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Le dsidratif en vdique


Each entry contains a listing of every paradigmatic form attested to the stem in question, with every occurrence in every text identified; a summary of this information in terms of period of attestation (including survival into Epic and Classical Sanskrit), voice, and pre verb; identification of the root to which it is built, related desiderative stems (if any), Avestan cognate (if any), relevant secondary literature (if any); semantics of the simplex as well as of pre verb lexemes and their case frames. Since there are, by his count (p. 4), 148 different stems with over 1750 attestations, simply the collection and display of the primary data required heroic labors, and because the formation was at its most productive and innovative in the period of Brhmana prose, the tabular listing brings together data that is difficult, or, at the least, time-consuming, to assemble otherwise.

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