to North Coast Harbor.                                                    stakeholders in the Flats, and b) to identify and assist in
                                                                                   resolving conflicts between various stakeholders, in order to
The New Convention Center – On Tues., 6/24th 7-8:30 PM,                            channel the intense involvement in the area by government
the City will be hosting a Community Public Forum at the                           and outside investment interests in a manner consistent with
Cleveland Convention Center in order to present its analysis of                    the interests of the stakeholders generally as responsible
the six proposals to date and will be seeking public input                         citizens of the Flats.
thereto. (Please see meeting notice enclosed).

With three or more of these proposals in and/or adjacent to the
                                                                                       Stonebridge Development is Making Progress
Flats, this meeting is a must for those of you who are                             During the month of May, Stonebridge started demolition of
interested in charting the future course of the Flats. Forest                      the last old Cleveland Metal Products building at W. 24 th &
City’s most recently released Riverfront/Tower City/Scran-                         Superior Viaduct making way for its 160-unit 14-story Condo/
ton Peninsula Proposal certainly warrants merit. There are                         Apartment Building. During this approximately two-year
many reasons that put this proposal at the top of the list. It is                  construction period W. 24th St. (south of Superior
gaining momentum as a strong contender to be the front runner                      Viaduct) and Old Detroit (W. 24th to Riverbed) will be
site for selection.                                                                closed to vehicular traffic. These street closures occurred on
                                                                                   5/22/03. Completion is nearing on the Viaduct entry gate,
Lakefront Plan and Proposed Port Expansion Westward:                               historic lights and test Trolley Arch. Stonebridge is targeting
The City just completed a recent round of public hearings                          for a late July Grand Opening Celebration of the Viaduct as a
(5/13-5/15) at which time the latest plans were shared for                         public open space. More information will be forthcoming on
public input. It is an understatement to say that these plans                      this event in the near future. On 6/5 the Cuyahoga County
have the potential for far reaching impacts to the Flats –in                       Commissioners gave the Cuyahoga County Engineers the
particular to the Port, Whiskey Island, Main Ave. Peninsula                        authority to negotiate a lease with Stonebridge for
and the East Bank/Dock 20.                                                         approximately half of the Office Building at Washington and
                                                                                   Center Streets. That’s really positive news…hope all the
The Executive Director of Flats Oxbow will be holding an                           details get worked out. Lastly, the County Engineers are
Open House this Thursday, 6/19 from 2:30 to 4:00 PM in                             working on the Superior Viaduct District Parking & Traffic
order to share his understanding of these Lakefront Plans                          Circulation Plan. Oxbow will be calling a meeting on this over
and obtain comments from our members.                                              the summer months.

                                                                                              Cuyahoga River Safety Task Force
The CRSTF met on 5/28 at which the following topics were
discussed: the Summer Vessel Notification/Pager System, the
2003 Schedule of Marine Events and issues around the closure
of the NS RR Bridge No. 1. On 6/32 & 6/21 the Western
Reserve Rowing Foundation will be having its Dragon Boat
races on the river as a part of the Ohio Canal Corridor’s
Burning River Festival.

                  Fine Eats. . .Fine Arts
Saturdays, 6 PM – 9 PM, 6/14/03 through Labor Day.
Designed for you by Art On Wheels, Inc. & Calabria’s
Restaurant. Bring your children ($1500/child) to Art On
Wheels, Inc., for pizza & art while you take your 20% discount
coupon to Calabrias for fine dining on the river. Contact 216-
941-7643 or Carolina@aowinc.com for reservations.

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