Education About Special Aging Populations: Intellectually Disabled, Incarcerated, and Non-English-Speaking by ProQuest


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									CHAPTER 12

        Education About Special
        Aging Populations
        Intellectually Disabled, Incarcerated,
        and Non-English-Speaking

        Anthony A. Sterns and Edward F. Ansello

The age wave is having a broad effect in many ways everywhere that people
live throughout the world. But that age wave is composed of many special
groups and, like a pier jutting into the ocean, the underpinnings are always
being challenged and tested. Special populations test the robustness of theo-
ries on aging and on models for delivery of services to aging individuals. It
is with these special groups that many professional challenges arise and the
opportunity for creativity emerges.
      When information flows out from work with these special groups to the
general aging population, opportunities for new approaches to benefit the
broader worldview can be
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