Ghana Harmonisation and Aid Effectiveness Action Plan

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					                                    Ghana Harmonisation and Aid Effectiveness Action Plan1

                                    Group A:          Country Environment

                                                      National strategy (indicator 1)
                                                      Country Fiduciary Systems (indicator 2a + 2b)
                                                      Country Results Framework (indicator 11)

                                    Group B:          Program-based Frameworks

                                                      Coordinated Technical Cooperation/TA (indicator 4)
                                                      Program-based aid modalities (indicator 9)
                                                      Country Analytic Work (indicator 10b)

                                    Group C:          Transaction Costs

                                                      Arrangements for sector support (indicator 3)
                                                      Use of Country Systems (indicator 5a + 5b)
                                                      Use of Parallel PIUs (indicator 6)
                                                      Use of tied aid (indicator 8)
                                                      Predictability of aid (indicator 7)
                                                      Visiting missions (indicator 10a)

                                    Group D:          Partnership Framework

                                                      Mutual Accountability (indicator 12)

    Please note that these tables are extracted from the country level sections of the Ghana Harmonisation and Aid Effectiveness Action Plam, endorsed by the November 2005
    Consultative Group Meeting.

Group A:       Country Environment #1

  Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                             Activities                         Responsibility       Target                       Current Status
 (1) Outcomes in         GoG revises the GPRS II incorporating recommen-    NDPC, MoFEP(EP),          Dec.2005     Revision of GPRS II incorporated some CG
 GPRS II are reflected   dations from CG and stakeholder consultations to   Pillar working groups,                 and APRM recommendations, but weak on
 in MDAs MTEF            produce a comprehensive, prioritised, results-     civil society                          prioritisation and results orientation.
 Budget                  oriented development programme
                         GoG issues Final GPRS II document                  GoG                      March 2006    Done. Issued February 2006
                         NDPC/MOFEP develop an educational programme        NDPC, MoFEP              April 2006    Communication strategy developed and roll out
                         for MDAs & Parliament on the GPRS II and on                                               plan initiated
                         institutional roles and best pr actices
                         NDPC conducts training as per roll out plan        NDPC                      May-July     On-going. District level training to start end
                                                                                                       2006        May, to be followed by MDA training.
                         NDPC/MOFEP identify leaders in all MDAs with       NDPC, MoFEP-Budget        May-July     On-going.
                         good understanding of the GPRS and how their       Division                   2006
                         departments interface with the GPRS II
                         MDAs prepare detailed sector strategic             MDAs/MoFEP with DP          2006:      Initiated. District planning guidelines issued in
                         plans/results-based programs (with targets and     support                  Agriculture   April 06 and sector planning guidelines to be
                         implementation strategy) and MTEF budgets based                             Education     issued in June to MDAs.
                         on GPRS II (see also Indicator 4)                                           Health
                         DPs provide to MOFEP annual projections on all     DPs                      By July 1     Done. Update completed in preparation for
                         donor funded activities supporting GPRS II (see                             each year     June 2006 CG
                         also Indicator 7)

Group A:       Country Environment #2

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                       Activities                   Responsibility     Target                      Current Status
 (2a) Ghana PFM           GoG implements Financial Administra- GoG (MoFEP, CAGD, IAA)   On-going   Financial Administration Act :
 CPIA score               tion and Internal Audit Acts                                             - treasuries realigned
 substantially improves                                                                            - special Bank accounts opened for all MDAs,
 over the period                                                                                      RCCs, and MMDAs.
                                                                                                   - systems in place for decentralised financial
                                                                                                   Internal Audit Reform:
                                                                                                   - a 3-Year Strategic Plan is under implementa-
                                                                                                   - Audit standards and audit programmes are
                                                                                                      under development for all MDAs and MMDAs
                                                                                                      (due date Sept 06)
                                                                                                   - Standard audit manuals & programmes are
                                                                                                      being developed for adoption by MDAs and
                                                                                                   - Training programmes for Internal Auditors for
                                                                                                      all MDAs and MMDAs are on-going (230 IAs
                                                                                                      trained by May 06)
                          CAGD/IAA finalise and issue Legisla-   CAGD, IAA              End 2006   - Consultant recruitment for accounting manuals
                          tive Instruments for Audit, Manuals,                                        and Departmental accounting instructions is at
                          Standards, Programmes and                                                   an advanced stage
                          Instructions                                                             - Internal Audit regulations being developed (due
                                                                                                      by Dec 06).
 (2a) Ghana PFM           CAGD integrates Treasuries into the    CAGD                   End 2006   Done. Bank accounts opened and treasury
 CPIA score               MDAs                                                                     operations are functional at decentralised level
 substantially improves                                                                            since May 2006 (22 for ministries, 10 for regions,
 over the period                                                                                   138 for MMDAs = 180 in total)

 Ghana Action Plan
 Country Outcome                          Activities                        Responsibility         Target                      Current Status
                         CAGD/MOFEP replace manual                   CAGD, Budget Division        End 2006      Done. On-going process
                         processes for Budget Releases with
                         BPEMS to ensure uniform
                         implementation at MDA level
                         CAGD/MOFEP use BPEMS for budget             CAGD, Budget Division        End 2006      On-going. Key functions of BPEMS are
                         releases & budget reporting at nat’l                                                   operating in MOFEP, CAGD, and MOH
(2a) Ghana PFM           CAGD rationalises banking arrange-          CAGD                         End 2006     Done. Banking arrangements streamlined as part
CPIA score               ments for MDAs at the regional and                                                    of wider effort to realign treasury functions and
substantially improves   district levels (consolidated funds, sub-                                             improve payment systems.
over the period          accounts for departmental allocations)
                         GoG agrees on Tribunal mechanism            MoFEP, Attorney-General,     End 2006     Not done – still under discussion
                         and initiates process of establishment      Judiciary
                         CAGD/IAA carry out training pro-            CAGD, IAA                    2007 on-     On-going. Training is on-going for:
                         grammes on financial administration                                    going activity - treasury realignment.
                         and internal audit (see also Indicator 4)                                             - public accounting and Departmental account
                                                                                                                 reporting (sect 40 and 41 of the FAA 654)
                                                                                                               - internal audit (230 Internal Auditors trained by
                                                                                                                 May 2006)

Group A:      Country Environment #2

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                    Activities                       Responsibility     Target                       Current Status
 (2b) Ghana Round      GoG implements Public Procurement        GoG (MoFEP, PPB)         On-going    On-going
 Table Procurement     Act, 2003                                                           2006
 score substantially   PPB develops legislative instruments     PPB                      End 2006    In process. Draft legislative instruments have
 improves over the     (LIs) for implementation of Act 663                                           been prepared for submission to Parliament
                       PPB designs and establishes standards    PPB                      End 2006    Done. Public Procurement Model of Exellence
                       for monitoring procurement processes                                          (PPME) incorporates the OECD Round Table
                                                                                                     indicators, which are key assessment criteria
                                                                                                     under the Paris Declaration.
                       PPB issues Operational Manuals to        PPB                      End 2006    In process. Drafts manuals have been developed
                       GoG staff                                                                     in consultation with stakeholders, and will be
                                                                                                     issued to GoG staff as part of training activities in
                                                                                                     last quarter 2006
                       PPB monitors selected MDAs using         PPB                      Starting    In process. PPME was used for assessing 100
                       PPME tool and issues quarterly reports                           March 2006   entities (reports are available). The next 100
                                                                                                     entities will be assessed by March 2007.
                       As part of Budget Process, MDAs          PPB/MDAs/IAA             On-going    Submission of procurement plans by MDAs &
                       submit Procurement Plan to entity                                             MMDAs has not been encouraging. PPB has
                       Tender Committee (linked to                                                   accordingly written to MoFEP to link release of
                       Expenditure Mgt, Payment and Audit                                            funds to procurement plans. Response from
                       Processes)                                                                    MOFEP is pending.
                       PPB conducts training programmes in      PPB                      On-going    In process. A joint training programme was
                       conjunction with IAA and CAGD (see                                 2006       initiated in Dec 05 and is on-going.
                       also Indicator 4)
                       PPB establishes Complaints               PPB                      End 2006    Not done – still under discussion

Group A:       Country Environment #3

    Ghana Action Plan
    Country Outcome                       Activities                          Responsibility             Target                       Current Status
 (11) Clear linkages      GoG and DPs agree on a phased plan           GoG and DPs / harmonisation      2006:        - Phased plan for results-oriented capacity-
 established between      for improving results-oriented               WG + sector groups             Agriculture    building at national level being discussed by
 GPRS II and annual and   assessment & reporting frameworks                                           Education      GoG/DPs (EBPM project)
 multi-annual budget      that monitor progress on GPRS II and                                        Health         - No formal agreement about phasing of
 processes                sector plans (linked to Indicators 1 and                                    Water          capacity-building at sector level
                          4 and 9)                                                                                   - discussions on-going in Agric & Water sector
                          Yearly GPRS annual progress review           GoG                           By April of The draft 2005 APR was circulated in May 2006
                          (APR) and annual sector progress                                            each year  and final report is expected by end-June. Delays
                          reports are released in a timely way and                                               in finalisation were linked to data reporting by
                          influence budget for subsequent year(s)                                                MDAs. Annual sector progress reports do not
                                                                                                                 currently have a synchronised reporting cycle.
                          DPs and GoG discuss harmonisation of         DPs + GoG / harmonisation WG   By March   - DP/GoG consensus that MDBS indicators
                          indicator types in the context of budget                                      2006       should be harmonised with the GPRS II
                          and sector support, in order to facilitate                                               indicators.
                          realistic and meaningful results-based                                                 - GPRS II indicators were provided to DPs in
                          reporting                                                                                May 2006 and MDBS harmonisation is in
                          DPs will use a single framework of           DPs/GoG                       From 2006 MDBS PAF 2006 being developed as single
                          conditions for budget support and for                                                  framework.
                          sector wide approaches
                          DPs will use indicators derived from         DPs/MDAs                         From 2006    Sector frameworks not available in many cases
                          the national development strategy or
                          detailed sector strategies for project

Group B:        Program-based Frameworks #1

    Ghana Action Plan
    Country Outcome                       Activities                      Responsibility        Target                        Current Status
 (4) Technical coopera-      GoG defines capacity building require- MOFEP/MDAs                 End 2006     Capacity-building strategy for MOFEP and its
 tion is provided within a   ments drawing on national and sector                                           departments is under preparation
 coordinated framework       strategies                                                                     Lack of information about other national/sectoral
 supporting national and                                                                                    capacity building strategies
 sector CB requirements      GoG and DPs agree on initial list of    DP-GoG / harmonisation   March 2006    List of priority themes for coordinated TC
                             themes for coordinated TC programs      working group                          programs not yet agreed. Proposal to conduct
                             (eg) PFM, PC, M&E, sector programs                                             survey at sector level to collect data on extent of
                                                                                                            coordinated TC programs.
                             DPs and GoG exchange views on who       DP-GoG / harmonisation   March 2006    Lead responsibilities not yet agreed pending
                             is well placed to provide support in    working group                          agreement on priority themes
                             priority areas and who will carry the
                             process forward for each coordinated
                             TC programme
                             DPs and GoG develop co-ordinated        DPs + MDAs               By end 2006   Not yet started
                             TA/ training plans to support CB

Group B:       Program-based Frameworks #2

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                      Activities                        Responsibility        Target                        Current Status
 (9) Increased use of     GoG and DPs agree on a timetable for     GoG, DPs                    March 2006    No agreement on overall timetable, but a clear
 programme-based aid      introducing SWAps in all sectors, eg:                                              move towards the implementation of SWAPs in
 modalities and reduced   2006: Agriculture, Water ?                                                         Water and Agriculture has been made at the
 transaction costs for    2007: Decentralization, M&E, PSR ?                                                 sector level. A SWAp roadmap was issued in
 GoG/MDAs                 2008: Education, Roads, Energy ?                                                   May 06 for the Agric sector and a DP study is to
                                                                                                             be launched in June 06 for the Water sector
                          GoG and DPs take stock of current        GoG, DPs / harmonisation    End January   Done. List of DP sector leads and GoG sector
                          sector groups and compile current list   working group                  2006       leads has been compiled. Discussion paper
                          of DP-GoG sector leads                                                             (“guide”) on sector groups was shared with
                                                                                                             Government in mid-June
                          GoG and DPs agree on steps to           Technical harmonisation WG   March 2006    In process. DPs have developed draft proposals
                          optimize sector group framework (may                                               for how to strengthen sector groups as a forum for
                          or may not involve reduction in number                                             policy dialogue and coordination. Discussion with
                          of groups)                                                                         GoG planned on basis of sector discussion paper.
                          GoG and DPs develop and implement       GoG, DPs (thematic groups)   May 2006      In process. DPs have developed draft proposals
                          good practice operating procedures for                                             for discussion with GoG which are presented in
                          sector / thematic groups (including                                                the sector group “guide”
                          expectations regarding joint missions)
                          DPs document focus areas and prepare DPs                             End January   Initiated. Inventory process started in May 2006
                          inventory of in-house advisory capacity                                 2006

  Ghana Action Plan
  Country Outcome                    Activities                  Responsibility    Target                     Current Status
(9) Increased use of   DPs increasingly manage funds for   DPs                    On-going   RNE Health Adviser provides UK with health
programme-based aid other DPs and/or engage them to                                          advice including policy guidance.
modalities and reduced perform advisory tasks                                                UK Education Adviser provides RNE and EC
trans-action costs for                                                                       with education advice including policy guidance.
                                                                                             UK has given GTZ and Danida financial and
                                                                                             accounting responsibilities for its assistance in the
                                                                                             water sector.
                                                                                             EC Transport Adviser will provide UK with
                                                                                             sector advice, with UK acting as silent partner.

Group B:      Program-based Frameworks #3

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                     Activities                      Responsibility       Target                       Current Status
 (10b) Joint country   DPs share list of planned DP country     DPs                        December     - Inventory process started
 analytic work (CAW)   analytic work for 2006-2007 with each                                 2005       - Agreement to use multi-donor CAW website
 increases.            other and GoG                                                                      for central depository of country analytic work
                       DPs and GoG agree on areas for joint     GoG, DPs (sector leads,    March 2006   Meeting to agree on prioritised CAW list not yet
                       country analytic work (CAW), such as: MOFEP)                                     organized
                       • targets, sequencing strategy, and
                          monitoring system at sector level for
                          GPRS II
                       • PFM and procurement diagnostic                                                 - Joint PEFA mission conducted Feb-Mar 2006;
                          reviews (linked to country baseline)                                            joint report expected June 2006
                       • country economic analysis                                                      - Series of CAW in transport sector agreed
                                                                                                          jointly by GoG and DPs
                       • joint evaluation of MDBS
                       • country environmental assessment                                               - Joint CEA report findings disseminated in
                           (CEA)                                                                          Accelerating Growth workshop in May 2006
                       • analysis and consultation process for                                          - Joint analysis and consultation process initiated
                           country assistance strategies                                                  for JAS in May 2006
                       GoG and DPs agree on specific TORs      GoG, DPs (sector leads,     June 2006    - PEFA work (see above) based on joint TORs.
                       for agreed joint analytic reviews and   MOFEP)                                     Joint TORs for JAS process
                       initiate process
                       DPs developing new country assistance CIDA, DfID, EC, Germany, WB   On-going     In process. JAS process initiated, with October
                       strategies in 2006 agree to harmonise                                2006        2006 target date for draft JAS report. Two tier
                       analysis and consultation processes                                              framework for DP participation proposed: Tier
                                                                                                        1: analysis and strategic principles (all DPs); Tier
                                                                                                        2: joint programming (5 core DPs)

Group C:      Transaction Costs #1

    Ghana Action Plan
    Country Outcome                    Activities                   Responsibility        Target                      Current Status
 (3) Aid flows are      GoG will provide feedback where DP    MOFEP/NDPC                 March 2006   Proposed for discussion at June 2006 CG
 aligned on national    sector support is not sufficiently
 priorities             aligned with GoG funding priorities
                        GoG & DPs strengthen Ghana            DPs-GoG (WB DP lead)       June 2006    Results matrices updated and outcome indicators
                        Partnership Strategy (GPS) results                                (by CG)     refined (June 2006)
                        matrices as tool for monitoring
                        alignment                                                                     Sector Groups to use matrices as monitoring
                        Using donor mapping, explore scope    GoG-DPs/ harmonisation     March 2006   - Donor mapping deepened in Feb 06 meeting
                        for streamlining interventions        working group                           - Streamlining under discussion in context of
                                                                                                        JAS preparation
                        Building on GoG-DP dialogue, initiate DPs                        June 2006    Discussions starting in context of JAS
                        programme consolidation where
                        feasible (including joint advisory &
                        delegated funding arrangements)
                        DP sector leads and MDBS co-chairs    GoG, DPs, MDBS Co-Chairs    quarterly   Process initiated. Sector leads-MDBS review
                        meet regularly to ensure that Sector                              meetings    meeting (March + May)
                        and MDBS policy dialogues are
                        consistent and complementary
                        Following the GPRS APR and PRGF/ GoG, DPs (WB + MOFEP lead)      June 2006    Planned: June 21, 2006
                        MDBS reviews, GoG-DPs hold Annual
                        CG Meeting in time to inform the next
                        year’s budget cycle

Group C:        Transaction Costs #2

   Ghana Action Plan
    Country Outcome                         Activities                      Responsibilty           Target                        Current Status
 (5a) DPs increasingly      DPs and GoG agree on framework to        GoG, DPs                      March 2006     Done. Agreed to use PEFA framework for
 use Ghana public           be used at country level for evaluating                                               country level monitoring.
 financial systems for      quality of PFM and for tracking
 channelling aid flows      progress (PEFA/CPIA discussion)
                            DPs and GoG agree on standards to be GoG, DPs                          By June 2006 Done. Agreed to use Paris benchmarking system
                            met for shifting to use of GoG financial                               (by next CG) (CPIA) for target measurement
                            management system (whether CPIA or
                            PEFA based)
                            Diagnostic review/performance            GoG, DPs                          By         Done: Baseline external review mission
                            assessment is conducted using agreed                                   March/April    completed Feb/Mar 2006. Report expected June
                            framework on an annual basis                                            each year     2006
   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                          Activities                      Responsibility          Target                        Current Status
 (5b) DPs increasingly      GoG shares PPME monitoring tool         PPB                            March 2006     PPB to organize a meeting with DPs to present
 use Ghana’s public         with DPs to facilitate discussion of                                                  tool and assessment work underway.
 procurement system for     whether this framework can provide a
 purchases of goods,        harmonised basis for formal
 services and civil works   procurement assessment at the country
 using aid funds            level
                            DPs and GoG agree on framework for      GoG, DPs                       By June 2006 Discussions on formal mechanism not started
                            formal performance assessment and                                      (by next CG)
                            DPs and GoG agree on standards to be    GoG, DPs                       By June 2006 Discussions on tipping point not started
                            met for shifting to use of GoG                                         (by next CG)
                            procurement system (whether PPME
                            based or Round Table based)
                            First formal review carried out under   ?? independent evaluators ??       By
                            harmonised framework                                                   March/April
                                                                                                    each year

Group C:       Transaction Costs #3 & 4

   Ghana Action Plan
    Country Outcome                      Activities                        Responsibility       Target                       Current Status
 (6) Avoid parallel      DPs and GoG carry out sector by sector     DPs, MDAs, MOFEP, MPSR     March 2006    Inventory process at DP program level starting
 implementation          inventory of PIUs and PPIUs                                                         (May 2006)
 structures              DPs and GoG agree on exit strategy for     DPs, MDAs, MOFEP, MPSR      Dec 2006     No GoG PIU policy guidance available to guide
                         PPIUs at sectoral level                                                             development of sector exit strategies
                         For 2006, DPs and GoG agree on             DPs, GoG / harmonization   Feb/March     Done. 12 development partners and the UN
                         common practices and levels re: local,     working group                2006        family of agencies have agreed to a joint
                         international and sitting allowances for                                            framework. The proposal has been shared
                         use in all DP funded programmes                                                     informally with GoG. Joint letter has been signed
                                                                                                             and sent to Government.
                         GoG revises allowance framework            MOFEP                       Jan 2007     No progress to date
                         applicable to civil service
                         GoG adjusts allowance framework            MOFEP                       2008, etc.
                         annually to maintain realism

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                        Activities                        Responsibility      Target                             Outputs
 (8) Reduction in tied   Collect baseline data on degree of tied                               March 2006    Consultant hired and data collection underway
     aid                 aid to Ghana                                                                        Draft report circulated for comment to DPs
                         DPs and GoG develop a programme to                                    December
                         progressively untie Aid, including                                      2006
                         realistic targets

Group C:      Transaction Costs #5

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                   Activities                         Responsibility          Target                       Current Status
 (7) A joint DP aid    DPs schedule their funds for GPRS                                                     Done. DPs have reported multi-year projected
 framework (moving     programmes on a multi-year basis                                                      disbursements for the 2006 CG DP Support
 toward multi-year)                                                                                          Overview table.
                       DPs/GoG agree on common format for        DPs + MOFEP + Central Bank    Dec 2005      Format not yet agreed
                       reporting on projected aid flows over
                       multi-year horizon
                       Each year, DPs provide multi-year,        DPs                          Submit by      Done. The DP Support Overview table was
                       comprehensive information on                                           July 1 each    updated at the beginning of the budget process.
                       projected aid flows                                                       year
                       DPs disburse support according to the     DPs and implementing MDAs     On-going      Information on the timing of actual disbursement
                       schedules indicated in their multi-year                                               vs. planned disbursement for project-based aid is
                       projected aid flows submission                                                        not available; consequently not possible to
                       (including MDBS support)                                                              quantify ‘delay’ and measure progress.
                       DPs and GoG work to ensure that           DPs, GoG, IMF                  Starting     Harmonised timetable agreed for 2007 and
                       MDBS support is released by the first                                  Budget Year    beyond
                       quarter of the budget year for which it                                   2006
                       is intended, or by June at the latest                                                 Release for 2006 expected by end-June 2006
                       DPs/GoG agree on common format for        DPs + MOFEP + Central Bank    Dec 2005      Format not yet agreed
                       reporting on programme expenditures
                       DPs submit expenditure report             DPs                             Starting    MoFEP to provide feedback on frequency of
                       according to agreed format on a                                        January 2006   reporting.
                       quarterly basis

Group C:         Transaction Costs #6

   Ghana Action Plan
   Country Outcome                          Activities                          Responsibility         Target                       Current Status
 (10a) Number of joint      GoG and DPs will agree on core             GoG + DPs /harmonisation WG    December     Draft proposal shared with sector groups and
 missions increases and     principles/good practices regarding        + sector groups                  2005       incorporated in sector group report (“guide”)
 predictability of visits   mission scheduling and joint missions
 is improved                for application at the sector level
                            GoG and DPs will agree on the mission      GoG, DPs / harmonisation WG    December     Done. GoG and DPs have agreed that the MFP
                            free period (MFP) to be observed                                            2005       for budget preparation season will be from Sept
                            during preparation of the budget each                                                  15 – Nov 15 each year.
                            GoG and DPs will agree on sectors to       GoG, DPs (sector groups)      March 2006    Not yet started
                            pilot implementation of harmonised
                            mission schedules & analytic work, eg:
                            2006: Agriculture, Water, Energy ?
                            DPs implement the harmonised sector        DPs                            On-going     Not yet started
                            mission schedules and the MFP as                                           2006
                            All DP visiting missions will meet with    DPs                            On-going     Ad hoc at present
                            sector leads and share information with                                    2006
                            sector theme group
                            DPs create a joint web-site for visiting   DPs                              Starting  In process. Agreement to use multi-donor
                            mission data and agree to update it on                                   January 2006 website hosted by WB for mission calendar.
                            a quarterly basis to facilitate                                                       Mission calendar page under design.
                            coordination and improve annual
                            tracking/reporting to DAC

Group D:                  Partnership Framework

   Ghana Action Plan
    Country Outcome                       Activities                        Responsibility         Target                      Current Status
 (12) Progress in          GoG and DPs form a local harmonisa-     GoG, all DPs (membership at    Dec 2005    Done. In addition, DPs and GoG.have
 increasing aid            tion Working Group to take the aid      decision-making level)                     designated staff members as focal points for
 harmonisation and         harmonisation and effectiveness                                                    Action Plan priority themes
 effectiveness in Ghana    process forward
 is verified through an    GoG and DPs agree on mutual evalua-     GoG (lead ?), DPs (lead ?)    June 2006    Mechanism to be linked to broader JAS process
 independent assessment    tion mechanism and independent                                         (by CG)     and to MDBS; discussions starting (May 2006).
 mechanism and areas       evaluators for monitoring performance
 for improvement are       on aid effectiveness commitments
 identified.               Independent evaluation for 2006 is      Independent evaluators        June 2007    Not due yet
                           completed and discussed at 2007 CG                                     (by CG)
                           GoG and DPs develop a mechanism to      GoG (NGP), DPs                March 2006   Not yet started
                           strengthen the parliamentary role in
                           GPRS II and MTEF oversight


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