Nineteenth-Century Oakland Chinese Businesses by ProQuest


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									                                       Methods in historical research

       Nineteenth-Century Oakland Chinese Businesses
                                                           Kelly Fong

        lthough Chinese Americans were integral to local and            report on my research process, the sources I consulted, what
        regional infrastructure development since the 1850s,            I found, problems I encountered, and notes on emerging
        researchers have given little attention to Oakland Chi-         trends that may be the foundation for larger bodies of knowl-
natown in favor of San Francisco across the bay. This trend,            edge. Finally, I comment on the significance of this work for
however, is beginning to change; with rich history and mini-            archaeological and historic research, and promising direc-
mal previous work completed, Oakland is an ideal place to               tions for future research. By drawing upon multiple lines of
engage in historical research, documentary and archaeologi-             documentary evidence, my work on Oakland serves not only
cal, for envisioning the lives of nineteenth-c
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