; Legal Implications for Using Big Buckets
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Legal Implications for Using Big Buckets


Developing any records retention schedule inevitably involves a series of compromises. The goal is to produce a document that is comprehensive, yet intuitive, easy-to-use, and reasonably brief. These sound like simple goals, but in practice, they pose formidable challenges. Chief among them is the distillation process. The tension between big and small buckets involves a series of trade-offs. Most organizations tackling the issue of a multi-national records retention schedule carve out a series of small buckets, some of them country-based, to avoid excessively long retention periods. Organizations employing some kinds of data management software with limited records retention capability may have no choice -- it's either big buckets or no buckets at all. The bottom line is that big buckets aren't a shortcut that allows organizations to avoid the necessity of indexing, metadata capture, and other basics of managing and retrieving records.

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