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Guilds, Unions, and Garment Factories: Notes on Chinese in the Apparel Industry


According to San Francisco's Chinese Progressive Association, over 900 laid-off garment workers sought their services in 2004.46 The Free Trade Adjustment Act was to provide unemployment and benefits job training to dislocated workers due to outsourcing. [...] it would seem that the industry in Los Angeles was successful only because conditions there enabled manufacturers to take steps backward in labor relations and working conditions, the long-range effects of which on American society have yet to be analyzed and evaluated.48 Whether this will prove to be a permanent solution, however, depends a lot on political and economic developments in the region.

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									                     Guilds, Unions, and Garment Factories
                              Notes on Chinese in the Apparel Industry
                                                Him Mark Lai and Russell Jeung

This volume of Chinese America: History & Perspectives                           If tailors and seamstresses were included, the total num-
includes several essays on Chinese labor guilds, labor unions, and            ber in the needle trades appeared to be no more than 2,000.4
the apparel industry. The following write-up is intended to provide           By this time Chinese were sewing most of the ready-made
relevant background information to better help the reader under-  
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