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Nursing and Cultural Safety: A Student's Perspective and New-Found Sense of Belonging


Reflection One would think that never having been on a marae before, a skinny 'white boy1 from Porirua might feel uneasy about setting foot upon sacred Maori ground and within the boundaries of a culture that the media portrays at times as radical. [...] the damage has been done, and although the return of Maori land, and financial recompense, will go some ways to repair past ills, the loss of mana experienced by many iwi as a result of land loss and pollution will take a long time to completely forgive. Noku te whenua, o oku tupuna The land is mine, inherited from my ancestors Glossary of Maori words Aotearoa New Zealand Iwi Tribe Kawa Protocol Ka kite See you Korero Narrative/speak Mana Prestige Maori Indigenous/native New Zealander Maoritanga Maori culture Marae Central area of village and its buildings Moana Sea Nga Atua The Gods Ngati Toa Tribal group of New Zealand whose territory covers from Feilding to Kaiapoi Pakeha New Zealander of European descent Papa Earth Pari-rua Two flowings of the tide (original name for Porirua) Porirua City of the lower North Island, New Zealand Rangi Sky Takapuwahia Suburb/name of marae Tangata Whenua Indigenous people of the land Te Tiriti o Waitangi The Treaty of Waitangi, the New Zealand founding document signed between the British Crown and Maori chiefs in 1840 Turangawaewae Rights of residence/place to stand Whanau Extended family Whanaungatanga Relationship Whitireia Community Polytechnic in Porirua

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