Money Super Power: Get Ready to Power Up Your Personal Finances by MorganJamesPublisher

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									Money Super Power is Fun and Easy to read. It is written to
be light and engaging, all the while creating a personal evalu-

around you.

As a young adult, there are many challenges before you in the

how and what you do with the money you earn.

                               As you read Money Super
Power and learn of the Money Super Power League, you your-

sure to enlighten you and help you discover the Money Super
Power within.

Each chapter offers a new opportunity to strengthen your

tests your Money Super Power!
expensive restaurant in the beautiful outdoor patio.

food is spectacular. You all have reason to celebrate.
Great things are happening in the lives of those around
you. Great new careers are beginning, new homes are

future seems bright and full of hope.

change in the wind! Everyone feels it.

a chill in the air. Everything appears to be the same,

carrying something heavy or worrying about something

    Everyone at your table has stopped laughing and

of their homes and automobiles are loosing money
everyday. The very houses and cars they were just
celebrating are being repossessed and foreclosed on as
you sit there.

    You overhear the discussion at the other table.

the devastating news of successful companies going

    You‘‘re sure now something terrible happened when

anything you have ever faced before. A colossal storm
is hovering over the land and threatening your very

enough protection. With any storm, some experience

restaurant server interrupts your thoughts and you

     It was the leather case the bill is presented in

and realize the money you had when you sat down had

the wind changed.

have enough. The idea of washing dishes is not very
appealing to you.

    You notice a wax seal on the envelope with the

invitation and a handwritten letter. The letter begins
by saying.

of you. In the aftermath of any storm there is much

true power within you. In these uncertain times the
people in your life need a real hero - someone who will

facing. We need you to join us today! Together we must

    Sincerely, Leader of MSPL

Just as you notice that, a man comes up to you and says,

cash and sigh with relief. You have just enough to pay
the bill. You leave it on the table and follow the man to
the car that is waiting for you. You get in and the car
drives off.

In just minutes the car pulls up to a very large

voice echoes down the long, lighted pathway. Intrigue

slowly towards the direction of the majestic voice.

out the source of the light -- the largest plasma screen

and illuminated. She introduces herself as Futura, the
leader of the Money Super Power League.

on instantly. There in front of you is a table occupied

others sitting at the table.

Money Super Power League ever assembled. With your
willingness and cooperation, this team of true heroes is

those who have destroyed our economy and even

    First and foremost, I am Futura. I stand for the

Money Super Power League because I believe each

through your future. I strive to set goals, gaining even

met. Goals are reached when these powers are put into

mind and your actions, and we must put an end to all
of them. With my guidance and the fortitude of each

power and willpower, but most importantly you will feel
empowered to be as strong as the entire Money Super
Power League put together. You will achieve freedom

between the necessities in life and the things we desire.

journey by ensuring you learn and absorb all the

instruction will guarantee that you burn away your own

strongest team of Money Super Power ever assembled.

    As you absorb everything Futura is telling you, you
understand this is a very serious matter. You are still
unsure as to how you can help, but more than anything
you feel excited, intrigued and empowered. They need
you! You can do this! You stand up out of your chair

    Another light appears on the center of the table.

feels great pleasure from causing you all hopelessness

his power through your defeated attitudes.

Evil Money Villains to cause chaos, confusion and the

    A bit of relief comes over you. All this time you
thought you were the only one experiencing the heavy

    Futura interrupts your moment with yourself and

    You nod your head up and down and she continues,

underestimate their powers. They have obtained
great strength from their evil escapades on their
own. Individually, they each bring their evil ways to

stability. They encompass everything evil: greed,

you begin to feel more and more concerned.

    Suddenly, blaring alarms start to sound off and a

desperate for an answer.

for the money he steals, other than the fun he can

door. You get up frantically and run to catch up to her.

    She runs into what appears to be a theatre full of

essential that you pay close attention and do exactly
what I instruct you to do. As we put into action what
you learn, it will actually strengthen his powers to

ability to see far out in the distance and anticipate

pointed out on the scre
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