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ACE PATravel Insurance Cover


									ACE PA/Travel Insurance Cover

Cancelled Flights

All travellers should contact the airport and airline to determine whether their flight is delayed or
indeed cancelled.

Many travel agents and tour operators are urging travellers to travel to the airport (if open), and to
check in as normal. This is because the situation may change quickly. Also, many travel agents and
tour operators are offering flight delay help lines for customers. We therefore recommend that if
your client's trip has been booked via either a travel agent or tour operator then you should contact
them in the first instance to establish their recommended course of action.

Many Airlines are clearly stating that they will be offering full refunds in the event the flight is delayed
or cancelled with the option of re-booking within 30 days.

Where the cost of re-arranging a flight exceeds the amount of the refund for the cancelled flight we
will consider the difference as a re-arrangement claim under the disruption cover.

It is important to stress that where an Insured Person decides to simply not check in at the airport
because they think their flight will be cancelled, then this would not fall to be covered under the
policy as it would be deemed "disinclination to travel".

Missed Connections

These should be treated in the same way as Cancelled Flights.

Travel Delay

There is no cover for Travel Delay under the policy, since there is a specific exclusion as follows:-

‘Insurers shall not be liable for withdrawal from service temporarily or otherwise of an aircraft, sea
vessel or other publicly licensed conveyance on the orders or recommendation of the manufacturer,
the Civil Aviation Authority, Rail Authority or Port Authority or any similar body in any country’.

We would not therefore pay the travel delay benefit.

Accommodation Costs

If, as a result of the flight being either cancelled or delayed, Insured Persons may remain liable for
accommodation costs booked and not recoverable. These will be considered then we will consider
such costs under the cancellation cover. We would stress that the policy does not cover the cost of
food, drink and phone calls .

In addition, we are covering accommodation costs incurred as a result of cancelled and
delayed flights

Alternative Methods of Travel

Where Insured Persons seek alternative methods of travel to complete journeys, then the costs of
these will also be considered under the Disruption section. However these costs will only be covered
where they exceed the original journey costs which should be recoverable from the airline etc
Personal Belongings Delay

This could affect persons who have had connecting flights cancelled, and their baggage is not
available to them.

Whilst Travel Delay itself is not covered, there is no exclusion applicable to the Delay Section under
the Personal Belongings Section. However, each claim will have to be be considered on its own
merits, and we would expect all insured persons to act reasonably. There is no cover for travellers on
the return leg of their journeys.

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