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The Jews in Mussolini's Italy: From Equality to Persecution


This said, it must also be noted that Sarfatti risks taking his intentionalist stance too far. While the fascist government pursued terribly violent attacks against Jews, an official alliance between Mussolini's newly formed government in the North, the Repubblica Sociale Italiana and the German National Socialists has yet to be proven, and because of missing documentation Sarfatti cannot completely substantiate his argument. Thus, while the text provides a wealth of new information, and certainly proves the author's claim that Mussolini was neither benign toward Italian Jewry nor an unwitting follower of Hitler, areas of ambiguity remain. Nonetheless, Sarfatti's The Jews in Mussolini's Italy provides a valuable and compelling hypothesis that will surely spark more research on the topic of Mussolini's anti-Semitism.

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