Flight activity of beetles (Coleoptera) in Vysok Tatry Mts (Malaise fauna) by ProQuest


In 2006 we studied flight activity of beetles at 4 sites in Vysok Tatry Mts using a method of Malaise traps. The research was focused to find differences in diversity and equitability of beetle coenoses in 2 biotope types. The assemblages appear balanced in undamaged forest habitats. At deforested sites we recorded decline in equitability. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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									                                FOLIA OECOLOGICA – vol. 35, no. 1 (2008). ISSN 1336-5266

 Flight activity of beetles (Coleoptera) in Vysoké Tatry Mts (Malaise fauna)

                                                    Oto Majzlan
             Institute of Zoology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, 845 
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