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Pittsing With Budd by ProQuest


Before spending several days in the pattern with Budd at Scottsdale Airport, I went through an intensive ground school session, held in the comfort of die Arizona ranch home that he shares with "the Arizona redhead," his vivacious wife Marlene. "I give long ground lessons because you can't discuss concepts in the cockpit," says Budd. [...] this is a 'concept' airplane. 1 want students to understand the dynamics and aerodynamics of what's happening everywhere in the pattern, not just when landing. [...] just about every single thing discussed applies to every kind of airplane flying, He gets heavy into his philosophy of flying, sprinkled with Budd-isms and bumper-sticker truisms that I'll later hear repeated during flight training. (I quiedy hope that I'm not the only student of his to have a factor named after them, and later that night, I'm consoled when I come across a previous entry in his guestbook: Next time, I'll keep my hands still during the roundout. 1 promise!) An e-mail 1 received from Mike Melvill, test pilot for Scaled Composite's SpaceShipOne, speaks for itself: Budd is one of the best instructors I've ever flown with. 1 now own an S-2A, and thanks to excellent instruction from the Maestro himself, I have made almost 400 successful landings in it during the past year.

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