Labor Strike in Chinatown-Official Statements of Parties Involved: Chinese Digest, April 1938 by ProQuest


Unless the matter is settled soon, it will have immense adverse effects on the Chinese community's economic life. THE NATIONAL DOLLAR STORES, LTD. (STATEMENT ) The National Dollar Stores, Ltd., chain store operators, operating their stores and a warehouse in San Francisco, was forced to close three units as a result of a picket line that has been established by members of the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union, an affiliate of the CIO , although all of the stores and warehouse workers are members of the Retail Clerks union, Local 1100. While these negotiations were going on, there were other negotiations between the National Dollar Stores and other parties for the sale of the factory, and on Feb. 8, 1938, this factory was sold to a group of men who decided to do business under the name of Golden Gate Manufacturing Co. There was no deception practiced by the National Dollar Stores since the union was advised of these pending negotiations and the final sale of Feb. 8, 1938.

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