; For Better or for Worse (There Again . . .)
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For Better or for Worse (There Again . . .)


Hegel, for example, commenting acerbically on Kant's fallback position (the federation position) in the Philosophy of Right (333), says that it remains "infected with contingency" on the grounds that the arrangement that was supposedly to secure peace in the strong sense that can only be perpetual peace, i.e.\n And these men cause the resolutions of the assembly to be supreme and not the laws, by referring all things to the people; for they owe their rise to greatness to the fact that the people is sovereign over all things while they are sovereign over the opinion of the people, for the multitude believes them. [...] those who bring charges against the magistrates say that the people ought to judge the suits, and the people receive the invitation gladly, so that all the magistracies are put down. [...] it would seem to be a reasonable criticism to say that such a democracy is not a constitution at all; for where the laws do not govern there is no constitution, as the law ought to govern all things while the magistrates control particulars, and we ought to judge this to be constitutional government; if then democracy really is one of the forms of constitution, it is manifest that an organization of this kind, in which all things are administered by resolutions of the assembly, is not even a democracy in the proper sense, for it is impossible for a voted resolution to be a universal rule.

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									                                            For Better or for Worse
                                                 (There Again . . .)

                                                            Geoffrey Bennington

                                              [Rousseau] voudrait dire que le progrès, si
                                              ambivalent soit-il, se fait ou bien vers le pire,
                                              ou bien vers le meilleur, soit en bien, soit en
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