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          Editor Bill Roberts                                   September October 2009

                                                      pous air, “Well, if I couldn’t stuff an owl better
                                                      than that, I’d quit the business. The head isn’t
                                                      right. The pose of the body isn’t right. The feet
                                                      are not placed right.’ Just as he finished his
                                                      judgment, the owl turned his head and winked at
                                                      him. The crowd laughed. “You Don’t Have to Go
                                                      It Alone”, Leslie Flynn, p. 128.
                                                              Yes, the critic invites criticism when he or
                                                      she criticizes someone of something. Jesus
                                                      said, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
                                                      For in the same way you judge others, you will
                                                      be judged, and with the measure you use, it will
                                                      be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2).
                                                              Careless judgment is a problem common
                                                      to each of us. Even a great leader like King
                                                      David was subject to careless judgment. After
                                                      serving as an effective leader for many years, he
                                                      misinterpreted the actions of Mephibosheth, one
                                                      of the sons of his dear friend, Jonathan. As
                                                      David was fleeing Jerusalem for his life with his
        On September 28th in Our Daily Bread,
                                                      son Absalom in fast pursuit, David assumed that
there was a devotional entitled “Beware of
                                                      Mephibosheth had been disloyal to him. He was
Jumping to Conclusions”. The passage referred
                                                      quick to accept the false report of Ziba, and in
to was Joshua 22:9-34. It addresses the situa-
                                                      turn handed over Mephibosheth’s property to
tion in which the Israelites were ready to go to
                                                      this scoundrel. It was only later when David
war against their own brothers because of a
                                                      came upon Mephibosheth that he discovered
hasty conclusion based on a faulty judgment.
                                                      that his judgment was in error. He had drawn a
Scripture warns us against the perils of making
                                                      wrong conclusion,
judgments or reaching conclusions without the
necessary information. “Do not judge according                  Such conclusions can cause pain in the
to appearance, but judge with righteous judg-         life of the one who is falsely accused. Such mis-
ment.” (John 7:24)                                    judgments can destroy self-esteem or ruin a
                                                      good reputation. Let’s make sure that we are
         The one who judges always places him-
                                                      very careful about the judgments we make, and
self in the precarious situation of himself being
                                                      even if they are true, let’s be sure that those
                                                      judgments are tempered with love.
        “A young man with an exaggerated opin-
                                                            Remember, “Any fool can criticize, con-
ion of his own abilities was standing in front of a
                                                      demn, and complain – and most of them do.
taxidermist’s store. An owl in the window at-
tracted many sightseers. Anxious to show off his             Yours in ministry,
knowledge, the young man said, with a pom-
                                                                                     Pastor Tom
                     YOUTH REPORT, October 2009
            Bounceplex and Tenth Avenue North praises God and Rocks the FMC
        What goes up must come down, it is the         Jesus Christ and enjoying the talent God had
law of gravity. However while bouncing in a room       blessed the bands with. Opening for them was
about the size of the FMC that is filled with tram-    Brenton Brown who you may recognize from the
polines, even on the walls, the saying takes on a
new meaning! Late in August, sixteen youth and
adults traveled to Shamokin Dam PA to Bounce-
plex. A huge facility filled with connected trampo-

                                                           Tenth Avenue North and the NMBC Staff

                                                       hit he wrote Everlasting God. Jersey Girl Audry
                                                       Assad was the first performer while a special visit
                                                       from Johnny and Stacey Stone, the morning DJ’s
                                                       from Star 99.1 opened the evening.
             The youth at Bounceplex
lines. We bounced, hopped, flipped and fell for
two hours and had an absolute blast. Only one
injury, continued prayer for Walter and his broken
foot. This was also Nick’s last event before going
back to Philadelphia Biblical University, we all
miss him.
       On Saturday Night September 19th the
Dove award winning band Tenth Avenue North
graced the stage in the Family Ministry Center.
Sporting their four top ten hits from the last album
they preached and rocked the sold out FMC. We
stopped selling tickets at 935 and people gathered
in the parking lot to hear the band. It was an           Tenth Avenue North Rocks the jam packed
amazing evening of praising our Lord and Savior
    UPCOMMING EVENTS:                                         The youth nights are back in full swing and
    October                                            we continue to grow as we welcome youth from
          Night TBD-Coffee House                       the community. Check the website for times and
    December                                           events, all the info is there and updated regularly.
          Day TBD-Christmas Cookie
          Bake and Caroling
                                                        Get all your news about the youth at
          18th-Christmas party and Lock-                       the new youth website:
          8-10– Youth Retreat                                                                       2
            Pioneer Clubs                                Sunday School
      What do you get when you                      September is a month that is
have 85 kids, balloons singing,              often entered into with a mixture of
dancing plus a great Bible lesson?           emotions. Most of us don’t like to
Yep you guessed it, the Pioneer              see the care free summer come to an
programs September kickoff. On               end. But on the other hand, the start
September 16th NMBC kicked off               of a new academic year brings with it
its Pioneer program that has been            all the hope of a fresh start. On Sep-
a part of the church for the past 31         tember 13th we kicked off our year
years. What a privilege to be able           with some new students, and gave a
to minister to the children in Mon-          bunch of new bibles to the 2nd and 6th
mouth County for so many years.              graders. Let’s pray that many more
                                             parents invest in the spiritual devel-
   Raising Children                          opment of their children by bringing
       of Faith                              them to Sunday school.

                                                10th Avenue North Concert
                                                      A great thanks to Father Mike of St.
*************                                Mary’s Church for allowing us to park the
       Spiritual legacy is intangible        cars in their parking lot during the recent
thus making the spiritual progress dif-      c o n c e rt  re p o rt e d  on    by     Gary
ficult to observe and measure. The           Steidl on page 2 in the Youth Column.
definition of a legacy is something re-               There were 935 people who at-
                                             tended and the doors had to be closed and
sulting from, and left behind by an ac-
                                             many gathered in the parking to hear the
tion, event or person. It is more            group. Reports were that St. Mary’s park-
about what we DO than what we say.           ing lot was 3/4 filled that night. Thank you
Giving a spiritual legacy is a process       friends for helping out with the logistics of
not an event. It is intentional and          having over 900 people attend a function at
consistent effort by parents to build a      New Monmouth Baptist Church. It was
                                             probably a first, at least in this editor’s time
spiritual identity into the lives of their
children. This process is modeled
rather than mandated and it appears                  Celebrate Recovery
in the ordinariness of life. We as par-              A regional seminar will be held on
ents need to recognize the impor-            October 10 in Albany, NY for those inter-
tance of intentionally creating a spiri-     ested in an outreach to those struggling
tual legacy for our children. Creating       with addictions. Pastor Tom will be attend-
a spiritual legacy is one of the most        ing this one-day event. For those inter-
                                             ested in attending please give Pastor Tom
important processes in the life of a
                                             a call at the church office, 732 671 5998 for
family.                                      more information about the trip and the pro-
Excerpts from Generation to Generation       gram.
                                          Why Lord
 John 9:2 (NKJV) And His disciples asked Him, saying, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his
                             parents, that he was born blind?"

        John the Baptist had a difficult death.    know that God had His hand in and over all
The act of beheading was bad enough, but,          which transpired. But poor Job did not. Yet
in a sense, John died because of the whim of       Job, despite the darkness of night all around
a King. The King really did not what John to       him and especially in his own soul, continued
die, but die he d and for no good reason.          to trust. Job’s life is not really an account of
                                                   suffering permitted by God. It is rather an
        So much that occurs in life seems to       example of how one life can make such a dif-
be like the King’s whim. These are events          ference in eternal matters.
that are hard to understand. They should not
happen, but they do. A bus with children                   We too, can react as Job. We may
skids and twenty deaths result. A tornado          wonder at the seeming misfortunes of life; we
rips through a town, some homes are ruined         may complain, doubt and even reduce our-
while others, just feet away a spared. A for-      selves to accusing God. Yet, through it all
est fire destroys many homes. But a sudden         we can remain faithful despite our feeling
wind change saves others. How do we ac-            there is really no reason to do so. Our reac-
count for this? How do we react if it is our       tion (though we are ashamed to feel so) may
children or our home? I certainly have no          be that God doesn’t understand and doesn’t
perfect answers, and am grateful none of           care; that He is unfair, unjust and unreason-
these tragedies have befallen me.                  able. Yet our love for Him never wavers or
                                                   diminishes. We will love, trust and serve
        Whenever I read of such events I am        God despite what others or worse, what our
amazed at the courage of many of the suffer-       own minds say.
ers. I admired their determination not to give
up or give in, but to continue with life as best           Think of the great victory Job gained
they can.                                          for the Kingdom of God. Think of the dam-
                                                   age he inflicted upon Satan and his filthy co-
        We have a good example of whimsical        horts. It is no different when we continue to
tragedy in the Bible in the person of Job. We      trust God despite the doubts. It hardly
                                                   seems possible insignificant persons as us
                                                   can make such a difference in the battle of
                                                   the ages, but Job’s life proves we do. So
                                                   every life counts, every one is important to
                                                   God. You are important to God!
                                                                  Pastor Dan Immordino

                                                          Surprise Presentation
                                                          It was a happy occasion recently when
                                                   Pastor Tom presented to Dick Winters the
                                                   idea that there would be patio erected on the
                                                   church property in honor of Dick’s tremen-
                                                   dous leadership in building the Family Minis-
                                                   try Center. An anonymous gift of $5000 was
                                                   given in his honor to fund this project.
                                                          Congratulations Dick!!

              Family News                                            Kimberly Mack
               New address-                                  Kimberly Mack, 47, of Red bank died
       The Relyeas have moved but are still in       Thursday, Sept. 17, 09 at St. Barnabas Hospice
Middletown. Their new address is;                    at Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch,
         Wayne and Susan Relyea                      while surrounded by her loving family. Kimberly
               203 April Way,                        set an .example of strength through her long
           Middletown, NJ 07748                      battle with cancer. She was a mammographer
                                                     for Red Bank Radiology. She was an active
                Called Home-                         member of the New Monmouth Baptist Church.
                                                     She organized, led, and participated in many
   Constance Anne Matey Cosentino
                                                     bible studies within the community. She loved
    Constance Anne Cosentino, 58 of Wall,
                                                     spending summers in her garden and at the
died peacefully Sunday, August 9th 2009, at
home surrounded by her family. Mrs. Cosentino
                                                         Kimberly was a cherished family member
was a Social Worker with the Keyport Board of
                                                     and a devoted mother. Her parents, Arthur Moll
Education before retiring last year.
                                                     Sr., and Patricia MacDonald Moll predecease
         Mrs. Cosentino is survived by her loving
                                                     her. She is survived by her son, Conor A. Mack
husband, Joseph Cosentino, four sons, Joshua
                                                     of Red Bank, tow daughters, Caitlin Ann Mack
Roy of Brooklyn, Jaycee Cosentino and his wife
                                                     of Brooklyn, and Brittany Lee Mack of Red
Ellen of Point Pleasant, Justin Roy and his wife
                                                     Bank, and her brothers, Arthur Moll Jr., of Wall,
Kacey of Spring Lake Heights, and Dante
                                                     and Gary Moll and his wife Debbie of Jackson.
Cosentino and his wife Leanne of Point Pleas-
                                                             Pastor Tom Crenshaw conducted the
ant; her parents Arthur and Harriet Matey of
                                                     Memorial Service, held at New Monmouth Bap-
Bethlehem, Pa., three brothers, Peter of Swe-
                                                     tist church on Sunday, September 20 at 2 P.M,
den, John of Tucson, Ariz., and Jeff of Texas;
                                                     During the service Pastor Tom played the re-
and two sisters, Anne Weiss of Doylestown,
                                                     cording of Kim’s testimony she gave when she
Pa., and Jennifer Fernandes of Gettysburg, Pa..
                                                     joined the church earlier this year. It was the
         The Matey family was very active in the
                                                     verse in the Bible, which says, “She being
life of NMBC as their six children were growing
                                                     dead yet speaketh,” all over again. Kim told
up in Middletown during the ‘60’s and 70’s.
                                                     everyone how she came to know the Lord.
                  Michael Yezdimer
                                                           Frank Cheney 95 Whiting NJ
        Michael Yezdimir, went to be with the
                                                             Frank was born June 26, 1914 and
Lord and Savior on Wednesday, Sept. 16,
                                                     died Sept. 14, 2009. He celebrated his 95th
2009. He was 54. He was the beloved husband
                                                     birthday in June. He met his wife, Sylvia,
of Sharon (Halvorsen) for 28 years who is the
                                                     during WWII in Algiers. She was a French
daughter of Ethel Halvorsen of our NMBC fel-
                                                     national and Frank was an aerial photogra-
lowship. He was born and raised in Philadel-
                                                     pher in the Army Air Corps
phia and the son of the late Max and Anne Yez-
                                                             After the war, Frank graduated from
dimir. Michael was a beloved husband and fa-
                                                     NYU and worked at Fort Monmouth Signal
ther and will be remembered for his gentle man-
                                                     School as a teacher of radio electronics and
ner and sense of humor. As an active member
                                                     a technical writer.
of St. Philip’s Orthodox Church, Souderton, he
                                                             His family lived in Middletown and at-
enjoyed singing in the choir.
                                                     tended New Monmouth Baptist Church. Frank
        In addition to his wife, he is survived by
                                                     accepted the Lord as his personal savior at the
their three daughters, Natalie Kawaguchi, Lau-
                                                     1957 Billy Graham Crusade in NYC. He was
ren Yezdimir, and Melissa Yezdimir, his two
                                                     active and involved in the church life.. In retire-
sisters Elizabeth Y. Guglielmo and Donna Pas-
                                                     ment he moved from Middletown to Crestwood
cavitch; and one granddaughter. He will be
                                                     Village. After Sylvia died he married Helen
greatly missed by his family..
                                                     Campbell who was in the choir at their church,
                                                     Whiting Bible Church. Helen died three years
              Out of the Mail Bag-                   able to attend our church on August 30 to hear
        A note from Barbara Perry Gissing            Rev. David Bisgrove. Dave was in the senior
states that they are doing well. She, along with     high youth group when Bob and Alberta were
Peggy Burke Cramer are working on their              youth leaders. It was good to have him with us
50th Leonardo high school reunion in 2012.           and he also brought special music with him.
We spoke to Irv Beaver and Jill Whitney              Bob was a member of an NMBC quartet which
Boughton on the phone about the same affair.         sang in our church many years ago. He joined
Can’t believe these ‘kids’ who used to be in our     in singing with Bill Roberts, Dave Bisgrove and
Senior High Youth Group, which we led, are           Dean Bisgrove who played the piano to ac-
preparing for their 50th High School reunion.        company the quartet. The quartet from many
Thanks Barbara and Brian for sending the very        years ago included Bernie Zaehring, in his mid
generous donation for Heartline mailing.             nineties, living in Florida, Bill Roberts, Bob Ai-
                                                     kin and Don Bisgrove, the dad of Dean, Dave
       Warrenton, Va.,-Hello to all our friends      and Dale who was listening from heaven as
at NMBC. We just read in HEARTLINE about             two of his sons sang with Bob and Bill, “It is
your impressive website, and the capability to       Well With My Soul.”.
read the newsletter on line. Please remove our
name from your address list to save postage,                      New Grandparents
and we will now read it on-line. We al-                     Pastor Armando and Dina Quatela are
ways look forward to reading about the news          the proud grandparents of a grandson, Cole
of our NJ church, and seeing pictures of our         Angus Quatela born to Carlos and Kirsten
friends. May God bless you all.                      Quatela of Asheville, NC He was born on Au-
       Love in Christ,                               gust 26th and weighed in at 8 lb. 12 oz. and
               John and Cathy Williammee             was 21 inches at birth. Congratulations to the
                                                     Quatelas and we trust you enjoy this new
       Benita Springs, Fla.-Hope that you are        young life God has given to the Quatela family.
both doing well and enjoying the sum-
mer .Received the Heartline yesterday...thank                       College Students
you... I would love to receive it via e mail...And                  Graduate School-
to help save on the postage.                         Cathy Downum-Stanford University,
       I pulled up your website...and it is a        Stanford, Calif.
great one.....Very interesting....                   Lindsay Jarusiewicz-Seton Hall Law School,
       I think of you often, and reading the arti-   South Orange, NJ
cles on the website brought back old memories        Robert Borzio-N.J. Medical School.
Keep in touch--- Wilma Meyer Bullock                 Newark, NJ
                                                                 College and University-
         A Visit in Chantilly Virginia               Christa Brennan- College of
       Recently your editor and Dottie at-           New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY
tended a family wedding near Richmond Vir-           Katy Creasy- New York University, NY City
ginia. On the way home we stayed overnight           Jenna Creasy- Brookdale College, Lincroft, NJ
with Bob and Alberta Aikin of Chantilly, Va.         Daniel Hypollite- William Paterson
and went to church with them on Sunday morn-         University, Paterson, NJ
ing. What a wonderful visit it was. There            Timothy Hyppolite- Delaware State Univer-
daughter Kim stopped over and it was good to         sity, Dover, Del.
see and visit with her again. They enjoy keep-       Chris Ketcham- Rutgers University,
ing up with what is going on at NMBC through         New Brunswick, NJ
the Heartline. Berta says there are few names        Stephanie DelRusso– Johnson & Wales,
she recognizes but she does like to see and          Rhode Island
read about the activities of the church. Many        John Carroll- University of North Carolina
thanks to Bob and Berta for their generous           Greensboro, NC
donation for postage for Heartline. Bob was                      Continued on next page
Chelsea Newcomb-Duquesne University,
Pittsburgh, Pa.                                  With Heartfelt Thanks
Amanda Dolly—Eastern University, St.
Davids, PA                                        to our NMBC Family
Heather Relyea-Eckerd College,
St. Petersburg, Fla.
                                                 Dear NMBC family,
Megan Relyea-Cazenovia College,
Cazenovia ,NY.                                         My family and I are very
Jose Pincay- Brookdale College,                  grateful to each of you for your
Lincroft, NJ
AshleyPirovano-Marymount Manhattan               countless acts of love and kind-
College, NYC                                     ness to us as we adjust to life on
Nick Misciagnia-Brookdale Community
College, Lincroft, NJ                            earth without my father, Tony
Milton Jenkins-Brookdale, Lincroft, NJ           Krumel. His absence has left a
Lindsey Carroll-Azusa-Pacific
University Azusa, Calif.                         gigantic void in our daily lives,
Daniel DeLucia-Brookdale Community               but your many selfless acts of
College, Lincroft, NJ
Justina Gonzalez-Kean University,                love have greatly helped ease our
Union, NJ                                        loss. Thank you to everyone who
Jennifer Newcomb-Boston College,
Boston, Mass.                                    helped us with Dad’s Memorial
Julia Camp-Dominican College,                    Service and lunch, for your
Orangeburg, NY
Harry Flaherty-Princeton University,             prayers, cards, Memorial Fund
Princeton, NJ                                    gifts, flowers, meals, yard work
Annie Pincay-Rutgers University,
New Brunswick, NJ                                at my mom’s house, phone calls,
Nicole Pinero-Brookdale College,                 visits, kind words, and hugs. We
Lincroft, NJ
Miquel Quatela-The Masters College,
                                                 have felt God’s love through
California                                       YOU, our church family. We
Westley VanGuilder-Full Sail University,
Winter Park, Fla.
                                                 thank our heavenly Father for
Zachery Flaherty-Catholic University,            sustaining us and we thank each
Washington, DC.                                  of you for loving us so much.
       Please remember these students                  In Christ’s love,
in your prayers. Pray they may be kept           Grace, Rick, Jan, Jane, Rick, and Lindsay
safe and are able to enjoy their college
studies as they prepare to accomplish
their goals for the future.                                Men’s Bible Study
                                                        The men’s Bible study which meets
                                                 at the home of Gary Creasy in Keyport is
                Philippians                      starting a new study in Ephesians. For
        At the Sunday morning worship ser-       more information contact Gary at 732 335
vices, Pastor Tom has started a series of        1276. Give him a call and join this group
messages on the Book written by the Apos-        for fellowship, prayer and study of the
tle Paul to the Church at Philippi. It is an-    Word.
ticipated that this will be an exciting series
for us at NMBC.                                                                       7
       Good News From the Trustees                          Need for Volunteers
       Dick reported that we had awarded                     If you have an interest in serving the
the construction of the new parking lot on           Church, there is always opportunity to serve in
the West side of Cherry Tree Farm Road to            some capacity. It doesn’t have to involve a lot of
the Lucas Construction Company, the firm             time-just an hour or two a week. If interested
engaged in the intersection improvement              please call the church office or ask Pastor Tom.
project in front of the Church. Lucas was
the lowest of four bidders. Their price is
$47,720, which is $1,547 lower than the              Women Mentoring Women Program
second bidder. Lucas intends to schedule                     This program is starting and will be
the construction of our parking lot in con-          having an orientation session on October 4
junction with the work they are doing for the        at 12:15 PM in the mezzanine of the Family
County on the intersection improvement pro-          Ministry Center.
ject. They are currently being delayed be-                   "Mentoring requires no special talent,
cause of the great time required by the              or God-given quality. All God asks is for us
power and phone companies to move and                to take seriously the task of mentoring and
replace the heavy electrical wiring at the in-       building up other women." ---Lucibel Van
tersection. We are impressed with the qual-          Atta
ity and scheduling exhibited by the Lucas                    Women of all ages are welcome. If
Company on their existing project                    you feel God's nudge to be a mentor and
                                                     share in another woman's life by using what
                                                     God has done in your life to encourage and
       The Coffee Hour                               assist her in the glorious walk of a Christian
       The coffee hour has turned out to be          woman or If you are a woman who has been
a big success. This hour has brought to-             feeling the need to talk to another Christian
gether old and new friends and gives us a            woman who has "been in your shoes and
chance to continue to get to know one an-            with God's help made it through and wants
other better. It is a great place to welcome         to support and encourage you as a mentee
newcomers. Many people have inquired                 at this time in your Christian life, please call
about helping out with the coffee hour with-         Carol Finlayson at 732 291 7386 to receive
out the commitment of becoming a host or             more information about this one-an-one
hostess. There will be a sign up board at            Women Mentoring Women Ministry.
the coffee hour if you would like to bring a
baked good or store-bought item for the fol-         Beth Moore Bible Studies Continue
lowing week’s coffee hour. We ask that you                   This video driven Bible Study deals
sign up so we can estimate how much food             with encountering the God of Abraham,
we will have and or need to provide. We              Isaac and Jacob. This study is full of twists
look forward to bringing more people to-             and turns, ruin and redemption, revelation
gether                                               and mystery. This study is offered in the
       If anyone is interested in becoming a         morning at 9:30 AM until 11:15 AM and is
host or hostess for the 12:15 coffee hour            led by Joan Simms.
please contact Karen Richards 732 706                        The evening study meets at 6:45 PM
9274                                                 until 9:00 PM and is led by Debbie Ketcham.
        Editors note. Thank you very much                    To see how the studies are progress-
Karen, for organizing and running the coffee         ing or for more information, call Debbie at
hour following our 11:00 AM service. It is greatly   the Church Office 732 671 5998 and see if
appreciated. Bill Roberts
                                                     you would be interested in joining the group.

    Update of the Alpha Program                    Upward
        Who today does not question "What         Basketball
is life all about', "What happens when we
                                                 Providing the
die?", "Is forgiveness possible?", "What rele-
                                                 Best Sports
vance does Jesus have for our lives?"
                                                 Experience for
        The Alpha Course could be just what      Every Child
you are looking for to answer some of your
question and doubts. Alpha will be offered at        Winning is
the New Monmouth Baptist Church each             about so much
Wednesday night in conjunction with the          more than the
Pioneers schedule.                               final score.
        Alpha gives an opportunity for anyone        Upward is a
to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed,     first-class
non-threatening, low key environment.            sports experience that emphasizes healthy
        The Alpha Course consists of a series    competition, sportsmanship, skills building
of talks that look at topics such as "Who is     and fun versus the "win-at-all-costs" mental-
Jesus?" and "Why and How do I pray?" After       ity found in many children sports leagues.
each talk, we are divided into small groups               We would love to have you on our
for a time of discussion. Alpha is a place       team! Why choose Upward?
where no question is too simple or too hos-               Currently, more than 500,000 children
tile.                                            (K- Sixth Grade) participate in Upward
        Alpha is for those wanting to investi-   sports leagues. For over 14 years, Upward
gate God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity     has been conducting exciting children's
Alpha is supported by all the main Christian     sport leagues and camps in the US and
denominations.                                   around the world.
Headline                                                  Upward, the world's largest Christian
        Alpha had its intro class on Wednes-     sports program for children, was created
day, September 23rd at the church parson-        with a vision to provide the best sports ex-
age..     Tom and Jean Crenshaw have             perience possible for every child. Each year
opened their home to host our Alpha Meet-        some 1 million people around the world play,
ings. We were delighted that both men and        coach, referee, or volunteer in Upward
women came, and are looking forward to our       sports leagues and camps hosted by more
first class night, October 7th for many more     than 2,600 churches. Anyone - children and
to come. “Why did Jesus Die” will be our         volunteers of any faith or no faith - can par-
first video, and if you are at all interested    ticipate in Upward sports. Upward aims to
please come by and see what Alpha is all         bring out "the winner" in every child -
about and enjoy some of our delicious lem-       regardless of the game's score.
onade and cookies.                               For Boys and Girls Ages K- 6th grade
        We gather at 6:50 and are finished by
8:10. Any questions please contact:
          Jean Crenshaw or Sue Avery                               Early Registration
                                                                   Nov 2-Dec 5 2009
             Prayer Groups                                         Register at
        Prayer groups meet in the Ed build-
ing with Pastor Tom and Pastor Dan on
Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at 6:00                              or call @732 671 5998
AM. The Thursday morning group has 7
Attending. Why not join either group and                                                   9
enjoy time of prayer with fellow believers.
                 Calendar for the upcoming months
                                Sunday October 11, 2009
    John and Jeanne Whittemore, Missionaries with Christar will be with us.
    We will be celebrating their 40 years of Ministry for the Lord. John will be
    speaking during both services and Jeanne will be speaking during the
    Sunday School hour. They will be honored during the coffee hour after the
    11:00 AM service in the Family Ministry Center.

                               Saturday October 31
    Renewal Day Come and Join us from 8:00 Am until 1:30 PM. and be a part
    of a great time of work and fellowship. Lunch will be served.

                          Friday November 6 @ 6:15 PM
    Our 106th Annual Church Roll Call service with Dinner. Bob Curley, our
    own in-house chef will be preparing the meal. He will be making his yummy
    pot roast. Trust you can join us for supper and the worship service
    which follows at 7:30 PM.

New Monmouth Baptist Church
4 Cherry Tree Farm Road
New Monmouth, NJ. 07748


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