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How to Collaborate with Bacteria on Wound Healing (DOC)


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									      How to Collaborate with Bacteria on Infected Wounds:
                   A New Insight in Chronic Wound Management
   Roys Pangayoman.. Dept. of Surgery. Faculty of Medicine, Maranatha Christian University,
       Immanuel Hospital, Santosa International Hospital. Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


Management of chronic wounds is continuing to be a major problem in worldwide
healthcare. Chronic wounds with their complexities bound to become daily debates among
healthcare providers even until now. One of the most common controversy is about the
bacteria on the wound site. There are still difference of opinions whether antibiotics and/or
antiseptics plays an important role in the healing process.

We believe that it is not the presence of organisms but their interaction with the patient that
determines their influence on wound healing. In fact, certain bacteria appear to aid wound
healing. The so-called wound infection must be distinctly separated with wound

Many factors affect the progress of microorganisms in a wound from colonization to
infection. One of the factors is wound care management. Improper wound care will allow
normal skin flora to becoming pathogen. The principles of wound care: treat underlying
disease(s), debridement, moist wound bed, prevent further injury, and proper nutrition are
the most important key factors in wound healing process. The other aspect is the way to
collaborate with bacteria in the wound bed, especially normal flora. It is imperative to
maintain wound colonization and prevent it to becoming infection, however, it is also
important not to disturb the microorganism colonies by disinfect them, or worse, by killing
them with antibiotics. Without the wound colonization, the wound bed is likely to be
infected by pathogens.

Conclusion: chronic wound care management must be fully understood by all healthcare
providers, not only regarding the care of the wound itself, but also how to collaborate with
the microorganism on the wound bed.

Key words: chronic wound, wound care, bacteria, colonization, infection, collaboration

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