Learning curve by ProQuest


The best way to describe the Flyer Forex Fund's birth into the currency world is with a horse analogy. At the beginning of the fall 2009 semester, there was much student interest in building the fund, but no knowledge base to leverage. The professor was stuck with simultaneously teaching the fundamental and technical trading of the currency market and building the fund. The spring semester began; the student body managing the fund totally changed, with only three students carrying over from the previous semester. Operationally, the "trader" had the following duties to the Flyer Forex Fund: read the market data at the correct four-hour candlestick, immediately update the data within the model as the close of that candlestick, run Girth calculations to determine if a market action was needed, and execute the trade in a timely manner in the correct pre-determined lot size as necessary. The fund faced issues across the entire trader process.

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